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Military Service Identification Tool

Estimates of the United Kingdom's (UK) military veteran population, defined by the British Government as those who have served in the military for at least one day [1], is approximately 2.5 million, equivalent to around 5% of household residents aged 16 years or over in the UK [2]. UK military veterans receive healthcare provision from the National Health Service (NHS), with care recorded in local, regional and national Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs) [3]. EHRs - structure...

Effect of Two Exercise Programs on Bone Strength and Architecture

Bone responds according to the load placed on it. In this study, investigators want to know if exercise that loads the body in exercises, like walking or jogging (Ground Reaction Forces: GRF), affects bone differently than exercises that load the joints, like weight lifting (Joint Reaction Forces: JRF). Participants will exercise at least 3 times a week for 6 months. Measures of bone strength and mass, muscular strength, and aerobic fitness will be taken at the beginning and th...

Sit Down and Play India

To gather data essential to evaluate the acceptability and feasibility of a brief, health care-based program delivered in routine healthcare visits in low and low-middle income countries to promote positive parenting behaviors with the aim to support early child development.

Strong Families Strong Forces: Supporting Active Duty Families With Very Young Children

The purpose of this research is to evaluate the efficacy of the Strong Families Strong Forces Parenting Program compared to a parental self-care (Strong Parents) condition in a sample of 150 Active Duty Families with children ages birth to 5 years.

Determination of Forces Used in Palpatory Diagnosis

In this study, we are experimentally investigating the assessment of forces used by skilled clinicians and beginning practitioners in palpatory techniques. The study will assess pressure used during palpatory diagnosis of the paraspinal region.

Biofeedback for Wheelchair Users

This study will evaluate movement of the arm and forces put through the hand during activities performed in a manual wheelchair. The goal of this study is to identify what motions and forces are most likely to lead to the development of pain or pathology and determine the feasibility of strategies to modify movements and decrease risk.

Induced Occlusal Trauma and Orthodontic Forces on Substance P and Calcitonin Gene-related Peptide Expression in Human Dental Pulp

This study measures SP and CGRP expression in human dental pulp under occlusal trauma induced by occlusal interferences under moderate orthodontic forces or under a combination of occlusal trauma and moderate orthodontic forces because in clinical reality, patients under orthodontic treatment experience a combination of these stimuli on their pulp tissue.

Everyday Activity Shoes: a Quantification of Impact Forces While Walking

This study aims to directly compare traditional everyday activity shoes (ASICS, Nike) with a shoe created to be flatter, less cushioned, and with less cradling of the foot (OESH shoe).

Glenosphere Size and Scapular Notch in RSA, Prospective Randomized Study

Scapular notch can be reduced by using bigger glenospheres but in some patients it cannot be implanted because of small size. If small size of glenosphere is used then scapular notch may increase. To improve that situation, eccentricity has been added to some glenospheres to increase glenoid overhanging. The objective is to assess if eccentricity can avoid scapular notch as effectively as bigger glenospheres.

Map Healthcare Provision Outside the NHS

- To collect data to show which sites outside of the NHS are currently being signposted to patients by Healthcare Multidisciplinary Professionals - To collect data about these sites, from patients who have been referred or signposted to sites outside of the NHS from a Healthcare Multidisciplinary Professional - To develop a database of potential healthcare sites outside the NHS that could become involved in NIHR Healthcare

Comparison of Two Different Doses of Paracetamol for Post-Operative Pain Relief

Paracetamol is commonly used to reduce pain after operations. Recently anaesthetists have been using bigger doses of paracetamol because it has been suggested that bigger doses will work better. However these bigger doses have never been assessed scientifically in adult patients to see if they work better, and it has not been determined at which dose the maximum effect in reducing pain occurs. We We will investigate whether a 90 mg per kg body weight dose works better than a...

Running Retraining to Minimize Braking Forces

The proposed research study aims to investigate whether a gait modification training program to decrease peak braking forces during the stance phase of running will result in a reduction in impact loading and the incidence of running-related injuries among recreational distance runners.

Measurement of Grip and Pinch Forces Needed for Activities of Daily Living, Work and Prehistoric Stone Tool Production

Very little is known about the pinch and grip forces that are critical for activities of daily living (ADL) or work. Human success in evolution is a result of the combination of great brain power and great hand ability to accomplish with our hands what our minds can conceive. Prehensile grasp in hominins allowed tool production and today allows us to hold fine instruments to perform surgery or do heavy construction. The strength of our hands is matched against the requirements ...

