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Analysis of the Radiation Safety Climate in the Hybrid Angiography Suite

This study aims to measure the radiation safety climate in the hybrid angiography suite using self-assessment and to investigate the relationship of radiation safety climate with their self-reported safety behaviors. The hypothesis is that a radiation safety climate does exist and can be measured using self-assessment. Additionally, it is expected that the radiation safety climate positively influences radiation safety behaviors.

Efficacy and Safety of the Lysobact Complete Spray®, Tantum Verde® and Pharyngal® Oromucosal Spray in the Treatment of Acute Sore Throat

The primary objective of this multicenter, single-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, prospective, comparative study with parallel design and 4-arms is to evaluate superiority of Lysobact Complete Spray® against placebo and non inferiority of Lysobact Complete Spray® against active comparators (Tantum Verde® and Pharyngal®) in terms of efficacy based on the pain VAS scores evaluated by the patient using Sore Throat Pain Intensity Scale (STPIS).

GEOHealth Hub: Household Air Pollution and Cardio-pulmonary and Immune Function Outcomes

Background: The increasing effect of environmental, occupational and climate change poses serious global threat for public health. More than half of the world's population, including around 85% people in Bangladesh, are exposed to household air pollutants (HAP). Environmental consequences of climate change are among the highest. Little evidence is available on the effects HAP on cardiopulmonary outcomes in low-income populations. Same is true for occupational health and ...

Climate Influence on Physiotherapy in Multiple Sclerosis

The aim of the study was to compare the effect of inpatient physiotherapy in a warm climate versus physiotherapy in a colder climate in multiple sclerosis (MS), in both short- and long term perspectives.

The Evaluation of a School Climate Videogame Intervention

A randomized control trial of a videogame intervention to assess and improve school climate.

Climate Friendly and Ecological Food on Microbiota

The aim of this study is to investigate changes in nutrient intake, the human gut microbiota and pesticide excretion in urine when shifting from conventional food habits to sustainable food habits.

Trial of Vitamin D Supplementation in Cape Town Primary Schoolchildren

The investigators will conduct a n=5,400 Phase 3, double-blind, individually randomised placebo-controlled clinical trial of 5 years' duration in primary schools in City of Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality, Western Cape Province, Republic of South Africa. The primary objective of the trial is to determine whether a weekly oral dose of 0.25 mg (10,000 IU) vitamin D3, administered for three years, reduces risk of acquisition of latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) in Cape Tow...

Effect of Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester as a Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitor: Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs); activated by the application of adhesive systems on dentin cause degradation of the collagen proteins and loss of bond strength in adhesive restorations. Caffeic acid phenethyl ester (CAPE) showed inhibitory activities on dentinal MMPs. It is hypothesised that dentin pretreatment with CAPE, as an MMP inhibitor, would be beneficial for the bonding of resin material and tooth substrate over the course of time. This study evaluated the effect of 5...

Climat Impact on Urinary Iodine Concentration

Urinary iodine concentration (UIC) is the recommended biomarker of iodine status in populations. Yet, the influence of climate on UIC remains unclear. Hot climate may reduce urine volume and consequently increase UIC independent of iodine status. This could lead to an overestimation of population iodine intake, thus masking iodine deficiency in vulnerable groups. In this longitudinal observational cohort study in women of reproductive age we will collect 24h and spot uri...

Spider Phobia Opposite Action Treatment Study

This study tests the effectiveness of exposure therapy for fear of spiders as enhanced by the use of antagonistic or opposite actions during treatment. The goal of the study is to compare the efficacy threat-relevant opposite actions and threat-irrelevant opposite actions in extinguishing fear.

Inflammation and Threat Sensitivity in PTSD

The overall goals of this study are to examine the relationship between chronic inflammation and threat and reward sensitivity, and to determine the effects of acute inflammation on threat sensitivity, in individuals with and without moderate to severe PTSD symptoms. The investigators will first conduct an observational study to examine the relationship between chronic inflammation and neural and behavioral measures of threat sensitivity. Then, the investigators will conduct a ...

Using Attention Training to Reduce Adolescents' Anxious Symptoms

During adolescence, youth undergo rapid developmental change and in some cases experience increases in worries and fearfulness, although the mechanisms that underlie this change are unclear. Previous studies indicate that heightened Attentional Bias (AB) toward threat-related cues may increase fearfulness, and it may be possible to change AB using a computerized, Attention Bias Modification task (ABM). This study will recruit healthy youth with elevated anxious symptoms to inde...

Infectious Agents Exposure : Archiving in Dental Plaque

We are studying the possibility of using dental calculus as a reservoir for the genes of an infectious agent that has infected the patient in previous months; as it is done to highlight climate change in ice samples.

