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Enhancing Cognitive and Neurobehavioral Functions After Repetitive Traumatic Brain Injuries (rTBI) in Retired NFL Players and Military Veterans.

The purpose of this study is to compare different combinations of cognitive training in retired professional football players and military veterans with a history of repeated concussions and persistent symptoms of impaired memory, concentration, attention, focus, or thinking.

Proof of Concept Study Comparing FX006 to Kenalog®-40 in Active Military and Medically Retired Patients With Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis of the Knee

This study is a double-blind, randomized, parallel group, proof of concept study comparing FX006 to Kenalog®-40 (triamcinolone acetonide injectable suspension, USP) in active military and medically retired patients with post-traumatic osteoarthritis of the knee.


A Nutritional Intervention in Police Officers

The proposed study seeks to test the effect of a plant-based dietary intervention on cardiovascular risk factors in police officers.

Safety of Minilaparotomy Provided by Trained Clinical Officers and Assistant Medical Officers: a Non-inferiority Trial

The study is a non-inferiority randomized controlled trial (RCT) that aims to demonstrate that tubal ligations by minilaparotomy (ML) conducted by trained clinical officers (COs) are no less safe as compared to those conducted by assistant medical officers (AMOs) in Tanzania. Participants will be randomized in a one to one ratio to ML by a CO and ML by an AMO. In addition to the screening and enrollment/ML visit, there will be three scheduled follow-up visits at 3, 7 and 42 day...

Massage Therapy and the Well-Being of Police Officers

This study is intend to show the positive impact that massage therapy can have on the lives of police officers. The study will demonstrate how regular treatment can change sleeping quality, stress levels and mental health. It will also investigate the impact that police work can have on the body.

Psychotherapy Trial With Transgender Clients

Transgender and gender diverse (TGD) individuals are at an increased risk for mental health concerns, including anxiety, trauma-based distress, depression, self-harm, and suicidality. Quantitative and qualitative studies have shown that support appears to mediate mental health concerns, but to date, there have been zero psychotherapy studies focusing on transgender and gender diverse patients. The NIH has noted that TGD patients are considered to be a "health disparities popula...

Transgender, Silicone and Blood Smear

This cross-sectional monocentric study will describe transgender men transitioning into women and who had cosmetic silicone injection. The principal objective is to estimate the prevalence of Transgender with circulating monocytes containing silicone vacuoles in blood smears among Male to Female Transgender population with a history of cosmetic silicon injections. The secondary objectives are to describe the transgender population, to describe the quantity of silicone i...

HPV Self-Sampling for Cervical Cancer Screening Among Transgender Men and Transmasculine Individuals

The proposed study will examine the implementation of a Human Papillomavirus (HPV) self-sampling intervention for unscreened and under-screened transgender men and transmasculine individuals living in South Florida. The study will enroll participants to receive this cervical cancer screening intervention in community venues. The purpose of this study is to pilot the self-sampler for feasibility and acceptability within this underserved population.

Effects of Multiple Concussions in Retired NHL Players

To investigate long term affects of multiple concussions on the cognition, balance, proprioception, and biomarkers in retired National Hockey League players

Evidence-Based Mental Health Services for Distressed Post-9/11 Military Family Caregivers

The primary aim of the proposed study is to assess the efficacy of PST for positively impacting distressed military family caregiver's burden, and depression levels, ultimately enhancing their mental health QOL (primary outcomes). Data will also be collected to characterize physical and social stressors for these caregivers such as illness that limits the caregiver's activities, new household management and caregiving responsibilities, satisfaction with social roles and activit...

Linkage of Transgender Individuals to PrEP

CCTG 602 is a multisite demonstration project to evaluate the effectiveness of facilitated linkage to PrEP using a community-based transgender PrEP outreach worker (T-POWr) versus standard of care (SOC).

The Stay Study: A Demonstration Project Advancing PrEP Delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area Transgender Community

The Stay Study is a multi-site, open-label HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) demonstration project for advancing PrEP delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area Transgender Community. Approximately 188 HIV-uninfected participants will be enrolled at 4 sites in San Francisco and Fremont and will be provided Truvada to take orally once daily as PrEP.

The Relation of GnRH Treatment to QTc Interval in Transgender Females

Background: The QT interval of the electrocardiogram (ECG), corrected for heart rate (QTc), is a measure of the duration of ventricular repolarization and is a widely used marker of ventricular arrhythmia risk. Testosterone has a shortening effect on QTc length, and the QTc interval in males is shorter than in females after the onset of puberty. Transgender female adolescents are treated with GnRH agonists or spironolactone that suppress endogenous testosterone secretion and mi...

