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Work-related Respiratory Symptoms in Champagne Vineyard Workers

Work related asthma and rhinitis are frequent diseases with a significant morbidity and a social and economic impact. Farmers are highly exposed to various inhaled agents such as organic or inorganic dust, endotoxin, micro-organisms, pollen, mites, moulds, animal danders and pesticides, inducing rhinitis, asthma, chronic bronchitis, hypersensitivity pneumonitis and organic dust toxic syndrome. Work related respiratory symptoms are frequent in crop farmers. Allergic rhinitis and...

A Study Evaluating the Efficacy and Impact on Health-related Quality of Life of Levocetirizine in Adults With Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis

The study objective is to investigate the efficacy of levocetirizine in reducing symptoms associated with seasonal allergic rhinitis and in improving rhinitis-related Quality of Life.

A Study Evaluating the Efficacy and Impact on Health-related Quality of Life of Levocetirizine in Adults With Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis

The study objective is to investigate the efficacy of levocetirizine in reducing symptoms associated with seasonal allergic rhinitis and in improving rhinitis-related Quality of Life

Determinants of the Quality of Work Life of Psychiatric Nurses and Relief on the Quality of Care

Psychological well-being at work is a major public health issue. The number of sick leave in hospitals has increased by 10% in five years and the average cost of absenteeism is around 3000 euros per agent per year. These changes are associated with the increase in turnover among nurses, thus raising the question of its impact on the quality of care. Psychological suffering at work is one of the main determinants of intention to leave for nurses. We hypothesize that an improveme...

Do Change in Life Style Improve Work Ability?

The main aim of this Cohort trial is to get more information about how life style changes affect work participation for people with BMI above 30. The information can contribute to improving the quality of occupational rehabilitation programs in the specialized health care services and for others who work with weight loss programs and work related rehabilitation programs.

Effect of Air Cleaner on the Indoor Allergen Sensitized Allergic Rhinitis Patients

This study aimed to assess the impact of air cleanser on allergic rhinitis patients and indoor air quality. Air cleaners will be installed in the bedrooms and living rooms of the mite allergic rhinitis patients who aged 18-60 years. Main parameters: - Symptom medication score of allergic rhinitis Supportive parameters: - Visual analog scale of allergic rhinitis - Quality of life score of allergic rhinitis - Indoor air quality measurement ...

Working Shift Organization, Caregivers' Satisfaction and Quality of Life at Work, and Performance.

This is a prospective, non-randomized, multicenter, observational national study, involving centers with different working shift organizations. Participating centers are 24 French adult intensive care units with different working shift organizations (12-hours shift vs. less than 12-hours shift) in public hospitals. Caregivers (doctors, nurses and assistant nurses) constitute the population of the study. The duration of the study is 13 months. The aim of this study is ...

Impact of Pollution on Allergic Rhinitis and Sleep Quality: the POLLAR Study

It has been demonstrated that allergic rhinitis (AR) reduces sleep quality by some components such as nasal obstruction. Pollution and allergen exposure worsening AR, sleep quality is deteriorated. Sleep is associated to physical and mental health, alterations in sleep could explain the link between AR and work productivity diminution, impairment in daily activities or emotional problems. However, interactions between air pollution, sleep and allergic diseases are insuf...

Active@Work - Optimizing Physical Activity at Work.

The aim of this project is to explore if monitoring physical activity including feedback can have any effect on physical activity level, function, work ability, health related quality of life or work productivity among individuals with hip and/or knee osteoarthritis. This will be performed by evaluating the use of mobile technology and activity monitoring to support physical activity in individuals with OA in a cluster randomized controlled trial. Our research questions are: ...

Sick Leave, Work Disability and Quality of Life in Korean Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) is a chronic inflammatory condition of the gastrointestinal tract that significantly affects quality of life of patients. Several studies have reported that the loss of work productivity is significantly higher than that of the general population due to disease-related symptoms and various factors in patients with inflammatory bowel disease in Western countries, but there is few data in Korea. Therefore, this study is to assess the effe...

Financial Distress in Patients With Advanced Cancer

Advanced cancer has an adverse effect in virtually all dimensions of patients' lives (physical, psychosocial, spiritual, familial, role function). One of the less frequently explored effects of cancer is its impact on personal finances and the contribution of financial-related distress to overall suffering and quality of life. Financial issues have been recently found to be the second most frequent source of distress identified by cancer patients in a community cancer center co...

The Dysbiosis of the Intestinal Microbiota in Individuals With Allergic Rhinitis (MICRORIN)

Allergic rhinitis (AR) is triggered by environmental allergens such as pollen and mites, and is associated with several symptoms such as itching and nasal congestion, sneezing or tearing and redness of the eyes. RA can affect patients life quality who suffer it, reducing the quality of sleep and cognitive function, causing irritability and fatigue and, consequently a decrease in work performance. Because the existing pharmacological treatments for RA are not entirely effective...

