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Implementation of a Smartphone Application in Medical Education: A Randomised Trial

This study addresses the effectiveness of a smartphone application to improve academic performance among medical students. Participants will be randomised to receive an application developed by a team of physicians and engineers, designed to review key concepts in internal medicine and its subspecialties. The primary outcome will be the number of correct answers in a multiple choice test 4 weeks after randomisation.

ProAlgaZyme Novel Algae Infusion: Applications in Immunodeficiency

The purpose of this study is to determine the safety and effects in HIV patients of supplementation (4-20 fl. oz. daily) with ProAlgaZyme, a novel fermentation product of a freshwater algae ecosystem, on markers of immune status, dyslipidemia, inflammation and oxidative stress alone or in combination with HAART (highly-active antiretroviral therapy).

Atrial Fibrillation Screening With a Smartphone Device and iECG (ElectroCardioGram) Application

Question: Can Atrial Fibrilation (AF) cases in patients ≥ 65 years be easily detected in a primary healthcare environment using a smartphone device and iECG application as an opportunistic screening tool? Objectives: Detect atrial fibrillation through cardiac rhythm abnormalities in patients ≥65 years old in an opportunistic screening program using a smartphone device/application 1. Define de predictable value of the smartphone device with Electrocardiogram (EC...

Check of Optical Features and Accuracy of the Zeiss ZO Lens After Selection and Calculation With OKULIX

It is planned to implant the intraocular lenses XL Stabi ZO and Invent ZO into the eyes of patients for whom a cataract operation is medically indicated. The lenses are marketed and CE certified. Their implantation is clinical routine. In the trial the accuracy of prediction of target refraction and the difference between calculated and measured contrast vision will be examined for both lens types.

The Digital Incentive Spirometer (DIS): Improving Adherence to Incentive Spirometry

The purpose of the protocol is to assess how incentive spirometer data gathered via a smartphone platform can be utilized to improve participant adherence to prescribed incentive spirometer exercises in the post-operative period. Half of the participants will receive a standard of care incentive spirometer with a passive tracking device while the other half of the participants will receive a smartphone connected device and smartphone with an application that will encourage thei...

Assessment of Chest Compression Depth Obtained Using the Smartphone Application as an Educational Tool With New Attachment Device

To improve the quality of CPR education, we want to assess the validity and reliability of the feedback depth measured by smartphone applications according to the smartphone attachment sites as an educational tool. However, in the prior study, armband method showed overestimated chest compression depth. The reason of the overestimation was analyzed that the weight of the smartphone amplified the inertial force to produce additional linear movement. In this study, we will make n...

Tobacco Tactics Website for Operating Engineers

This is a research study to test our Tobacco Tactics intervention among Operating Engineers (heavy equipment workers). The intervention group will be directed to the Tobacco Tactics website, and the control group will be directed to the state supported 1-800 quit-now telephone hotline during routine annual safety training that all Operating Engineers are required to attend. The web-based quitting intervention includes provision of over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapy...

ProAlgaZyme Novel Algae Infusion: Applications in Metabolic Syndrome

The purpose of this study is to compare the effects of supplementation with ProAlgaZyme (a novel fermentation product of a freshwater algae ecosystem) vs. placebo on Metabolic Syndrome and indicators of cardiovascular health including: body weight and fat, blood lipids, inflammatory markers such as hsCRP, blood pressure and fasting blood glucose.

A Wearable and a Self-management Application for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Patients at Home

Our overall research goal for this project is to create a wearable device and mobile application, appealing to patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), which provides them with appropriate self-management tools and detects AECOPDs early to permit prompt treatment and prevent severe exacerbations requiring hospitalization.

Beta Carotene From Natural Source for Patients With Non-Active Crohn's Disease

Many inflammatory disorders in the body are linked to oxidative tissue damage. Anti-oxidants that are present in many natural food sources may provide protection from such damage. Beta carotene is an anti-oxidant vitamin present in many fruits and vegetables. The algae Dunaliella is particularly rich in beta carotene. In this prospective trial we want to investigate whether beta carotene from Dunaliella may prevent exacerbations of Crohn's disease.

Lithothamnion Species on Blood Lactate During Exhaustive Exercise in Trained Cyclists

Deep ocean mineral water has been shown to improve exercise phenotypes in human and animal models. However, there is yet to be an investigation of Algae species such as Lithothamnion that absorb and concentrate these minerals. Therefore, the AAP trial will investigate the effect of water soluble Lithothamnion species on exhaustive exercise-induced blood lactate accumulation, recovery and power output in trained cyclists.

