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Thursday 23rd November 2017

Effectiveness of a Modern Educational Intervention in Breast Cancer Patients

In addition to fatigue, pain is the most frequent and persistent symptom following breast cancer and breast cancer treatment. Despite the effectiveness of different physical therapy modalities, such as manual techniques, passive mobilizations and exercises, many patients still experience pain and subsequent difficulties in daily functioning at short and long term. Past decades, the awareness on the important role of educational interventions in the management of pain in general...

The Characterization of Small and Diminutive Colonic Polyps in LCI

Colorectal cancer is a maior cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide.Colonoscopy and removal of all adenomas is the most efficient method to prevent colorectal cancer.The most colorectal polyps detected are small(

Efficacy of Tamoxifen Versus Toremifene in CYP2D6 IM/PM of Premenopausal Patients With ER-positive Early Breast Cancer

This clinical trial is designed to be a multi-center prospective, parallel-controlled Phase III clinical study. In this study, the efficacy of tamoxifen versus toremifene shall be compared in CYP2D6 intermediate/poor metabolizers of premenopausal patients with estrogen receptor-positive early breast cancer.

Visual Restoration for Hemianopia

The purpose of this research is to assess the efficacy of a visual training task on reducing the size of a visual field deficit caused by brain damage in adults, and its ability to improve visual functions in this patient population.

Influence of Virtual Reality on Myocardial Revascularization

Coronary artery disease is a dysfunction characterized by the narrowing of the coronary arteries in due to the accumulation of atheromatous plaques. The surgery of myocardial revascularization is a surgical procedure of choice performed in individuals with to improve symptoms and survival. Cardiovascular surgeries of this size in an extended time of rest after the procedure. Such immobility may have repercussions to the functionality of the individual. Thus, the early mobilizat...

Effects of Using Customized Insoles With Anterior or Posterior Plantar Support in Cross-pelvis Syndrome and Perception of Body Alignment in Young Adults: a Randomized Clinical Trial

INTRODUCTION: Custom insoles with anterior or posterior support are described in the literature mainly for the treatment of foot and knee dysfunctions and this therapeutic effect extends to the promotion of biomechanical alignment between pelvis and trunk, by an ascending propceptive response. In this perspective, it can be hypothesized that the use of these insoles may favor individuals with anterior and posterior cross pelvis syndrome, who have biomechanical imbalance in the ...

Patient‐Reported Outcome Measurement Information System (PROMIS) Physical Function

The objective of this study is to conduct in-person qualitative interviews of subjects who have different tumor types to identify and assess relevant PROMIS physical function items that can be utilized in future studies. Health Research Associates (HRA) will conduct qualitative interviews in subjects with a variety of cancer types. PROMIS is a set of self‐report measurement tools, developed by the United States (US) National Institutes for Health (NIH). The most recent versio...

Improving Decision Role Concordance in Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Patients

The goal of this project is to test the effects of the Patient Preference Scale as the basis for a clinical intervention for role negotiation in breast cancer surgery decisions and the Patient Perception Scale to measure role concordance. The investigators hypothesize that better role concordance will be achieved with a simple provider-based intervention. In the first half of the study, providers will be blind to the patient's preferred role. In the second half, providers will ...

Outcomes From a RCT Comparing Preventive Versus Delayed Ligation of DVC During Robot-assisted Radical Prostatectomy

Since its introduction, robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP) have become the standard surgical approach for the treatment of prostate cancer in the United States and then in Europe. Continuous refinements of surgical technique has been described in order to maximise outcomes while minimizing morbidities. The management of DVC is a crucial steps during RARP. It could be done prior or after its transection thanks to haemostatic effects of the pneumoperitoneum. This topic ...

Mindfulness for Pain Management in Patients With Cancer

Using pharmacologic agents are often effective to treat patients with cancer pain, but there are associated with serious side-effects and risks of dependence and addiction. The Thai Buddhism-based Mindfulness (TBbM) intervention created by a widely respected Buddhist monk focuses on testing a meditation technique to manage pain. If effective, millions of patients who suffer with cancer pain will benefit from use of a safe, culturally appropriate, non-pharmacologic approach to p...

Randomized Phase III Study Testing Nivolumab and Ipilimumab Versus a Carboplatin Based Doublet in First Line Treatment of PS 2 or Elderly Patients With Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the most common cancer in the world and the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in Western countries. Unfortunately, at the time of diagnosis, the majority of patients already have metastatic disease and a systemic, palliative treatment is the primary therapeutic option. Guidelines for PS 2 patients or older than 75 years old patients at the time of diagnosis recommend for fit patients a carboplatin doublet chemotherapy. Nivolumab has proven efficacy i...

The Efficacy of Estrogen Therapy Against Adhesion Reformation After Hysteroscopic Adhesiolysis

Asherman's syndrome is characterized by the presence of intrauterine adhesions (IUA) as well as symptoms such as amenorrhea, hypomenorrhea, pelvic pain, and infertility. The gold standard for the treatment of intrauterine adhesions is hysteroscopic intrauterine adhesions. The recurrence of intrauterine adhesions is a major challenge in clinical practice. Intrauterine balloon has been used for the prevention of intrauterine adhesions. It has been reported that dried biological a...

