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Translating 3-Step Workout for Life in a Local Senior Living Community

The study evaluates the feasibility of a staff-lead workout program, 3-Step Workout for Life, in a local senior living community. Eligible participants will complete assessments before and after the workout program.

Alternate Run Study

The proposed study will investigate the effect of alternating footwear model and workout-type on the occurrence of running-related pain. To achieve this goal participants will be randomly assigned into one of four different groups who will perform: 1) the same workout throughout a week in the same running shoe model, 2) alternating workout-types throughout the week in the same shoe model, 3) the same workout throughout a week in alternating shoe models, and 4) alternating worko...

Assessment of a Pre-Workout Supplement

This study is assessing the effects of a pre-workout dietary supplement.

Effect of Intervention for Colonoscopy Quality is Associated With the Personal Characteristics

This study aims to investigate whether the personal characteristics of the endoscopist is associated with effect of interventions for colonoscopy quality improvement. This is a prospective, 9-month, multicenter, single-blind study. Baseline quality indicators including adenoma detection rate, polyp detection rate, withdrawal time and adenomas per colonoscopy of each endoscopist were measured in the health promotion centers of academic hospitals for 3 months. Follow-up measurem...

Choice Architecture and Colorectal Cancer Screening Outreach

This pilot study is a 3-arm randomized control trial assessing the effectiveness of sequential or active choice in CRC (colorectal cancer) screening outreach vs. colonoscopy outreach only, in patients between 50-74 years old, who have received care at the University City or Valley Forge CCA (Community Care Associates) practices, are due for screening, and are asymptomatic for CRC. The three arms are: Arm 1: Direct schedule colonoscopy (Control), Arm 2: Direct schedule colonosco...

Influence of Conditional Workout Postpartum on Arterial Stiffness Among Women With Status After Preeclampsia, Superimposed Preeclampsia or HELLP-syndrome

Evaluation of practicability in survey and test procedures and of successful implementation of complex interventions - feasibility analysis based on a pilot study: Influence of conditional workout postpartum on arterial stiffness among women with status after preeclampsia, superimposed preeclampsia or HELLP-syndrome

The Fun & Functional Interval Training Randomized Clinical Trial

In this study the investigators utilized a novel hybrid HIIT (high intensity interval training) exercise training approach, the Fun and Functional Interval Training (FFIT) workout that combines interval training, resistance exercise training and functional training in order to test the hypothesis that FFIT will be able to: i) reduce body mass, ii) improve body composition and iii) alter energy balance, of previously inactive, overweight/obese women.

Study of the Personal Identity in Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorder Without Intellectual Deficiency

The research aims at clarifying the impact of autism on personal identity in adulthood. Two studies will be made in order to compare adults with autistic spectrum disorders without intellectual deficiency and controls. In the first study (Study A), the investigators will ask subjects to tell autobiographical memories and to specify their characteristics by answering focused questions. In the second study (Study B), the investigators will ask subjects to say the self statements ...

Individualized Response to Vitamin D Treatment Study

The goal of this clinical trial is to determine individual-level genetic and metabolic characteristics that modify the response to cholecalciferol treatment. This study is double blind, parallel design, randomized clinical trial that will assess genetic and metabolic characteristics that modify the response to cholecalciferol treatment. . Eligible participants will be randomly assigned to receive cholecalciferol treatment (2,000 international units of cholecalciferol daily by ...

Individual Choice of Delivery Mode

The primary aim of the study is to investigate personal attitudes regarding mode of delivery among both medical health care professionals and non-professionals. We are also investigating whether providing detailed information that might influence one's decision regarding mode of delivery (such as education on pelvic floor disorders or advantages or disadvantages of epidural anaesthesia) will change participants´ opinion how to determine their preferred mode of delivery.

Identification of Critical Outcomes in Sarcopenia

Patients will be recruited on each site according to inclusion criteria. Participants willing to participate will received an information sheet and a consent form. After given their consent to participate, they will receive a questionnaire composed of 13 choice questions. In this DCE, patients will be asked to choose which one of two hypothetical patients (Patient A and Patient B) suffering from sarcopenia with different levels of outcomes deserves the most the treatment. After...

Systematic Assessment of Self-help Tools for the Management of Chronic Tinnitus

With this study we want to investigate the impact of self-help tools on the subjective tinnitus distress in chronic tinnitus patients. Furthermore, we want to investigate the influence of personal characteristics on the individual tinnitus improvement.

Effects of a Pre-Workout Dietary Supplement on Training Adaptations

The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of a pre-workout dietary supplement during resistance training on training adaptations.

Trial Embedded in an Electronic Personal Medical Health Records

This is a research study to determine if a personal health record, called myHERO, will help improve health. A personal health record is a secure internet (also called online) tool that contains personal health information like medications, diagnosed conditions, allergies and laboratory values (like CD4 cells and viral load). This study will also help explain if a personal health record influences the relationship with a doctor or nurse practitioner and their patients. The purpo...

