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Peer Leadership for Physical Literacy

The purpose of the proposed research is to develop, implement, and test the efficacy of a theory-driven evidence-based peer leadership program for elementary school students (Grade 6/7; age 11/12 years) in relation to (a) their own leadership skills and their leadership self-efficacy (i.e., confidence to lead), as well as (b) the physical literacy of younger (Grade 3/4; age 8/9) students with whom they are partnered.

Early Group Based Parental Support Within Child Health Service - Group Leadership

All parents in Sweden are offered group based parental support within Child Health Service (CHS) but only 40% participate. Nurses feel insecure in their group leadership and express a need for education in group leadership and group dynamics. Most CHC nurses do not have formal education or training in group leadership and the aim of this study was to evaluate a group based education program in group leadership for Child Health Care (CHC) nurses.

The Implementation and Sustainment of Digital MBC in Youth Mental Health Services

This study will investigate the effects of an intervention called Leadership and Organizational Change for Implementation (LOCI), relative to implementation as usual (IAU), on clinician fidelity to, and youth service outcomes of, a well-established digital measurement-based care intervention called the Outcomes Questionnaire-Analyst in outpatient community mental health clinics.

Readiness Supportive Leadership Training

This study is a randomized controlled trial that will assess the effects of an evidence based, multi-component, leadership support intervention, Resilience-Supportive Leadership Training (RESULT), using accelerated learning strategies aimed at improving Service Member resilience and readiness in the military. The intervention is expected to increase perceptions of resilience-supportive behaviors, resilience indicators, and related behavioral health outcomes such as emotion reg...

Leadership Instructions Improve Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in a High Fidelity Simulation

Whether teaching leadership with a short debriefing has a positive influence on the performance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation remains largely unknown. The investigators will assess the sustained efficacy of a short leadership debriefing compared to a technical debriefing in a high fidelity simulated cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Implant Survival After Insertion of Bone Level Tapered (BLT) Implant Ø 2.9 mm in the Clinical Practice Setting

The Straumann Bone Level Tapered (BLT) implant Ø 2.9 mm implant was developed to allow treatment of patients with single tooth gaps of small dimensions in the lateral and central incisor positions in the mandible and in the lateral incisor positions in the maxilla. These positions are reduced-load-bearing compared to more posterior positions. During this study performance and safety of the Straumann BLT implants Ø 2.9 mm in the clinical practice setting will be investigated.

Testing the Leadership and Organizational Change for Implementation (LOCI) Intervention

This study will test the effects of the Leadership and Organizational Change for Implementation (LOCI) intervention in facilitating evidence-based practice (EBP) implementation in substance use disorder (SUD) and HIV services settings. LOCI improves implementation leadership and organizational support to develop strategic climate for EBP implementation. Greater efficiency and effectiveness of EBP implementation will improve the public health impact of evidence-based health and ...

Adopting the LOCI Intervention in Norwegian Mental Health Clinics

The project will develop knowledge on how managers can lead the implementation of practices that have proven to be effective for post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) in child and adult specialized mental health services. Specifically, the project will test the effectiveness of an innovation named the Leadership and Organizational Change for Implementation (LOCI). This is an empirically and theoretically based innovation for implementation leadership that aims to support leade...

Evaluation of MBL Around Implants Placed in Crestal or Subcrestal Positions: a RCT

The objective of this randomized controlled trial is to evaluate changes in marginal bone levels and soft tissue dimensions around implants placed with the IAI at different positions in relation to the alveolar crest

The Influence of Head and Neck Position on Performance of Ambu AuraGain™

The influence of different head and neck positions on the effectiveness of ventilation with the Ambu AuraGain airway remains unevaluated. This study aimed to evaluate the influence of different head and neck positions on ventilation with the AuraGain airway. AuraGain will be placed in all patients, and mechanical ventilation will be performed using a volume-controlled mode with a tidal volume of 10 ml/kg. The expiratory tidal volume, peak inspiratory pressure, orophary...

Positions and Peripheral Oxygen Saturation

The subjects were placed consecutively in random order in the five different positions by drawing lots. Oxygen saturation (SaO2) and vital signs (pulse rate, respiratory rate, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and body temperature) were measured in each position at 10, 25 and 40 minutes.

Positive Pressure and Gravity Affect Volumetric Capnography

Volumetric capnography is an interesting and non-invasive tool for monitoring ventilation in mechanically ventilated patients. The aim of this study was to test the effect of positive pressure ventilation and different body positions on volumetric capnograms.

Pressure Difference Between Brain and Eye: a Possible Cause to Normal Tension Glaucoma.

The main aim of this study is to determine the trans-laminal cribrosa pressure difference (TLCPD) for normal tension glaucoma (NTG) patients from the brain and the eye in supine, upright and minor head down tilt positions. It is also to investigate the venous drainage system in the same body positions.

