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Antioxidants and Pulmonary Rehabilitation in COPD Patients

On the basis of published data and investigators results indicating that systemic redox in balance may contribute to the peripheral muscle dysfunction in COPD patients, the investigators propose a study testing the effects of antioxidants and exercise training in COPD patients. The results may have major implication in the improvement of pulmonary rehabilitation benefits

Comparisons of Inhaled LAMA or ICS+LABA for COPD With Bronchiectasis

The purpose of this study is to determine which treatment is more effective and safer for the patients in COPD C group with bronchiectasis.The research results will help guide physicians to select appropriate individualized treatment and hopefully provide some evidence-based medicine proofs for revising guide.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Endpoints Study

This study will last for approximately 14 weeks and will involve 5 visits. The study is being carried out to look at different ways of measuring the effect of drug treatment on COPD. COPD is a respiratory disease which can affect your breathing and daily life. Symptoms of COPD can include breathlessness, cough, and wheeze. COPD varies enormously from patient to patient. The effects of drug treatment are usually measured by conducting lung function tests (breathing tests) usi...

KOrea COpd Subgroup Registry and Subtype Research

The KOrea COpd Subgroup Study team (KOCOSS) cohort is an ongoing, longitudinal, prospective, non-interventional and observational study within the Korean COPD patients. The prevalence of early COPD (mild to moderate COPD based by 2011 GOLD(the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease) guideline) is high in Korea. However, the patients with early COPD are not underdiagnosed due to mild symptom. The purpose of this study is to investigate early COPD characteristics ...

To Study the Prevalence of Insomnia in Geriatric COPD Patients Who Are Enrolled in a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program.

The goal for COPD patients in pulmonary rehabilitation programs is to improve the quality of life. COPD is known to be worse at night as are other respiratory problems such as CHF. Saturation is known to get worse nocturnally as well. Furthermore, these COPD rehabilitation patients tend to be older and increasing age is associated with an increase in the incidence of sleep disorders. We suspect that there is an increase in the incidence of sleep disorders in COPD patients. We p...

Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide in COPD

This study, a new immunomodulatory therapy of COPD with vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) was evaluated. Based on preliminary unpublished clinical and experimental results, the course of disease under VIP treatment and the molecular mechanisms involved were assessed. 34 patients with severe COPD were treated either with VIP inhalation in addition to conventional therapy or inhalation of placebo plus conventional therapy for a period of 3 months. The trial was conducted as a ...

Osteoporosis and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

The goals of the trial are: - To determine the prevalence of osteoporosis in subgroups of COPD patients. - To look for risk factors of osteoporosis in COPD patients. - To create sub-groups for prospective research concerning the effects of bisphosphonates on osteoporosis variables in COPD patients.

Cross-Sectional Study of COPD Prevalence Among Smokers, Ex-smokers and Never-Smokers in Almaty, Kazakhstan

The purpose of this study is to assess the prevalence of COPD among individuals aged 35 - 59 years based results of spirometry before and after bronchodilator, presence of structural changes in lungs (emphysema, inflammatory changes and thickening of the walls of the large and small airways)detected by computer tomography as well as the symptoms of COPD. The study has three study groups: smokers of conventional cigarettes; those who had quit smoking 1 - 5 years ago, and those w...

COPD Pal Phase 1: Focus Groups

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a widespread condition which causes a poorer health status, reduced exercise, and lung function impairment. COPD exacerbations are a sustained worsening of symptoms beyond day-to-day variation and are responsible for one in eight hospital emergency admissions. Although extensive users of healthcare, people with COPD are primarily responsible for their condition 99% of the time and self-management has been highlighted as a crucial ...

Dose-Ranging Study in Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

The trial is designed to identify an appropriate dose of QAB149 for delivery via a multiple dose inhaler for use in the COPD Phase III program.

Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Formoterol in a Daily Dose of 18 µg (9 µg Twice Daily) in Japanese Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Patients

This study is a multicentre, open, randomised, parallel-group study with formoterol 9 μg one inhalation b.i.d, or standard COPD therapy. Standard (reference) COPD treatment arm should be the group to refer to when safety results of formoterol arm will be evaluated. 240 patients with moderate-to-severe COPD will be randomised (120 patients in the formoterol-arm and 120 patients on standard COPD therapy).

Prevalence of Pulmonary Hypertension in COPD Patients

The prevalence of an increased pulmonary blood pressure amongst patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)is unclear. So is the impact of abnormal pulmonary blood pressure on symptoms. The aim of this study is to determine the prevalence of an increased pulmonary blood pressure in 200 patients with COPD. Furthermore we will investigate if lung function test results and blood tests can predict an increased pulmonary blood pressure, and explore whether COPD patie...

