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Mental Health in Dancers; an Intervention Study

International studies reveal high prevalence of eating disorders (ED) and mental health issues amongst professional dancers, and the Norwegian National Ballet's house previously (2005) reported a lifetime prevalence of ED by 50% amongst female ballet dancers. Mental health issues and ED have been acknowledged for several years in most sports; still the same do not apply to dance sports. The objective of this study is to improve the knowledge on prevalence of mental health issue...

Musculoskeletal Pain Among E-sport Athletes

Background: Musculoskeletal (MSK) pain and injuries are common in endurance sports where athletes are required to perform at high intensity for long periods of time. In the short term, MSK pain may significantly impair the athletes' performance, which can lead to unwanted time-off from practice and competitive tournaments. Previous studies found an association between training load, MSK pain and performance. These results indicate that an athlete may experience MSK pain ...

Selected Aspects of Mental Health of Athletes

The study will assess the prevalence of mental health problems among different athletes. The study is based on the application of the battery of psychodiagnostic questionnaires, which were chosen aiming at investigating the prevalence of different symptoms related to problems in mental health or disorders. This descriptive cross-sectional study will undertake sample with athletes categorized by the quality of their achievement.

Energy Availability in Male and Female Elite Wheelchair Athletes Over Seven Consecutive Training Days

Low energy availability (LEA) is a major problem in sports as athletes ingest often a lower amount of energy compared to their actual needs. The availability of energy is calculated based on their daily energy intake and the energy cost of the daily training sessions in relation to their fat-free mass. Based on this calculation, it is known how much energy will available for the body (beside the fuel for training) to keep it in optimal physiological functioning. It has been sho...

Trunk Muscles and Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Degeneration in Combat Sports

This study examined whether there is an association between the presence of lumbar intervertebral disc degeneration (LDD) and the size and symmetry of the cross-sectional areas (CSAs) of the trunk muscles in combat sports athletes. Participants in this study were collegiate combat sports athletes. All intervertebral discs from L1/2 to L5/S1 in all athletes were assessed using MRI and a comprehensive grading system of LDD (grades I-V). All 151 athletes were divided into 2 groups...

Comparison of Braces for Treatment of Sever's Disease

This study is to learn more about braces that may help young athletes diagnosed with Sever's disease. Young athletes with this diagnosis who are seen by a Sports Medicine doctor will be asked it they want to be a part of the study. Patients who want to be in the study will be randomly assigned to wear one of two kinds of braces to treat their foot pain via randomization scheme independently created by a statistician. The subjects will be given the brace for free. The subjects w...

Real-World Experience of Athletes Treated With SAM

Low-intensity continuous ultrasound (LICUS) is an FDA-approved bio regenerative technology, applied with a wearable device (SAM, Zetroz Systems LLC) for daily use. The treatment provides long-duration ultrasound for approximately four hours. This report included a retrospective convenience sample of 6 athletes from one sports medicine and rehabilitation facility. The objective of this report is to examine the real-world outcome data on symptoms improvement and return to functio...

The Elite Athlete Mental Health Strategy Trial

The purpose of this study is to determine whether positive mental health help-seeking attitudes, and behaviour in elite athletes can be increased through an online intervention.

Shared Mental Health Care Linking Mental Health Services With Family Medicine Groups

The purpose of this study is to assess how a multidisciplinary team of mental health professionals provides services to patients from two family medicine practices.

Sex & Sleep in Athletes

Achieving the correct quantity and quality of sleep is essential for the health and recovery processes of the athlete; night rest is often negatively influenced by many variables, including: high training loads, long-range trips, evening competitions, and / or high levels of anxiety and stress. High training loads can therefore have negative influences both on sleep but also on the risk of injury in athletes. Understanding and studying, in different sports, how sexual / masturb...

Investigation of Acute Effect of ESWT and ESWT+KT on Pain and Grip Strength

The aim of this study was to investigate the acute effect of CT application in combination with ESWT and ESWT on pain and grip strength in athletes/patients with lateral epicondylitis.It is planned that at least 30 athletes aged 18-40 who are at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Health Affairs and who have been diagnosed with LE by specialist doctor. After taking the information about birth dates, height, weight and dominant sides of the a...


Vitamin D Level Among Athletes in Uzbekistan

The purpose of the study is to determine vitamin D (VD) levels and upper respiratory tract infections (URTI) morbidity among elite athletes engaged in water sports in Uzbekistan. Serum levels of 25(OH) VD and TNF-α, IFN-γ, IL-4 and IL-6 will be detected by ELISA technique among elite athletes and control population in spring and autumn.

Does a Phone-based Meditation Application Improve Mental Wellness in Emergency Medicine Personnel?

Emergency medicine is notorious for its high rate of burnout and mental health issues. The emergency department (ED) is a high paced work environment dealing with life and death issues. Employees in the ED work shift times that are not conducive to a natural circadian rhythm. All of these factors lead to high rates of burnout and overall dissatisfaction with their career choice. These are known downsides of a career in emergency medicine, but little effort is put into addressin...

