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Androgenetic Alopecia and the JAK-STAT Pathway

It is a well known fact that the JAK-STAT pathway plays a pivotal role in the pathogenesis of alopecia areata. Both phosphorylated STAT 1 and 3 have been found to be upregulated in the disease (Xing et al., 2014). However, whether this pathway plays a role in other hair loss disorders remains unclear.(Sivan et al., 2015). Our study aims at assessing STAT3 levels in male patients with androgenetic alopecia. We hypothesize that STAT3 levels will be elevated (due to a previous stu...

Randomised Prospective Trial Comparing Contact Force and Non-contact Force Guided Catheter Ablation for Cavotricuspid Isthmus Dependent Atrial Flutter

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is a standard treatment option for cavotricuspid isthmus (CTI) dependent atrial flutter. We plan to perform a randomized prospective trial comparing the efficacy of contact force (CF) guided CTI ablation against catheter ablation with the operator blinded to contact force parameters.

Blood Sparing Strategies: Omni-stat Routinary Use in Cardiac Surgery. A Prospective Randomized Study.

The study enrolles all consecutive patients undergoing cardiac surgery at the European Hospital, Rome. The population undergoes randomization to receive usual surgical hemostasis or added topical application of Omni-stat Celox. The two populations are followed up prospectively as regarding blood loss and need for blood transfusions, as well as adverse events at 30 days after surgery.

Cerebrovascular Effects of the Use of Alpha-stat or pH-stat Management of Cardiopulmonary Bypass

Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) poses a significant burden on the patients and the health care system. The increasing number of surgery performed in elderly population results in an increased number of perioperative T2DM-related adverse effects. T2DM has a prevalence of 30-40% in a population undergoing cardiovascular surgery. Cardiac surgery, especially cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) is also known to deteriorate cerebral oxygenation. Furthermore, acid-base balance of patients u...

Effect of the Inhibitors of the Way JAK-STAT on Regulatory B Cells

This study will investigate whether inhibitors of the JAK / STAT signaling pathway can increase anti-inflammatory functions of B cells in patients with RA using in vitro and in vivo experiments.

Evaluation of the DPP HIV 1/2 Test and the HIV 1/2 Stat Pak Test Using Oral Fluid

This protocol is intended to test the feasibility of using the HIV 1/2 STAT-PAK and the DPP HIV 1/2 test (with and without the DPP Handheld Reader) to detect HIV antibodies in oral fluids.

STAT Inhibitor OPB-111077 and Decitabine in Treating Patients With Acute Myeloid Leukemia That Is Refractory or Newly Diagnosed and Ineligible for Intensive Chemotherapy

This phase I trial studies the side effects and best dose of STAT inhibitor OPB-111077 when given together with decitabine in treating patients with acute myeloid leukemia that does not respond to treatment or is newly diagnosed and ineligible for intensive chemotherapy. STAT inhibitor OPB-111077 and decitabine may stop the growth of cancer cells by blocking some of the enzymes needed for cell growth.

Usage and Plan of Care Changes Due to Drug Screenings

The purpose of this minimal risk, observational survey is to document the accuracy, benefits, and how qualitative and quantitative results affect patients' plan of care.

Oral Supplementation to Enhance Recovery Pilot Study - The MOTORS Trial

The goal of this clinical research study is to learn if the supplements Pro-Stat (which has l-arginine and also contains protein) and omega-3 fatty acids which can help inflammation and recovery after radical cystectomy in bladder cancer patients.

Senior Change Makers Study: Improving Physical Activity Environments

Senior Change Makers is an intergenerational intervention that compares two, 8-week programs: (1) an advocacy program wherein senior participants perform audits of their physical activity environments, identify an advocacy project, and advocate for improvements; and (2) a walking program designed to increase participant physical activity through education and guided walks. We expect that the advocacy program will produce greater improvements in seniors' advocacy skills, confide...

Evaluation of Handheld Colonoscopy Force Monitor by Expert Endoscopists in the Performance of Colonoscopy

The purpose of this study is to evaluate a handheld Colonoscopy Force Monitor(CFM™), a push-pull force and torque measuring device, that grips the shaft of the colonoscope and wirelessly transmits and records all the forces applied by the endoscopist during colonoscopy.

N-Force Screws Augmented With N-Force Blue in Hip Fractures

The objective of this prospective study is to confirm safety and performance of N-Force Screws augmented with N-Force Blue applied in intracapsular proximal femur fracture treatment.

Ablation of Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation Using the Appropriate Contact Force in a Chinese Population

The objective of the study is:Phase I: To validate or otherwise determine the Chinese-specific appropriate contact force during PVI in PAF.Phase II: To evaluate the effectiveness and safety of ablation guided by the appropriate contact force.

