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Implementation and Impact of an Online Tool Used in Primary Care to Improve Income Security

We will evaluate the acceptability, feasibility and impact of an online tool that helps patients identify financial benefits that they are entitled to at six clinic sites over a three month period. We will answer the following questions: Is an online tool that addresses income security feasible and acceptable to clinicians? Can such a tool be integrated into regular clinic workflow? What is the patient perspective on the tool and what is the short-term impact?


My Team of Care: a Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of an Online Communication Tool for Collaborative Care

This project will pilot and test a new online communication tool, Loop, developed within a research framework with participatory and user-centred design. This pilot trial focuses on advanced cancer as an example of complex care. Cancer care involves many healthcare providers, spanning hospital to home. There is no organized way for them to communicate. Loop is a practical tool for ongoing collaboration in the patient's actual team of care that engages patients. The study will ...

Supporting Patient Care With Electronic Resources in the United States

This proof-of-concept randomized trial evaluates the effectiveness of using an online decision aid (US-ANSWER-2) in the decision-making to start or switch biologic therapy in US patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Multifaceted Online Interventions to Increase Clinicians Searching of Current Best Evidence to Answer Clinical Questions

Translation of new knowledge from research into evidence-informed health care is a shared obligation of the clinical and the scientific communities. Unfortunately, studies of quality of care continue to show that this goal is substantially unrealized. One main barrier is lack of quick and easy identification, appraisal and synthesis of current best evidence. Clinicians' information have 5 to 8 questions about individual patients per daily shift, but face a large volume of 3000 ...

The Evaluation of MyPreOp, an Online Preoperative Assessment Tool

This pilot study will intend to assess the feasibility and acceptability of MyPreOp (online pre-operative assessment tool). The study will aim to assess the quality of the MyPreOp assessment in comparison to standard practice of a nurse led face to face assessment. The investigators will also assess the acceptability of MyPreOp amongst patient participants and staff participants.

Self-Directed Online Training for Chinese Caregivers

The proposed project seeks to develop an online self-directed learning (SDL) intervention program that seeks to improve caregiving and self-care skills among ethnic Chinese dementia caregivers. The benefits of such a product may include improved psychological health in caregivers and a reduction in behavioral disturbances among elderly care recipients with dementia.

Automated and Personalized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This study is designed to evaluate a novel online tool to deliver computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Participants will be randomized into three groups: experimental, active control, and waitlist. Participants in the experimental group will have access to the full-featured online tool designed to deliver CBT in an interactive and personalized manner. The participants in the active control group will have access to a limited version of the online tool designed to de...

Learning From Online Video Education for Controlled Ovarian Stimulation

The Learning from Online Video Education (LOVE) study seeks to determine if online instructional videos on how to administer medication needed for in vitro fertilization (IVF) help improve the quality of life and reduce stress during the IVF process.

Identifying Patients With Hereditary and Familial Colorectal Cancer by Using an Online Risk Tool

In this trial the investigators will evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of a digital familial risk questionnaire in the detection of CRC patients with hereditary or familial CRC. This will be done using a stepped wedge design with 5 participating hospitals for a duration of 1.5 years. A comparison is made between an intervention phase (offering the online risk assessment questionnaire) and a control phase (hospital-based standard practice for the detection of CRC ...

Assessment of a Web-Based Simulation in Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE) Views

Transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) is often used by anesthesiologists during cardiac surgery, as a monitoring tool in non-cardiac surgery, and as a point of care diagnostic tool in the intensive care unit (ICU). Furthermore, TEE is becoming a core skill in many specialties to facilitate focused cardiovascular assessment in hemodynamically compromised patients in various settings. Educators must determine how to best instruct current and future trainees to achieve clinical c...

The Pain App Study: A Novel Shared Decision Making Tool for People With Chronic Pain

The investigators seek to understand the preferences, goals, and perspectives of patients with chronic pain and their health care providers (HCPs) to create a patient-centered decision support tool. This tool, aimed at patients and HCPs, should improve patient-provider communication and chronic pain management. The investigators' long-term goal is to improve the quality of life of patients with chronic pain. The investigators target adults with chronic unremitting pain and HCPs...

Simple Warfarin Dosing Algorithm Study

Can a simple and cost-free tool help family physicians to improve dosing of the blood thinner warfarin? Warfarin is a blood thinner with a variable effect and requires regular blood monitoring and dose adjustments. Some family practices do not have the facilities or funding to use commercial tools than can assist with stabilizing the effect of warfarin. The investigators will test whether a simple and cost-free dosing tool can help these practices to improve warfarin m...