An Investigational Immuno-Therapy Study of Experimental Medication BMS-986242 Given in Combination With Nivolumab in Patients With Advanced Cancer

The purpose of this study is to investigate safety of experimental medication BMS-986242 and Nivolumab in patients with advanced cancers.

Procalcitonin Test for Differentiation of the Cause of Pneumonia

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the usefulness of procalcitonin test for differentiation of the cause of pneumonia in patients with cancer.

Practices and Organizations Related to Emerging Occupations of Care (EPOCK) Coordination in Oncology

Several stakeholders are implied in cancer care pathways and there is a need for coordinating their actions. New occupations of care coordination have thus emerged. However, the conditions of their efficiency have been too few reported and included discrepancies between reports. In this context, the main objective is to propose a modeling of care coordination and associated emerging occupations (nurse-based) by comparing theoretical expected outcomes to professionals, patients ...

Validation of a Urine Assay to Measure Tenofovir Levels in Patients Taking Tenofovir Alafenamide

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) with Truvada™ (tenofovir/emtricitabine), in which an HIV-uninfected individual at high risk for contracting HIV takes antiretroviral medications (one pill daily) to maintain blood and genital drug levels sufficient to prevent HIV-1 acquisition, has been validated in several large international trials that have included men who have sex with men and transgender women, heterosexual men and women, and people who use injection drugs, as a potential...

Does the Merged 3D Imaging Improve Contact Force and Long Term Procedure Outcome in Atrial Fibrillation?

The purpose of the study is to investigate whether or not there are the differences in acute procedure and long-term clinical outcome of radiofrequency catheter ablation (RFCA) for atrial fibrillation (AF) using the 3D map constructed by the integration of CT(or MRI) with the fast anatomical mapping (FAM) versus using the 3D map constructed by FAM only.

MRI Guided Transurethral HIFU for Various Prostate Diseases

This study assesses feasibility and safety, the primary outcomes, of MRI guided transurethral high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) ablation for prostate diseases (PD). We will enrol 10 patients to each group with criteria as follows: localised prostate cancer (PC); locally advanced PC; locally recurrent PC after external beam radiation therapy (EBRT); benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Secondary outcomes are both oncologic and functional outcomes and imaging based follow u...

Bioinformation Therapy for Intestinal Cancer

The aim of this study is the synergistic effect of cancer ablation and life information rehabilitation therapy on unresectable intestinal cancer.

Bioinformation Therapy for Gastric Cancer

The aim of this study is the synergistic effect of cancer ablation and life information rehabilitation therapy on unresectable gastric cancer.

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation as a Treatment for Pain in Parkinson's Disease

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a procedure that has been shown to improve pain in chronic sufferers. It is a well-tolerated procedure that can be performed on an outpatient basis. It uses a plastic covered coil that sends a magnetic pulse through the skull into the brain and by targeting particular areas in the brain it can be used to help modulate the perception of pain. The study intends to use this technique to treat such a disabling symptom in patients who ...

Genotyping of Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Patients for Precision Medicine Clinical Trials

The goal of delivering the right drug to the right cancer patient (precision medicine) requires a detailed understanding of how genomic alterations are linked to drug response. The purpose of this study is to intercept at point-of-care a large cohort of newly diagnosed mCRC patients to determine if it is possible to obtain personalized genetic information from each subject's tumor (tissue and blood) to triage treatment choices. In case of target positivity, patients will be con...

Coached, Coordinated, Enhanced Neonatal Transition (CCENT)

This study will evaluate a new neonatal follow-up model that offers additional support and coping resources for parents during their child's NICU admission as well as during their transition home. The Coached, Coordinated, Enhanced Neonatal Transition (CCENT) model involves a key worker who will be the primary support for families during the first year of their child's life. The key worker's role involves 1) parental coaching using a mindfulness-based approach, 2) helping coord...

Interest of iRECIST Evaluation for DCR for Evaluation of Patients With Deficient MMR and /or MSI Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Treated With Nivolumab and Ipilimumab

This is a non-randomized study, open label phase II study. The purpose of this study is to evaluate disease control rate (DCR) by RECIST and iRECIST at 12 weeks. Evaluation of RECIST and iRECIST will be done in each center in order to choose the optimal therapy (Assessment by Investigators). A centralized evaluation of RECIST and iRECIST, will be organized in Saint-Antoine.

Hemospec Device for Sepsis Diagnosis

A diagnostic devise, namely HemoSpec, had been developed that integrates clinical information, along with information on circulating protein biomarkers and the morphology of white blood cells to achieve early diagnosis of sepsis. The current study is aiming to validate and improve performance of HemoSpec for the rapid assessment of the critically ill patient in the Emergency Department.

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