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Application-based Perioperative Management of the Radical Cystectomy Patient

The purpose of this study is to learn whether it is feasible to use the LifeScience Technologies application (LST app) in patients undergoing radical cystectomy with the eventual goal to reduce complications and readmissions to the hospital after surgery.

Evaluation of Gingival Biotypes of Anterior Teeth in Adults With Abnormal Skeletal Jaw Relations

The aim of this study is to evaluate gingival biotypes and width of keratinized gingiva in the anterior region of adults with abnormal skeletal jaw relations.

Therapeutic Education Program for Laryngectomised Patients and Their Close Relations

The therapeutic education of patients and their close relations is, as yet, poorly developed in France in the field of oncology, in particular for cancers of the upper aerodigestive tract. In the case of pharyngeal and laryngeal cancer, total laryngectomy associated with radiotherapy remains a reference treatment for advanced stage cancers. This mutilating surgical procedure has a major impact on the patient's life, due to its physical and functional sequelae. Its psychosocial ...

Prevention of Arthritis-Related Work Disability

People with rheumatic disorders (arthritis) often have trouble keeping their jobs. This study will look at whether vocational rehabilitation (VR) will improve the ability of employed people with arthritis to keep their jobs. Job retention VR services target key factors that increase the risk of job loss. They aim to modify jobs to reduce barriers caused by functional limitations and disease symptoms, future career planning, and establish a partnership with a VR counselor for...

Bournemouth University Resilience Training for Surgeons

The challenges that characterise surgical practice may result in a myriad of stressors that impact upon the personal and professional lives of surgeons. This includes a high likelihood that surgeons will have to deal with adverse patient outcomes due to surgical complications and errors, sometime during their careers. Such stressors can have undesirable effects on the surgeon in terms of quality of life and psychological well-being (e.g. anxiety, feelings of regret), as well as...

EMEPIC : Value of a Mobile Team of Cardiologist Using Echocardiography for Managing Patients With Acute Heart Failure

The aim of the study is to compare clinical management of patients with acute decompensation of heart failure, hospitalized in non cardiological ward, with the use of a mobile team including a cardiologist with portable echocardiography and standard care. The hypothesis is that a mobile team will lead to shorter hospitalization.

Burnout Preventions, Professionalism Heightening, and Enhancing Resiliency (BUPHER)

Due to their difficult and stressful work surgeons are under continuous physical and mental stress exposing them to increased risk for burnout and lack of professionalism. The present intervention focuses on providing time and a safe space to debrief and explore personal and group experiences and dilemmas, as well as acquire coping skills related to burnout, communication and professionalism.

Relations Between Pelvic Floor, Diaphragm and Trunk Muscles

The present study evaluates the functional relations of pelvic floor, diaphragm, and torso muscles, their variation and correlations with urinary incontinence while separately training physical characteristics of the mentioned muscles in men after radical prostatectomy.

Cognitive Rehabilitation (Mega Team) and Its Effects on Emotional and Behavioral Regulation in ADHD, ASD, and CHD

Children with disorders that impact neurodevelopment often have difficulties with executive functions and regulating emotions. Cognitive-based video game training has been shown to improve outcomes, however, this training has been expensive, has required professional supervision, and has been investigated only within a narrow group of children. The Mega Team study will test the effects of a highly engaging, take-home video game-based intervention designed to improve executive f...

Comparison of Two Summative Assessment Methods in Advanced Life Support Courses

Several approaches for summative assessment during Advanced Life Support courses are used. The most commonly used method during European Resuscitation (ERC) Council Life Support Courses is that 1 instructor is miming a whole team, and the candidate has to lead this "team" through a scenario; another variant of the summative assessment (mainly used by American Heart Association (AHA) Courses) is with a group of students, where one student is the team leader to be assessed and th...

Team-Based Delivery of Care in Outpatient Settings

Through this research we intend to evaluate whether a team-based care delivery approach using daily huddles is effective in improving caregiver and patient outcomes in primary care setting. This approach is expected to not only lead to effective primary care delivery outcomes, but also result in greater team morale, reduced burnout, and a higher rate of innovation.

Effect of a Programme Based on Professional Ethics in Physiotherapy Students

The aim of this study was to assess the effect of a higher education programme based on professional ethics in physiotherapy students. A simple-blind clinical trial was performed. A two-months program based in professional ethics was carried out. The investigators compared a control group (traditonal lectures) with an intervention group (syllabus, activities, face to face active participation techniques). Students´ attitudes, knowledge, professional values, and opinion...

Effect of Coaching on Mid-Career Physician Well-Being, Job Satisfaction, and Fulfillment

The study will assess the effect of individualized professional coaching for mid-career family medicine and general internal medicine physicians on burnout, job satisfaction, and professional fulfillment.