Pilote Study of an Online Decision Support Tool for Young Women With Breast Cancer, During the Proposal for Preservation of Fertility

Comparative study of two information modalities during the care course, aiming to propose the preservation of fertility to young women with breast cancer (but not yet under treatment): standard oral information during the PF consultation vs. an online decision support tool, consulted prior to the PF consultation, during which the standard oral information is provided.

Online Support for Outpatient Peripheral Arterial Disease Self-management

This study looks to examine whether an online patient tool to monitor factors affecting patients peripheral artery disease can lead to improvements in patients' disease and slow its progression.

Development of an Online Program to Help Manage Chronic Pain in Children and Teenagers

This research seeks to develop an internet-based program to help teenagers manage pain at home using a variety of techniques from physiotherapy, medicine, psychology and nursing. This study uses interviews to investigate what content and features teenagers and their parents want to see in an online intervention for managing chronic pain in teenagers.

Web-based Tool to Improve the Assessment of Reporting (COBPeer)

The peer review process is a cornerstone of biomedical research publication. Despite being essential, the assessment of the completeness of the reporting and the identification of switched outcomes are not appropriately performed. Furthermore, these tasks do not suppose a high level of expertise and could be performed by junior researchers. To assess the completeness of reporting and identified switched outcome(s), junior peer reviewers could use a simple online tool (COBPeer)...

Study to Validate Simple Acute Coronary Syndrome Score

The Simple Acute Coronary Syndrome (SACS) Score was developed as a Risk Stratification Tool for Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS). It is a tool which rates a patient's: SYMPTOMS, EKG FINDINGS, RISK FACTOR PROFILE, and CARDIAC MARKERS on a scale of zero to six. The purpose of this study is to validate the SACS Scoring tool by establishing a correlation between the score's numerical values and the degree of obstructive cardiovascular disease visualized during cardiac catheterizati...

Hemp Oil + User Experience Study

Presented as an online survey, this study seeks to better understand how Thorne customers are using and experiencing the new Hemp Oil + product and how they feel it compares in the marketplace. Hemp Oil + is a combination product with a proprietary blend of hemp, clove, black pepper, hops, and rosemary extracts. People who have independently elected to purchase and use Hemp Oil + before the study starts will be invited to voluntarily participate. If they meet study requirements...

Online Treatment of Cognitive Impairment and Insomnia in Cancer Survivors

The investigators will answer the question of whether treating insomnia using online Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) can improve perceived cognitive impairment (PCI) in cancer survivors compared to a waitlist control group. The investigators will recruit 162 people with insomnia and cognitive complaints who have completed cancer treatment at least 12 months prior to the study.

Clinical Outcomes in Hereditary Cancer

Compare the clinical characteristics and post-surgical outcomes (overall survival)of pancreatic cancer patients of Ashkenazi descent with or without germline founder mutations in BRCA1 or BRCA2 . Compare the clinical characteristics and outcomes (time to progression) of breast cancer patients of Ashkenazi descent with or without germline founder mutations in BRCA1 or BRCA2 receiving paclitaxel chemotherapy for metastatic disease.

Quality Of LIfe Tool for IBD

This study seeks to test the feasibility of a self-management manual with minimal telephone support by a healthcare professional. The study will also explore the acceptability of the intervention manual to patients.

Differential Influences of Integral and Incidental Emotion on Cancer-related Judgments and Decision Making

Background: Researchers are testing new methods for research projects. They want to see how people respond to different types of communication, including videos. They also want to learn how people respond to life events and how they pay attention to computer tasks. They want to learn about how various risks and threats affect the way people make decisions. Objectives: To learn how different stimuli and events affect the way people make decisions. Eligibility: ...

Clinical Decision Support Tools for Antibiotic Prescribing

The goal of this study is to assess the utility of a data visualization tool for providers' understanding patients' past microbiological culture sensitivities. Providers that are ordering antibiotics for patients with previous culture data in the medical record will be asked to answer questions regarding past sensitivity results. They will be randomized to either using the visualization tool before answering the questions or using the standard medical record tools. They will th...

Clinical and Economic Evaluation of Neurocognitively-Enhanced Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

To evaluate the clinical efficacy of online cognitive behavioural therapy supplemented with online neurocognitive remediation therapy to improve mood and cognition, decrease relapse rates and optimise work and occupational functioning.

Increasing Individualism and Collectivism

An online survey is conducted on MTurk populations from India and USA. Participants were assigned either a condition with primes of individualism or one with primes of collectivism, before responding to a scale on culture and indicating details of their demographics.

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