Comparison Between Contact Force Guided and Blinded Strategy on PV Isolation in AF Patients

Pulmonary vein (PV) isolation is very important in atrial fibrillation (AF) catheter ablation. PV reconnection is one of the main reasons in AF recurrence. Contact force-sensing catheter is a new catheter which has valuable tools to monitor and increase the efficacy of PV isolation. Previous paper reported the efficacy of contact force-sensing catheter on immediate PV isolation and outcome. However, there might be confounding factor as inter-individual variation. Therefore, we ...

A Pilot Preoperative Trial of Ganetespib With Paclitaxel for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Based on preclinical data implicating GR, AR, and JAK/STAT activation as potent mechanisms of breast cancer cell survival despite chemotherapy administration (i.e. chemotherapy resistance), the study will test a novel approach for improving chemotherapy effectiveness by adding Hsp90 inhibition to antagonize the anti-apoptotic signaling pathways that are initiated via GR, AR, and JAK/STAT activation.

Group ("Project Life Force") vs. Individual Suicide Safety Planning RCT

The management of suicide risk is a pressing national public health issue especially among Veterans. This grant consists of two arms: the novel treatment and treatment-as-usual. "Project Life Force" (PLF), a novel suicide safety planning group intervention has been developed to provide a mechanism to develop and enhance the Suicide Safety Plan (SSP) over time. PLF, a 10-session, group intervention, combines cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)/dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) ski...

A Rehabilitation Tool to Determine Patient's Stay in Hospital After Joint Replacement

SPARTA force plate is used as rehabilitation tool in this study. The device is Force Plate coupled with SPARTA scan software that enables quick assessment of individual movement and balance within minutes. The magnitude as well as efficiency of force production is analyzed to determine an patient recovery graph.

Use of a Novel Contact Force Sensing Catheter for AF Ablation - Impact of TactiCath on Dormant Conduction Across the Pulmonary Veins

The purpose of this study is to collect information about the success rate of atrial fibrillation (AF) ablation procedures using the contact force data from the TactiCath Quartz ablation catheter.

Improving Decision Making for Patients With Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation

Deciding about prolonged life support for critically ill patients can be very difficult. Therefore, the investigators are doing a study to see if an internet-based decision aid can improve the quality of decision making for substitute decision makers of patients who are in the intensive care unit (ICU).

Prevention of Colon Ischemia During Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Repair

Patients undergoing surgery on their Aorta can get ischemia, a lack of blood flow, to their intestines and colon. This is very serious, as 2 out of 3 patients who have this problem die before leaving the hospital. A device developed by Spectros, called T-Stat, is approved by the US FDA to detect ischemia, and has been reported to detect ischemia in AAA aneurysm surgery and stenting, allowing the surgeon or interventional radiologist to take action quickly, while the colon ische...

Reach to Grasp Movement of Stroke Patients: Different Heights and Weights

A cross-sectional study of Reach-to-Grasp (RTG) movement of the upper limb of stroke patients vs. healthy controls. 30 stroke patients and 30 healthy controls will take place in a cross-sectional study. 3D kinematics and force regulation measures of RTG to a full and an empty cup at three different table heights will be measured. Motion analysis will include joint position and inter-limb coordination, velocity, and smoothness of movement. Data collected from the force sensor em...

Improving Safety of Lead Extraction Procedures by Traction Force Sensing

Death and vascular tears occur in up to 1% of the patients undergoing lead extraction procedures. These complications are due to abnormal force vectors during the procedure. The investigators postulate that use of bidirectional traction (superior and inferior directions) and feedback from a digital force gauge is associated with minimal lead displacement compared to conventional lead extraction. Lead displacement is an indirect risk factor for potentially fatal lead extraction ...

Liner Ablation Using Contact-force in Atrial Fibrillation

Linear ablation is frequently used in the procedure for persistent atrial fibrillation. However, it has a limitation because of technical difficulty. Incomplete block is common and an important cause of atrial tachycardia. The association between contact force values and successful linear block has not been revealed yet. We aim to the effectiveness and safety of linear ablation by using CF sensing catheter.

Comparison of Prosthetic Knee Performance During Sitting and Standing

The Ossur Prosthetic Power Knee claims to assist in helping people with transfemoral amputation to walk up stairs and stand up from sitting. We expect to find that this product has the ability to help unload the sound knee during these tasks. We plan to collect force and motion data while people stand up from a chair. We will compare the data from people using several types of prosthetic knees, including the power knee as well as from people who are not amputees to see what ...

Evaluation of Cost of Nosocomial Infection

This study will investigate the cost and impact of Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) to patients, the health service and the wider community. This is in order to develop a model to allow policy makers to compare the cost effectiveness of Infection Prevention and Control measures in NHSScotland. The model will support policy makers and clinical teams in building a patient centred, safe, effective and efficient service.

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