Professional Consequences of Ocular Trauma Hospitalized at the Hospital Centre of Clermont-Ferrand

Ocular trauma are a real public health issue. According to WHO, it is estimates at 750,000 hospital admissions per year in the world for ocular trauma, including 200,000 for open globe injuries in the world. Consequences can be severe with a significant number of definitive low vision or blindness which can lead to professionnal reclassifications for active patients. However, no study exists on professional consequences of those ocular trauma. Some studies showed that fonctionn...

Medicaid Enhanced Prenatal/Postnatal Services Using a Nurse-Community Health Worker Team

Our objective was to test whether there were advantages to Nurse-CHW team home visiting designed to combine the strengths of both visitors, with a focus on maternal stress and mental health, when compared with standard of Community Care (CC) that included professional home visitors in a state-sponsored Medicaid program. We conducted the study under usual community conditions in a population of women eligible for state-sponsored Medicaid programs. We predicted that during pregna...

Effect of Whey Protein on Soccer Performance

Rationale: During exercise protein breakdown in muscles is larger than protein synthesis. This negative muscle protein balance leads to increased muscle damage and thereby to a reduced muscle tissue recovery. To achieve a positive muscle protein balance and reduce muscle damage, many athletes use proteins. In professional soccer players, considerable stress is placed on the musculoskeletal system. Recovery time is often too short for these players to restore homeostasis, which ...

Cost Effectiveness of Language Services in Hospital Emergency Departments (EDs)

Numerous studies suggest that the use of in-person, professionally trained medical interpreters can reduce health care costs associated with diagnosing and treating patients with limited English proficiency. However, few studies have specifically addressed the question of the cost-effectiveness of language services in health care settings. This study used a randomized controlled study design to compare the cost-effectiveness of using professional interpreters with Spanish-speak...

Evaluation of Project TEAM (Teens Making Environmental and Activity Modifications)

e purpose of this study is to determine the extent to which Project TEAM (Teens making Environment and Activity Modifications) is an effective, socially valid, and feasible intervention that prepares youth with developmental disabilities ages 14-21 to respond to environmental barriers and increases participation in school, work, and the community. Project TEAM is a manualized intervention co- facilitated by a disability advocate and a licensed professional. The intervention inc...

Evaluation of Academic and Professional Trajectories of Narcoleptic Patients

Narcolepsy is a chronic, disabling condition characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness and, in some patients, falls in muscle tone related to emotions (cataplexies). It often begins in childhood or in young adults. Symptoms of narcolepsy are responsible for an important handicap in everyday life, and are often misunderstood by the family and professional environment. In addition, many comorbidities are associated with narcolepsy, such as depression, anxiety, or obesity. ...

Team Debriefing With Instructor vs Team Debriefing Without Instructor After Simulating a Vital Emergency in a Multidisciplinary Team

Comparison between a team debriefing with an instructor and a team debriefing without an instructor, on improving non-technical skills (TEAM score) after simulating a vital emergency in a multidisciplinary team as part of the initial training

Burnout Among Members of AAGL

This study seeks to determine the burnout rate among minimally invasive gynecologic surgeons (MIGS) as well as to evaluate other personal, professional, and psychosocial factors associated with this condition. An anonymous electronic survey will be sent to the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL) members. The survey will contain items that will inquire about socioeconomic background, professional characteristic, and about physical and psychologic wel...

Maximum Oxygen Uptake in ACL-injured Professional Soccer Players

Our purpose is to evaluate maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max) in ACL-injured professional soccer players and after a six-month period of post-operative rehabilitation, compared to a control group of healthy professional soccer players.

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Trauma-awareness Training for Early Childhood Educators

Background. To increase school readiness, Pre-K programs for low-income children must be responsive to the role of trauma in the lives of children, families, and staff. In 2017-2018, the School District of Philadelphia's (SDP) Office of Early Childhood Education will help Pre-K teachers support children's social‐emotional and behavioral health, which is essential for early learning, by offering teachers a professional development course called Enhancing Trauma Awareness (ETA)...

Reablement Intervention for Older Adults Conducted by a Multi Professional Home Rehabilitation Team

Background: People live increasingly longer and are expected to function independently in their own homes to a greater extent than before. This puts great demands on the support given to older persons living at home, to be efficient and provide good conditions for them to manage on their own and experience good health. Short time goal directed reablement delivered by a multidisciplinary team is expected to strengthen the functional capacity and quality of life, while home care-...

Injury Epidemiology Within Scottish Professional Football

The aim of the present study is to establish the injury incidence, severity and burden typically observed within Scottish professional football clubs. In line with the well-established model of sports injury prevention research proffered by van Mechelen, the first stage in this process is establishing the extent of the problem i.e. injury incidence, severity and burden. Such a multi-club study has never been conducted within Scotland despite a thriving professional game.

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