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Pacing of the Atria in Sick Sinus Syndrome Trial Preventive Strategies for Atrial Fibrillation

The purpose of this study is to determine which of 4 lead positions is most effective for pacemaker patients with Sick Sinus Syndrome in order to avoid development of atrial fibrillation.

Cooperation for Primary Care Patients on Sick Leave for Depression and Anxiety: Care Manager and Workplace Intervention - CO-WORK-CARE

This study aims to evaluate whether a convergence dialogue during sick leave, between the employee and the employer, with the Primary Care Centre Rehab Coordinator as discussion leader, leads to reduced sick leave time compared to those individuals who only have contact with a Care Manager during the period of sick leave. The study will be performed as a randomised controlled trial with randomisation at the PCC level where intervention PCCs offers a convergence dialogue meeting...

A Structuralised Sick-leave Program Compared to Usual Care Sick Leave Management in Patients After an Acute Myocardial Infarction

In this study the investigators aim at comparing the effect on quality of life and the cost-effectiveness of a structuralised sick-leave program compared to usual care sick leave management in patients after an acute non ST myocardial infarction(NSTEMI).The investigators hypothesize that a structuralised sick-leave program after an acute NSTEMI is cost-effective without a negative effect on quality of life compared to usual care management in this patient group.

Joint Coordination to Facilitate the Transition From Sick Leave to Employment

GESAM is a randomized controlled intervention study that addressed women and men on long-term sick leave in Uppsala County. Participants which are on sick leave due to mental illness and/or pain and were expected to reach the time limit within the in health insurance will be offered to participate in an intervention. Those how give informed consent will be randomly assigned one of the following groups: 1) informing and motivating intervention with insurance officer 2) control ...

Sick-Day Protocol to Improve Outcomes in Chronic Kidney Disease

The benefits of renin angiotensin system (RAS) blockers and diuretics for blood pressure control are well-established in chronic kidney diseases (CKD) patients; however, these agents may become hazardous on "sick-days" that lead to volume depletion (dehydration), and increase the risk of kidney function loss and acute kidney injury (AKI). It is not known how frequent significant sick-days occur in CKD patients, or whether a patient self-managed Sick-Day Protocol (SDP) that temp...

Bioequivalence Study Comparing Two Test Products With One Reference Product, All Containing 5 mg Yohimbine

- Type: Bioequivalence study in male healthy volunteers, therapeutical indication (erectile disfunction) not studied - Products, dosage, and route of administration: - Test 1: Procomil 5 mg (Walter Ritter GmbH & Co. KG, Germany), sugar-coated tablet containing 5 mg yohimbine hydrochloride, oral administration - Test 2: Yohimbin "Spiegel"® (Desma GmbH, Germany), tablet containing 5 mg yohimbine hydrochloride, oral administra...

Mode Evaluation in Sick Sinus Syndrome Trial (MODEST)

The purpose of this study is to determine the incidence of atrial fibrillation and heart failure in patients with pacemaker therapy with different pacing modes (AAI, DDD, and a novel algorithm to minimize ventricular pacing).

The Impact of Heart Rate on Central Blood Pressure in Sick Sinus Syndrome Patients With a Permanent Cardiac Pacemaker

This study evaluates the acute effects of heart rate (HR) change on central hemodynamic parameters noninvasively.

Fluid Balance Study in Sick Neonates

The purpose of this study is to determine if routinely recording fluid balance in sick neonates admitted to the pediatric ward is reliable and useful. The investigators' hypothesis is that it is not useful and reliable.

The Danish Multicenter Randomised Study on AAI Versus DDD Pacing in Sick Sinus Syndrome

Hypothesis Treatment with rate adaptive single chamber atrial pacing (AAIR) reduces the risk of death compared with rate adaptive dual chamber pacing (DDDR) in patients with sick sinus syndrome (SSS). Primary purpose The primary purpose of this randomised trial is to compare AAIR and DDDR pacing in patients with SSS and normal atrioventricular (AV) conduction with respect to the primary end point overall mortality.

The Influence of Different Factors on Workers' Disability Due to Low Back Pain

The purpose of this study is to determine, in Spanish workers, the influence of different factors (personal, psychological, work related and clinical) on the risk of being on sick leave during the 18 months after baseline assessment, and on the duration of that sick leave.

Rehabilitation Coordinators in Specialist Psychiatry

REKO-A is a randomized controlled intervention study that addressed women and men on sick leave in Uppsala County. Participants which are on sick leave due to mental illness.

Maintenance Intravenous Fluids in Children

Hyponatraemia arises in between 20% and 45% of sick hospitalized children. An important reason for this high incidence could be use of hypotonic fluids in sick children for maintenance fluid therapy. There are no randomized controlled trials to evaluate the effect of various types of intravenous fluids on the incidence of hyponatremia in sick hospitalized children. Hypothesis: Use of normal saline in 5% dextrose or reduced (2/3) volume of N/5 saline in 5% dextrose reduce...

