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Transplants With Unlicensed Preserved Cord Blood

Background: - Cord blood transplants can treat cancers and other diseases in children and adults. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires cord blood to be collected and stored under certain safety standards. However, most available cord blood units were collected before the FDA set these standards. These units may not meet FDA standards, but they do meet similar standards set and followed by the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP). Cord blood units that do ...

Commonly Used Medicines On Neonatal Units in the UK

This retrospective analysis of drug utilisation data aims to study the patterns of use of medicines in neonatal units in the UK from 2010 to 2017. Prescribing drugs in neonates can be complex and the application of pharmacotherapy principles can be challenging due to the lack of licenced formulations and limited evidence-base for indications, dosing and/or adverse events. A systematic review of drug utilisation pattern in neonatal units in different health care settings identif...

Red Cell Storage Duration Study

The RECESS study will compare the effects of transfusing red blood cell units stored = 21 days, in patients who are undergoing complex cardiac surgery and are likely to need a red blood cell transfusion. The primary hypothesis is that there is a clinically important difference between the effects of shorter-storage red cell units and longer-storage red cell units on clinical outcomes and mortality risk.

An Efficacy and Safety Study of Epoetin Alfa (PROCRIT) Initiated at 40,000 Units Every Week Versus 80,000 Units Every Two Weeks in Anemic Patients With Cancer Receiving Chemotherapy.

The primary objective of this study is to compare end of study hemoglobin levels between Epoetin alfa at 40,000 units administered subcutaneously once every week and at 80,000 units subcutaneously every two weeks in anemic patients with cancer receiving chemotherapy. The secondary objectives of the study are to assess the Hb response, time to Hb response, transfusion requirements, and safety.

Incidence and Prognostic Implication of Acute CV Events in Patients Hospitalized for CAP in Internal Medicine Units.

FADOI-ICECAP is a observational, prospective, multicenter study involving 20-25 nationwide Units of Internal Medicine. The study foresees the participation of 26 Internal Medicine Operative Units, and for each of them a prospective registration of data relative to at least 50 patients admitted with CAP (in total, at least 1300 evaluable subjects) is foreseen.


The SUMAMOS EXCELENCIA Project: Assessment of Implementation of Best Practices in a National Health System

There is a gap between research and clinical practice, leading to variability in decision-making. Clinical audits are an effective strategy for improving implementation of best practices. Quasi-experimental, multicentre, before-and-after. Primary-care and hospital-care units and associated socio-healthcare structures, and the patients attended at both. Implementation of evidence-based recommendations by application of the Getting Research into Practice model (process of improve...

Quality of Life Study in Patients With Cancer Breakthrough Pain Treated in Palliative Care Units

Patients treated in Palliative Care Units are potentially fragile patients, especially in our case, which are cancer patients. The management of these patients is usually done from experience, because these patients rarely meet criteria for clinical trials, as their inclusion could affect results obtained in the trial. There is insufficient clinical information on the quality of life of cancer patients with breakthrough pain treated in palliative care units according to routin...

Non-interventional Research Clinical Research Program for Establishment of Milk Protein Allergy Oral Immune Tolerance

The main purpose of this study was to observe the effect of amino acid formula powder on alleviating food allergies in infants; to evaluate the role of food avoidance and open-ended stimulation test in the diagnosis of food-allergic infants; to observe the allergic process in children with food allergy and to explore the criteria for diagnosis and treatment. The baby here refers to an infant between the ages of birth and 6 months of age. This study used a multicenter, prospect...

Safety and Efficacy of ProHema Modulated Umbilical Cord Blood Units in Subjects With Hematologic Malignancies.

The purpose of this research study is to determine the safety and efficacy of a reduced intensity conditioning regimen during a double umbilical cord blood unit transplant with one of the cord blood units modulated with ProHema.

Identification and Research of Impacts of Social Categorization Process in Nurse Triage (SOCIAL SORTING)

Social Sorting is a: non interventional, observational, qualitative and multicenter research. It investigates three French emergency units in three French centers (UH of Angers, H of Le Mans, H of Laval). It is a research based on nursing sciences and social-psychology and it proposes to study the process of social categorization that intervenes during triage nursing. The process of social categorization has developped since the beginning of XX century (LIPPMANN, in 192...

Inhalation of 20,000 Endotoxin Units(EU) of Clinical Center Reference Endotoxin in Healthy Volunteers

The purpose of this study is to determine the inflammatory response to 20,000 endotoxin units (EU) of CCRE (Clinical Center Reference Endotoxin) inhalation in a cohort of healthy volunteers. Preferably these subjects will have participated in ozone exposure studies, allowing a direct comparison of their responses to both endotoxin and ozone. Additionally, cardiovascular endpoints will be investigated with the CCRE exposure.

A Phase III Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of GSK1358820 in Subjects With Post-stroke Upper Limb Spasticity

Botulinum toxin A (GSK1358820) is a sterile, purified type A botulinum neurotoxin complex. In Japan, 240 units of botulinum toxin A are approved as a maximum dose per administration for upper limb spasticity. This study is planned to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of 400 units of botulinum toxin A which can help to increase the maximum dose per administration to 400 units from 240 units as the treatment with 240 units is considered insufficient in subjects with post-stro...