Effect of the Use of an add-on Device Connected to a Smartphone App on Difficult-to-treat Asthmatic Patient's Adherence

The purpose of this Study is to assess the effect of a smartphone application connected to an add-on device system fitted on Pressured Metered Dose Inhaler (PMDI) on adherence to take medications as prescribed and clinical outcomes in difficult-to-treat asthmatic patients.

Detection of Heart Rhythm and BP With RhythmPadBP

This study will assess a new device, the RhythmPadBP, which detects heart rhythm and measure blood pressure simply by placing palms of the hands on a pad containing titanium electrodes.

Contingency Management Using Smartphone App in Patients With SUD

The purpose of this research study is to test the acceptance and efficacy of a smartphone app (DynamiCare Rewards) for patients with substance use disorder (SUD) who are in active treatment and recovery at BrightView.

RELAX: A Mobile Application Suite Targeting Obesity and Stress

The purpose of this research is to develop and test a mobile application called RELAX, which is designed to help with stress management during weight loss.

An Intervention to Improve Adolescent Headache Self-management

The purpose of this study is to test the efficacy of a new app to help adolescents with chronic or reoccurring headaches self manage pain.

Breathalyzer Validation Study

The proposed project will test three commercial cellphone breathalyzers against a police grade breathalyzer device.The study will test the accuracy of these smartphone breathalyzers at assessing Breath Alcohol Content (BrAC) against a standard police grade breathalyzer. This study aims to fill the knowledge gap by determining the validity of smartphone paired breathalyzer devices to accurately assess BrAC. Data collection includes collection of BrAC measurements, as well as sur...

Community Pediatric Acceptability Study (CPAS)

Ear infections in children are a leading cause of health expenditures and antimicrobial prescriptions in children. Diagnosis of an ear infection requires the ability to view the ear drum. An instrument called an otoscope with a light source and a magnifying lens with a plastic tip that conforms to the ear canal is currently the standard of care for examining a child's ear drum. Examining a child's ear drum with an otoscope is limited by an individual's assessment that canot be ...

Smartphone Utilization for Glucose Monitoring and Antenatal Reporting

This project will utilize MHealth technology to address the barriers providers and obstetric patients experience when reporting blood glucose results. Half of the participants will record their blood glucose values with the assistance of a smartphone device, the other half will continue in the traditional care method of the clinic.

Smartphone-based Mobility Assessment and Individualized Exercise Programs for Patients With Frozen Shoulder

This study was to investigate the reliability and validity of the smartphone goniometer app to measure shoulder ROM in a modified position for patients with frozen shoulder, and compare the intervention effect and adherence to home exercise between the smartphone and traditional paper hangouts.

The Relationship Among Electroencephalography,Skin Conductance Response,Heart Rate Variability and Mental Health Among Smartphone Users After Receiving Texting or Calling

The number of smartphone users in Taiwan continues to increase exponentially. Smartphone addiction tends to not only disrupt the ability of social communication but cause physical and psychological problems as well. This study examined the relationship among skin conductance, electroencephalography, heart rate variability (HRV), social interaction anxiety and smartphone addiction among Line apps users, and we also tried to identify associated factors for further interventions.

Treating Depression on a Day-to-day Basis: Development of a Tool for Physicians Based on a Smartphone Application

Testing and validating an e-health (smartphone application) approach to better understand the determinants of day-to-day symptomatology in depression, medication adherence, and treatment efficacy in the goal of maximizing patient care.

MediBeat - HeartBeat Observation Trial

The gold standard instrument for blood pressure measurement is a mercury-filled sphygmomanometer with cuff and stethoscope (Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health; Canadian Electronic Library, 2012). However, such a device is not the most convenient for client self-monitoring or virtual (remote) care. Thus, there is a desire for an accurate, reliable alternative for the traditional mercury-containing sphygmomanometer. HeartBeat Technologies Ltd. ("Heartbeat") has...

Trial of An Innovative Smartphone Intervention for Smoking Cessation

The goal of this study is to determine whether the novel smartphone app (SmartQuit) provides higher quit rates than the current standard smoking cessation app.

INcreasing Veteran EngagemeNT to Prevent Diabetes (INVENT)

This study will evaluate a VA MyHealtheVet Secure Messaging intervention that uses different intervention messaging strategies designed to increase engagement in behaviors to prevent type 2 diabetes. The investigators will enroll 144 eligible Veterans into a 12-week MyHealtheVet Secure Messaging intervention. Eligible Veterans include those who are currently using MyHealtheVet secure messaging, meet inclusion/exclusion criteria, and have received an HbA1c test within the...

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