Cocoa Intake for Health Promotion in Athletes

Athletes consume an extra of nutritional supplements every day with the purpose of improving their athletic performance, sometimes without being aware of their health. Cocoa could be a good nutritional supplement for athletes without causing them adverse effects. One of the most common health concerns in athletes are gastrointestinal problems. The cause of these problems seem to be a compendium of physiological and mechanical causes that are altered due to nutritional factors. ...

Sodium Bicarbonate Supplementation in Combat Sports Athletes

The purpose of this study was to verify the effect of 10-day sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) and placebo (PLA) supplementation on physical and specific performance capacity, as well as concentrations of the selected biochemical blood markers in trained combat sports athletes, in a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.

Addressing Mental Health in African American Job Training Adolescents and Young Adults

This project's focus is twofold—to change the culture of an employment training program for adolescents and young adults (Youth Opportunities, or "YO") to more fully address the many mental health issues faced by its participants and to expand and improve the quantity and quality of mental health services for YO members. Four project components have been carefully selected to address the mental health issues of YO members: (1) Mental health education/training for YO staff an...

The Acute Effect of Cold Spray Application on the Mechanical Properties of the Quadriceps Muscle in Athletes

Vikocoolant spray, also known as cold spray; It is a form of cryotherapy (cold treatment) used in sports medicine, athletic training, sports competitions and rehabilitation environments. It has been demonstrated in the literature that local cold application may cause increased resistance to movement. It has been reported in some studies that muscle can change its mechanical properties in a short time. However, the effect of cold spray application on the mechanical properties of...

Facilitated Referral for Children Screening Positive for Mental Illness

The purpose of this study is to find out how prevalent unidentified Mental Health issues are in the pediatric population that visits the Emergency Department in an urban city.

Mental Health Care Coordination for Transition Aged Youth

This study seeks to quantify the impact of recommended mental health care coordination practices on patient experiences of care, (i.e. satisfaction, stigma, quality of mental health care), evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the intervention (i.e. care coordination, timing, unmet needs), and assess mental health outcomes (i.e. symptoms and functioning, involvement with law enforcement/juvenile justice system; rates of substance use /abuse, service utilization) in a pop...

Physical Performance and 3D Shoulder Kinematics of Asymptomatic Unilateral/Bilateral Overhead Athletes and Non-athletes

This study compares the performance and 3-dimensional shoulder kinematics between sides in unilateral overhead-throwers (volleyball attackers), bilateral overhead athletes (swimmers) and non-athletes during two physical performance measures of the upper extremity, one in an open kinetic chain position (unilateral seated shot put test) and the other in a closed kinetic chain position (upper quarter Y balance test)

The Relationship Between Postural Stability, Performance and Trunk Muscle Endurance in Female Athletes

As core stability improves in handball players, ball-throwing speed increases as well. Postural stability is considered as the most important component of athletic performance as it occurs in almost all movement types. No studies have yet evaluated postural stability, performance and trunk muscle endurance in female athletes at the same time and examined the relationship between these parameters.This study aims to identify the relationship between the postural stability, perfor...

Can Functional Performance Assessments in Overhead Athletes With Shoulder Injury Assess the Ability of Return to Play (RTP)?

Background & Purpose: Shoulder injuries are commonly seen in overhead athletes due to the mechanism of the repetitive and high velocity movement. While the injury usually cost the lost of time in playing, making the decision of the time to return to play (RTP) is a critical issue that should be standardized and objective. However, current studies showed that the decision making of RTP is so complicated that there's lack of objective measurements especially for upper extremity i...

Evaluate the Value of Telehomecare for Mental Health

This is a mixed methods study that evaluates the effectiveness of the Big White Wall (BWW) online community and its implementation in 3 hospital/health system sites across Ontario. The 6 month study includes 1000 participants that are randomized to an immediate treatment group or a delayed treatment group. The primary outcome includes a change in total and subscale scores on the Recovery Assessment Scale. Qualitative interviews with various stakeholders will explore issues rela...

Adolescent Mental Health InSciEd Out

The study herein seeks to determine whether students undergoing InSciEd Out curriculum in mental health and addiction (called My Mind, My Body) experience changes in their mental health-related knowledge, attitudes, and help-seeking behavioral intentions. The research group hypothesizes that students undergoing InSciEd Out mental health and addiction curriculum will exhibit pre-post increases in mental health literacy, decreases in mental health stigmatization, and increases in...

Rice Germ Supplementation on Swimmers

In order to enhance the effects of training and improve performance, athletes often turn to nutritional supplements. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), adequate selection of nutrients and supplements, adjusting intake according to the exercise performed, is necessary for optimal performance in athletes. The most recent consensus from the International Society for Sport Nutrition (ISSN), The American Dietetic Association (ADA) and ACSM on sport nutritio...

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