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Age-Related Gait Changes and Hip Flexibility

Based on their preliminary quantitative gait findings suggesting that limited passive hip extension range is a key functionally limiting impairment affecting gait, the investigators propose a supervised, specific stretching exercise with the aim to improve both peak hip extension and overall gait performance. While one goal is to demonstrate that reduced peak passive hip extension is a key, functionally significant, but reversible, impairment another is to improve our understa...

Scapular Stabilization During Manual Horizontal Adduction Stretches and Its Effect on Increasing Posterior Shoulder Flexibility

The purpose of this study is to determine if stabilizing the scapula (shoulder blade) during a common shoulder stretch is more effective at improving shoulder range of motion than not stabilizing the scapula. Investigators hypothesize that scapular stabilization during horizontal adduction stretching will demonstrate greater gains in shoulder range of motion than stretching without scapular stabilization.

Opposite SI Joint Stretching for GIRD

The purpose of this study is to investigate if stretching the contralateral sacroiliac (SI) joint improves GIRD in baseball players. Additionally, we aimed to compare our SI joint stretching regiment with a classically described sleeper stretch routine.

Prevention and Treatment of Stretch Marks With Stratamark™

Stretch marks (striae distensae) are a form of scarring that is a natural result of pregnancy, obesity and in some instances occur due to puberty or steroid use. For some people, the stretch marks do not cause a problem, but in many circumstances they can cause physical symptoms such as itchiness, tenderness and pain. For many people stretch marks are also embarrassing and can have detrimental effects on a patient's mood and self-esteem. Stretch marks that result from pregnancy...

Efficacy of the Easy Stretch Toolkit

To research the use of a novel set of intraoral tools called the Easy Stretch Toolkit for the therapeutic management of facial burns and other facial disorders.

Glenohumeral Rotation After Throwing: RCT Comparing the Sleeper Stretch to the 90/90 Hip Lift With Balloon Blow Exercise

The primary purpose of this study is to determine if the loss of internal rotation following a throwing session is best restored through soft tissue stretching with the sleeper stretch or with scapular repositioning with the 90/90 hip lift with balloon blow exercise. This study will progress the body of research related to internal rotation deficits with regards to baseball throwers. The research will be relevant to clinicians who treat patients with baseball players with inter...

Topical Centella Asiatica and the Cosmetic Appearance of Stretch Marks

The purpose of this study is to clinically evaluate the efficacy, safety as well as patient satisfaction in the use of topical Centella asiatica (CA) on the cosmetic appearance of stretch marks.

Cocoa Butter for Prevention of Stretch Marks

This study will check to see if using cocoa butter lotion on the belly, breasts and thighs will help reduce the appearance of stretch marks in pregnancy. Women entering the study will either receive a lotion containing cocoa butter with vitamin E or a lotion containing only vitamin E. After delivery, the study investigators will evaluate whether the women who used cocoa butter lotion were less likely to develop stretch marks.

Comparison of Active Isolated Stretch and Post Isometric Relaxation for Hamstring Flexibility.

This study was intended to compare the immediate, short term and long term effects of active isolated stretch versus post isometric relaxation on hamstring flexibility in young healthy adults.35 students were assigned randomly into two groups with 17 and 18 in each group. Group A was given post isometric relaxation while Group B was Active isolated stretch. 22.2 year male and female students with tight hamstring were included while any neurological and orthopedic disorder were ...

Ankle Sprains and Corticospinal Excitability

The purpose of this study is to determine changes in the brain associated with improvement in ankle range of motion following ankle manual therapy procedures in individuals with post-acute ankle sprains

Gender Differences in the Tolerance to Stretch

The effect of stretching on range of motion is believed to rely upon an increased tolerance to stretch. This suggests, that pain modulation has significance in regards to the effect of stretching.

Static Stretching on Postural Sway and Plantar Pressures

Risk for falls has been associated with falls efficacy and postural balance. The objective was to compare the effects on the footprint and the stabilometry of the continuous stretch and the intermittent. Subjects were randomly assigned to an intermittent stretching protocol group or continuous stretch group both of them loading passive plantar flexor stretching. Static footprint and stabilometry were measured before and after both protocols.

A Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Treatment of Contractures With Mechanically Applied Stretch and Heat.

This study is looking at new ways to stretch knee contractures in children with cerebral palsy using a specially designed splint.

Instrument-assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization in CrossFitters

Objective. To determine the effectiveness of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization and horizontal adduction stretch in CrossFit practitioners' shoulders. Setting: Acero CrossFit center, city of Toledo (Spain) Design: Randomized, single-blind pilot study, with follow-up period. Participants: Twenty-one subjects of both sexes, being regular CrossFitters and in the age range of 18 to 40 years. Intervention: The experimental group (n = 11) received 30 seconds of stretching...

