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Wednesday 22nd November 2017

Attention Control Training for PTSD in Children

Participants will complete a pre and post training psychological assessment. Participants will be assigned to attention control training or the comparison stimuli computer task in a double-blind randomized control trial design. Both computerized dot probe tasks display two faces on a computer screen, one above the other, followed by a small right or left arrow appearing in the location vacated by one of the faces. Participants are required to respond as quickly as they can by p...

Nivolumab and Epacadostat With Platinum Doublet Chemotherapy Versus Platinum Doublet Chemotherapy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the combination of nivolumab plus epacadostat in combination with platinum chemotherapy compared with platinum chemotherapy alone, in participants with treatment-naïve Stage 4 or recurrent non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

Scrutinizing the Heterogeneity of SLE: Defining Phenotypes

SLE disease course is characterized by unpredictable relapses and remissions in the majority of patients. However, in a small proportion (approximately 5%), SLE presents with a monophasic pattern, meaning that these patients have active disease before and immediately after diagnosis and after some time they achieve prolonged remission (for 12 years on average). Interestingly, about half of these patients do so and require no medications. On the other end of the clinical spectru...

Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Followed by Surgery in Treating Patients With Stage I-IIIA Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

This pilot clinical trial studies the effects of stereotactic body radiation therapy followed by surgery in treating patients with stage I-IIIA non-small cell lung cancer. Stereotactic body radiation therapy is a method of radiation that uses imaging to precisely locate a tumor and then deliver very high radiation doses to the tumor site in order to limit normal tissue toxicity or damage.

Discovery Stage IND Clinical Study - Etoposide OS Plus Methotrexate OS and Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms

- Correlate Topoisomerase II Gene Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) to Using Etoposide Therapeutic Effects of Treating Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) - Correlate CYP450 3A4 Gene Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) to Using Etoposide Side Effects of Treating Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) - Correlate Dihydrofolic-Acid Reductase Gene Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) to Using Methotrexate Therapeutic Effects of Treating Small Cell Lung Cancer (S...

Icotinib as Neoadjuvant and Adjuvant Therapy in EGFR-mutant Stage IIIB or Oligometastasis Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the pulmonary and metastases lesions objective response rate after Icotinib preoperative therapy in EGFR-mutant stage IIIB or oligometastasis Non-small Cell Lung Cancer which can be potentially radical treated by surgery.

Evaluation of Fluciclovine Uptake in Patients With Cervical, Ovarian Epithelial or Endometrial Cancers. Pilot Study.

An important part of staging and deciding the method of treatment is knowing areas of how cancer is involved. Diagnostic imaging is often used to determine the location of the cancer using techniques like nuclear medicine, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), CT (computerized tomography), and ultrasound. Each technique looks for cancer in different ways and are often used together to make a better determination of the extent of disease. One of the techniques used in cancer imagin...

A Study to Evaluate Conceptual Saturation of Evaluating Respiratory Symptoms (E-RS) in Subjects With Asthma

Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are chronic inflammatory conditions involving the small airways with airflow limitations resulting from genetic and environmental interactions. Currently, there are no existing subject diaries with evidence of responsiveness to measure the daily symptoms of asthma. Therefore, there is a need to either develop a new symptom diary to characterize subject burden of asthma symptoms or modify/adapt an existing tool from a relat...

UV Exposure Assessed With Wearable Sensor and Sun Protection

The goal is to prevent ultraviolet light (UV) overexposure by providing consumers with relevant, easy-to-access, specifically actionable information. This research proposal will develop a UV protection system consisting of an automated real-time counseling framework and a personal dosimeter that overcomes barriers to consumer adoption. These new, wearable sensors take the form of small (< 1 cm), thin (

A Randomized Controlled Multicenter Trial in European Countries

Chronic pulmonary hypertension (PH) is associated with impaired exercise capacity, quality of life and right ventricular function. The disease is characterized by an increase of pulmonary vascular resistance and pulmonary arterial pressure, leading to right heart insufficiency. Despite optimized combination-medical therapy most patients remain symptomatic, have reduced exercise capacity, quality of life and reduced survival rates, with an annual mortality rate of approximately...

Examining Persistence in Smokers With Schizophrenia

All participants will receive free weekly counseling (8- weeks) and free nicotine patches (10-weeks). They will complete assessment measures commonly used in smoking cessation studies. We hope to show that this treatment is feasible in this small pilot study before comparing it to a more established treatment in a future randomized clinical trial.

Durvalumab (MEDI4736) in Frail and Elder Patients With Metastatic NSCLC (DURATION)

AIO-YMO/TRK-0416 (DURATION) is a open-label, treatment stratified and randomized phase II study of Durvalumab, frail or elderly patients with metastatic non-squamous NSCLC with no targetable molecular alterations (EGFRwt; ALKtransl-) and not amenable to cisplatinum-based standard-combination chemotherapy but eligible for at-least mono-chemotherapy with gemcitabine or vinorelbine.

Study of the Safety, Pharmacokinetics and Efficacy of EDO-S101, in Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors

Tinostamustine (EDO-S101) is a new chemical entity, an AK-DAC (a first-in-class alkylating deacetylase inhibiting molecule) that, in preclinical studies, has been shown to simultaneously improve access to the DNA strands within cancer cells, break them and block damage repair. This Phase 1/2 study will enroll patients with various advanced solid tumors.

