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Application-based Perioperative Management of the Radical Cystectomy Patient

The purpose of this study is to learn whether it is feasible to use the LifeScience Technologies application (LST app) in patients undergoing radical cystectomy with the eventual goal to reduce complications and readmissions to the hospital after surgery.

Evaluation of the Impact of the Presence of a Pharmacy Technician on the Quality and Cost of Drug Therapy

The main objective of this study is to evaluate the impact of the presence of a pharmacy technician in a care unit (Hepato-Gastroenterology Department) on detected medication errors. This is a before-after study consisting of three sequential phases: Month 1: one month of observation of what is happening in the department Month 2: one month wash out period Month 3: active participation of a pharmacy technician in the department

Prevention of Arthritis-Related Work Disability

People with rheumatic disorders (arthritis) often have trouble keeping their jobs. This study will look at whether vocational rehabilitation (VR) will improve the ability of employed people with arthritis to keep their jobs. Job retention VR services target key factors that increase the risk of job loss. They aim to modify jobs to reduce barriers caused by functional limitations and disease symptoms, future career planning, and establish a partnership with a VR counselor for...

Comparability and Standardization of Controlled Allergen Challenge Facilities

Allergen challenge facilities have been utilized for many years in clinical drug trials studying onset of action, proof of concept, duration of action, and efficacy. Each facility has somewhat different design characteristics and pollen dispersal technologies. Facilities are located in disparate geographic areas and have populations of participants who are sensitized to allergens unique to that area. Therefore, facilities have operated as single sites with little effort to eval...

Improving Child Restraint Installation

The investigators will conduct a pre-post trial with 150 parents in rural South Central Montana. The study will recruit families to cooperating community locations (e.g., churches, public libraries) to participate in research evaluating the efficacy of parents installing restraints with guidance from a remotely-located technician using interactive virtual presence. Following informed consent procedures, parents will complete a brief survey on behaviors, attitudes, and perceptio...

Efficacy of "On Line" Telematic Spirometry

The investigators aim to demonstrate that spirometry performed "on line" with a technician in a remote place from the patient has the same efficacy as the one performed personally. As a previous study the investigators analyzed the inter-observer agreement between two pulmonary function technicians from both centers taking part in the study: San Pedro de Alcántara Hospital (Cáceres) and Carlos III hospital (Madrid). The main study will be broad (226 patients derivates from p...

Secondary Prevention of Osteoporotic Fractures in Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities

Osteoporotic fractures of the hip are a major cause of admission to long-term care facilities. Such fractures put patients at high risk for further fractures, pain and disability. Current data show that many patients in long-term care facilities do not receive FDA medications for their osteoporosis. This trial will test whether a multi-model intervention (which provides feedback about provider use of osteoporosis medications, information about osteoporosis, and currently app...

Assessing the Feasibility and Effectiveness of Introducing Pulse Oximetry in IMCI Services

The purpose of the study is to assess the feasibility, acceptability and operational challenges of introducing Pulse Oximeter (PO) in IMCI services to manage acute respiratory infections at first-level primary care facilities in Bangladesh (phase 1). The investigators will also evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of introducing PO in IMCI services at first level primary care health facilities (phase 2). This study will employ a cluster randomized controlled trial...

Electricity Access and Maternal Care in Rural Health Facilities in Uganda

The investigators will conduct a stepped wedge cluster-randomized controlled trial in maternity care facilities in Uganda to evaluate the impact of the provision of a reliable light source on the quality of delivery care provided. The facility-level intervention is the installation of a "Solar Suitcase", a complete solar electric system providing essential lighting and power for charging phones and small medical devices and a fetal doppler. The intervention will be rolled-out s...

Pragmatic Trial of Video Education in Nursing Homes

This is a pragmatic cluster-randomized control trial (RCT) of an Advance Care Planning (ACP) Video Program for nursing home (NH) patients ≥ 65 years old who are cared for in 240 NH facilities (120/arm) within two NH health care systems: Genesis HealthCare and PruittHealth. Half of these NH facilities will implement the ACP Video Program (intervention arm), while the other half of the facilities will follow their usual ACP procedures (control arm). The trial will evaluate the ...

Mastery, Social Support and Depression of Patients With Major Depression

The purpose of this study was to discuss the relation of mastery, social support and depression in patients with depressive disorder. Cross-sectional quantitive study and purposive sampling method were designed. Data collection and analysis was conducted through structural questionnaires (including demographics, social support scale, mastery scale, CESD scale) at a medical center in Taipei. Results showed that patients with depression whose degree of depression was negative cor...

