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Improvement of a Physically Active Lifestyle

To help rehabilitation patients to adopt and maintain a physically active lifestyle, it is imperative to increase self-management competencies. Aim of this research project is to evaluate an evidence- and theory-based computerized expert system in comparison to a well established standard program and a questionnaire-only group. Rehabilitation patients will be treated psychologically and followed up over 18 months. The computerized expert system is expected to help patients bett...

The Expert System VoiceDiab in Children With Diabetes

The purpose of this study to conduct the preliminary investigation on the efficacy and safety in terms of postprandial glucose value and the rates of hypoglycaemia when expert VoiceDiab system supports patient's decision on prandial insulin programming in insulin pump therapy.

Remote Presence Timely Discharge Management

The purpose of this study is to integrate Remote Presence technology in order to increase the number of timely patient discharges before 11 am from the medical center.

Location-based Smartphone Technology to Guide College Students Healthy Choices

College students are in a newly independent phase of life; many of whom encounter unhealthy dietary decision- making, barriers to physical activity, and poor sleep behaviors. Healthy Detours is a location-based smartphone application tailored in real-time to a student's schedule and locale, and aims to guide students toward healthier eating, exercise, and lifestyle choices as a way to prevent the onset of damaging and costly health outcomes. Through a randomized control trial, ...

Effectiveness of a Lifestyle Intervention on Metabolic Syndrome.

The investigators compared the effectiveness of a lifestyle intervention program carried out by trained professionals versus standard unstructured information on healthy lifestyle given by the family physicians in ameliorating the metabolic pattern of adults with multiple metabolic and inflammatory abnormalities.

A Comparison of Virco®TYPE HIV-1 Testing Versus Expert Interpretation of Genotypic Results for Control of HIV-1 Replication

The investigators seek to determine whether Virco®TYPE HIV-1 provides benefits equivalent to those provided by local expert review. The investigators propose that clinic patients of the Ruth M. Rothstein CORE Center who are having genotypic testing performed will be randomized in a 1:1 fashion to local expert review and to Virco®TYPE HIV-1. Results of either method will be shared with primary HIV care providers. Patient outcomes will be reviewed at a time point equal to or ...

Lifestyle Medicine for Depression

This study will examine the feasibility and efficacy of lifestyle medicine for the management of depression in Chinese adult population. The main components of lifestyle intervention typically include physical activity, diet, relaxation/mindfulness, and sleep. While lifestyle medicine has been recognized for centuries as a means to improve physical health, the field of lifestyle medicine in the context of mental health is still in its infancy. In the existing literature, there ...

Identification of Predictors of Success for Lifestyle Modifications in Overweight Pre-diabetic Subjects

The primary objective of the study is to identify baseline and early predictors of favorable and unfavorable response to lifestyle intervention. As a secondary objective, the investigators would like to validate our questionnaire or other identified predictors as clinical tools to guide us in selection of the most suitable candidates for lifestyle intervention programs. Assuming the same capacity of our questionnaire to predict an absence of weight loss (≥5%) or a loss to fol...

Telesonography for Visually Estimating Ejection Fraction

Background: Given that an experienced physician is not always available 24 hours a day, immediately and always available echocardiography is usually impossible in the emergency department (ED) and intensive care unit (ICU). To compensate this limitation, the investigators have investigated that offsite expert guided, inexperienced practitioner-performed ultrasonography could be effectively performed. In this study, the investigators aimed to investigate whether the offsite expe...

Supporting Patients in Lifestyle Health Behavior Change by Medical Students at Primary Care Clinics in Zefat Israel

Medical students from zefad medical school volunteer to assist patients with chronic diseases to make lifestyle changes. Each student will work closely with a family doctor who finds patients who need and want it accompanied by a change he introduced them and guide him on health status, medication and change the desired objectives. In the program students will receive guidance on healthy lifestyle and support a patient to perform health changes in theoretical and practi...

Evaluation of Spirometry Expert Support in General Practice

More and more general practitioners (GPs) use spirometry in their practices. At this time, there is sufficient reason to presume that, after a single postgraduate training program without any further support, most GPs have insufficient knowledge and ability to assure valid interpretation of their spirometry tests. Therefore, some kind of continuous diagnostic support with regard to spirometry interpretation by GPs is advisable. The aim of the present study is to assess whether ...

Lifestyle Intervention to Improve Bone Quality

Obese older adults will be randomized to participate in either healthy lifestyle intervention or behavioral diet and exercise intervention for one year. This study aims to determine the effects of Lifestyle intervention on bone microarchitecture, bone strength, bone material properties, and the mechanism behind it.

