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Regional Block of the Nose for Hypotensive Anaesthesia in Septo-rhinoplasty

Septorhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that many people are choosing to undergo. It can be done under general anesthesia, twilight anesthesia or regional anesthesia. Controlled hypotensive anesthesia is required to minimize bruising, swelling, and bleeding that reduces visibility in the operative field and hence satisfactory surgical outcome. The goal of our study to prove that regional block of the nose provides efficient hypotensive anesthesia

Regional Anesthesia in Hip Arthroscopy

The purpose of this research is to determine differences in outcomes in patients who receive regional anesthesia (a fascia iliaca block) versus placebo prior to undergoing hip arthroscopy with labral repair and/or debridement and osteoplasty for hip impingement.


Regional Anesthesia Versus General Anesthesia

Patients undergoing laparoscopic gynecological surgery will receive regional anesthesia or general anesthesia with endotracheal intubation. The investigators aim to evaluate the feasibility and safety of regional anesthesia for laparoscopic gynecological procedures.

Regional Anesthesia Database

This is a quality assurance database to prospectively examine regional anesthesia outcomes at Toronto Western Hospital.

Dual Guidance in Regional Anesthesia

Regional anaesthesia is a frequently used procedure. Currently, blockades are increasingly carried out without nerve stimulation. The risk of nerve lesion is about 3 %. Industrial efforts frequently referred to ultrasound optimisation of the regional anaesthesia cannula. In order to optimise patient safety, the benefit of both procedures (stimulation and ultrasound) should be combined and both procedures optimised. In this study, the influence of the needle electrode size on th...

Effect General and Regional Anesthesia on Glycocalyx

Observational study evaluating effect general or regional anaesthesia on glycocalyx by using perfused Boundary Region in sublingual microcirculation.

A Multi-site Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Regional and General Anesthesia for Effects on Neurodevelopmental Outcome and Apnea in Infants

The primary purpose of the GAS study is to determine whether different types of anesthesia (Regional versus General) given to 660 infants undergoing inguinal hernia repair results in equivalent neurodevelopmental outcomes. The study also aims to describe the incidence of apnea in the post-operative period after both regional and general anesthesia for inguinal hernia repair in infants. This study is important as it will provide the greatest evidence for safety or toxicity of ...

Regional vs General Anesthesia in Patients With Hip Fracture Under Treatment With Clopidogrel

This study compares general to regional anesthesia concerning morbidity and mortality in patients older than or equal to 65 years old who receive clopidogrel and are to be submitted in hip fracture surgery. Half of participants will receive general anesthesia the first 48 hours and the other half will receive regional anesthesia after 5 days of the discontinuation of clopidogrel.

Regional Versus General Anesthesia for Promoting Independence After Hip Fracture

The purpose of this study is to find out if two types of standard care anesthesia are the same or if one is better for people who have hip fractures.

Regional Anesthesia Military Battlefield Pain Outcomes Study

The purpose of this study is to examine the short and long-term benefits of implementing early regional anesthesia techniques for pain control after a major traumatic injury to one or more extremities during combat in the Iraqi/Afghanistan war, including the effects on acute and chronic pain, quality of life, and mental health.

Neurologic Complications in Peripheral Regional Anesthesia - An Evaluation Based on a Standardized Protocol

To evaluate the incidence of neurologic complications as a consequence of peripheral regional anesthesia, all patients receiving peripheral nerve blocks will be evaluated according to a standardized protocol screening pain, motoric and sensory function recovering to defined periods, and according to a study protocol defining the items.

Monitoring of Injection Pressure During Regional Anesthesia in Pediatric Patient

A low injection pressure is one of the safety elements to check the correct position of the needle during regional anesthesia. Subjective assessment of pressure during manual injection of local anesthetic is most commonly used. In adults, the monitoring of the injection pressure has already been evaluated and makes it possible to objectify the pressure of the injection pressure. This is possible thanks to a device named Compuflo. No study has measured injection pressures during...

Regional Anesthesia / Peripheral Nerve Block and General Anesthesia on Preoperative Anxiety

The researchers aimed to investigate that preoperative anxiety scores of patients who are informed about the anesthesia before surgery with using State-Trait Anxiety Inventory and Amsterdam preoperative anxiety and information scale tests together.

Evaluation of Factors Associated With Patient Satisfaction and Mood-State in Regional Anesthesia

Patient satisfaction is an important subjective measure of healthcare quality which contributes to evaluation of the structure, process and outcome of services. The key factor in patient satisfaction is adequate perioperative information of the patient and communication between healthcare providers and patient or patient's kin. There are few studies in anesthesia that have assessed patient satisfaction and mood-state during regional anesthesia. The investigators aimed t...

