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The Role of Agricultural Biodiversity in The Diet: a Vietnamese Study

What is the role of Agricultural biodiversity in improving diet diversity, quality and nutrition?

Endocrown and 90° Shoulder Endocrown

Use chairside CAD/CAM system (computer aided design / manufacture), using glass ceramic zirconia enhanced lithium silicate glass ceramics (VITA, SUPRINITY, VS) material, compare the difference of firmness, comfort and durability between two kinds of root canal restoration methods:endocrown and 90° shoulder endocrown. Objective to establish the optimal method and material for the restoration of the teeth with root canal therapy.

Ceramic Tooth Restorations - a Comparison Study

This randomized clinical study aims to compare success and survival of two different ceramic tooth restoration materials. The hypothesis for the study is that fluoride treated zirconia will retain as good as lithium disilicate reinforced glass ceramic when cemented by the same resin cement. One group of patients will receive a restoration in fluoride treated zirconia, the other group will receive a restoration in reinforced glass ceramic. All restorations will be cemente...

Survival of Endocrowns Made From Different Ceramics

Restoration of endodontically treated teeth requires a means to protect the cusps from the wedging forces of occlusion. When there is extensive loss of tooth structure, cuspal coverage is warranted. Usually this is in the form of indirect restoration. Traditionally, full coverage crowns have been used which would require further removal of sound tooth structure. Recently, adhesive alternatives have been introduced which allow for conservation of tooth structure. Differen...

Layering Technique Selection for Ultimate Aesthetics in Anterior Composites

the importance of this study is to evaluate the clinical performance of direct anterior resin composite restoration constructed using innovative esthetic dual-shade technique and another restoration constructed using polychromatic natural layering technique with various finishing and polishing steps. The benefit from carrying out this study is to help the practitioners to decide the most suitable, easy, perfect technique to provide an optimally aesthetic, long lasting with ...

Esthetic Outcomes of Immediately Placed Implants Receiving Immediate Provisionalization and Delayed Restoration

The purpose of this study is to compare two different timings of restoring dental implants that are placed right after tooth extraction: The test group will have the provisional crown placed at the time of implant placement. The control group will have the tooth removed and the implant placed at the same appointment but restorations placed after 4 months. Both procedures currently are accepted methods for replacing missing teeth but direct comparisons of the two procedures are ...

Immediate Dentoalveolar Restoration Compared to Bio-oss

This randomised controlled trial compares the immediate dentoalveolar restoration and bovine demineralised bone in immediate implants placed in fresh sockets with buccal resorption. A total of 34 patients will be included and followed clinically and radiographically for 18 months. Patient centred outcomes will also be evaluated.

The Role of Mind Body Therapy in Geriatric Rehabilitation

Background: The main goal of geriatric rehabilitation reconditioning following an acute illness is rapid restoration of normal activity. Key elements are pain control, restoration of bowel functions, sleep, appetite and general well-being, along side the physical activity. Objective: To assess the effect of mind-body intervention as an adjunct to medical and physical rehabilitation in geriatric patients. Design: Prospective study Setting: University affiliated large cit...

Efficacy of a Virtual Care Clinic in the Management of Diabetes Mellitus

The study's goal is to promote accessible and cost-effective diabetes care through electronic means. Underserved populations including rural areas do not have diabetes specialists. Previous study data has shown the effectiveness of Internet communication in lowering a patient's Hemoglobin A1C, a measure of blood sugars, closer to the target number. The investigators thus wish to test the effectiveness of diabetes care provided by virtual means, including virtual consultations, ...

Reliability of Secondary Caries Detection Around Composite Restoration Using Light Induced Fluorescence

A total of 29 volunteer patients will be assigned in this study. Each patient should have one resin composite restoration. The restoration will be evaluated by two diagnostic methods (D), where D1 represents visual-tactile assessment method (modified USPHS) and D2 represents light induced fluorescence intraoral camera

10 Years Evaluation of Composite Restoration

This randomised, split-mouth clinical study evaluated the marginal quality of direct Class I and Class II restorations made of microhybrid composite and applied using two polymerisation protocols,

Restoration® Modular Revision Hip System Post Market Study

The purpose of this study is to demonstrate survivorship of the femoral stem at 5 years.

Three Restorative Protocols in MIH: a Randomized Controlled Clinical Study

Molar-Incisive Hipomineralization (MIH) is defined as a qualitative change in tooth enamel of systemic origin, which affects one or more permanent first molars, and may or may not involve permanent incisors. MIH has several clinical repercussions, such as presence of hypersensitivity, difficulty in local anesthesia, reduction of restorations longevity, among others, making it difficult to perform dental treatment. Therefore, the present study will evaluate, through a randomized...

