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Study of Microbiota in Longevity County, Yongfu

This study is an observational study designed to adopt a cross-sectional study design. In the context of China's longevity town (East Asian population), Yongfu, Guangxi, the background of non-medical care and antibiotic use was explored, and the intestinal microecological balance increased with age and natural health. Longevity relationship. This study was completed using a household survey. Through routine clinical examinations and analysis of biochemical laboratory indicators...

Impact of Patients Risk Factors on the Longevity of Aesthetic Restorations

The objective of this double-blind randomized clinical trial is to evaluate the influence of caries risk, occlusal stress and missing teeth on anterior restorations over a 10 years follow up period. 300 teeth will be randomized according to two adhesive systems: Single Bond 2 and Single Bond Universal (3M ESPE); and two composite resins: nanoparticulated (Filtek ™ Z-350- 3M ESPE) and nanohybrid (IPS Empress Direct - Ivoclar Vivadent). The randomization will be stratified acco...

The Longevity of Trichuris Trichiura Colonization

The aim of the study was to study the longevity of Trichuris trichiura colonization

Study to Evaluate Potential Decrease in Hospitalization Events, Time Between Events, and Increasing Longevity in Patients With Symptomatic Heart Failure

This is a multicenter study to evaluate potential decrease in hospitalization events and time between events and increasing longevity in patients with symptomatic congestive heart failure and intolerant of first-line medication for heart failure. This study will evaluate if higher doses of the investigational drug given daily will be superior to the lower dose of the same investigational drug given daily.

SEALANT-DK: Longevity and Efficacy of 6 Resin Sealants Used for Sealing Permanent Teeth in Children and Adolescents

Background: Occlusal caries is the main reason for restorative therapy in the young permanent dentition, but restorations have limited survival time and may also weaken the tooth. An intact fissure sealing is an effective preventive treatment of occlusal caries lesions and may be used therapeutically to arrest the caries progression. However, the major challenge with fissure sealants is the frequent need for re-treatments, mostly due to inadequate retention. Purpose: To ...

Cost-efficacy Between ART and Composite Resin Restorations in Primary Molars

This randomized clinical trial aims to compare the cost-efficacy between the restorative treatment using composite resin and the Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART) using high viscosity Glass Ionomer Cement (GIC) in primary teeth. It will be selected 244 participants aging 3 to 6 years old that present active caries lesions with cavity. The subject's allocation for each treatment will be randomized in (I) Composite Resin or (II) ART, and stratified depending on the type of c...

Cost-efficacy of Atraumatic Restorations (ART) Using Different Encapsulated Glass Ionomer Cement

Given the clinical damage caused by errors commonly made during the dosage and handling of glass ionomer cement (GIC) of high viscosity powder-liquid type, the use of encapsulated ionomer has been recommended for final restorations. However, the initial cost of the encapsulated MIC is higher when compared to the material handled manually. The objective of this randomized study is to (1) reveal cost-effective in the long run, the encapsulated CIV Riva Self Cure and Equia used as...

Probably Relevant

Study of Acarbose in Longevity

The investigators are studying the effects of acarbose on muscle and adipose gene transcription in older adults.

Selective Dentine Removal in Primary Teeth

Background There is little information regarding the longevity of the restored tooth, considering the health of the pulp-dentine complex, in children who do not sufficiently cooperate with dental treatment. Aim To evaluate the longevity of primary molar teeth with an occluso-proximal cavity that was treated with the selective removal of carious tissue. Design A total of 150 children were allocated to two parallel groups: group 1 (G1, n = 70, control, Ketac Molar Easymix...

Fitness and Longevity in Exercise

The study objective was to determine the safety and efficacy of aerobic exercise in older HIV-infected men in a randomized trial comparing different levels of exercise intensity.

Dialysis Catheter Comparative Clinical Trial

The purpose of this clinical trial is to compare the longevity of two dialysis catheters.

Endocrown Restorations Longevity Compared With Post Retained Restorations

Caries disease is still the leading cause of severe tooth decay. Since this can lead to tooth loss, it is important that appropriate treatment is advised to help prevent damage and maintain tooth health. Faced with major coronary destruction, several times it becomes necessary to perform the endodontic treatment, aiming to maintain the element in the buccal cavity for longer. It is known that an excellent restorative treatment with poor endodontic treatment and the inverse has ...

