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Attentional Control Training in Older Adults: Efficacy, Transfer and Brain Substrates

Formal education and cognitively stimulating hobbies and profession have a protective effect against age-related cognitive decline and Alzheimer's disease. It is therefore possible that providing cognitively stimulating interventions at a later age increases neuroplasticity and brain resilience. Processes of updating and inhibition are both impaired by aging. Several studies have shown that updating can be improved but very few studies targeted inhibition in spite of the fact t...

The Self-help Online Against Suicidal Thoughts (SOS) Trial

The objective of the SOS-trial is to examine if an online self-help intervention is effective in reducing suicidal thoughts among people at risk of suicide. The SOS-trial is a randomized, wait-list controlled trial with 1:1 allocation ratio. A total of 438 people with suicidal thoughts will be allocated to the intervention condition (N=219) or the control condition (N=219). The intervention condition consists of a six-week internet-based self-help therapy intervention. The cont...

Long-Term Follow-up Protocol for Subjects Treated With Gene-Modified T Cells

This is a prospective study for the long-term follow-up (LTFU) of safety and efficacy for all pediatric and adult subjects exposed to Gene-modified (GM) T cell therapy participating in a previous Celgene sponsored or Celgene alliance partner sponsored study. Subjects who received at least one GM T cell infusion, will be asked to roll-over to this LTFU protocol upon either premature discontinuation from, or completion of the prior parent treatment protocol.

Multi-center, Survival Data Collection in Subjects Previously Enrolled in Celgene Protocol CC-5013-MDS-003

Multi-center, survival data collection in subjects previously enrolled in Celgene Protocol CC-5013-MDS-003.

Ketamine for Suicidality in Bipolar Depression

This study is designed to compare the effectiveness of two medications, Ketamine and Midazolam, for rapidly relieving suicidal thoughts in people suffering from bipolar depression. The first drug, Ketamine, is an experimental antidepressant that early studies have shown may quickly reduce suicidal thoughts, but we are not sure how well it may work. Midazolam, the comparison drug, is not thought to reduce depression or suicidal thoughts.

The "AIM Study": Investigating Whether Actigraphy and Ideation Measures Can Promote Patient Safety

This is a research project looking at whether measuring movements or responses to certain questions can help predict suicidal thoughts or actions. This project has two parts: The first part will occur while the participant is receiving hospitalized at the Bedford VA Hospital. It involves wearing a watch-like device on his/her wrist and answering questions or doing tasks to measure mood and other mental health symptoms, and suicidal thoughts. In the second phase, the inv...

The Physical Effects of Pain Catastrophizing in Labor

The purpose of this study is to find out if negative thoughts have an effect on pain experienced during labor and how labor progresses. Other studies have shown that women who experience intense pain in the earliest stages of labor have a higher risk of complications. The investigators want to know if negative thoughts can predict this outcome.

Experimental Control Investigation of the Impact of Assistive Technology on the User-caregiver Dyad: a Multi-site Trial

The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of an assistive technology updating and tune up intervention on users and their caregivers. This intervention includes 4 components: - an in-residence assessment of the mobility preferences of the older person and his/her caregiver - a detailed review of forms of assistance, technological and human, that are currently being used - recommendations by an occupational therapist for possib...

The Psychosocial Effect of Thoughts of Personal Mortality on Cardiac Risk Assessment by Medical Students

This study was designed to examine whether and how provoking thoughts of mortality among medical students can influence cardiac risk assessments depending on the religion of the target patient.

A Study to Evaluate Long-term Safety in Subjects With Solid Tumors and Hematological Disorders.

Rollover study supporting solid tumor and hematological disorder indications from Celgene sponsored CC-486 protocols eligible for participation in the study.

Compassionate Use Study of Two Dose Levels of Thalidomide in Adults With HIV Wasting Syndrome

To allow patients with HIV-associated wasting to receive thalidomide treatment at 1 of 2 doses. To gain safety and efficacy data from a broader base of patients with HIV-associated wasting in order to support Celgene's pivotal placebo-controlled study.

Methods for Managing Intrusive Thoughts

The current study sought to translate laboratory research on learning and memory to better understand the mechanisms and methods for implementing exposure therapy for unwanted obsessional thoughts. Specifically, we compared the processes and the short- and long-term outcomes of: (a) gradual exposure (EXP-G), emphasizing hierarchical exposure completion, versus (b) variable exposure (EXP-V), emphasizing variability in exposure intensity.