Ultrasound Comparison of Radial Artery Hyperplasia After Use of a 7F Sheathless Guide vs. 6F Sheath/Guide Combination

The purpose of this study is to determine if the routine use of a sheathless 7F guide catheter for transradial percutaneous coronary intervention (TR PCI) is non-inferior to a 6F sheath/guide combination with regards to radial artery injury (radial artery intimal-medial-adventitial thickening). To evaluate the radial artery, ultrahigh resolution ultrasonography (55 mHz) will be used to accurately quantify radial artery intimal-medial-adventitial thickness (IMT) at baseline and ...

Timeliness and Completeness of Routine Childhood Vaccinations by 2 Years of Age in Nigeria.

The timeliness of routine childhood immunization should be an important component in measuring vaccination coverage rates especially in LMIC countries like Nigeria, yet this is overlooked. This study will determine the age- specific immunization timely uptake rates for the various vaccines covered in the routine childhood immunization and seek out factors that affect timely vaccine uptake among Nigerian children.

Evaluation of a Lifestyle Medicine Practice

This project will evaluate the success of the PI's lifestyle medicine practice.

Tailored Written Lifestyle Feedback in Colorectal Cancer Screening

This randomized controlled trial aims to investigate the effect of an individually tailored lifestyle feedback letter and a leaflet on lifestyle in the context of sigmoidoscopy screening.

Obesity, Lifestyle and Work Intervention

The main aim of this study was to examine whether introducing a work intervention into a traditional lifestyle rehabilitation program for persons with BMI above 30, would affect the participants' ability to work and their lifestyle change. The investigators wanted to find out how the participants experienced their health, workability and work capacity, quality of life, diet and self-efficacy before and during the intervention

Results of Safety Guidewire Use in Ureteroscopic Stone Surgery

Up-to-date, urology guidelines introduce safety guidewire (SGW) as an integral tool in ureteroscopy and recommended its routine use. However, the necessity of SGW placement in endourological procedures lack evidence and is being suggested as an expert opinion. Present study aimed to evaluate the use of SGW placement and its necessity in treatment of ureteral stones with semi-rigid ureteroscopy (s-URS). For this purpose patients with ureteral stones are being stratified accordi...

Effect of Mentoring on Endotracheal Tube Exchange Using a New Device

The purpose of this pilot study is to compare the time it takes to change a breathing tube with a new device, performed by two different groups of anesthesiologists; one group will study on their own how to change the tube, while the second group will also receive expert training, before either group performs the procedure for the very first time. We predict the group who gets expert training will change the tube faster, and we need to learn how much faster before moving to a l...

Virtual Lifestyle Medicine Comparative Effectiveness Research

This study evaluates the effectiveness of two online Lifestyle Medicine programs. Participants will be randomized by residence, urban vs. rural, into one of two Lifestyle Medicine programs.

Study of Olfaction / Vision Interactions in Expert and Novice Populations

The aim of this research project is to better understand the reciprocal influence of visual and olfactory systems on cerebral activity evoked by odors and visual stimuli. Given the importance of olfacto-visual learning in expert situations, the degree of expertise in olfaction will also be considered. In addition, the investigators will try to better understand the differences between expert and non-expert populations in olfaction through different levels of approach: sensory, ...

Trial to Compare FFR Measurement With a Non-Side-Hole Guide Catheter Vs. a Side-Hole Guide Catheter

The investigators propose a single center prospective study that will assess two different strategies for measuring Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) in patients undergoing clinically-indicated coronary angiography in whom FFR measurement is indicated. FFR will be measured with a non-side hole guide catheter (with the guide catheter both engaged and disengaged from the coronary ostium) and with a side-hole guide catheter (with the guide catheter both engaged and disengaged from the...

Implementation of a Structured Lifestyle Program in Primary Care. Changes in Lifestyle Habits and Cardiovascular Risk.

The aim of the present study is to describe and evaluate the effect of a structured lifestyle intervention program, focusing on lifestyle habits, in a primary care setting in patients with high cardiovascular risk. Furthermore, we want to explore the patient´s experience of lifestyle change and counseling after participation in the intervention program and to investigate the cost-effectiveness of the program.

Lifestyle Modification Intervention in Pre-diabetic Subjects

The lifestyle intervention program focusing on healthy dietary habit and exercise effectively prevents progression to diabetes. Thus, the purpose of this study was to assess the effectiveness of lifestyle intervention program on pre-diabetics subjects in Taiwan.

Expert System and Family Assisted Interventions for Chinese Smokers

In this study, we choose to specifically recruit Chinese, the largest ethnic group of the Asian and Pacific Islander community,2 as an initial step to increase our understanding of the role of family or supportive others in the process of smoking cessation among Asian Americans. We propose the following specific aims for the study: 1. Examine the effectiveness of proactive recruitment of Chinese smokers into a smoking cessation treatment program through their family or...

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