Muscle Stretching - the Potential Role of Endogenous Pain Inhibitory Modulation on Stretch Tolerance

This study investigates the influence of a remote, painful stimulus on stretch tolerance. Half of the participants will receive a conditioning painful stimulus following static stretching while the other half will rest quietly.

Hold Relax Pectoral Stretch vs Inspiratory Muscle Training

Frailty is a clinical syndrome that alters the structure and function of respiratory system which causes stiffness of thoracic cage and reduces the chest wall compliance in addition of respiratory muscle weakness that can lead to the reduction of pulmonary function. The aim of this study was to compare the effect of inspiratory muscle training (IMT) and hold-relax pectoral stretch on pulmonary function (FVC, FEV1 and FEV1/FVC) among frail elderly

Endogenous Modulation of Pain and Stretch Tolerance

This study investigates the role of two endogenous inhibitory mechanisms; exercise-induced hypoalgesia (EIH) and a conditioning painful stimulus (CPM) on passive joint range of motion, passive resistive torque and pain sensitivity. The study is a randomized, repeated-measures cross-over study.

The Effect of Inhibitory Kinesio Taping Application on Spasticity, Stretch Reflex and Motor Neuron Activity

The first aim of this study is whether the inhibitory kinesio taping application can reduce spasticity. The second aim of this study is to investigate whether the kinesio taping application have neuromodulatory activity on motor neuron and stretch reflex. Hypotheses of this study: unlike healthy cases, in patients with spastic hemiplegia 1. Inhibitory kinesio taping application can reduced spasticity 2. Inhibitory kinesio taping application can reduced motor neuron activ...

Comparison of Two Stretching Techniques in Patients Suffering From Subacromial Syndrome

The shoulder stability has always been related to the rotator cuff complex, although more and more is contemplated the Teres Major muscle and its affectation in the shape of the trigger points within this pathology. As non-invasive measures for the deactivation of these myofascial points, Travell and Simons recommended the pressure maintained along with muscular stretch. Stretching are usually a technique widely used in our practice as physiotherapists and it is necessar...

Effect of Radiofrecuency on Stretch Marks

This study aims to explore the effects of fractional Radiofrecuency (RF), as well as demonstrate the performance of the new semi-ablative radiofrequency model in the treatment of stretch marks. This research is a randomized, controlled clinical trial where 32 female patients complaining of glutes and / or abdomen striations. The participants were divided into two equal groups, G1 and G2. G1 will be treated at 30-day intervals, and subdivided into 2 subgroups: G1A, 8 patients wi...

Dynamic Oscillatory Stretch Technique Versus Static Stretching In Reduced Hamstring Flexibility

This study compared the effects of dynamic oscillatory stretch technique (DOS) and static stretching (SS) technique in order to improve hamstring extensibility in healthy individuals with asymptomatic hamstring tightness. Half of study participants received DOS whereas other half received static stretching technique.


A Static Passive Stretching on Glenohumeral Rotation Range of Movement in Elite Swimmers

Shoulder injury is a common problem of overhead athletes, as swimmers. It's reported a reduction of side-to-side glenohumeral rotation from 11 to 18 degrees can increase 1.9 points the injury risk, because an alteration in biomechanics can turn lead to clinical findings of impingement and labral pathology. Posterior deltoid is a main muscle for propulsion in swimming stroke. To our knowledge, it isn't known how a posterior deltoid static passive stretch could reduce glenohumera...

The Effect of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) on Spasticity in Poststroke Hemiplegia

The primary purpose of this study is to show whether WBV application has antispastic effect. The secondary aim is to demonstrate whether WBV has neuromodulatory activity on increased stretch reflex and motor neuron activity, which is the basis of the pathophysiology of spasticity.Hypotheses of this study:Whole body vibration in poststroke hemiplegia reduces ankle plantar flexion spasticity. 1. WBV ; reduces plantar flexor spasticity after stroke 2. WBV decreases pos...

Veil Preserving HoLEP vs. Stanadard HoLEP

Postoperative transient stress urine leakage following Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate is one of the problems that frustrate both surgeon and patients Standard HoLEP might be associated with some stretch of the sphincter and de-epithelization of the sphincter area anteriorly. In Veil preserving HoLEP, early separation of the adenoma from the sphincter ring minimizes sphincter stretch. Furthermore, more proximal incision of the 12 O`clock mucosal strip sparring...

Comparison of Muscle Energy Technique vs Static Stretch in Vertical Jump of Basketball and Volleyball Player

A randomized control trial study was conducted in Islamic International University Islamabad from 1st August 2017 to 31st January 2018 according to the set criteria. A total number of 29 athletes age between 18-35 and playing as part time/ domestic level included in this study. Data were divided into experimental group (n=15) and control group (n=14) by random sampling technique. Post isometric relaxation technique was used in experimental group and static stretching was given ...

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