A Feasibility Study of an AI-Powered Clinical Decision Aid for Personalized Depression Treatment Selection

The Clinical Decision Aid (CDA) is a predictive model that takes as input individual patient characteristics, called 'features', which are inputted by the physician or by patient self-report, and outputs a list of possible treatments, with each treatment associated with a predicted efficacy (likelihood to achieve response and likelihood to achieve remission, each expressed as a percentage). The treatments, which may include any approved treatment for depression, will be present...

Kettlebell Swings & Low Back Pressure Pain Threshold

The purpose of this study is to determine whether a high intensity kettlebell workout, utilizing a Tabata protocol format, can decrease objective measures of pain pressure threshold in subjects without low back pain. The results of the study could have implications for the use of high intensity kettlebell workouts in the rehabilitation of patients with low back pain.

Clinical Study to Evaluate the Predictive Value of the Heart Failure Questionnaire (HF-Q) for the Occurrence of Μajor Αdverse Cardiovascular Events (MACE) in Patients With Symptomatic Heart Failure

Cardiac Heart Failure Questionnaire HF-Q) to assess the severity of the symptoms of Heart Failure. In this study, modified and translated, the "four-point" questionnaire by Severo and his associates - Heart Failure Questionnaire HF-Q, is used. The HF-Q Heart Failure Questionnaire consists of four closed questions: the first with four possible answers and the other three questions with the possibility of three simple-choice answers.

The Impact of an Acute Bout of Exercise on Children's Eating Behaviors

The purpose of this project is to examine the effects of an acute bout of exercise on children's energy intake over the course of a day. Previous studies in adolescents and adults have shown exercise to be effective in decreasing short-term energy intake, with some variability. Individual characteristics such as habitual physical activity and psychological factors may influence the effect of exercise on energy intake, but these factors have yet to be examined. The investigators...

Lower and Higher Load Resistance Exercise Protocols: Acute Muscle Activation and Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy

How much weight an individual lifts per workout does not dictate the relative increase in muscle size the individual gains following weeks of training, which is contrary to current strength training dogma. Specifically, researchers have concluded that so long as an individual performs resistance exercise with maximum effort, it is not necessary to lift with relatively heavy loads. However, other laboratories, on the basis of surface electromyography measurements, have challenge...

HEart fAiluRe evaluaTion Questionnaire

The "four-point" questionnaire by Severo and his associates was weighted in 2011 in the Portuguese population and aims to characterize the severity of the symptoms of heart failure by providing a way to minimize the reliability of the NYHA classification. The questionnaire consists of four closed questions, three possible single-choice answers, coded 0, 1 or 2, and has been translated into Greek in accordance with the internationally-based methodology, with forward-backward tra...

Assessments and Recommendations for the Implementation of Advance Directives in Oncology

Legitimized by the Leonetti law of April 22, 2005, advance directives (AD) appear in various places of care that alongside the end of life, and even tend to be generalized to all areas related to health care in general. In this context, a prospective study to assess how the patient will seize the AD and identify the different problems writing these AD will be conducted. From this study, it will establish recommendations for the implementation of AD in the OMIT service and in on...

A Safety Evaluation of Personal Lubricant Product When Used by Couples in Home-Use Conditions

The purpose of this study is to study in couples and to evaluate the safety of personal lubricant products.

Peer Social Support During In Vivo Exposure for PTSD

Veterans who have prematurely dropped out of exposure therapy for PTSD will be contacted and offered the opportunity to return to treatment, this time with the assistance of an in vivo exposure therapy 'workout buddy'. This peer will meet them at the in vivo exposure therapy location and offer support an encouragement while the patient remains in that location. As the PTSD treatment standards in Charleston and other VA sites across the country increasingly include telemedicine ...

Medication Free Treatment: Characteristics, Justification and Outcome

In 2015 the Norwegian government, after initiative from user organizations, decided to implement medication free inpatient treatment units. The goal is to secure real options to medication for psychiatric illness, and to gather experiences with medication free options. Freedom of choice is a main concern. The projects main aim is to study the outcome of medication free treatments of mental illness compared to treatment as usual, as well as characteristics of the treatment and ...

Six-month Study to Compare the Effects of Volume- and Pressure-Guided Adjustments on Weight Loss and Satiety

A banded patient's desirable rate of weight loss (0.5 to 1.0 Kg/week), in the absence of complications (the "right fit"), corresponds to an individual (personal) level of intraband pressure (IBP). Therefore, Swedish Adjustable Gastric Band (SAGB) patients adjusted to an IBP that corresponds to a personal "right fit" will experience improved weight loss and sustained satiety, in comparison to conventional (volumetric-based) adjustments.

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