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Standardized Criteria to Judge Diagnostic Urethrocystoscopy Skills

Develop a tool to objectively quantify technical skills necessary to perform diagnostic cystoscopy (using Objective Structured Assessment of Technical Skills- OSATS). Develop criteria by which surgeons skills in diagnostic cystoscopy can be evaluated or judged. Develop an intervention (1.5 hour workshop) which can be replicated by other residency programs in order to enhance learning of diagnostic cystoscopy. The workshop should be adequate for practicing Gynecologists...

Hepatitis C Self-Management

The objective of this study is to compare the efficacy of a 6-session hepatitis C self-management workshop to a hepatitis C self-management self-study program. Both interventions are designed to help people with hepatitis C learn to actively self-manage their chronic HCV infection, and ultimately, to improve health outcomes for veterans with HCV who are not receiving Interferon-based treatment. Participants complete a total of four assessments. The fourth assessment, a 12-18 ...

Workshop for Primary Prevention of Falls. CHANGING TO NEVER FALL. CTNF

The purpose of this study is to determine whether a primary prevention workshop is effective decreasing at least 13% the annual incidence of falls in elderly compared to the habitual counseling. Before the first fall incident, the elderly aged 65 or more, living in community, are invited to attend a workshop on fall preventing activities and factor risk detection. This activity consists on four sessions (one session per week during three weeks and the fourth session one ...

Improving Clinical Decision Making Skills for Myanmar Physical Therapists by Series of Workshop

This study aims to improve the Clinical Decision Making (CDM) skills of a group of Myanmar physical therapists by series of educational workshops that will introduce them to and guide them through the decision making process by using the CDM workbook. Participants will be separated into two groups, CDM workshop group and CDM workbook group. There will be three time assessments; one pre-workshop/ workbook and two post-workshop/workbook assessments by using Clinical Decision Maki...

Evaluation of Effectiveness of Nutritional Practical Counseling for Elderly Patients at Risk of Malnutrition on Nutritional Status at Home

At hospital, short term actions are used (adaptation of meals, oral supplementation…) to fight malnutrition. Oral supplementation can have a positive impact on weight gain. But actions should continue at home, particularly to maintain autonomy for elderly. The hypothesis is that practical workshop about enrichment and interest of foods can help malnourished patients to change their eating habits. The main goal of this study is to evaluate the effects of this workshop on impro...

Effect of CPAP on Breath Hold and Chest Movement in Normal Volunteers

CPAP will be applied to normal volunteers inorder to understand CPAP's effects on breathing and chest wall motion.

Improvement of Care for Outpatients With Type 2 Diabetes Through Self-Care Multidisciplinary Workshop for Diabetes

Ninety-six patients with diabetes will be randomly assigned to maintain standard treatment or participate in the Self-Care Multidisciplinary Workshop for Diabetes. The workshop consists of individual meetings, with a multidisciplinary team (nurse, pharmacist, nutritionist, physical educator and social worker) in which education and self-care topics will be approached aiming at the formation of knowledge and skills necessary for patient self-care. The workshop will be offered in...

Development of Gourmet Medical Cooking Workshop for Lifestyle Changing and Its Affect on Perimenopausal Women

Subjects that participate in the practical workshop will improve their metabolic indexes, decrease their weight and improve their quality of life, in contrast to the participants that will take part in the nutritional consulting sessions

Assessment of Worldwide Acute Kidney Injury Epidemiology in Neonates

Introduction: Based on single-center data, approximately 1 of every 3 newborns admitted to tertiary level neonatal intensive care units (NICU) develops acute kidney injury (AKI), and those with AKI have significantly worse outcomes. To stimulate discussion among researchers, the NIH NIDDK sponsored a workshop on neonatal AKI in April 2013. At that workshop, the group recognized the need to improve collaborations between neonatologists and nephrologists within and across ...

Healing Through Affective Self-Awareness in Fibromyalgia: a Randomized Controlled Trial

The investigators are studying whether a brief three-session mind-body workshop helps people with fibromyalgia. The investigators hypothesize that this workshop will significantly improve pain and other symptoms, compared to usual care.

Development of Workshop for Lifestyle Changing for Crohn's Disease Patients and Its Affect on the Disease's Indexes

Subjects that participate in the practical workshop will improve their quality of life and will stay longer in remmision , in compare to the participants that will continue their regular threatment

Feasibility Trial of a One-day CBT Workshop ("DISCOVER") for 15-18 Year Olds With Anxiety and/or Depression in Clinics

This is a feasibility trial designed to test the feasibility and acceptability of a one-day Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) workshop intervention ("DISCOVER") for young people aged between 15-18 years, who are on local child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) waiting lists, awaiting treatment for difficulties with anxiety and/or depression. Participants will be randomised to receive either the DISCOVER workshop (in addition usual care) or to continue usual care.

The Effect of Objective Structured Feedback on Live Surgical Performance: A Single-Blind Randomized Control Trial

This study seeks to establish the effect of regular structured feedback on surgical performance using crowd sourced video assessments with validated objective performance scores and time to complete a specific surgical procedure through a randomized controlled trial. The working hypothesis is that regular structured assessment will lead to a greater measurable improvement in performance, as defined by objective performance scores, than will traditional feedback methods.

