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Effect of Light-Emitting Diode on the Strenght and Resistence Capacities of Cycling Athletes

Phototherapy is a therapeutic resource of increasing use in the last decade. The photobiomodulatory effects are commonly produced by means of low intensity lasers or LED emitting diodes, and can be used at different wavelengths. These light sources are divergent as to coherence, but produce equivalent tissue effects. The application of laser or LED light is able to induce biochemical changes in tissues, allowing for inhibitory or stimulating effects. These responses are associa...

Pulsed Dye Laser Treatment of Port Wine Stain Birthmarks: Comparison of 577 nm Versus 595 nm Wavelengths

The purpose of this study is to improve port wine stain (PWS) therapeutic outcome in response to pulsed dye laser (PDL) therapy by comparison of 577 nm versus 595 nm Wavelengths. The researchers' specific aim is to determine whether the use of the PDL operating at a wavelength of 577 nm will improve PWS therapeutic outcome as compared to a PDL operating at 595 nm. PWS are a congenital, progressive vascular malformation of human skin. The pulsed dye laser (PDL) is...

Recovery Guide Intervention for Recurrent Psychiatric Hospitalization

The purpose of this study is to determine whether Recovery Guide support services are effective in promoting recovery and social integration among psychiatrically disabled individuals who experience high rates of inpatient hospitalizations.

Efficacy of the Recovery Workbook as a Psychoeducational Tool for Facilitating Recovery

The present study will determine if Spaniol and colleague's (1994) Recovery Workbook group intervention is an effective clinical tool to move a person with SMI along in their journey of recovery. The primary outcome measurements of this study will be the participants' perceived level of empowerment, hope and optimism, knowledge of recovery, and life satisfaction. This kind of information would add to the current body of knowledge about how principles of recovery can be used in ...

The Effects of Vibration Therapy as a Recovery Tool After Intense Exercise

High intensity exercise can lead to muscle damage, resulting in muscle soreness, swelling and reduction in muscle strength. If the recovery is not sufficient or efficient it can increase the risk for injury and decrease the ability of the athlete to perform repetitive exercise and maintain overall performance. There are a variety of recovery aids which are being used by athletes, such as: the use of compression garments, massage, cold water immersion, sauna etc. Additional rec...

Assessing Recovery

In 2003 the VA Undersecretary's Action Agenda mandated that mental health services throughout the system be transformed to a recovery model. That mandate and many of the Workgroup recommendations have since been formalized in the Uniform Mental Health Services Package, which specifies a range of recovery-oriented services that must be available to veterans. A key aspect of these policy mandates is the need to assess recovery status of veterans and to monitor their progress ove...

PBMT on Muscular Performance and Recovery in Different Time-points

Recent studies with photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) have shown positive results delaying skeletal muscle fatigue and improving the status of biochemical markers related to skeletal muscle damage when these therapies were applied before exercise. The aim of this project is to verify the effects of PBMT in improvement of skeletal muscle performance and skeletal muscle recovery in healthy male subjects. This project aims also to validate the concept that simultaneous use of thre...

Recovery Group Pilot

The purpose of this study is to develop and evaluate a low-cost, joint consumer/counselor-led, health education and support intervention that will foster self-care and recovery among adults with serious mental illness. Results from the study will indicate how well the workbook and the overall program were received by individuals with serious mental illness, and whether participating in the program appeared to improve recovery and functioning.

Safety and Effectiveness of NXY-059 for the Treatment of Patients Who Have Suffered From a Stroke

This study will determine if NXY-059 will improve recovery from an acute stroke. The study is designed to look at both overall recovery and recovery of motor function, for example muscle strengthen and coordination.

Predicting, Understanding and Speeding Recovery After TKA

The objective of this research study is to better understand patterns of recovery after Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA). The study will evaluate how pain, activity and cognitive (i.e., thinking style) responses determine patterns of recovery, and the study will evaluate the efficacy of gabapentin versus placebo for improving recovery after surgery.

Pain Perception at Laser Treatment

The purpose of this study is to compare the pain perception at laser treatment of peripheral retinal degenerations with green and infrared wavelengths.

Spectrometry of Cancerous Lesions of the Oral Cavity

La detection of suspect lesions is based on the clinical examination of the oral cavity and pharyngolaryngeal endoscopy, but the examination to confirm the diagnosis is a pathology examination of the biopsy taken during the endoscopy. Taking the biopsy, however, can be difficult. On the one hand , it is an invasive procedure, and may engender complications, and on the other hand, certain modifications of the mucosa may be discrete, or not particularly specific or, on the contra...

