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Safety of Rabivax-S for Pre-exposure Prophylaxis

People who are at frequent or continuous risk of exposure to rabies virus should be vaccinated against the disease (pre-exposure prophylaxis). This includes people who work with rabies virus in research or diagnostic laboratories or vaccine production facilities, veterinarians, staff, animal-control and wildlife workers in areas where rabies is endemic. Veterinary students in clinical placements and externships are included in this category. Currently, DVM students at Ross Univ...

Assessment of qSOFA in the Latin America Sepsis Institute Database

Recently, the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) and the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) have published new definitions of sepsis, known as Sepsis 3, based on a fairly robust analysis of large, essentially American, databases. In addition to the new definition, a new screening score was suggested, named quickSOFA (qSOFA). This score is positive if two of three variables are present: respiratory rate higher than 22 ipm, reduced level of consciousness an...

Animal Allergy in Korean Veterinary Researcher

The investigators will evaluate sensitization to animal allergens and allergic symptom during contacting animal allergens in Korean veterinary researchers who attend their annual conference. The investigators will compare sensitization to animal allergen and other clinical and occupational factors between subjects who suffer from allergic symptom during contacting animal and those who do not.

Computerized Assessment for Patients With Cancer

This research study will test a new online computer program for patients, the Electronic Self-Report Assessment-Cancer (ESRA-C 2). The program allows patients to report symptoms and quality of life issues and learn information about how to deal with these experiences. The computer program is being tested to see if it can improve communications between patients and their care team and if it can improve patients' experiences during and after treatment.

Emergency Department Crowding in Relation to In-hospital Adverse Medical Events

Since the report "To Err is Human" by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in 1999, attention was brought to the general public that adverse events in medicine are common and are one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality within the United States. The report estimates that 44,000 - 98,000 patients hospitalized in the United States die each year as a result of medical errors. In spite of the growing patient safety movement worldwide, health care has not become measur...

Impact of Handing to Patients a Copy of the Consultation Report on Their Medicine Consumption

In France, patients with benign viral infections (ie: gastro enteritis and/or rhinopharyngitis, etc.) often receive several prescriptions from their doctors, although there is evidence that these medicines are not efficient. We hypothesize that patients could be reassured by health advices, especially if they are written. In addition, we believe that doctors would feel less guilty for not prescribing drugs if they could hand written consultation reports to patients, in these s...

A Comparison of European and Chinese Blood Sugar Responses

This study is designed to compare the responses to an oral glucose challenge between people of European and Chinese heritage (essential participants in the European arm must have tow European parents and likewise for the Chinese participants).

Prevalence of Constructed Space Maintainers in a Group of Egyptian Children Attending Pediatric Dentistry Department, Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine Cairo University.

The purpose of the study is - To determine the Prevalence of constructed space maintainers at Pediatric Dentistry and Dental Public Health Department, Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, Cairo University. - To assess the knowledge, attitude and awareness of constructed space maintainers for pediatric patients' guardians at Pediatric Dentistry and Dental Public Health Department, Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, Cairo University. and - T...

Study of the Effectiveness of Report Cards on the Quality of Care for Heart Attack and Heart Failure Patients

Randomized cluster trial of cardiac report cards for AMI and CHF. 103 acute care Ontario hospitals/85 hospital corporations participating, randomized to two groups: Group A Early Feedback and Group B Delayed Feedback. Two phases of retrospective chart review of AMI and CHF separations to assess the impact of the public release of hospital specific performance on a set of Canadian quality indicators.

Pupillometry for Pain Assessment in Critically Ill Patients

This study was part of a quality improvement project at the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, Charité - Universitaetsmedizin Berlin. Being in pain is reported to be one of the most important stressors in critically ill patients and worsens outcome. The evaluation of pain using validated scores in patients who are able to self-report significantly improves the quality of analgesic therapy and health related outcomes in intensive care patients. Ho...

European Multicentre Study of Human Spinal Cord Injury

Today there is accumulating evidence from animal experiments that regeneration can be induced after a spinal cord injury (SCI). Consequently in the near future, new therapeutic approaches to induce some regeneration will be included in the treatment of patients with SCI. The aim of this proposal is to provide the required clinical basis for the implementation of novel interventional therapies. The establishment of combined clinical, functional and neurophysiological measures fo...

Combined Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine Daycare for CKD Patients

The annual report of USRDS shows than Taiwan has the highest prevalence of end-stage-renal-disease globally resulted in high prevalence dialysis rate. The major factors associated with chronic renal failure are age, diabetes, hypertension, chronic glomerulonephritis, metabolic syndrome, smoke, hepatitis C, painkiller and herbals. Chronic kidney disease may lead to various metabolic, cardiovascular and neurological diseases. And these possible prognostic factors associating with...

