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Improving Patient-Clinician Communication About End-of-Life Care

The specific aims are: 1. to evaluate the feasibility and acceptability of PC-ACP among African American patients with End-stage Renal Disease and their surrogates and 2. to examine preliminary effects of PC-ACP on patient and surrogate outcomes (patients' perceived quality of communication, surrogates' level of comfort in decision making for the patient, patients' difficulty in making choices, patient-surrogate congruence in goals of care, and p...

Adaptation Process of Patient-Reported Outcomes, an eVALuation Study

Objectives: To identify the respective contributions of back-translations and of the expert committee in the process of cultural adaptation of patient reported outcome with an experimental design in the adaptation process : Four translations of a questionnaire will be produced: - A simple translation by two translators, who serves as the basis for the three other translations - A translation made with the use of a back-translation. - A translation ...

Focus Groups to Determine Surrogates Views Regarding Patient Preference Predictors

Background: Some people cannot make medical treatment decisions on their own. The people who make decisions on their behalf are called medical surrogates. Sometimes surrogates cannot predict which treatment course the person or their loved ones would have chosen. The surrogates often become distressed because of making these decisions. Researchers think a tool called a Patient Preference Predictor (PPP) may be able to make the process easier. The PPP would predict what t...

Validation of a German Translation and Cultural Adaptation of the Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination III

The aim of the entire project was to perform a translation and cultural adaptation of the Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination - III (ACE-III), adhering to the Translation and Cultural Adaptation of Patient Reported Outcomes Measures—Principles of Good Practice, in order to make it available to German clinicians. Part of the translation process is the cognitive debriefing which will be performed as a survey which rates the applicability of every single item as well as of the ...

Translation and Validation of the French Version of Confusion Assessment Method for the Intensive Care Unit

Validity and Reliability of French Version of the Confusion Assessment Method for the Intensive Care Unit (psychometric validation study after translation/back translation process assessed by the original team : W.Ely, MD, Ph.D, Vanderbilt University)

Validation of the Questionnaire ASES

Questionnaires are often irreplaceable tools of collection of information in research and in the clinical practice. Coupled with other measures, they can be simple complementary tools, but questionnaires are sometimes the only way to collect data, such as self-service efficacy. In this study, our objective is the validation of the French translation of the ASES. To guarantee the comparability between the original version and the translated version, the translation of a q...

Involvement of the Translation Initiation Factors in Resolution of Inflammation in the Elderly Population

Aging cause specific changes in the immune system. Processes like "immunoessence" and "inflammaging" offend the functioning of the immune cells and expose the elderly patient to infections that can lead to morbidity and death. Protein translation regulation offers a strategic advantage to the immune cells, because it enables rapid activation or termination of synthesis of specific proteins, required for inflammation or its resolution. Translation initiation depends on recruit...

An Effectiveness-Implementation Trial of SPIRIT in ESRD

Despite advances in dialysis, only 50% of dialysis patients are alive 3 years after the onset of end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Although withdrawal of dialysis precedes 1 in 4 deaths of patients with ESRD, withdrawal from dialysis and aggressive treatment is rarely discussed by patients and their surrogates with sufficient time to consider alternatives such as hospice or dying at home. Over the last decade, the researchers have developed and iteratively tested a patient and fa...

Italian Validation of the Revised MDS-Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale

The present study is part of an international program and deals with the translation and validation program for the Italian version of the MDS-UPDRS. The program will be articulated in three steps: - Phase I: translation and back-translation of the MDS-UPDRS in Italian (completed) - Phase II: Cognitive testing. This step is aimed at a preliminary testing of a subset of potentially culturally sensitive items in a limited set of PD patients (approximately ...

Validation of a Specific Measure for Assessment of Compliance With Treatment in Patients With Hemophilia

Research project for validation of a questionnaire on compliance to treatment in patients with hemophilia. It is intended to validate the American VERITAS-PRO scale according to the international methodology validation questionnaires: reverse translation, according to intersubject patients, psychometric validation and reliability analysis with large sample of patients.

Resiliency Training for Patients With NF2 Via Videoconferencing With Skype

The aim of this study is to determine, whether the 3RP is feasible, accepted and efficacious and durable when delivered via Skype to patients with neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2) who are deaf or have severe hearing loss using Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) and/or American Sign Language (ASL). This will be a substudy of the IRB-approved protocol #2013P002605. It is the same study except it is looking at a particular sub-population: patients with NF2 who are har...

Berlin-Brandenburg Pregnancy Cohort

This study will investigate the interplay of different immune cells and placental cells as well as their potential for the development of pregnancy complications. In particular, the translation of the uteroplacental syndrome into a maternal syndrome, considered in the multifactorial pregnancy disorder preeclampsia, will be investigated. Immune cell subtypes are causally involved in the formation and translation of preeclampsia by inducing an endothelial dysfunction which leads ...

American Ginseng in Treating Patients With Fatigue Caused by Cancer

RATIONALE: American ginseng may reduce fatigue in patients with cancer. It is not yet known whether American ginseng is more effective than a placebo in treating cancer-related fatigue. PURPOSE: This randomized phase III trial is studying American ginseng to see how well it works in treating patients with fatigue caused by cancer.