"Recovery 4 US" - A Photovoice-based Social Media Program

This study is a randomized trial evaluating "Recovery 4 US", a social media program aimed at the enhancement of community participation and overall recovery of individuals with psychiatric disabilities.This innovative e-mental health program integrates Internet and mobile technologies and is designed to be a self-sustaining recovery-oriented virtual community for individuals living with a disabling mental illness based on the principles of Photovoice.

Effects of Preparing Parents To Participate In Their Child's Care In The Recovery Room

The objectives of this study were to evaluate the effect of a preoperative educational DVD on parents' knowledge acquisition, participation and anxiety related to their child's care in the recovery room (RR). It also aimed at evaluating the DVD in terms of children's postoperative distress, pain, analgesic requirements and length of recovery.

Reduction of Post Mastectomy Pain With the Jacki® Recovery Jacket

This research study is studying a garment called the Jacki® recovery jacket that can be worn after surgery as a possible way to manage pain from surgical drains. The study intervention involved in this study is: -"Jacki" recovery jacket

Comparison of Recovery From Rocuronium 1.2 mg/kg Followed By Org 25969 16 mg/kg at 3 Minutes With Recovery From Succinylcholine 1.0 mg/kg (19.4.303)(COMPLETED)

The purpose of the trial is to demonstrate a faster recovery from neuromuscular block induced by 1.2 mg/kg Zemuron® after reversal at 3 minutes by 16.0 mg/kg of Org 25969 compared with recovery after a neuromuscular block induced by 1.0 mg/kg succinylcholine.

Pediatric Urology Recovery After Surgery Endeavor (PURSUE)

The purpose of this research study is to evaluate procedures implemented to potentially speed up recovery after urologic surgery. We are interested in speed of recovery (how quickly pain improves, length of time in the hospital, and the need for additional pain control).

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Effects of Different Recovery Methods on Lactic Acid Removal, Flexibility, Strength, and Endurance

The aim of this study is to compare these three different recovery methods following a single bout high-intensity interval exercise program with each other in terms of blood lactate clearance, muscle flexibility, muscle strength and endurance.

785nm Picosecond Laser for Treatment of Benign Pigmented Lesions

This is an open-label, multi-center study. Subjects in this study will receive up to eight (8) treatments in 11±5 weeks (6-16 weeks) interval, with the PicoWay device using the 785 nm wavelength alone or combined with 1064 nm or 532 nm wavelengths. Subjects will return for one follow‐up (FU) visit at the clinic at 8 weeks following the last treatment.

Enhanced Recovery in Acute Pancreatitis

Prospective randomized-controlled trial evaluating impact of enhanced recovery protocol compared to standard care for recovery of patients with acute pancreatitis.

Breast Surgery Recovery: The Clinical and Psychosocial Impact of THEYA Recovery Range

A randomised interventional comparative control study will be undertaken to compare the THEYA Recovery Range postoperatively for patients undergoing wider lumpectomies, partial mastectomies and total mastectomies to current practice using a mixed method combining quantitative and qualitative instruments. 100 female participants are hoped to be recruited following breast surgery after a newly diagnosed breast cancer. This study will answer the research question:- "What is the c...

Accelerated Recovery Pathway for Discharge After Surgery in Patients With Pancreatic Cancer

This randomized clinical trial studies accelerated recovery pathway for discharge after surgery in patients with pancreatic cancer. A standardized accelerated recovery pathway may improve outcomes after surgery following complex abdominal operations resulting in a shorter length of stay in patients with pancreatic cancer. It may also help patients to mobilize more quickly and return to the home setting, decrease hospital-acquired infectious complications, and increase potential...

Nitrous Oxide Added at the End of Sevoflurane Anesthesia and Recovery

Addition of nitrous oxide N2O towards the end of prolonged isoflurane anesthesia hastens patients recovery. The hypothesis is that the addition of N2O at the end of prolonged sevoflurane anaesthesia also hastens early recovery without increasing the frequencies and intensity of PONV and improves quality of recovery.

Mechanisms of Action and Outcome

The objective of this study is to examine the mechanisms of action and outcome in mental health peer support groups. The study design is a randomized trial in which participants are assigned to one of three study arms: a recovery oriented mental health group led by peer facilitators (Vet-to-Vet), a recovery oriented group led by a clinician, or "treatment as usual." Qualitative and quantitative methods will be used to assess substantive content and process of the recovery gr...

Effectiveness and Safety of Rhubarb for the Treatment of Patients Who Have Suffered From a Stroke

This study will determine if rhubarb will reduced the incidence of pneumonia and improved recovery from an acute stroke. The study is designed to look at both infection rate and overall recovery and recovery of motor function, for example muscle strength and coordination.

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