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Tunneled Dialysis Catheters Versus Non-tunneled Dialysis Catheters as First-line for Renal Replacement Therapy in the ICU

The investigators propose a randomized controlled trial to examine whether tunneled dialysis catheters should be first-line for acute kidney injury requiring renal replacement therapy (AKI-RRT) in the critical care setting, barring any clinical contraindications, compared to non-tunneled access. This randomized controlled trial will include patients admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU) at Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH). The investigators will randomize all eligible cons...

Application Contract Management Mode in Maintaining PD Fluid Balance

Contract management is a new management mode. To help patients achieve fluid balance through contract management, that is: 1. edema, congestive heart failure and other similar symptoms begin to reduce to disappear; 2. Blood pressure control in normal range, that is 90-140/60-90mmHg, or the target value prescribed by the doctors; 3. Fluid intake and output keep in balance; 4. No imbalance symptoms turn out, such as edema, congestive heart fai...

Do Warning Labels Decrease Soda Purchasing?

Investigators will run a field study evaluating the impact different labels have on the purchasing of sugar sweetened beverages. This field study will take place in a hospital cafeteria.

Fruit and Vegetable Vouchers With and Without an SSB Tax

We aim to examine whether a purchasing incentive for healthy foods has the same effect on dietary intake in a community with and a community without a purchasing penalty for unhealthy foods. We will perform a randomized non-inferiority trial in two locations, San Francisco (SF) and Los Angeles (LA) to test whether a voucher for purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables has a similar effect in LA and in SF, where the former does not but the latter does have a tax on sugar-sweetened...

VectorFlow Tunneled Dialysis Catheter (TDC) Versus Palindrome TDC

Randomized two-arm study examining 90 day primary patency of two FDA-approved tunneled dialysis catheters.

Video Education and Behaviour Contract to Optimize Adherence in Renal Transplants

This study aims to test the effectiveness of an electronic-based video intervention and behavioral contract on improving medication adherence among kidney transplant recipients.

Depression Management at the Workplace

Randomized trials demonstrate that depression management products can improve clinical and organizational outcomes sufficiently for selected employers to realize a return on investment. Rather than usual care marketing which uses voltage-enhanced promises to sell voltage-diminished products, the investigators designed an evidence-based (EB) intervention to encourage employers to purchase a depression management product that offers the type, intensity and duration of care shown...

Management of Malignant Pleural Effusions Using an Indwelling Tunneled Pleural Catheter and Non-Vacuum Collection System

Indwelling tunneled pleural catheters have been successfully used to palliate dyspnea associated with recurrent malignant pleural effusions with few complications and spontaneous pleurodesis occurring in 30-50% of patients when using vacuum assisted drainage systems. Notably, all data on palliation of dyspnea as well as on rates of spontaneous pleurodesis have been performed using indwelling tunneled pleural catheters with vacuum assisted drainage systems. No current data exist...

Tunneled Pleural Catheters for Refractory Effusions Attributed to Congestive Heart Failure (TREAT-CHF) Trial

Congestive heart disease (CHF) can frequently cause transudative pleural effusions, some of which do not completely resolve with diuretics alone. These effusions can cause significant morbidity, leading to ongoing dyspnea and hypoxia, resulting in additional office and hospital visits. TREAT-CHF is a randomized trial studying tunneled pleural catheter (TPC) versus standard medical management for the treatment recurrent symptomatic pleural effusions secondary to CHF that are ref...

Betadine Pleurodesis Via Tunneled Pleural Catheters

The purpose of this study is to determine whether betadine (povidone-iodine) instillation during routine indwelling Tunneled Pleural Catheter (TPC) placement is efficacious in promoting pleurodesis and thus reducing the time to TPC removal.

Brigham and Women's Healthy Weight Study

The purpose of this study is to determine if a financial deposit contract is a successful method of helping people to maintain their weight loss. A deposit contract is an agreement in which participants put their own money at risk, with the goal of "earning" it back by achieving a goal, in this case maintaining prior weight loss. The study will also evaluate the interventions using survey research to assess the feasibility and acceptability of the interventions.

Management of Tunneled Catheter Thrombosis in Hemodialysis Patients: Prospective Study From Qatar

Goal of the study: A- To find out the best protocol for catheter lock solution to decrease the prevalence of catheter thrombosis 1. - The time to first episode of catheter thrombosis lead to catheter change. 2. - Number of acute episode of thrombosis that interrupt dialysis 3. - Median Survival life of the catheter in both groups after adjusting it to the outcome. B- Specific Objective: To evaluate the cost effectiveness by measure 1. Amount...

Increasing Engagement With a Healthy Food Benefit

In collaboration with Vitality/Discovery in South Africa, an RCT amongst adult enrolled in the lowest tier of Vitality's HealthyFood benefit will be conducted. We will compare the effect of various messaging, and financial incentive strategies on healthy food purchasing behaviors in this population.