Substrate Metabolism, Growth Hormone Signaling, and Insulin Sensitivity During Fasting

Background: Calorie restriction increases longevity in many species and attenuate the development of chronic disorders including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. In mice reduced activity of insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) and/or insulin is associated with extended longevity. Growth hormone (GH) is the main regulator of IGF-I production, but the molecular mechanism whereby GH switches from IGF-I stimulation (protein anabolism) to fatty acid oxidation (fa...

Measuring Quality of Life of Versacryl Relined Dentures

Resilient liners were introduced in the1950s and have been used since then as a gold standard material to increase the tolerance, retention and comfort of complete dentures. Due to drawbacks of conventional resilient liners, their longevity is questionable and they require replacement which is time consuming and costly for the dentist and patient respectively. Versacryl is a biocompatible intraoral thermo-elastic material. So versatile, it can be used to improve esthetics, rete...

CAPRI National Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Registry

Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) is a disorder of unknown cause characterized by chronic inflammation of the joints and other organs. It affects about 1 in a 1000 Canadian children and if untreated it can produce lifelong disability. The Canadian Alliance of Pediatric Rheumatology Investigators (CAPRI) includes most pediatric rheumatologists in Canada. They have successfully collaborated for the past 10 years producing groundbreaking research on the modern course and outcome...

Expression of Longevity Genes in Response to Extended Fasting

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of fasting on physical changes associated with cardiovascular disease.

Allofit® IT With HXPE in Total Hip Arthroplasty

The study design is a multi-center, prospective, non-controlled, consecutive cohort postmarket clinical follow-up study to obtain survival and outcome data on the Allofit IT Shell in combination with Longevity Liners in primary total hip arthroplasty.

Israeli Multi Ethnic Centenarian Project

This study will systematically assess epigenome methylation changes in participants of the Israel multi-ethnic centenarian study cohort, which includes citizens of Israel aged 95 years and older, compared to their offspring and younger controls.

Three Restorative Protocols in MIH: a Randomized Controlled Clinical Study

Molar-Incisive Hipomineralization (MIH) is defined as a qualitative change in tooth enamel of systemic origin, which affects one or more permanent first molars, and may or may not involve permanent incisors. MIH has several clinical repercussions, such as presence of hypersensitivity, difficulty in local anesthesia, reduction of restorations longevity, among others, making it difficult to perform dental treatment. Therefore, the present study will evaluate, through a randomized...

Rejuvenation of the Lower Eyelid Using a Combination of Two Hyaluronic Acid Fillers - a Pilot Study

The primary objective of this study is to determine the efficacy and longevity of the use of Restylane® and Perlane® in combination for the rejuvenation of the infraorbital hollows and to measure patient satisfaction with this treatment

Metformin And Longevity

This is a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, window of opportunity study investigating the biological mechanism of metformin in prostate cancer.

A Community Epidemiology Study Evaluating the Factors Influencing Overall Health and Wellness

The Lake Nona Life Project aims to examine the health and wellness of participants over the course of multiple years, focusing on the links between health and wellness, longevity, quality of life, and human performance.

DBS of PPN to Improve Walking in Chronic SCI Patients

Spinal cord injury (SCI) is a devastating condition affecting over 1 million individuals in North America. SCI often results in severe motor impairments with few available treatments options. Recent groundbreaking research has demonstrated that deep brain stimulation (DBS) of the mesencephalic locomotor region (MLR) greatly improves locomotion in a rat model with incomplete SCI. The pedunculopontine nucleus (PPN - a specific nucleus within the MLR) in humans has already been es...

Novel Strategies for Innovating Deceased Donor Procurement

Despite many efforts to increase the size of the donor pool, there is a large and growing disparity between the number of donor kidneys available for transplantation and the number of patients on the transplant waiting list. Increasing the quality of currently available donor kidneys would potentially improve the longevity of deceased donor kidney transplants by years, thus increasing the rate of transplantation patients on the kidney transplant waiting list. In addition, recip...

A Prospective Randomized Trial Using Roentgen Stereophotogrammetric Analysis of the Advance Medial Pivot Knee

The purpose of this study is to determine whether this particular knee replacement is better than those already on the market. By participation, it will further refine the design of future total knee replacements and perhaps increase longevity.

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