Quality of Life in Patients With Allergic Rhinitis: Clinical Trial With Bilastine or Loratadine

The purpose of this study was to verify whether there were differences in health-related quality of life of patients with allergic rhinitis treated with bilastine 20 mg compared to those treated with loratadine 10 mg.

Obesity, Lifestyle and Work Intervention

The main aim of this study was to examine whether introducing a work intervention into a traditional lifestyle rehabilitation program for persons with BMI above 30, would affect the participants' ability to work and their lifestyle change. The investigators wanted to find out how the participants experienced their health, workability and work capacity, quality of life, diet and self-efficacy before and during the intervention

Surviving ARDS: The Influence of Quality of Care and Individual Patient Characteristics on Quality of Life

The purpose of the DACAPO study ("Surviving ARDS: the influence of quality of care and individual patient characteristics on quality of life") is to investigate the role of quality of care and individual patient characteristics on quality of life and return to work in survivors of ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome). It is hypothesized that higher quality of care is associated with better health-related quality of life and a higher rate of return to work among survivors....

A 5-Way Treatment Period Trial of Single Doses of Intranasal GSK256066 in Patients With Rhinitis

This current study is planned as a dedicated pharmacodynamic (effect of drug on the body) study to investigate the dose response in rhinitic subjects at doses where GSK256066 has been proven to work (200mcg) or expected to (50mcg) work. This study also aims to investigate the lower end of the predicted therapeutic range.

Measuring the Cardio-metabolic Response to Diet Quality Modification During Night Work.

The aim of this pilot study is to investigate the acute impact of diet quality modification during night work on 24-hr glucose variability (GV) and heart rate variability (HRV) in healthy free-living employees.

Problem-Solving Therapy for Depressive Symptoms and Quality of Life in Stroke Survivor-Caregiver Dyads

The purpose of this feasibility study is to determine whether it is practical and helpful to provide problem-solving therapy to stroke survivors and their spouses/partners (caregivers) together. It will also compare the experiences of participants who receive problem-solving therapy to those who receive stroke-related health education. Many stroke survivors and caregivers report feeling sad or blue at some point after the stroke. These feelings can impact quality of life. Enco...

Improving Work Flow Through Cognitive Ergonomics. An Intervention Study

The main aim of the SujuKE study is to test the effectiveness of workplace cognitive ergonomics development program designed to decrease cognitively disrupting work conditions and work-related cognitive stress, and to improve work flow. The cognitive ergonomics workplace intervention includes cognitive ergonomics workshop, work experiments, and intervention task questionnaires. Its effect on changes in subjective measures of work conditions, work flow, stress, and work producti...


Clinical Activity During Night-shift: an Ecological Study

A convenient sample of internal medicine residents will be observed during their nightshift work in the wards of the department of internal medicine of a university hospital. The epidemiology of night calls and emergencies, including incidence, causes, management, and prognosis, will be assessed prospectively. The impact of nightshift work on sleep, stress, quality of life, regrets, and general well being of the residents observed will be measured through completion of validate...

Work Stress and Impact of Pruritus on Quality of Life

Work stress and pruritus: imbalance of effort balance reward in patients with psoriasis.

Effects of Preventive Physiotherapy Practices on Posture and Work-Related Functions in Office Workers

In this study; aimed to determine an individual-centered, effective physiotherapy method to reduce the negative impacts of the forward head posture on work-related functions and to increase body awareness and functionality among office workers. In addition, aimed to reduce the loss of work with measures to improve the quality and efficiency of work.

A Behavioral Intervention to Improve Work Outcomes

This research has been designed to learn whether getting regular and specific feedback about work performance with small rewards for meeting goals helps people to improve their job performance and leads to better work outcomes, improved mental functioning, and better quality of life

Grass Pollen Immunotherapy Using a Cluster Regime for Seasonal Rhinitis and Asthma

The purpose of this study was to assess the effects of grass pollen immunotherapy on symptoms, bronchial hyperresponsiveness and quality of life in seasonal rhinitis and asthma. Hay fever symptoms and medication use, health-related quality of life, and measurements of non-specific bronchial responsiveness were recorded during the study period.

Gastroenterology & Work Related Injuries

2.2.1. Primary Outcome(s) • Percentage of gastroenterology fellows who have received any formal training in the ergonomics of endoscopy and how to prevent long term work related injuries. 2.2.2. Secondary Outcome(s) - How much formal training given in multiple choice format fellows received in the ergonomics of endoscopy and how to prevent work related injuries. - Number of perceived work related injuries fellows sustained. - Types of perceived ...

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