Oregon Military Employee Sleep and Health Study

This study is a randomized controlled trial that will assess the effects of (1) the Family-Supportive Supervisor Behavior (FSSB) and Sleep Leadership training and (2) sleep/cognitive effectiveness feedback intervention on health and well-being among full-time employees in the Oregon National Guard, their supervisors, and their families. The interventions involving both health protection and health promotion are expected to contribute to improvements in employees' and their supe...

Natural History of Melody Valve in the Mitral and Tricuspid Position

The Melody valve has historically been used for pulmonary valve replacements; however it has been more recently used in the mitral and tricuspid positions. This multi-center, retrospective, observational study will review the durability of the Melody valve inserted into the mitral or tricuspid positions. Patients who have undergone Melody valve insertion into either the mitral or tricuspid positions prior to December, 2014 will be eligible for the study. Basic de-identified ...

Right Ventricular Defibrillation Lead Select Site Study

This study will compare single coil right ventricular defibrillation leads for implanted cardioverter/defibrillators (ICDs) in the apical and high septal locations. It is hypothesized that RV septal positions are at least as good as apical positions using formally measured defibrillation thresholds(DFTs), and that they may have long term advantages in reducing left ventricular dysfunction.

Multicountry Studies on the Effect of Positional Distribution of Fatty Acids at Triglyceride Backbone on Serum Lipids, Lipoprotein(a) and LDL-subclasses in Healthy Malaysian Volunteers

Fats and oils are made up of >90% triacylglycerol fat molecules which consist of a glycerol backbone to which 3 esterified fatty acids are attached. The positions of fatty acid attachment are referred to by stereospecific numbers, sn -1, -2 and -3. There is existing evidence to show that vegetable oils having unsaturated fatty acids in the sn-2 position with predominantly palmitic acid (16:0) or stearic acid (18:0) in the sn-1 and sn-3 positions of fat molecules do not raise se...

Patient Positions and Perfusion Index

The association between patient positions including supine,prone, trendelenburg,reverse trendelenburg,45 degrees back up sitting position, 45 degrees legs lifted supine position and perfusion index.

Effect of Feeding Positions of Preterm Infants on Some Physiological Characteristics

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of Semielevated Side-Lying (ESL) and Semielevated Supine Position (ESU) positions used in bottle-feeding of very preterm infants upon their physiological characteristics and feeding performances.

The Identity Project

Understanding how to create successful pathways out of homelessness is crucial. Thirty young people (aged 18 - 26 years) who have transitioned out of homelessness within the past three years will be offered scholarships to participate in a six week intervention that focuses on building identity capital (sense of purpose and control, self-efficacy and self-esteem) and providing career direction. The intervention will be designed and carried out by dk Leadership - an established,...

The Effect of Head and Shoulder Positioning on the Cross-sectional Area of the Subclavian Vein in Obese Adults

In the present study, the cross-sectional area of subclavian vein, the distances of subclavian vein ~ subclavian artery and subclavian vein ~ pleura are assessed in different head positions (neutral, rotation to ipsilateral or contralateral sides) and different shoulder positions (neutral or lowered) in spontaneous breathing obese adults.

Changes of Endotracheal Tube Cuff Pressures After Ear, Head and Neck Surgery Positions

Increased or decreased intracuff pressures (ICPs) of cuffed endotracheal tubes (cETTs) can lead to many morbidities.The ICPs of cETTs can be changed by the the patients' ear and head&neck surgery positions. We performed this study to show the effect of the routine combination of neck positions on ICP whilst ear and head& neck surgeries. A total of 90 patients were enrolled to the study. Groups 1 and 2 included the patients who underwent right and left ear surgeries, respective...

Comparison of Effects of Positions Given to a Patient on the Success of Combined Spinal-epidural Anesthesia Application

85 patients were randomly allocated to the left lateral, squat and traditional sitting position for combined spinal-epidural anesthesia. In this study aimed at the orthopedic surgery patient comparison of the effect of the position given to a patient on the success of combined spinal-epidural anesthesia application.

Thickness of the Plantar Fascia in Stretched and Relaxed Positions in Patients With Plantar Fasciopathy

This study will compare the thickness of the plantar fascia in stretched and relaxed positions in patients with plantar fasciopathy using ultrasonography.

The Effect of Integrated Leading, Managing and Governing for Result Model on Maternity Health Services

The need for leading people, managing work, and governing organizations never changed over the civilization paths of society. However, people in every pole of the globe observe: over-led and under-managed, over-managed and under-governed, and even out of these organizations. These disparities have remained worse in the health system of developing countries like Ethiopia. To date, Ethiopia put a goal of ending preventable child and maternal death, in achieving universal h...

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