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Immune Parameters in the Cord Blood of Newborns Exposed to Malaria in the Womb

This study, conducted by the Malaria Research and Training Center at the University of Bamako, Mali, and the NIAID, will examine how exposure to the malaria parasite in the womb affects the developing immune system of newborns. Little is known about how such exposure in the womb may affect the immune system or alter the risk of malaria or responsiveness to vaccination after birth. A better understanding of this process may provide information useful for childhood vaccination st...


Occurrence and Trend of Pregnancies Growing Outside the Womb (Ectopic Pregnancy) 2009-2018. A Study on a Defined Group of Persons

In this trial researchers want to learn more about the occurrence of pregnancies growing outside the womb over the last decade (2009-2018) and the potential risk factors associated with pregnancies growing outside the womb. Electronic data in women who were age 15 to 44 years abstracted from health care systems such as electronic health records (EHR), regional claims systems and administrative databases were used to address research questions on ... - occurrence and trends ...

Movement Pattern Biofeedback Training After Total Knee Arthroplasty

This research study explores the effects of movement pattern training using real-time biofeedback insoles after total knee arthroplasty. The purpose of this research study is to determine if the addition of a novel movement pattern training program (MOVE) to contemporary progressive rehabilitation leads to improved movement quality and physical function compared to contemporary progressive rehabilitation (CONTROL) alone.

Effect of Oxytocin and Vasopressin Antagonists on Uterine Contractions

The main purpose of this clinical research study is to investigate if barusiban and/or atosiban can reduce the frequency of contractions in the womb at a time when fertilised eggs would be placed in the womb in patients undergoing IVF


Objective: This double-blind randomized clinical trial evaluates the influence of increased application time of a new etch-and-rinse two-step adhesive Single Link; (Angelus Dental Products Industry) applied in non-carious cervical lesions (NCCLs). Methods: A total of 221 restorations were randomly placed in 35 patients assigned in four groups to two different etch-and-rinse two-step adhesive Peak® Universal Bond (P) (Ultradent Products Ind) and Single Link (SL) (Angelus Denta...

A Mixed Methods Study to Explore the Feasibility of a Novel Continuous Fetal Monitoring Device

A stillbirth describes when a baby dies after 24 weeks of pregnancy and before being born. In the UK there are roughly 9 stillbirths every day. Normally, before a stillbirth occurs changes such as a slower heart rate and reduced movement take place. Fetal monitoring attempts to detect these changes so that babies can be delivered before they become severely ill. If a baby could be monitored continuously then these changes could be detected earlier. However, current forms of fet...

Obesity and Adipose Tissue Inflammation in Pregnant Mothers

To date very little research has been conducted on pregnant mothers. Research shows that mothers with obesity and gestational diabetes have children who have a higher risk of later developing obesity and diabetes compared to children born to non-obese mothers but the mechanisms are not known. The maternal environment may place these babies at greater risk and it is possible that fat tissue (adipose tissue) releases many chemicals (adipokines and inflammatory cytokines) which ma...

Initiation of Resuscitation While Attached to the Cord With Congenital Heart Disease

Before birth, the placenta (a structure with many blood vessels attached to the inside of your womb) and the umbilical cord (the umbilical cord is attached to the placenta) are sending oxygen and nutrients from the mother's blood through the umbilical cord to the baby. After a baby is born the cord is clamped and babies have to start breathing and support themselves. At the moment when a baby with congenital heart disease is born they will have their cord clamped immedia...

Community Based Music and Dance Movement Therapy Group for Older Adults With Dementia

This study explores the value of a particular community based music and dance movement therapy group for older adults with dementia? To answer this question, the investigators intend to address the following two sub-questions: 1. How does participants' use of music and movement change over time? 2. Did a music and dance movement therapy group improve participants' depressive symptoms?

Impact of Parent's Presence in Neonatology

Every year 75000 new-born babies are hospitalized in neonatology yard in France with about 60000 born prematurely. Studies showed that parents presence is good for the baby development , decrease the stress due to hospitalization.It's also efficient for the attachment between the baby and parents. Although the team try to settle a good atmosphere to establish this link and let parents take their position,it seems that the time taken to stay with the baby is less moreover the ...

Fetal ST Segment and T Wave Analysis in Labor

The purpose of this research is to test a new instrument, called a fetal STAN monitor, that may be used during labor to monitor the electrical activity of the baby's heart. This new instrument is designed to help the doctor determine how well the baby is doing during labor. It will be used along with the existing electronic fetal monitor used to measure the baby's heart rate and the mother's contractions during birth. The specific purpose of this research study is to see if ...

Implantation Test for Endometrial Receptivity

Background Miscarriage is the most frequent complication of pregnancy and represents the spontaneous loss of the embryo or foetus before it is able to survive independently (24 weeks of gestation). It affects up to 50% of pregnancies with the vast majority (80%) occurring at pre-clinical stage before the woman recognises the pregnancy. Up to 5% of couples suffer recurrent miscarriage defined as 2-3 or more miscarriages leading to physical, emotional and financial consequences f...

Frozen Embryo Transfer With GnRH-antagonist Trial

The fertility treatment in vitro fertilisation (IVF), sometimes including intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), involves the creation of embryos in a laboratory. These embryos are then transferred into the womb of the patient with the hope of a resulting pregnancy and live birth. Embryos can also be cryopreserved (frozen) and stored, and then later replaced in a cycle called frozen embryo transfer (FET). There are several methods of preparing the patient's womb to receive t...