Cooking for Health

Type 2 diabetes is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality among American Indians in the United States. Although healthy diet is a key component of diabetes management programs, many American Indians face contextual barriers to adopting a healthy diet including: difficulty budgeting for food on low-incomes, low literacy and numeracy when purchasing food, and limited cooking skills. The proposed project will develop, implement, and evaluate a culturally-targeted healthy foods...

Impact Evaluation of MotherWise Program

Mathematica was awarded a contract by ACF to conduct the evaluation of selected grantees offering Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Programs.This particular evaluation will focus on the University of Denver's MotherWise program, which offers relationship education and other supports to low-income women expecting a baby. The program has three core components: (1) 18 hours of core workshop sessions using the Within My Reach relationship education curriculum supplemented...

The Safety of Thoracentesis, Tunneled Pleural Catheter, and Chest Tubes in Patients Taking Novel Oral Anti-Coagulants

To assess risks of bleeding in those individuals receiving Novel Oral Anti-Coagulant (NOAC) medications, admitted to the hospital and require thoracentesis, chest tube or tunneled pleural catheter placement.

Impact of Uterotonic Agents on Isolated Human Myometrium

The purpose of this study is to compare the ability of a sample of uterine muscle tissue to contract in the presence of various drugs. The drugs studied are typically used to contract the uterus when a pregnant patient continues to bleed after delivery. Amongst the uterotonic drugs (used to contract the uterus), namely oxytocin, ergonovine and carboprost, the most effective one to use is not known. The investigators will be testing uterine muscle samples in the presence of t...

Laparoscopic Surgery: Comparison of Conventional Trocars to the Teleflex® MiniLap® System

During laparoscopy, trocars are essential: they allow the passage of instruments through the wall. In gynecology, with exception, trocars 5mm (used for the passage of endo-scissors and forceps) and 10 to 12mm are used (especially for optics). Trocars are responsible for complications, such as vascular wounds, digestive wounds, pain, infections or postoperative hernias, or aesthetic sequelae, and should be chosen with caution: most complications of laparoscopy are essentially d...

Comparison Study of Two Different Surgical Clips During Laparoscopic Urologic Surgery

Intracorporeal suturing and knot tying during robotic prostatectomy and laparoscopic and robotic renal surgery have historically been considered the most technically challenging and time consuming aspects of these procedures. With improved operative technique as well as the use of innovative surgical devices, vascular control during these surgeries is often less cumbersome as compared with traditional techniques. Current standard methods of hemostasis include the use of clips, ...

Intravaginal Electrical Nerve Stimulation in Women With Non-contracting Pelvic Floor

It is estimated that about 30% of women cannot voluntarily contract the pelvic floor muscles (PFM). PFM training (PFMT) represents the first therapeutic option for the treatment of female urinary incontinence (UI), however the inability to contract this muscle makes PFMT unfeasible. The primary objective of this project is to evaluate clinically the efficacy of intravaginal electrical stimulation associated with verbal instructions to provide the ability of women to contract vo...

Sugar Sweetened Beverage Labeling Support

This is an online survey assessing consumer support for different labeling policies related to sugar sweetened beverages. The investigators will present consumers with three labels that are being considered for sugar sweetened beverages: a calorie label, a text warning label that says "Warning drinking beverages with added sugar(s) can lead to health problems like obesity, diabetes and tooth decay" and a graphic warning label that includes graphic images to correspond with each...

Implementing Telemedicine-Based Collaborative Care for MDD in Contract CBOCs

Small contract VA Community Based Outpatient Clinics present unique challenges to implementation of collaborative care because of their distinct organizational characteristics and lack of on-site psychiatrists. A recent effectiveness study, successfully used telemedicine technologies to adapt the collaborative care model for small rural VA Community Based Outpatient Clinics. The purpose of the proposed study is to implement this telemedicine-based collaborative care model in ...

Healthy Homes Healthy Children (H3C)

Aim To evaluate the efficacy of a CCHMC Human Resources Benefits program to reduce exposure to injury hazards and subsequent injury-related medical claims for their children. Hypothesis H1: The investigators anticipate, based on our recently completed trial, that the installation of multiple, passive safety devices in the homes of children 6- to 36-month old children of CCHMC non-contract employees randomized to the intervention group will reduce childhood injuri...

Comparison of High-Flow Hemodialysis Catheters Placed From the Left Internal Jugular Vein(R12-022)

The patient population for this study is individuals requiring high-flow polyurethane tunneled dialysis catheters (TDC) for hemodialysis access. The primary objective of this study is to compare outcomes of participants who undergo left internal jugular placement of a split-tip versus a step-tip versus symmetric tip catheter. This study will review and compare the complication rate and function of the three catheter designs.

Study to Evaluate Effects of DYSPORT® Injected in Lower and Upper Limb Combined With Guided Self-Rehabilitation Contract (GSC)

The purpose of this clinical study is to assess whether AbobotulinumtoxinA (Dysport®) injections in upper and lower limbs accompanied with a personal exercise plan called "Guided Self-rehabilitation Contract" (GSC) can improve voluntary movements in subjects with hemiparesis.

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