Disc Resorption in Lumbar and Cervical Disc Herniation Patients Receiving Integrative Korean Medicine Treatment

Measurement of herniated disc resorption and assessment of satisfaction regarding post-treatment state and integrative Korean medicine treatment through phone interview in 500 patients with MRI follow-up results receiving treatment for lumbar and cervical disc herniation at Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine.

Effects of Infra- and Ultrasound on the Brain

Findings in neuroscientific research show that the environment one lives in has measurable effects on brain morphology and functioning. Human exposure to airborne infra- and ultrasound has been constantly increasing during the last decades. For instance, the European Renewable Energy Directive, established in 2009, lead to an increased use of wind turbines, generating infrasound. The EU Directive states that until 2020 a 20% of the EUs' total energy needs is to be generated wit...

The European Prospective Investigation Into Cancer in Norfolk Prospective Population Study

The European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition in Norfolk is a population based prospective study of approximately 25,000 men and women resident in Norfolk United Kingdom. They were aged 39-79 years when first recruited from general practice age sex registers at baseline assessment 1993-1997. While part of a ten country half million participant European collaboration originally aimed to investigate diet and other lifestyle determinants of cancer, the objective...

French Travelers' Knowledge of Risk of Acquiring ESBL-PE

Since it is not routine practice in France to raise public awareness about the risk of acquiring multidrug resistant Enterobacteriaceae (MRE) during international travel, the investigators aimed to determine, among French travelers attending a consultation for travel medicine, patients level of knowledge about the risk of acquiring MRE.

A Trial of an Audit and Feedback Report to Improve Colonoscopy Performance

This project aims to measure the impact of a physician report card (also called an audit & feedback report) on colonoscopy performance. Endoscopists in Ontario will be randomly assigned to either receive the endoscopist report card or to no feedback. Using Ontario health administrative data, the quality of colonoscopy will be compared between those who received the report card and those who do not. The investigators will also measure the effect of receiving endoscopist report c...

The Distress-barometer: Face-to-face Interviews or Written Self-report Questionnaires?

Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer among women worldwide [1]. 5 years after diagnosis, up to 87% survives. A substantial group of these survivors report reduced physical, psycho social and cognitive functioning. Therefore, it is increasingly important to screen for distress, both during and after treatment. The Distress Barometer (DB) is a valid, short screening instrument, used to detect elevated levels of distress in patients with cancer. It can be used either in a se...

Bariatric Surgery Study

The current study proposes an open clinical trial to investigate the effectiveness of a social functioning intervention on bariatric surgery outcomes and depression. The treatment will be administered in a group format over 10 weekly/biweekly sessions and will take place at the University of Washington Weight Loss Management Clinic (WLMC) at the Roosevelt Clinic location. Effects of the intervention will be measured with self-report questionnaires and by self-report of behavior...

Implementing Genomics in Practice (IGNITE) Proof of Concept Study: Genotyping in Family Medicine Clinics

This study will examine the effect of having genotype information on pain management and pain control for patients treated in family medicine clinics. This study will also examine physician-perceived usefulness of genotype information. Patients will be enrolled from family medicine clinics serving as either implementation sites or control sites. Patients from implementation sites will undergo genotyping, while those from control sites will not by genotyped.

European Management Platform for Childhood Interstitial Lung Diseases - chILD-EU Register and Biobank

Generation of a common European database and biobank Continous assessment and implementation of guidelines and treatment protocols Establishment of a large observational cohort of chILD patients Determination the value of outcomes used in child Assess treatment variations used, deliver data from defined protocols and linked outcomes

Analysis of EPA® (a Food Intake Assessment Tool) as a Screening Test for Malnutrition in General Medicine

The main objective is to evaluate the sensitivity of the EPA® for screening for malnutrition in general medicine in adults.

Comparison of Two Summative Assessment Methods in Advanced Life Support Courses

Several approaches for summative assessment during Advanced Life Support courses are used. The most commonly used method during European Resuscitation (ERC) Council Life Support Courses is that 1 instructor is miming a whole team, and the candidate has to lead this "team" through a scenario; another variant of the summative assessment (mainly used by American Heart Association (AHA) Courses) is with a group of students, where one student is the team leader to be assessed and th...

Human Hydration Status Monitoring

The sports medicine literature provides a consensus on what threshold values constitute euhydration (normal body water) using a variety of hydration assessment markers (e.g., blood, urine). The investigators add to this literature by providing decision levels for multiple body fluids which can be used as starting points for diagnosing and treating dehydration. At present, plasma osmolality (Posm) provides the best potential measure for static dehydration assessment (spot meas...

Relationship Between Nitric Oxide (NO) in Follicular Fluid and Sperm Fertilization Ability

Several studies indicate that Nitric Oxide (NO) plays an important role in the physiology of the reproductive system in mammals. It has been shown that NO affects sperm motility, it regulates the tyrosine phosphorylation of different sperm proteins, it enhances the sperm binding ability to the zona pellucida and it modulates the acrosome reaction. The enzyme responsible for NO synthesis, the Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS), has also been identified in the oocytes, cumulus and coro...

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