Hypertension in Long-Term Care Facilities

This study is exploratory in nature and seeks to describe hypertension diagnosis and management among patients in long-term care (LTC) facilities. Specifically, the primary objective is to: • Identify LTC patients who are diagnosed with hypertension and assess the management and different outcomes of proper control of BP regarding to incidence of falls, cognitive decline, kidney diseases, cardiovascular diseases and incidence of cerebrovascular accidents The secondar...

UK Surveillance of Treated Retinopathy of Prematurity

Currently, there is little recent data on regional variations in treatment methods, neonatal units that provide retinopathy (ROP) treatment, facilities for treatment available at each unit including anaesthetic support for such preterm babies, facilities to transfer babies to units that offer treatment etc. While some parts of the UK have established neonatal networks and agreements among units for ROP treatment, in other parts, such arrangements are illdefined. The numb...

Combining Behavioral Treatment With Agonist Maintenance - 1

The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether the community reinforcement approach (CRA) plus contingency management (CM) is more effective overall than CRA only in reducing illicit opioid and cocaine use during agonist maintenance treatment and at 3 and 6 month follow-up after completion of study protocol, and to compare the efficacy of maintenance on buprenorphine to methadone when maintenance is combined with CRA only or CRA plus CM.

The Effectiveness of Lifestyle Intervention on Body Composition, Physical Performances and Quality of Life Among Elderly People in Long-term Care Facilities

Purpose: To understand the change in body composition, physical functions and quality of life of elderly residents with sarcopenic obesity in LTC facilities after the implementation of exercise intervention.

Keep It Off: A Weight Loss Maintenance Study

The goal of this project is to test whether a phone and mail-based program designed to help people who have recently lost weight helps them keep the weight off over a 2 year period.

Significance of Duration of Maintenance Therapy With Rituximab in Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas

The purpose of this study is to determine if an extended maintenance therapy with Rituximab in follicular and a maintenance therapy in other indolent and mantle cell lymphomas has advantages compared to a shorter or no maintenance therapy.

Rapid HIV Viral Load Monitoring in High Risk Patients In Uganda

The RAPID-VL study will take place in 20 HIV care health facilities in Southwestern Uganda. The study will test the hypothesis that a multi-component intervention package that targets barriers to efficient and timely HIV viral load (VL) testing will improve test ordering, speed up result turnaround times, and improve the quality of VL results counseling to patients. Phase 1 of the study will consist of a 1-year retrospective medical record review in all participating health fac...

Childhood Obesity Treatment: A Maintenance Approach

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of dose and content of an enhanced weight maintenance treatment on children's ability to maintain weight loss.

Study of Standard Maintenance Method of Intravenous Port and Post-operation Pain Analysis

Investigators deconstructed the port that removed from patients and identified there were structural weakness, old blood clot and fibrin deposits. Investigators consider the problem may be exist in maintenance. After thoroughly examination the maintenance protocol, Investigators identified the problem and try to remodel the maintenance protocol. The Goal of this study was to testify the clinical value of standard maintenance protocol.

Peer Support for Weight Loss Maintenance

The primary aim of this study is to test the efficacy of patient-provided treatment for weight-loss maintenance.

Comparison of TrIfecta and Perimount Magna Ease

The hemodynamic performance of two supraannular aortic xenografts (Trifecta, St. Jude Medical and Perimount Magna Ease, Edwards Lifescience) will be compared using rest- and stress echocardiography in a randomized prospective study. Furthermore, the prostheses' influence on postoperative outcome will be compared using spiroergometry, quality of life questionnaire and heart failure biomarkers.

Comfort Talk and Economic Outcomes in MRI

Annually, an estimated 700,000 patients do not complete their scheduled MRI scans because of claustrophobia or inability to hold still. Training staffs working in MRI facilities to provide Comfort Talk® will enable patients to complete high quality imaging without medication, which will increase satisfaction and comfort while reducing sedation risks for patients, and increase efficiency and reduce loss of revenue for facilities. The effect of such training will be tested at 1...

Kuopio Fall Prevention Study.

This study evaluates the 6 month exercise intervention (Taiji and gym course) combined with free use of communal recreation facilities in fall prevention. Morbidity, use of social services and health outcomes of aging women in province of Kuopio, Finland are also monitored. The study combines a six months supervised exercise, followed by six months free, but unsupervised, use of recreational facilities and observational period of second year into total of 2 year follow up dura...

A Comparative Study on Tramadol 37.5mg/Acetaminophen 325mg Tablets Maintenance Versus Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs(NSAIDs) Maintenance in Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis

The purpose of this study is to compare the effectiveness of tramadol 37.5mg/acetaminophen 325mg maintenance with that of NSAID maintenance in patients whose pain was relieved after the add-on treatment of tramadol hydrochloride to NSAID.

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