A Maternal Device for the Prevention of Stillbirth and Low Birth-Weight

Back and right-sided sleeping position in pregnant women has recently emerged as a potential risk factor for low birthweight (LBW) and stillbirth (SB) in the medical literature. Assuming that sleep position in pregnant women is modifiable, the same literature has indicated that this risk factor is modifiable; however, there is no evidence that this risk factor is truly modifiable. The proposed link between back and right-sided sleeping position in a pregnant woman and LBW ...

S. Japonicum and Pregnancy Outcomes

The purpose of the study is to understand whether the drug praziquantel (PZQ) is safe for the mother and developing baby when the mother has schistosomiasis (a type of worm) infection, and whether the drug may improve the mother's and baby's health. The usual practice is to wait until after a mother has finished breast feeding before giving the medicine. Approximately 420 infected pregnant women, ages 18 and over, in endemic villages in Leyte, The Philippines will participate. ...

Effects of Fetal Movement Counting in Third Trimester of Pregnancy

The aim is to test effects of using formal kick counting chart in the third trimester of pregnancy in an unselected population. The research questions are: Does Fetal Movement Counting: 1. Improve the identification of risk pregnancies/pathology? 2. Affect the women's well-being? 3. Stimulate maternal-fetal attachment antepartum?

A Study to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability, Pharmacokinetics (Explores What the Body Does to the Drug), and Pharmacodynamics (Explores What a Drug Does to the Body) of JNJ-38431055 in Volunteers With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

This study will assess the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics (explores what the body does to the drug), and pharmacodynamics (explores what a drug does to the body) of JNJ-38431055 in volunteers with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Clinical Pregnancy Rate After Removal of Unsuspected Polyps

Polyps are fleshy outgrowths of the inner lining of the womb which may hinder implantation of embryo and lead to subfertility.This study evaluates whether removal of endometrial polyps in womb affects chances of pregnancy in women in whom no other causes of subfertility can be found. Half of the women would have these polyps removed after their consent and the other half who would not consent would not undergo any such intervention

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Preterm Infants Following Administration of High-Dose Caffeine

Over the last 30 years the survival rates for babies born prematurely have improved greatly with research. As these babies grow up, we have found that many of the premature babies have learning and movement problems. The purpose of this research is to learn why premature infants are at risk for learning disabilities and movement problems later in childhood and whether this is changed by caffeine therapy. Caffeine is often used in premature babies to help them to breathe on t...

Podocyturia - Predictor of Renal Dysfunction in Fabry Nephropathy

In patients with Fabry disease, this research study explores the presence of podocytes in their urine as a potential non-invasive biomarker for baseline kidney disease; and explores changes in the quantity of podocytes in their urine over time as a predictor for kidney disease progression. To accomplish this, the investigators will evaluate the quantification of podocytes in the urine of Fabry disease patients at baseline and longitudinally over time. This study requires a sing...

Effect of Research Participation Versus Usual Clinical Treatment on Pain in Patients With Musculoskeletal Disorders

This study explores the effects on pain, function and illness perceptions, of participating in clinical research versus being treated with standard care in patients with musculoskeletal disorders.

Does the Rapid Intravenous Administration of Oxytocin After Delivery of the Baby Decrease the Bleeding During Cesarean Section in Women at Risk of Bleeding During Cesarean Section?

Oxytocin is normally given either rapidly into the vein (bolus) or put into an intravenous bag and administered more slowly, after delivery of the baby by cesarean section. Both of these methods are commonly used. To date there has been little research to demonstrate that one method of giving oxytocin is better than another in women who are more likely to bleed after delivery. The purpose of the study is to see whether a small bolus of oxytocin makes the uterus contract bett...

Study on Medical Records of Women Using a Coil (Intrauterine Device = IUD) for Birth Control to Analyze the Risk That a Coil Will Slip Out or Perforate the Womb in Relation to Breastfeeding, to the Point in Time When the Coil Was Inserted After Childbirth

Study to analyze electronic medical records of women using a coil (intrauterine device = IUD ) for birth control. Study is required by the FDA for the marketed coil product Mirena (US Post marketing requirement study, short name of study: APEX IUD). Study will analyze the risk that a coil will slip out or perforate the womb for the following comparisons: - Comparing the risk for women who are breastfeeding at the time of coil insertion to the risk for women who ...

Thirty Million Words- Well Baby Initiative

This comparative study of will evaluate the effectiveness of promoting critical language and cognitive development in infants of low-SES English- and Spanish-speaking parents. TMW-WB will target infants zero to six months and their parents during routine Well Baby pediatric visits at one week, one month, two months, four months, six months, and a final nine month follow-up.

An Intervention to Decrease Infant Crying

This is a study looking at the Happiest Baby on the Block technique. The investigators hypothesized that infants of mothers given a 30 minute videotape demonstrating the Happiest Baby on the Block technique would fuss/cry less and sleep longer than infants of mothers given a 30 minute videotape on general newborn care. The investigators also hypothesized that mothers given the Happiest Baby on the Block videotape would have lower levels of stress.

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