HIV Prevention Program for African American Teen Males

The purpose of this study is to test if sexual health interventions can reduce the incidence of STIs among African American teens (15 to 21 years old). By doing this study, we hope to help African American teens improve their condom use skills and encourage them to use condoms more frequently. If the number of STIs in this population can be decreased, the health of African American teen males will greatly improve. We also believe that sexual partners (typically African American...

Does Shoulder Stabilizations Stabilize Shoulders?

Background: There is no evidence that shoulder stabilization effectively corrects the glenohumeral translation in unstable shoulders, explaining residual apprehension in certain patients. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of surgical stabilization on glenohumeral translation. Methods: Anteroposterior and superoinferior translations were assessed in patients, before and after shoulder stabilization, through a dedicated patient-specific measurement technique ...

PARTNER II: Improving Patient and Family Centered Care in Advanced Critical Illness

This is a comparative, effectiveness trial with the overarching goal of this research project to ensure patient-centered decisions about the use of intensive treatments for patients with advanced critical illness. In a prior project, the investigators developed the PARTNER program (PAiring Re-engineered ICU Teams with Nurse-driven Education and OutReach), a 4-facet, team-based intervention that re-engineers how surrogates are supported in ICUs, including: 1) changing care "defa...

Improving African American Glaucoma Patient Involvement in Visits and Outcomes

This is a research project about services provided to African American patients with glaucoma. The goal of the project is to improve communication between providers and African-American patients about glaucoma.

The REDUCED Trial: REDucing the Utilization of CEsarean Sections for Dystocia

This project is a clustered randomized controlled trial of a knowledge translation intervention of new ACOG guidelines for the diagnosis of poor progress in labor. The intent is to reduce the rate of cesarean section (CS) in first time mothers without increasing maternal or neonatal morbidity. The guidelines were developed from data from the Consortium for Safe Labor. The unit of randomization will be sites in Alberta that deliver

Two-Phased Study of SPIRIT in Mild AD

The proposed study will adapt and pilot test an efficacious advance care planning interventions, SPIRIT (Sharing Patient's Illness Representations to Increase Trust), with patients with mild Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and their surrogates to promote open, honest discussions while such discussions about end-of-life care are possible. The study includes two phases: Phase I to adapt, pretest, and refine SPIRIT, and Phase II to pilot test the refined SPIRIT to formally evaluate its ...

Program for African American Cognition & Exercise

The study is designed to develop and evaluate a physical activity promotion program among elderly African Americans with a long-term goal of reducing risk of Alzheimer's disease. The motivation for this study is that previous exercise interventions have improved cognitive function in older adults with and without cognitive impairments, but these studies were largely conducted without substantial African American representation. Due to genetic and environmental differences betwe...

Mobile Phone Intervention for Physical Activity Maintenance in African American Men (MobileMen)

African American men are at risk of developing chronic disease partly due to low levels of regular physical activity. Studies have been effective in increasing physical activity levels in African American men; however for the health benefits of exercise to be maintained continued physical activity is necessary. The purpose of the current study is to develop a mobile phone application for African American men that will help them maintain their physical activity levels.

Genes Contributing to Hereditary Ovarian Cancer in African American Women and BRCA1/2 Wildtype Families

The investigators propose to test for non-BRCA1/2 mutations in new and existing families with hereditary ovarian cancer in order to better define penetrance and associated malignancies of rare ovarian cancer susceptibility genes. The hypothesis is at least one third of hereditary ovarian carcinoma families wildtype for BRCA1/2 can be solved using an updated version of BROCA (BROCA-HR) that targets 47 genes, including all known ovarian cancer genes and additional candidate genes...

GenetiKiT: Evaluation of an Educational Intervention on the Delivery of Genetics Services by Family Physicians

There is an urgent need for a knowledge translation strategy to facilitate the integration of genetics into family medicine, to improve the low knowledge base of most Canadian family physicians, ensure that the needs are met of those in the population who could benefit from genetic assessment, and facilitate evidence-based decision-making in the face of increasing patient demand. We have developed a multi-faceted intervention incorporating three distinct knowledge transl...

Validation of the Critical-Care Pain Observation Tool (CPOT) in the Greek Population

The aim of this study is to validate the Critical-Care Pain Observation Tool (CPOT) in the setting of the Intensive care unit (ICU). Prior to patient recruitment the tool will be translated by the method of translation-back translation by Greek and English native speakers. The tool will be administered to patients who are admitted into the ICU.

Phase I Pharmacokinetic Interaction Study of Efavirenz and American Ginseng in Healthy Volunteers

This is a 4-week sequential drug interaction study to measure the effects of American ginseng on efavirenz pharmacokinetics using steady-state 24-hour AUC and Cmax as the primary comparison measures in healthy male volunteers. Efavirenz Cmin, T1/2, tmax, and clearance will also be assessed as secondary outcome measures. This study is a phase I, prospective, within-subject, fixed-order, two-period, multiple dose, open label, drug interaction study, to determine the stead-state p...

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