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The Impact of NOSE-colectomy on Fertility and Quality of Life Among Patients With Colorectal Endometriosis

Deep infiltrating endometriosis (DIE) represents the most severe form of endometriosis and is present in 20-35% of all women suffering from the disease. Intestinal nodules are observed in 3% to 37% of endometriosis patients. In cases of colorectal DIE, adequate therapy depends on the depth of infiltration and the size of the lesion as well as the woman's quality of life . Removal of the specimen after segmental bowel resection can be performed by either mini-laparotomy or by th...

SIBO & SIFO After Colectomy

After subtotal colectomy, 40% of patients report abdominal pain, gas and diarrhea, and poor quality of life; whose etiology is unknown. We determined whether small intestinal bacterial (SIBO or fungal overgrowth SIFO) could cause these sympotoms (> 1 year).

Fertility Study of Women With Chronic Inflammatory Rheumatism

Etiopathogenesis of Chronic inflammatory rheumatisms (CIR) includes genetic, autoimmune and environmental factors. Their impact on the quality of life is important, leading to a sometimes severe disability. Thus they are likely to affect female fertility through several mechanisms, including autoimmune since the association between immunity and fertility has already been demonstrated in other autoimmune diseases. This study wants to evaluate and compare the birth rate between ...


Comparison of Surgery and Medicine on the Impact of Diverticulitis (COSMID) Trial

The COSMID (Comparison of Surgery and Medicine on the Impact of Diverticulitis) trial is a pragmatic, patient-level randomized superiority trial of elective colectomy vs. best medical management for patients with quality of life (QoL) limiting diverticular disease. A parallel observational cohort will include those who are disinclined to have their treatment choice randomized, but are willing to contribute information about their outcomes. The goal of the COSMID trial is to ans...

Colectomy in Patients With Asymptomatic and Unresectable Stage IV Colon Cancer

The present study is a multicentric randomized phase III trial designed to assess whether overall survival and quality of life are improved in patients with asymptomatic colon cancer and unresectable SLM treated with resection of the PT followed by chemotherapy versus chemotherapy alone.

The Effect of Radiation on Semen Quality and Fertility in Men With Prostate Cancer

Many younger men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. These patients are often choosing radiation therapy as their primary treatment. The effect of this therapy on fertility will have a direct impact on their decision about therapeutic options and fertility preservation. The researchers hypothesize that when patients are treated with radiation for localized prostate cancer, infertility can occur due to direct damage to seminiferous tubules affecting sperm quality.

A Non-interventional Study Evaluating the Gynecological Impact of Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer in Patients Younger Than 40 Years

Brest cancer is the most common cancer in women in France with 52.000 new cases diagnosed in 2010 including nearly 6.000 women younger than 40. The improvement of the fertility conservation of cancer patients is one of the goals put forward by the french Cancer Plan (Objective 8.1). The issue of fertility after a breast cancer is a frequently raised subjects by the concerned couples today. The improvement in prognosis due to therapeutic advances combined with the increa...

Sperm Parameters and Sexual Quality of Life

Infertility has important repercussions for couples in their emotional and sexual lives; the same is true of Assisted Procreation, which has an impact on the daily life of couples and a cost to society. Thus, fertility disorders are frequently associated with sexual dysfunction in both women and men (Khademi et al., 2008). In couples with male infertility, men have higher sexual dysfunction scores than couples with infertility without male aetiology (Smith et al., 2009). ...

A Mobile Mindfulness Programme for Individuals/Couples Experiencing Fertility Problems

Infertility and its treatment result in a considerate emotional burden and a recent guideline of the European Society of Human Reproduction (ESHRE) highlight the importance to support couples facing fertility problems. Mindfulness-based programs (MBPs) have been proven effective in improving well-being and combatting mood disturbances in a wide range of conditions in both treatment and prevention. The overall aim of this project is to evaluate the impact of a mobile mindfulness...

Fertility Study of Women Who Received Organ Transplantation

In terms of immunity, pregnancy can be considered a semi-allogeneic transplant. There are several immunological mechanisms for implantation and maintenance of pregnancy by induction of tolerance without induction of immunosuppression. This study wants to evaluate the impact of immunodepression on women's fertility by studying the fertility of transplanted cardiac, renal, hepatic and pulmonary women.

Rhinoplasty and Quality of Life

Quality of life and satisfaction in aesthetic surgery is still under-evaluated. It is a prospective and multicenter study with a 4 months follow-up of patients under rhinoplasty or rhinoseptoplasty procedure. They will answer to the FACE-Q and NOSE questionnaires before surgery, one week later and 4 months after the procedure. The aim of the study is to show a significant augmentation of the quality of life scores. At this occasion, the FACE-Q questionnaire has been translated ...

Intracorporeal or Extracorporeal Anastomosis After Laparoscopic Right Colectomy.

During the last few years, the laparoscopic right colectomy with intracorporeal ileocolic anastomosis (IIA) has been proposed as an alternative to laparoscopic right colectomy with extracorporeal ileocolic anastomosis (EIA) for the treatment of right colon tumors. However, the level of evidence coming from the currently available literature is low, based on the results of a few small and heterogeneous retrospective non-randomized studies. A randomised controlled trial is warran...