Assesment of Muscular Unloading in COPD Patients With NIV

Evaluation of high intensity NIMV in terms of physiological parameters has been performed in short-term studies in COPD patients. However, the support pressure levels used in exacerbated patients seem contradictory and the muscular unloading levels are uncertain. The objective of study is to determine the discharge level of the inspiratory musculature reached at the same pressure support (PS) values in a group of hospital and domiciliary ventilators. Patients with COPD in at le...

Effectiveness and Safety of BIO-11006 Inhalation Solution to Treat the Overproduction of Mucus and Inflammation in COPD

The symptoms associated with COPD include overproduction of mucus and inflammation in the lungs. Overproduction of mucus results in impaired lung function and it encourages bacterial growth and associated COPD exacerbations. Therefore, a treatment that inhibits mucus overproduction or blocks inflammation could benefit COPD patients. The drug under evaluation in this study, BIO-11006 Inhalation Solution, is a new drug that may inhibit overproduction of mucus and may have impo...

COPD Metabolome, Smoking Oxidants and Aberrant Ciliated Cell Function

Cigarette smoking is the major cause of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the 4th cause of mortality in the US. Central to COPD pathogenesis is "ciliopathy", dysfunction of the airway ciliated cells that mediate transport of mucus to remove inhaled pathogens. The focus of this study is to carry out metabolic profiling of banked biologic samples and assess the hypothesis that COPD is associated with a unique metabolome in serum and lung epithelial lining fluid, and t...

Biomarkers for Diagnosis and Treatment of COPD

COPD is an inflammatory disease characterized by enhanced chronic airway and lung inflammatory responses to noxious agents (e.g. smoke, pollutants) and progressive airflow limitation. In COPD patients there is a spillover of peripheral lung inflammation into systemic circulation resulting in increased level of various inflammatory markers such as: IL-1β, IL-6, IL-8, and TNF-α. Diagnosis, now, is based on clinical evaluation and spirometry test and COPD treatment includ...

Association of COPD Maintenance Medication Adherence With Resource Use and Cost Among COPD Patients

The aim of this study is to examine the association of COPD maintenance inhalation medication (Inhaled Corticosteroid or ICS) adherence with COPD exacerbation healthcare resource utilization among COPD patients with exacerbation history.

Alpha-1 Carrier Genomics Study

The goal of this study is to better understand why some Alpha-1 genotype MZ (PiMZ) individuals develop chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) while others do not. This study will examine portions of the Alpha-1 gene that are not routinely tested to determine whether other changes in this gene correlate with development and progression of COPD. Participation involves responding to questionnaires about lung health and history, and performing an at-home finger stick to obtai...

Bronchiectasis Effect in COPD Patients

The etiology of bronchiectasis, known as permanent, abnormal, and localized development of bronchi, varies. However, most of them are responsible for infections during childhood. The prevalence of bronchiectasis is particularly high in advanced COPD patients. This phenomenon, called COPD-bronchiectasis overlap syndrome, affects the clinic of COPD patients negatively. In this study; bronchiectasis in respiratory function, exercise capacity, dyspnoea and quality of life in COPD p...

Adjuvant Therapy for Severe COPD Patients in the Stable Phase by an Oxyhydrogen Generator With Nebulizer

The purpose for this study is to determine safety and effectiveness of the oxyhydrogen generator with nebulizer through an adjuvant therapy for the severe COPD patients in the stable phase.

Exercise Training and Inflammatory Mediators in COPD

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is widely spread all over the world. It is predicted to be the third leading cause of death by 2020[1]. COPD is a common, preventable treatable disease that is characterized by an airflow limitation which is not fully reversable[2].

Prevalence of Bronchiectasis in COPD Patients

The identification of bronchiectasis in COPD has been defined as a different clinical COPD phenotype with greater symptomatic severity, more frequent chronic bronchial infection and exacerbations, and poor prognosis. A causal association has not yet been proven, but it is biologically plausible that COPD, and particularly the infective and exacerbator COPD phenotypes, could be the cause of bronchiectasis without any other known etiology, beyond any mere association or comorbidi...

CPET in Evaluation of PH in COPD Patients

- To evaluate the entire course of exercise during CPET in COPD patients. - To study whether CPET, PFTs and arterial blood gases could discriminate between COPD patients with and without PH. - To study whether the existence of pulmonary hypertension in COPD is related to characteristic findings in gas exchange and circulatory parameters during cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET).

Study in Patients With COPD

The purpose of this study is to determine the efficacy and safety of the investigational drug in the treatment of COPD in comparison with a placebo.

COPD Patient-Powered Research Network

The COPD Patient-Powered Research Network (COPD PPRN) is a patient research registry with the goal of enrolling 75,000 or more COPD patients and those at risk who are willing to share their heath information over several years and participate in research. The COPD PPRN has built an online platform to allow volunteers to enroll electronically, complete surveys, be contacted about studies they qualify for and become connected to COPD resources. The goal of the registry is to spee...

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