Preschoolers Active at Child Care (PACT)

The aim of this study was to develop, test, and compare two approaches to increasing physical activity (PA) and decreasing sedentary time among young children at child care centers, one which focused on a teacher-led PA curriculum (AP=Active Play!) and the other on increasing outdoor free play time (OP=Outdoor Play!).

Assessment of Chiropractic Treatment Using Reaction and Response Times in Members of the Special Operation Forces (ACT2)

This study is a randomized controlled trial designed to evaluate changes in reaction times (RTs) and response times (RespTs) following chiropractic treatment compared to controls in the Special Forces Qualified (SFQ) population.

Identification and Research of Impacts of Social Categorization Process in Nurse Triage (SOCIAL SORTING)

Social Sorting is a: non interventional, observational, qualitative and multicenter research. It investigates three French emergency units in three French centers (UH of Angers, H of Le Mans, H of Laval). It is a research based on nursing sciences and social-psychology and it proposes to study the process of social categorization that intervenes during triage nursing. The process of social categorization has developped since the beginning of XX century (LIPPMANN, in 192...

Anticipatory Muscle Control and Effect of Stabilizing Exercises in Patients With Subacute and Chronic Low Back Pain

Muscular stability is essential to the spinal column to avoid harmful strain and injury to its structures. Sudden postural disturbances impose reactive internal forces through the spine. If the muscles do not react before the internal reactive forces propagate through the spine, there is a short fraction of time where the spinal column may lack sufficient muscular support. Studies have shown that in patients with low back pain deep abdominal and back muscle have a delayed respo...

A New Spinal Orthosis for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

The new device with digital technology provides a new avenue to enable clinicians to communicate wirelessly with the imbedded core system such that they can adjust the electrical stimulation parameters and retrieve the temperature data for further compliance analysis. The smart phone and cloud technology can be effectively applied for both security and convenience. The electrical stimulation technology integrated with the total contact spinal orthosis combines the external corr...

Does a Safety Guidewire Increase the Forces Needed to Move the Ureteroscope up and Down the Ureter?

The purpose of this study is to investigate to forces needed to passage the ureteroscope up and down the ureter with and without a safety guidewire in place.

Play Interventions to Reduce Anxiety and Negative Emotions in Hospitalized Children

Hospitalization is a stressful and threatening experience, which can be emotionally devastating to children. Hospital play interventions have been widely used to prepare children for invasive medical procedures and hospitalization. Nevertheless, there is an imperative need for rigorous empirical scrutiny of the effectiveness of hospital play interventions, in particular, using play activities to ease the psychological burden of hospitalized children. This study tested the effec...

Hemodialysis and Erythrocyte Fatty-Acid Status: a Lipidomics Study

Hypotension with potentially serious consequences for organ perfusion is a common complication in extracorporeal procedures such as hemodialysis / hemofiltration. The exact reasons for this are still insufficiently clarified. Probably periinterventional vasorelaxant released substances play a crucial role in these procedures. These substances could be due to contact of blood cells with the Membrane in the dialyzer / hemofilter arise. In this project the hypothesis will be check...

Increasing Caregiver and Patient Engagement Through PHR Use

Informal caregivers play an integral role in managing complex, chronic disease patients providing services equivalent to an estimated economic value of $470 billion. The inclusion of informal caregivers in the healthcare team can improve care coordination and make health care safer by reducing potential medical errors caused by miscommunication. the investigators reason that a properly designed PHR with a simplified user interface and easy access to relevant content can improve...

Reduction of Shear Forces Using Semi-flexible Sockets on Transtibial Amputees

The purpose of this graduate student research study, is to test two different sockets for comfort and test what pressures are created by the socket during daily activities. The objective is to illustrate that semi-flexible sockets will maintain its rigidity and resist progressive shear forces from daily activity, ergo making our prosthetic system a more comfortable experience for the prosthetic user.

Backwards Walking Programme Following Hip and Knee Arthroplasty

Backwards walking has been shown to improve balance and walking in patients who have knee Osteoarthritis. It is not known if these benefits may also be seen after surgery in patients who have had a hip or knee replacement because of Osteoarthritis. This study will look to see if it is possible to conduct a bigger study into how effective backwards walking may be after joint replacement. Patients who come to the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in Oxford for a hip or knee replacement...

Soccer Play in Children With Cerebral Palsy

1. To figure out the effect of soccer play (once a week for 8 weeks) on pulmonary function in children with cerebral palsy 2. To find out if the leisure activity (soccer) increase the quality of life, motor function, gait function etc.. 3. Saftey of soccer play in children with cerebral palsy

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