Efficacy and Safety Study of Botulinum Toxin Type A Against Placebo to Treat Abnormal Contraction or Twitch of the Eyelid

This phase 3 study will serve to collect efficacy and safety data of two different doses of NT 201 in subjects suffering from Bilateral Blephorasm (BEB) who are BTX treatment-naïve. In this study, BTX treatment-naïve subjects are defined as those who have not received BTX treatment within the last 12 months for the treatment of BEB. This definition aims to avoid bias by comparison of treatment effects in the subject's assessments. Furthermore, this study will substantiate th...

Peds SM-THINk: Nursing Interventions to Improve Discharge Outcomes

This study focuses on the delivery of discharge education by clinical nurses to improve parent and family self-management in the home environment. This study tests an discharge method (SM-THINk protocol) designed to improve the quality of care for hospitalized pediatric patients at the time of discharge, enhance the child's and family's experience, and decrease length of stay and health care utilization (ED visit or re-admission). The SM-THINk protocol is an enhancement to the ...

Patient's Perception of Hospital Safety

The study aims to construct and validate a self-administrated questionnaire to assess the patients' perception of patient safety in surgical care units. The originality of the study is to perform sociological interviews of hospitalized patients to assess their own perception on the safety of their care and to create corresponding items which will be included in a new questionnaire. In a second step, patients' perception of patient safety will be assessed in numerous surgical ca...

Evaluation of the Methods and Effectiveness of Care for Eligible Medical and Surgical Patients on Admission in Continuous Monitoring Units

In France, Intensive Medicine is carried out in three types of structures: intensive care units, intensive care unit and units Continuous Monitoring (USC). Created in the 90s as intermediate structures between conventional care units and intensive care units, these units are assigned to the care of patients whose conditions and treatment are fear the occurrence of one or more critical failures requiring to be monitored, or whose condition, at the end of one or more critical fai...

Associated Factors in Perioperative Hypoglycemia in Patients With Diabetes

The purpose of the study is to review incidences of mild, moderate, and severe hypoglycemia in preoperative care units, operating rooms, and postanesthesia care units and analyze associated conditions and treatment.

French Clinical Datbase of Melanoma Patients (RIC-Mel)

With a high incidence, low survival rates and limiter availability of effective treatment, melanoma is one of the research priorities for health authorities. Optimizing the development of both academic and private research requires the availability information on the features of patients. To meet this need, the French Multidisciplinary Melanoma Group (GMFMel) in collaboration with INCa (French National Cancer Institute), the CeNGEPS (National Centre for Healthcare Products ...

Construction and Validation of a Stress Scale Specific to ICUs: Perceived Stressors in Intensive Care Units (PS-ICU)

This study aims to construct and validate an international professional perceived stress scale specific to intensive care units: the PS-ICU Scale (Perceived Stressors in Intensive Care Units).

Measurement of Care Safety Culture in French ICU, Correlation With the Characteristics of Morbi-mortality Reviews

The tools to measure safety culture (CS) have recently become available. No study has focused on the measure in France, apart from pilot studies. intensive services are particularly at risk of serious adverse events occurred (SAEs). Patients who are hospitalized are in fact fragile and precarious clinical condition requires rapid decision taken often. Diagnostic or therapeutic strategies have report "risk-benefit" narrow. They may well be complicated by EIG.Safety of care is a ...

Composition of Functional Tooth Units and Nutrient Intake in Older Men

Various definitions of poor dentition in older adults has been linked with inadequate intake of nutrients and poor diet quality. This study aims to look at the associations between poor dentition as defined by the composition of functional tooth units, and dietary intake of nutrients in community dwelling older men.

Centralized Cord Blood Registry to Facilitate Unrelated Cord Blood Transplantation

The National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) has established a system for registering, matching, and tracking unrelated donor cord blood units (CBUs) and transplant outcomes. Study subjects are donors who enroll through collaborating cord blood banks. This study creates uniform collection, screening, testing and storage requirements for cord blood units. The purpose of standardization is to improve efficiency in the selection of cord blood units for transplantation.

Prevalence Rate, and Clinical Characteristics of Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome Via Screening Patients Admitted to Medical Intensive Care Units

A prospective observation study to screen adult obese (BMI ≥30 kg/m2) patients who were newly admitted to the medical intensive care units and turned out to be diagnosed as Obesity hypoventilation syndrome(OHS). The investigators purpose is to look into the prevalence, predictive factors, and outcomes of OHS in these critically ill patients.

EAMA Sarcopenia in Acute Care Patients in 9+European Countries

This collaborative study in 9 geriatrics units across Europe aims to apply emerging research to clinical practice, following the "Action-Research Philosophy" (11). The overall goal is to improve care in patients with - and help prevent - sarcopenia. Understanding the frequency of and risk factors for developing sarcopenia in an acute hospital setting, may help shed light on potential interventions and thus inform the development of future therapeutic strategies. It involves cru...

Methoxyflurane vs Standard Analgesic Treatment for Trauma Pain in Spanish Emergency Units

Clinical trial to compare pain relief between methoxyflurane and any analgesic treatment used in usual clinical practice, in patients with trauma and associated pain, treated in Spanish emergency units.

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