Outlook: An Intervention to Improve Quality of Life in Serious Illness

This study will demonstrate whether an end-of-life preparation and completion intervention reduces anxiety, depression, pain and other symptoms and improves functional status, spiritual well-being, and quality of life. If effective, the intervention offers a brief, inexpensive, and transportable non-physician treatment method for improving the experience of individuals in the latter stages of life-limiting illness.

Complications and Adverse Effects in Continuous Peripheral Regional Anesthesia

The investigators prospectively document infectious, neurological, and other complications or adverse events occurring during peripheral regional anesthesia via a catheter using computer-based data recording.

The Effect of Patient Optimism & Pessimism on Recovery From Elective Cardiac Surgery

Before a heart operation, patient outlook may be either pessimistic or optimistic. Previous research on this topic has focused on patient reported quality of life but has never examined measurable clinical outcomes such as length of hospital stay.This pilot study hopes to establish whether patient outlook (optimistic or pessimistic) before a heart operation can influence recovery and length of hospital stay. If there is a difference, then a case can be made for providing psycho...

GENe EXpression After Regional or General ANesthesia in Patients Undergoing Breast Cancer Surgery

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in females and the second leading cause of death from cancer in women. It was estimated that 2 million new cases have occurred in 2018 worldwide 1. Standard anesthetic procedures for the surgery of breast cancer include general and regional anesthesia 2. Growing preclinical and clinical data support the hypothesis that anesthetic choice may affect cancer-related outcomes. Recurrence in breast cancer was reduced to four...

General Versus Regional Anesthesia and Postoperative Sleep Quality

Major surgery can lead to postoperative disturbances in sleep patterns with subjective deterioration of sleep quality according to patients' reports as well as objective alterations of sleep architecture, as recorded by polysomnography Factors implicated in postoperative sleep disturbances include but are not limited to the severity of the surgical procedure, the neuroendocrine response to surgery, inadequate treatment of postoperative pain and external factors interfering with...

Immediate Post-operative Recovery After Regional vs. General Anesthesia

Early post-anesthesia status of patients emerging from surgery encompasses vital respiratory and hemodynamic parameters as well as subjective signs of well-being such as absence of nausea, vomiting and a low pain level. This investigation intends to compare the rate of postoperative complications in the 2 groups from pair matched patient records after regional anesthesia with otherwise similar patients after general anesthesia.

Effect of Anesthesia in Fracture Healing

Investigator' s study designed to investigate effect of general and regional anesthesia on fracture healing.The 40 age and older ASAI-III patients who will operate due to femur fracture (except femur neck fracture) will be enrolled in this study after informed consent approval. Subjects will be divided into two groups by a computerized randomization method. 40 patients will be enrolled in this study. General anesthesia will perform for 20 patients. Regional anesthesia wi...

Neurocognitive Function After Regional and General Anesthesia (245_14 B)

Postoperative cognitive dysfunction (POCD) is a disease with restricted cognitive memory function and intellectual skills, which occurs after surgery with and without anesthesia. The POCD strongly depends on patient's age and the surgical operation type. The anesthesia procedure plays a pivotal role as well and regarding the current knowledge it is still uncertain which technique matches the lowest risk. Elevated stress level accompanied with regional anesthesia procedures are ...

Regional or General Anesthesia for Distal Radius Fracture Surgery in a Day Surgery Setting

The purpose of this study is to compare general and regional anesthesia with regard to postoperative pain in patients who undergo surgery in a day surgery setting due to a displaced distal radius fracture.

Registry for Acute Pain Treatment

The German Network for acute pain management and Regional Anesthesia (NRA) is a multi-center, non-interventional registry and benchmark project, assessing and analysing clinical and patient-reported procedural and outcome data of systemic analgesia and regional anesthesia hosted by the German Society of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine (DGAI) and professional Society German Anesthetists (BDA)

Needleless Jet Injected (J-Tip) Lidocaine in Children Undergoing Regional Anesthesia Prior to Knee Arthroscopy

Purpose of this study is to investigate the pain outcomes and satisfaction of pain relief for pediatric patients receiving needleless jet-injected (J-Tip) lidocaine prior to regional anesthesia with femoral and/or sciatic nerve block and general anesthesia for arthroscopic knee surgery compared to femoral nerve block and/or sciatic nerve block with needle injected lidocaine prior to regional and general anesthesia.

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