Clinical Trial of the "Living Well With Hearing Loss Workshop"

This study evaluates whether a 2 hour group session, "The Living Well with Hearing Loss Workshop," can successfully teach hard of hearing people how to best use hearing aids and a variety of personal skills to compensate for the limitations of their impaired ears.

Randomised Trial of Structured Treatment Interruption of HAART in HIV-Infected Adults in Abidjan (ANRS 1269 TRIVACAN)

Interrupting HAART during limited periods of time ("structured treatment interruption : STI") could entail benefits (better long term tolerance, lower drug-induced viral resistance, lower cost) but also concomitant risks (lower efficacy, higher drug-induced viral resistance). At present, the benefit/risk ratio of STI is unclear. Several STI trials are in progress in industrialised countries. This trial aim at assessing the benefits and risks of two different STI strategies in W...

Use of the Modified Beef Tongue Model for Teaching Repair of Obstetrical Fourth-Degree Laceration to Residents

This is a study evaluating the use of the modified beef tongue model for teaching repair of obstetrical fourth-degree laceration to residents. Participants will be randomized to either an instructional video using the modified beef tongue model or to an instructional workshop using the modified beef tongue model. Primary outcome will be measured as change in technical skills score as measured by change from baseline on a validated objective structured assessment of technical sk...

Sensory Workshops and Anorexia Nervosa

In the literature the use of olfactory dimension in the treatment of anorexia has not been verified experimentally. The investigator hypothesize that the therapeutic use of a dietary nature olfactory stimuli in anorexia nervosa promotes food recovery. The team propose a prospective study over a period of 12 months in which we use the Body Mass Index (BMI) as the primary endpoint of the state of anorexia nervosa patients.

Patient Education Following a Stroke

The rapid diagnosis and treatment of acute ischemic stroke are critical in the reduction of morbidity, disability and stroke associated mortality Under-education about stroke may prevent people from recognizing symptoms early enough to seek immediate care. The studies reported on stroke patients managed in stroke center have shown that 39-42% of patients could not name any symptoms of stroke and 36% to 43% no risk factor of stroke. The stroke patients are therefore a populati...

Video Feedback Versus Verbal Feedback

The long term goal of our research is to develop a curriculum for Obstetrics and Gynecology resident physicians that regularly employs use of video assessment to improve surgical skills. Regular use of video feedback may enable improved self-assessment and allow for formal documentation of proficiency. The overall objective is to compare the use of video feedback to use of structured verbal feedback in the simulated task of laparoscopic vaginal cuff closure.

PRehabilitiation in Elective Frail and Elderly Cardiac Surgery PaTients

Older and more frail adults are more often being referred for cardiac surgery. These patients are often in suboptimal health, and may be physically frail, malnourished, and have other conditions, such as diabetes, that complicate their recovery. Research suggests that a rehabilitation program prior to surgery may help improve participants' health and improve their fitness for surgery. Currently, a pre-operative rehabilitation workshop is offered at the University of Ottawa Hear...

Procedural Simulation for Difficult Airway Training in Anesthesiology Resident Education Program

Difficult airway management is a crucial point that may influence outcomes of patient in this critical situation. Education for this topic is of main importance for resident of anesthesiology. Procedural simulation workshop allows participant to use device dedicated to difficult airway management. Investigators included this workshop to a state education program of anesthesiology resident in second year and compared to their homonym in another state where no specific organized ...

Community-Based Continence Promotion: Sustaining Healthy Aging in Place (SHAIP) Through Mind Over Matter (MOM)

The goal of this study is to obtain data about the effectiveness, reach, adoption, and implementation potential of an innovative, combined urinary/bowel continence workshop through a randomized controlled trial in six Wisconsin communities. This three-session workshop is based on proven principles of behavior change addressing urinary and bowel continence self-management and health education and has been developed specifically for administration to women age 50 and older in sen...

Randomized Controlled Trial of a Risk Reframing Tool to Change Mothers' Parenting Associated With Children's Risky Play

Children's risky play is associated with a variety of positive developmental, physical and mental health outcomes, including greater physical activity, self-confidence and risk management skills. Children's opportunities for risky play have eroded over time, limited by parents' fears and beliefs about risk, particularly among mothers. We have developed a digital and in-person workshop version of a tool to reframe parents' perceptions of risk. We will examine whether the tool in...

Internet Diabetes Self-Management Workshop

The purpose of this study is to determine of the effectiveness of an Internet based Diabetes Self-Management workshop for people with type II diabetes. Half of the people who complete the workshop will be invited to continue their education by participating in a email discussion group. Thus, we will be able to learn both the efficacy of the original program as well as its efficacy when reinforced by the discussion group. Diabetes is a disease that must be managed day by day ...

Training Workshop for Promoting Family Well-being Through a Community-based "Learning Families" Campaign

To strengthen family well-being and neighborhood cohesion in Kwun Tong community, a community -based "Learning families" campaign was conducted. As an initial step of this project, the investigators conducted a need assessments before designing and conducting a train-the-trainer workshop.The train-the-trainer workshop aimed to prepare the members of Estate Management Advisory Committees (EMAC) and Mutual Aid Committees (MACs) to implement and assist in conducting a series of co...

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