Evaluation of Maraviroc Intensification in HIV Infected Patients With Insufficient Immune Restoration

This pilot study aims to evaluate Maraviroc intensification strategy during 24 weeks in HIV infected patients under efficient (CV< 50 cp/mL), controlled antiretroviral therapy (≥ 6 months) and uncompleted immune restoration (CD4

Effect of Different Types of Crowns on Patient Satisfaction and Clinical Assesment

The aim of this study is to compare the patient satisfaction and clinical assessment (shade matching, surface texture and marginal discoloration) of Bio- High Performance Polymers (HPP) restoration versus E-max restoration compared to contralateral tooth in anterior zone. Regardless E-max popularity in the dental field.

Study of K201 Injection on Restoration of Sinus Rhythm in Subjects Who Are in Atrial Fibrillation

To evaluate the effects of K201 on sinus rhythm restoration, symptom score, various cardiovascular parameters, and safety.

Transcutaneous Mechanical Nerve Stimulation (TMNS) by Vibration in the Preservation and Restoration of Urinary Continence and Erectile Function and in the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and Urinary Incontinence in Conjunction With Nerve Sparing Radical

After radical prostatectomy nerve damage in the pelvic floor usually occurs. This causes side effects in the form of incontinence and erectile dysfunction. It has previously been shown that one can stimulate the nerves of the pelvic floor by means of transcutaneous mechanical nerve stimulation (TMNS) done through vibration. This study will examine the effect of TMNS in the preservation and restoration of urinary continence and erectile function and in the treatment of urinary ...

Clinical Performance of Fiber Reinforced Composite Versus Microhybrid Composite Restorations

Clinical performance of direct fiber reinforced resin composite restorations versus direct microhybrid resin composite restorations in endodontically treated molars will be evaluated over 6 months using modified USPHS criteria.

Adipose Tissue Derived Stem Cell Based Hair Restoration Therapy for Androgenetic Alopecia

Androgenetic alopecia (AGA) is a common form of hair loss in both men and women, characterized by progressive patterned loss of hair from the scalp. The current study has been designed for restoration of hair in AGA by implanting a combination of autologous mesenchymal stem cells (derived from the adipose tissue) and human platelet rich plasma.

Survival Rate of Adhesively Luted Veneers

The aims of this clinical study are: To evaluate the clinical performance between indirect composite and ceramic laminate veneers: Main interests are: - colour stability of the restoration (digital measurement in follow up) - failure mode of the restoration - wear of the restoration and antagonist Hypothesis: - The colour stability of indirect composite restorations will not be different from the ceramic restorations. - ...

Clinical Evaluation of Fracture Resistance and Color Changes of Laminate Veneer With Gull Wing Preparation

Patient with discolored anterior teeth and need conservative restoration treated with all ceramic esthetic laminate veneers. The Patient will be satisfied with restoration mimic the surrounding natural teeth, but conventional preparation shows approximately 60% of veneer failure in form of color change and nearly 67% Fractures of laminate veneers so the modified gull wing preparation is a significant factor affecting the final esthetic especially in discolored teeth and improve...

Effect of Liners on Pulpal Outcome and Restoration Survival After Partial Caries Excavation

Aim of the study was to determine the effectiveness of cavity liners regarding survival of restoration beneath composite restoration after partial caries removal in permanent teeth with deep caries and to evaluate and compare the pulp vitality outcome both clinically and radiologically with and without liners. Study was conducted in Post Graduate Institute of Dental Sciences, Rohtak in department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics. Mature permanent mandibular molars with ...

A Clinical Evaluation of a Glass Ionomer Cement (GIC) Based Restorative System Versus Bulk Filled Resin-based Composite

The aim of the present study is to evaluate the clinical performance of EQUİA restoration material in Class II cavities comparing with a resin-based composite / dentin bonding system.

Comparison of Lethal Means Counseling and an Active Control Condition, With and Without Provision of Gun Locks

In 2013, the National Guard reported a suicide rate that was substantially higher than both the general population and the active duty component of the United States military. The prototypical National Guard suicide decedent appears to be a young male firearm owner not currently deployed who dies using his own gun. Prior research within the military has revealed that soldiers are unlikely to seek out or engage in mental health services. In sum, current best practices in suicide...

Outcome Evaluation of Ceramic Crowns Using Two Different Dental Cements

The restoration of indirect partial and full coverage restorations in dentistry necessitates the use of a luting agent to act as a means of mechanical and potentially, chemical retention of the restoration. Upon the introduction of the first generation of glass Ionomer cements for use as a luting agent, an elevated short-term post operative hypersentivity was reported. In part, this adverse event was considered to be due to a desiccating effect of the cement as water is utilize...

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