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Effects of ROSE-010 on GI Transit in Constipation Predominant Irritable Bowel Syndrome (C-IBS) Patients

This is a single-center, randomized, parallel group, double-blind, placebo-controlled, dose response, pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic study evaluating the effects of ROSE-010 on gastric, intestinal and colonic transit and gastric volumes in female patients with C- IBS.

EUS FNB Versus FNA With On-Site Cytopathology in Solid Pancreatic Masses

The objective of this paired cohort study is to evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of Endoscopic Ultrasound-fine needle aspiration (EUS-FNA) with rapid onsite evaluation (ROSE) compared to EUS-fine needle biopsy (EUS-FNB) without ROSE. If EUS-FNB without ROSE is shown to be non-inferior to the current standard of care of EUS-FNA with ROSE in pancreatic lesions, this study has the potential to make EUS-guided tissue acquisition more economical (with elimination for the need for cy...

Conventional Bronchoscopy Plus Rose Versus Electromagnetic Navigation (EMN) Plus Rose in Small Peripheral Lesions

The aim of this study is to evaluate if Electromagnetic navigation (ENB) in combination with rapid on site evaluation (ROSE) can improve diagnostic accuracy in those patients who fail to be diagnosed with conventional fluoroscopic assisted bronchoscopy (FBS) in combination with ROSE.

A Trial to Compare Two Methods of Obtaining Tissue for Diagnosis of Sarcoidosis Namely the Conventional Method or the Ultrasound Guided Method

This trial compares the yield of cTBNA (conventional Transbronchial Needle Aspiration) versus the EBUS-TBNA (Endobronchial Ultrasound guided TBNA) for obtaining cytology when they are combined with endobronchial biopsy and transbronchial lung biopsy and rapid onsite examination (ROSE) of the obtained smears in the diagnosis of suspected sarcoidosis patients visiting our hospital for evaluation of mediastinal lymphadenopathy.

A Study Investigating the Effects of Niagen™ in Healthy Adults.

This study will evaluate the effect of repeated doses of Niagen™ on Niagen™ metabolite concentrations in blood, urine and muscle. There will be 3 doses of Niagen™ compared to a placebo. One quarter of subjects will receive the low dose of Niagen™, one quarter will receive the moderate dose of Niagen™, one quarter will receive the higher dose of Niagen™ and one quarter will reveive the placebo.

Effectiveness of WhatsApp Online Group Discussion for Smoking Relapse Prevention

This study aims to examine the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of WhatsApp group discussion for smoking relapse prevention. To assess the effect due to treatment modality through the WhatsApp social group, the frequency and topics of the posts in each social group will be analysed and in each participant. The primary hypothesis is whether quitters who participate in the WhatsApp group discussion will have a higher prevalence of validated tobacco abstinence at 12-month foll...


Endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration (EUS-FNA) is an indispensable tool for tissue acquisition for pancreatic lesions. However, FNA alone has several limitations including inadequate acquisition of cells, and unable to provide core tissue for further histological analysis. The use of rapid on-site evaluation (ROSE) by cytopathologist has the biggest impact on improving diagnostic accuracy and is regarded as the gold standard for EUS-FNA. Unfortunately, it is not ...

Accelerating the Reduction of Malaria Transmission in Kanel, Ranérou and Linguère Districts

The work will be conducted in six health posts in the regions of Matam (Kanel and Ranérou districts) and Louga (Linguère district), that were selected in 2014 on the basis of the malaria incidence rate, the heterogeneity of transmission between villages in the health post catchment areas, their proximity, and the availability of historical data from before 2014. Malaria elimination strategies were already implemented in the same health posts in 2014 and are still ongoing, thu...

Whole Body Periodic Acceleration on Activity and Sleep In Acceleration

Whole-body periodic acceleration (WBPA) is a new, non-invasive, and promising therapy for a diverse and growing list of disorders including cardiovascular disease. During WBPA, patients lie in the supine position on a bed that is capable of translating back and forth parallel to the ground, along the head-to-foot axis of the patient. Thus, this treatment is best described as a form of "passive exercise." The frequency of the translation (up to 180 cycles/minute; cpm) as well as...

Rapid On-Site Evaluation (ROSE) by Endosonographer: for Whom, When and by Whom?

Endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration (EUS-FNA) is a highly sensitive and specific method in diagnosing solid pancreatic lesions. Rapid on-site evaluation (ROSE) of the aspirate by a cytopathologist improves specimen adequacy and diagnostic accuracy while reducing the number of needle passes. As this increases costs and implicates availability issues, the investigators aimed to evaluate the utility of ROSE by the endosonographer in guiding EUS-FNA of solid pancrea...

Haemodynamic Abnormalities Recorded With Cardiac Catheterization Along With Body's Surface Micro-accelerometers (KT-KCG)

The ballistocardiography (BCG) and the seismocardiography (SCG) are old techniques recording the vibrations at the skin level generated by the acceleration and displacement of the blood and cardiac mass at each cardiac contraction. The former records the acceleration near the subject's center of mass, the latter at the local chest wall. So far, the unclear physiological origin of those acceleration signals has led to important ambiguities in their scientific and clinical interp...

Basic Hemodynamic Monitoring Reliability During Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy.