Impact of Adjuvant FOLFOX on Quality of Life and Sensory Neurotoxicity in Patients With Advanced Gastric Cancer

The primary objective of this trial is to determine the impact of the FOLFOX regimen on quality of life and the incidence of chemotherapy induced neurotoxicity.

Impact of Aluminum on Sperm DNA Quality

Between 1950 and 2013, aluminum production was multiplied by thirty in the world. Today, men's exposure to aluminum, including food products, cosmetics, air and water contamination, and a number of drugs (vaccine, gastric bandages, etc.) has never been so high and should continue to increase. At the same time, we are witnessing a decline in male fertility in Western countries. In this context, several teams, including ours, have studied the impact of aluminum on the fert...

Factors Promoting Increased Rate and Success of Pregnancy in the Thalassemia Population in Toronto

Treatment of patients with beta thalassemia in North America has altered dramatically during the past 40 years, with improvements in transfusion therapy and introduction of iron chelation therapy. Thalassemia patients now enjoy an increased life expectancy to the fifth and sixth decades of life, with fertility and childbearing becoming important issues. Data regarding this important topic remain limited, without clear data regarding iron control including serial assessment of...

Hybrid Transvaginal Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery Versus Laparoscopic Resection for Colon Cancer

This study aims to compare the outcomes of female patients who undergo hybrid transvaginal natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery (hvNOTES) radical colectomy and conventional laparoscopic radical colectomy for locally advanced colon cancer through a randomized controlled trial. After informed consent, patients will be randomized to have either hvNOTES or conventional laparoscopic radical colectomy by a team of surgeons with good experience in laparoscopic colorectal su...

IVM Versus IVF: Differences in Patients' Emotional Adjustment and Quality of Life

Patients who undergo in vitro fertilization with or without intracytoplasmic sperm injection (IVF / ICSI) often experience an impact on their quality of life and emotional maladjustment to treatment and outcome (Domar et al, Hum. Reprod 2012). Multiple contributors to this negative impact have been identified, including interference with professional activities, expenses related to fertility treatment and hormonal side effects. In-vitro maturation (IVM) of human oocytes obtaine...

Prospective Study of Extended Robotic Right Hemicolectomy With Complete Mesocolic Excision for Cancer

A single-center prospective study to elucidate whether extended robot-assisted right colectomy (e-RARC) performs as well as extended open right colectomy (e-ORC) in terms of specimen quality, and in addition, whether less postoperative morbidity and shorter length of stay (LOS) can be attained. Patients with colonic cancer near the right flexure or the oral part of the transverse colon will be compared excluding the most technically demanding and frail patients in both groups. ...

Sexuality of the Man Whose Couple is Taken Care of in Medical Assistance to Procreation. Study of Case Witnesses

According to the World Health Organization and the World Association for Sexual Health, sexual health is directly associated with the psychological well-being and quality of life of each individual. Infertility is a real public health problem. In recent years, there has been a clear decline in male fertility in industrialized countries, particularly in sperm quality. Male infertility may be perceived as a loss of masculinity and so men will be more reluctant to talk abou...

Minimally Invasive Right Colectomy Anastomosis Study

Right colectomy (hemicolectomy) involves the removal of the cecum, the ascending colon, the hepatic flexure, the first one-third of the transverse colon, part of the terminal ileum, and the associated regional fat and lymph nodes, and is the accepted treatment for malignant neoplasms of the right colon. A minimally invasive approach is commonly used for right colectomy, with studies reporting reduced complications, less blood loss, and hospital stay when compared to an open ap...

Impact of Labour Kinesiotherapy in the Quality Life of Auxiliary Nursing in the Surgery Center

The quality of life and daily activities can be affected by muscleskeletal pain and one of the forms of assessment is through the SF-36 questionnaire. The investigators know that the working kinesitherapy is a way to improve the quality of life.

Immediate Effect of Proponent-Nasal-Spray on Unspecific Discomfort in the Nose

Investigation of the immediate effect on subjective relief of symptoms by Proponent - Nasal - Spray after a one time administration (following a single dose administration in each nostril) in an open, not randomised, non-blinded single centre observation study on 40 volunteers between 18-75 years of age with an unspecific discomfort in the nose such as enhanced nasal discharge/ secretion (runny nose), congested nose, sneezing, itchy nose or feeling of a dry nose.

Fertility Post Placenta Accrete

This study is the first to investigate the fertility outcome and the influence on ovarian reserve after using uterine artery embolization during cesarean delivery.

Surgical Stress and Intracorporeal Anastomosis

The short-term advantages of minimally invasive colon resection have been well established in several randomized trials. A major factor in the development of morbidity is the surgical stress response with subsequent increased demand on the patient's reserves and immune competence. Although the advantage in term of stress response of laparoscopic surgery over open surgery has been widely reported, little is known about the role of Intracorporeal anastomosis. In an attempt...

Impact of Adjuvant Chemotherapy on the Quality of Life of Patients Treated for Stage II / III Endometrial Cancer

Through this study, The investigator believe to evaluate the impact in terms of overall quality of life of adjuvant chemotherapy in patients with locally advanced endometrial cancer at a distance from their care

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