COMT and Aspirin Pharmacogenetic Effects: CAPE

The CAPE study is a cross-over trial of the effects of catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) genetic variation with and without aspirin (325mg) on platelet function. Healthy normal participants (N=150) between the ages of 18 and 40 years will be randomized to take either daily placebo or aspirin for 10+/- 3 days. Following the first treatment, they will have a 2-week washout period and then take the other treatment (placebo or aspirin) for an additional 10+/- 3 days. Blood sample...

Interest of Placental Alpha-microglobulin-1 Detection Test to Assess Risk of Premature Delivery in Reunion Island

Prematurity is the leading cause of mortality and perinatal morbidity. Despite the many preventive measures and use of tocolytic therapy, the incidence of premature births has not decreased in recent decades. In 2010 the preterm birth rate (single child, born alive) was still 5.5% in France and 11% in the population of Reunion. In 50% of cases, premature birth is related to spontaneous premature labor layout without rupture of amniotic membranes, called threat of premature birt...

Resolving Psychological Stress

The investigators have developed a mobile app called Resolving Psychological Stress (REPS) to help alleviate symptoms of PTSD. The app will administer threat-related attention bias modification to individuals who have both a Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders V (DSM-V) diagnosis of PTSD (and meet at least one DSM-V criteria for threat sensitivity) and a DSM-V diagnosis of Alcohol Use Disorder. The aims of the study are to explore both the feasibility and acce...

YCFM (Youth Correctional Facilities Males)

The proposed study is a single center (with multiple long-term YCFs) treatment trial of the CDC-recommended azithromycin regimen (1gm PO once) for chlamydia in males. This study is designed primarily to determine the frequency of chlamydia treatment failure following azithromycin in males who do versus do not have urethral symptoms of urethral discharge and/or dysuria. Anticipated enrollment is 446 males with subject participation duration of 28 days and study duration of 4 yea...

Integrated Approaches to Health and Safety in a Dynamic Construction Work Environment

"All the Right Moves for Subcontractors" aims to improve safety, health and well-being, through the development of a communication infrastructure with supplemental tools where construction workers and company mangers (project, operations and safety) work together to collaboratively identify problems and strategies to improve their conditions of work. The intervention is grounded in the key characteristics of integrated organizational interventions to improve workers' health saf...

Skin Temperature Gradient Effects on the Variation of Metabolic Hormones in Adults

The Cyprus International Institute for Environmental and Public Health of the Cyprus University of Technology is planning a pilot study of health indicators in relation to spatially varying climatic conditions ranging from the city to the mountainous environment. The purpose of the project is to understand the effect of fluctuations in external climatic conditions on the human body temperature and metabolic biomarkers or stress hormones. Climate change phenomena such as protra...

Testing the Leadership and Organizational Change for Implementation (LOCI) Intervention

This study will test the effects of the Leadership and Organizational Change for Implementation (LOCI) intervention in facilitating evidence-based practice (EBP) implementation in substance use disorder (SUD) and HIV services settings. LOCI improves implementation leadership and organizational support to develop strategic climate for EBP implementation. Greater efficiency and effectiveness of EBP implementation will improve the public health impact of evidence-based health and ...

Proof-of-concept Study on Disinfection and Healing Acceleration Capabilities of 222nm Wave Length Narrow Band Ultraviolet Lighting Device

The threat of MRSA and multi-drug resistant pathogens have been growing in recent years. A new means of countering the infectious threat is required and one such modality is the use of UV light for disinfection. The aim of the study is to proof the efficacy of the 222nm UV light in disinfection on patients with sacral sores. This is a first in human proof-of-concept study

A Virtual Reality Study of Cognitive Biases in Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Previous research shows that individuals with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) misinterpret ambiguous social information in a negative and threatening manner. These erroneous threat appraisals are thought to maintain disorder symptomatology and psychosocial impairment by reinforcing individuals' distorted self-image and ideas of social undesirability. Thus, maladaptive interpretation biases represent an important treatment target for this population; however, existing bias assess...

Dose-finding Pharmacokinetic Study in Healthy Males

This is a phase I PK study in healthy males.

Efficacy Of A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy To Decrease Threat Appraisal In HIV Participants Initiating Antiretroviral

Studies in the field of health and HIV indicate that threat appraisal is associated with poor adherence to treatment, anxiety, poor quality of life, avoidance behavior, less antiretroviral adherence, negative affect, social, instrumental and emotional stress, depression, global distrés, poor subjective health and psychological distres. Most psychological interventions have been oriented to behavioral aspects, leaving aside cognitive aspects such as threat appraisal, so is nece...

Assessment of Gut Absorption of Experimental Medication BMS-986165 in Healthy Males

The purpose of this study is to evaluate sites of gut absorption of BMS-986165 in males

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