This prospective pre and post-quasi-descriptive single group interventional study will be done at urology and nephrology center -Mansoura University during the year 2019, for a 3-month duration, starting 1-2-2019 till 1-4-2019 after approval of IRB (Institutional Review Board) code no R/18.03.103 on 5/5/2018, Mansoura Faculty of Medicine. correlating Basic hemodynamics with noninvasive cardiac output for diagnostic reliability during percutaneous nephrolithotomy hidden bleeding...

Trial of Rapid On-Site Evaluation of Transbronchial Needle Aspirate (TBNA)

Purpose: Previous studies suggested an increased diagnostic yield for bronchoscopic (FB) transbronchial needle aspirate (TBNA) specimens from mediastinal lymph nodes when using rapid on-site evaluation by cytopathology (ROSE) but were limited by lack of randomization. The investigators performed the first randomized-prospective trial comparing ROSE(R) to no on-site cytopathology assessment (NR). Methods: All patients referred were eligible. 78 patients were randomized to R or ...

Nutrition of Premature Infants With Human Breastmilk Fortifier

The objective of the study is to compare two human milk fortifiers with different protein content and LCPUFA in a group of very low birth weight infants.

Phase 1-2a Study of EBNA1 Inhibitor, VK-2019, in Patients With Epstein-Barr Virus-positive Nasopharyngeal Cancer

This study is a First-In-Human clinical trial to assess the safety and preliminary efficacy of VK-2019, an orally administered EBNA1 inhibitor, for the treatment of patients with advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

Acceleration of Alignment of Crowded Lower Anterior Teeth

Patients at the Orthodontic Department of University of Damascus Dental School will be examined and subjects who meet the inclusion criteria will be included. Then, initial diagnostic records (diagnostic gypsum models, internal and external oral photographs, as well as radiographic images) will be studied to ensure that the selection criteria are accurately matched. The aim of this study is to compare two groups of patients with moderate crowding of the lower anterior te...

Preventing Postpartum Depression in Prenatal Care

This is randomized control trial of a brief intervention called Bellevue ROSE (Reach Out Stay Strong Essentials). Bellevue ROSE is a manualized and highly structured interpersonal intervention that provides women with psycho-education about maternal depression and strategies for strengthening social support and connectedness. Investigators use motivational interviewing strategies to improve treatment compliance and resource acquisition

Analgesic Potentials of Preoperative Pregabalin,Magnesium Sulphate and Their Combination in Acute Post-thoracotomy Pain

This study evaluates the effect of giving preoperative adjuvant drug as pregabalin or magnesium sulphate or a combination of both drugs to decrease postoperative morphine consumption and pain intensity in the first 24 hours in postoperative period . quarter of patients receive single dose oral pregabalin 300mg 1 hour preoperatively ,other quarter receive single intravenous Magnesium sulphate 50mg per Kg over 200ml saline over 20 minutes preoperatively , other quarter receive co...

Rejuvenation of Premature Ovarian Failure With Stem Cells

The ROSE study is designed to determine the efficacy of bone marrow derived stem cell therapy on ovarian function recovery in subjects with idiopathic and other types of premature ovarian failure (POF)

Advanced Gravitational Physiology the Lung Under High-G Acceleration

This is a study of advanced lung physiology in altered gravitational conditions, consisting of respiratory measurements in healthy volunteers during high G acceleration on a long-arm human centrifuge.


Rationale: Rapid on-Site Evaluation (ROSE) of cytologic specimens acquired with EUS-guided fine needle aspiration (EUS-FNA) represents the most accurate available technique to reach a definitive diagnosis in patients with pancreatic solid masses. Cytologic interpretation, however, requires a high degree of expertise rarely found outside high volume centers and ROSE is not available in many countries. This has created a barrier to the widespread dissemination of EUS in the commu...

Modifying a Telephone Based Care Program to Assess for Self-Neglect

The purpose of this study is to assess the feasibility of enrollment, attrition, and adherence of Benjamin Rose Institute Care Consultation (BRI-CC) on unmet needs in low-income older adults who screen positive for dementia and their caregiver (CG).

The Effect of Milk Protein vs Blends of Milk and Plant Protein on Growth Markers in 7-8 Year Old Healthy Danish Children

The purpose of PROGRO is to determine which combinations of milk and plant proteins are optimal to promote growth factors in children

Safety and Efficacy of Dexmedetomidine in Painless Colonoscopy

50 patients who undergo painless colonoscopy from May 1, 2019 to December 30, 2019 will be randomized to two groups: Propofol group: propofol is used as a sedative strategy; Dexmedetomidine group: Dexmedetomidine as a sedative strategy. Compared of comfort and pain score of patients, the occurrence of adverse events and the satisfaction score of endoscopists between two groups. This study aims to investigate whether dexmedetomidine is effectively and safely in Painless Colonosc...

Evaluation of the Effect of Pure Canterbury Stage 1 Infant Formula Milk Powder on the Growth of Infant 0-6 Months of Age

This was a randomized, double-blind, single-center, placebo-controlled, three-arm study, with a 12-week intervention period. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the effect of Pure Canterbury Stage 1 (0-6 months) milk powder on: 1. Bone health; 2. Infants growth; 3. Intestinal health; 4. Gastrointestinal tolerance to the test product; g) Incidence of Eczema

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