Improving Emotion Regulation at the End of Breast Cancer Treatment

The end of treatment marks the beginning of a challenging period for breast cancer patients. While this period often provokes a sense of relief, it can also be a source of apprehension and vulnerability regarding the future. Patients may be brought to feel contradictory thoughts and emotions impacting their quality of life such as anxiety linked to uncertainty and fear of cancer recurrence. In order to accompany breast cancer patients during this transition period and to addres...

Prevalence of Ambivalence Regarding Prenatal Testing

This study will examine how women think and feel about prenatal testing (amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling), how those thoughts and feelings change over time, and how they contribute to the decision whether or not to undergo prenatal testing. Prenatal diagnostic testing is offered to pregnant women at increased risk of carrying a baby affected with a genetic or chromosomal abnormality. Although these tests are well established, standard-of-care procedures, much remai...

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Prevention of Suicide in the Elderly

The purpose of this study is to design a program to prevent suicide in elderly patients by educating patients, their families, and physicians on depression and suicidal thoughts. A program to prevent suicide in elderly patients needs to be developed. Since elderly patients frequently have doctor's visits, it may be best to have a suicide prevention program based in the patient's doctor's office. When an older person visits a primary care physician, he/she will check for signs...

Knowledge and Practice of Chinese Medical Specialists Regarding Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection

The aim of this study was to evaluate knowledge and behavior of physicians regarding Hepatitis B Virus. The investigators designed a 30-item self-administered questionnaire assessing physicians' knowledge and behavior regarding chronic Hepatitis B Virus infection. These results provide data support for updating guidelines, continuing training, and even developing policies in medical insurance.

Adapting Project UPLIFT for Hispanic Patients With Epilepsy II

The purpose of this study is to adapt Project UPLIFT for Hispanic adults with epilepsy and depression. Project UPLIFT (Using Practice and Learning to Increase Favorable Thoughts) is a home-based intervention that teaches cognitive and mindfulness skills to people with epilepsy by phone to reduce their depression and improve quality of life (QOL); it was developed at Emory University with CDC funding. The purpose of this study is to adapt Project UPLIFT for Hispanic adults with ...

Black Adolescent & Entertainment Study

The study is being conducted to obtain adolescent girls' thoughts and opinions on relationship and communication styles are shown on television.

Weight Management Interactions in a Virtual Clinical Environment

This study is part of an effort to learn about interactions between doctors and patients. We aim to understand how women feel about techniques that doctors use to talk with patients about their weight. We are studying women s reactions to these techniques using a virtual reality version of a doctor s office to create as realistic a model of a doctor s visit as possible. This can help us better understand what happens during real doctor s visits. Women between the ages ...

The INSPiRe Programme

This study aims to assess the acceptability and feasibility of a short-term, intensive Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) delivered to male prisoners who have thoughts of ending their lives.

Invasive Prenatal Testing Decisions in Pregnancy After Infertility

This study will explore the decision-making experiences of women who are currently pregnant following a period of infertility on whether or not to undergo an invasive prenatal test (IPT) procedure, such as amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling. Women who become pregnant after infertility often experience heightened anxiety regarding the outcome of the pregnancy. When choosing whether or not to have IPT they are faced with a complex decision, set in the unique context of a ...

Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder: Their Impact on the Processing of Information and Learning

The purpose of this study is to increase researchers' understanding of the biological basis of generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder. They will investigate how the brain activity associated with specific thoughts and feelings may play a role in these anxiety disorders. This knowledge will be used to design interventions to help those with these illnesses. To qualify for this study, participants must be evaluated via an initial telephone screening int...

Personal Values, Interpersonal Needs, and Suicidal Ideation in a Veteran Population

The primary aim of this study is to examine the relationship between personal values and suicidal thoughts in a sample of U.S. Veterans.

Brief Study to Examine How Phone Call Follow-up for Individuals Sent to the Community After Presenting With Suicidal Thoughts or Behaviours Affects Future Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviours.

This goal of this research is to examine the efficacy and feasibility of starting a phone call follow-up program for individuals discharged to the community after presenting to the Crisis Response Centre (CRC), a standalone mental health facility in Winnipeg, with suicidal ideation or behaviours. Currently there is no worldwide gold standard for how best to follow-up with individuals following presentations to health services with suicidal ideation or behaviours, despite the pe...

Trial of Inquiry Based Stress Reduction (IBSR) Program for BRCA1/2 Mutation Carriers

Breast cancer (BC) is a major health problem and the most prevalent cancer among women.In a substantial proportion of familial cases, germ-line mutations in either BRCA1/2 can be detected. The only proven modality for active risk reduction (rather than passive early detection), is prophylactic surgery - prophylactic mastectomy and oophorectomy. While the majority of Jewish mutation carriers elect to undergo prophylactic oophorectomy at about age 40 years, in Israel only a minor...

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