Rare Bleeding Disorders in the Netherlands

Rationale: Rare bleeding disorders (deficiency of fibrinogen, factor II, V, V&VIII, VII, X, XI, XIII, α2-antiplasmin or plasminogen activator inhibitor 1) are not well defined with respect to their clinical phenotype, laboratory phenotype en genotype. At present, little is known about their clinical presentation, bleeding scores, bleeding episodes, health-related quality of life, laboratory parameters, genetics and current treatment. There are large differences in bleeding ten...

A Pilot Study of Small Fiber Neuropathy Prevalence in Fibromyalgia Patients Compared to Healthy Subjects Using Sudoscan®

Fibromyalgia (FM) is characterized by chronic diffuse pain and affects 0.5 to 5% of the population, with a higher prevalence in women1. This condition is characterized by joint and muscle pain, also associated with fatigue, migraine, sleeps disorders, depression and irritable bowel syndrome2. The presentation of these various symptoms varies greatly from one patient to another, with great heterogeneity in clinical, physical, social, psychological and therapeutic responses. . A ...

Pilot Study Evaluating Somatostatin Receptor's PET Imaging to Detect Inflammatory Phases of Myocarditis

Infectious myocardities are frequent, most of the time viral and can evolve to cardiac insufficiency. The diagnostic is difficult The diagnostic is difficult because they can mimic a myocardial infarct. Approximately 10 % of patients with acute infarction suspected, have a normal angiography, and half of them has in fact a myocarditis, as showed studies of cardiac MRI among which some realized in our department . However, anomalies observed in MRI are not specific and it is nec...

Protein Supplementation and Muscle Recovery in Football

Soccer is an intermittent sport including a high number of powerful actions such as accelerations, decelerations, changes of direction, jumps and impacts that incorporate a strong eccentric component and may therefore lead to skeletal muscle damage. Indeed, match activity is associated with the onset of muscle damage and an acute inflammatory response that result in attenuated performance for as long as 1 to 3 days. In competitive soccer though, multiple matches are performed w...

Multi-organ Screening for Asymptomatic Ischaemia in Antiphospholipid Syndrome

Introduction AntiPhospholipid antibody Syndrome (APS) is an acquired autoimmune disorder defined by the presence of persistent thrombosis or obstetric manifestations together with the presence of persistent antiphospholipid antibodies (aPL). Patients are young and at high risk of recurrence. The current challenge is the identification of patients at high risk of organ damage that directly impact morbidity and mortality. Small vessels thrombosis can be asymptomatic but d...

Contegra Versus Pulmonary Homograft for Right Ventricular Outflow Tract Reconstruction in Newborns

Pulmonary homografts are standard substitutes for right ventricular outflow tract reconstruction in congenital heart surgery. Unfortunately shortage and conduit failure secondary to early calcifications and shrinking are observed particularly for small sized conduits in younger patients. In neonates, Contegra® 12mm could be a valuable alternative, but conflicting evidence exists. This retrospective study compared the outcome of these two conduits in a newborn population.

Tuesday 21st November 2017

Thiotepa Plus Fludarabine+ Melphalan as the Preparative Regime for Alternative Donor Transplantation

In the United States, thiotepa has been utilized in reduced intensity conditioning regimens for alternative donor courses (double umbilical cord blood transplant (dUCBT) and haplo-identical transplants). The hypothesis is that thiotepa at a dose of 10mg/kg, in combination with melphalan (100mg/m2) and fludarabine (160mg/m2) as a reduced intensity conditioning regimen for alternative donor transplant is safe and effective in patients with hematologic malignancies. Given ...

Rural PrEP Delivery

The goal of this research study is to evaluate the preliminary impact of a public-health-partnered tele-pharmacist model for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) delivery in a rural state ("TelePrEP"). In brief, PrEP involves daily use of a medication (i.e. Truvada) to prevent HIV infection among people at risk for infection due to sexual exposure or needle sharing. In this study, PrEP eligible rural and small urban-dwelling public health clients wil be enrolled in a prospective stu...

Aging Mastery Program® (AMP) Evaluation

The Aging Mastery Program® (AMP) is designed to inform, encourage, and support older adults as they take steps to improve their lives and stay engaged in their communities. The program incorporates evidence-informed materials, expert speakers, group discussion, peer support, and small rewards to give participants the skills and tools they need to achieve measurable improvements in managing their health, remaining economically secure, and contributing actively to society. L.A. ...

Monday 20th November 2017

Early MRI Prediction of Crohns

The investigators plan a prospective study designed to optimize and translate noncontrast, novel Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) techniques for detecting and measuring intestinal inflammation as well as for allowing early prediction of response to medical therapy in small bowel Crohn's Disease (CD).

Safety, Feasibility and Metabolic Effects of the Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) in Cancer Patients

In preclinical studies, cyclic calorie-restricted diets reduce the risk of several cancers and improve the antitumor activity of standard treatments against already established malignancies.In particular, the fasting mimicking diet (FMD), a plant-based, calorie-restricted, low carbohydrate, low-protein diet to be repeated cyclically every 3-4 weeks, enhances the antitumor activity of cytotoxic chemotherapy, while contemporarily protecting healthy tissues and stimulating antitum...

STRONG Kids 2: A Cells-to-Society Approach to Nutrition in Early Childhood

STRONG Kids 2: A Cells to Society Approach to Nutrition Overview Using a cells-to-society approach to nutrition, this transdisciplinary project will provide unique insights into how individual biology interacts with the family environment to promote healthy eating habits in young children. It is one of the first studies to take a longitudinal look at the habits, including milk and dairy consumption, from birth. STRONG Kids 2 is built upon previous research from STRONG Kids 1 w...

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