Environmental Risk Factors for Myositis in Military Personnel

Background: - Myositis is a rare disease in which the body s immune cells attack the muscle tissue. It can cause muscle weakness, swelling, and pain. It can develop in people with no history of muscle problems. Environmental exposures may determine who develops myositis. Genes may also affect development of the disease. - Some people who serve in the military develop myositis. However, other military personnel do not. Researchers want to comp...

A Trial on the Effect on Low Back Pain Related Disability of Different Health Education Programs for Retired Persons

The primary purpose of this study is to compare, in retired persons living in the Balearic Islands, the effectiveness on low back pain related disability of three educational programs. All consist of a group talk and the handout of a booklet, each one different in its content.

Sternal Intraosseous Transfusion of Autologous Whole Blood: A Comparison of Flow Rates and Degree of Hemolysis

In this study we investigate the impact of two CE marked and FDA approved sternal needles in comparison to intravenous access on the flow-rate of autologous reinfusion of whole blood and the possible hemolysis of red cells post-transfusion in a population of healthy military officers.

Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of the VRC01 Antibody in Reducing Acquisition of HIV-1 Infection Among Men and Transgender Persons Who Have Sex With Men

This study will evaluate the safety and efficacy of the human monoclonal antibody (mAb) VRC-HIVMAB060-00-AB (VRC01) in preventing HIV-1 infection among men and transgender (TG) persons who have sex with men, in North and South America.

Levels of Bisphenol A in Urine and Saliva Following Placement of Composite Restorations

This study will determine whether placement of composite (white) dental restorations (fillings) increases concentrations of bisphenol A (BPA) and its metabolites in saliva and urine. These compounds have estrogenic-like properties that have raised concerns about their safety. Small amounts of the chemicals can leach out of dental sealants and be detected in saliva soon after the sealants are applied. Dental composites also contain some of these compounds. U.S. Commission...

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) Skin and Soft Tissue Infection (SSTI) Prevention in Military Trainees

This cluster-randomized prospective study will evaluate the effect of hygiene-based intervention strategies on the incidence of overall SSTI and MRSA-associated SSTI among military trainees. The proposed interventions used singly or in combination include standardized training and education, and weekly chlorhexidine showers.

Preventing Obesity in Military Communities-Adolescents

To determine whether reducing loss of control eating (LOC) with Interpersonal Psychotherapy-Weight Gain (IPT-WG) will be effective for adolescent military-dependents who report such behavior. The investigators will examine whether IPT-WG influences body weight gain trajectories and prevents worsening disordered eating, psychosocial problems, and metabolic functioning among military dependents at heightened risk for adult obesity and disordered eating. This study will provide ke...

Prevention of Low Back Pain in the Military

We are studying whether specific back exercise and education programs effectively limit the development of chronic low back pain in Soldiers in the United States Army. These programs represent the current best evidence for prevention of low back pain from an exercise and education perspective. This innovative study will investigate whether a combination of evidence-based exercise and education programs effectively decreases the impact of chronic low back pain, when compared t...

Body Compartment PK for New HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Modalities

The purpose of this study is to determine the ability of new anti-HIV agents to penetrate different body compartments in HIV negative men who have sex with men and transgender women. These new agents might be considered for pre-exposure prophylaxis regimens in the future. This study will include 90 healthy, HIV-negative men who have sex with men and transgender women who are not taking hormones aged 18-49 years. Participant must be willing to participate in 1 of the 3 study pha...

Safety and Efficacy of Emtricitabine and Tenofovir Alafenamide (F/TAF) Fixed-Dose Combination Once Daily for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis in Men and Transgender Women Who Have Sex With Men and Are At Risk of HIV-1 Infection

The primary objective of this study is to assess the rates of HIV-1 seroconversion in Men (MSM) and transgender women (TGW) who have sex with men and who are administered daily emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide (F/TAF) or emtricitabine/tenofovir DF (F/TDF) with a minimum follow-up of 48 weeks and at least 50% of participants have 96 weeks of follow-up.

A Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of Tenofovir/Emtricitabine as HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis in Transgender Women

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) persists worldwide as an immense health burden among vulnerable populations. HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) has offered the promise of limiting the global burden of HIV. The objective of this proposal is to conduct a pharmacokinetic (PK) study in transgender women to describe the pharmacokinetics of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate/emtricitabine (TDF/FTC) as PrEP within this population.

How Does Manual Therapy Improve Low Back Pain for Soldiers?

Musculoskeletal injuries including low back pain (LBP) are a major problem in military personnel. These injuries can result from training exercises, job duties, or recreational activities. However incurred, many of these injuries can result in limited duty in work or training, and can decrease military readiness. The National Osteopathic Research Center (ORC) will examine the effectiveness of a specific set of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment interventions referred to as Man...

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