XC8 in the Treatment of Patients With Bronchial Asthma

A multicenter, double-blind, randomized, parallel-group comparative Phase II clinical study to assess the efficacy and safety of different doses of XC8 vs Placebo in patients with partly controlled bronchial asthma receiving stable treatment with low doses of inhaled corticosteroids with or without long-acting beta2-agonists during 12-weeks treatment period. Study design was developed by Pharmenterprises LLS, Russia in cooperation with Eurrus Biotech GmbH, Austria and FGK Clin...

Bioequivalence Study of Linagliptin From Prevaglip 5 mg Tablets(Eva Pharma, Egypt) and Trajenta 5 mg Tablets (Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH, Germany)

An open label randomized, single dose, two-way crossover bioequivalence study to determine the bioequivalence of Linagliptin from Prevaglip 5 mg tablets(Eva pharma for Pharmaceuticals & Medical Appliances, Egypt) and Trajenta 5 mg tablets(Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH, Germany) after a single oral dose administration of each to healthy adults under fasting conditions

Return To Work for People on Long Term Sick Leave

Vitalis was a randomized controlled intervention study that addressed women on long-term sick leave in Uppsala County. Participants were on sick leave due to mental illness and/or pain and were expected to reach the time limit within the in health insurance. Of the total of 947 eligible reaching the time limit during 2010-2012 648 persons met the projects inclusion- and exclusion criteria and were invited to participate. Of these, 327 persons (50.4%) gave informed consent and w...

Effect of Referral Card on Neonatal Medical Care Seeking for Institutional Births in Urban Lucknow

Neonatal mortality rate in Uttar Pradesh, Northern India is 53.6 per thousand, and accounts for 8% of global neonatal deaths.It has been argued that prompt and appropriate care-seeking for sick neonates can substantially reduce neonatal mortality. This pre and post intervention trial was done to assess the impact of a pictorial "Neonatal referral Card" and one-to-one counseling of mothers on the qualified medical care-seeking behavior for sick neonates in urban Lucknow. ...

Subacute and Chronic, Non-specific Back and Neck Pain: Cognitive-behavioral Rehabilitation vs. Traditional Primary Care

BACKGROUND Non-specific back and neck pain (BNP) dominates sick-listing. A program of cognitive-behavioral rehabilitation for subacute and chronic BNP was compared, with 18-month follow-up, with traditional primary care concerning sick-listing and health-care visits. METHODS After stratification to age (44 (years) and younger/45 and older) and subacute/chronic BNP (= full-time sick-listed 43-84/85-730 days respectively), 125 primary-care patients were randomized ...

A Problem Solving Based Intervention for Facilitating Return-to-work Among People Suffering From Common Mental Disorders

Problem solving based intervention involving the workplace has shown promising effects on return-to-work among persons with common mental disorders. A key element is cooperation between the person on sick leave, the participant's employer and health care professionals. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the effects of a problem solving based intervention in the Swedish primary health care system on an employed population on sick leave due to common mental disorders. Cl...

Common Mental Disorders in the Workplace: Evaluation of an Intervention Conducted at the Occupational Health Services

Common mental disorders (CMD:s) are the leading cause of sick-leave spells in Sweden, resulting in suffering for the individual and financial costs for the employer as well as for society at large. Studies on interventions that address mental ill-health and that focus on return to work (RTW) show little or no effect of commonly used methods such as medication or psychological approaches. Furthermore, these interventions often focus on the individual's symptoms without consideri...

Return to Work Among Patients With Stress Related Mental Disorders - An Intervention in the Swedish Primary Care

The aim of this project is to develop a model for return to work (RTW) for patients sick listed due to stress related mental disorders, which takes into account each patient's specific situation; includes the workplace, and is well adapted to the Swedish primary care setting. In late 2016, general practitioners and rehabilitation coordinators at both public and private primary care centers will be offered a one-day training about work and workability for patients with st...

First Line Antimicrobials in Children With Complicated Severe Acute Malnutrition

Children with severe malnutrition who are admitted sick to hospitals have a high mortality(death rate), usually because of infection. All children with severe malnutrition admitted to hospitals are treated with antibiotics(medication used to kill bacteria). However, the current antibiotics used in hospitals may not be the most effective. It is possible that the antibiotics that are currently used after initial antibiotics should be used first. No studies have been carried out t...

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Effects of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in Primary Health Care

How does education of health personnel with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy affect the extent of medical certificates of sick leave and drug prescriptions in primary health care centers in Kalmar compared with similar centers in Jönköping in which the personnel do not get such therapy?

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Video to Enhance Advance Care Planning in Advanced Pancreas and Hepatobiliary Cancer Patients

Advance care planning involves thinking about choices if the patient becomes sick, and is important for everyone. It does not matter if the patients are ill or healthy. It is especially important for people who have diseases that cannot be cured. It allows people to make sure their wishes are respected if they become very sick or are dying. Thinking about these issues can be upsetting. But, for many people, it is helpful. This type of discussion can help the family learn what t...

Correlates of Protection in Ghana

Malaria is a sickness passed from one person to the other by the bite of a mosquito. In areas of frequent malaria infection, children may develop natural protection against malaria and they are less likely to become sick or die from it as they age. The purpose of this study is to investigate the body's natural protection against malaria in children by testing their blood. This information may help investigators develop a malaria vaccine. The Navrongo Health Research Centre is c...

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