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A Study to Evaluate Readiness to Self-Inject on Adherence and Compliance to Copaxone® Therapy

This study has patients responding to two sets of surveys that will tell their doctor or nurse about their readiness to begin self-injection. In addition, patients will have their self-injection observed and evaluated on up to three visits

KITS: School Readiness in Foster Care Efficacy Trial

The KITS project is a 5-year randomized trial to evaluate a program designed to enhance academic and social-emotional aspects of school readiness for foster preschoolers.

The Efficacy of Readiness and Motivation Therapy in Individuals With Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa

This research examines the efficacy of a 5-session individual psychotherapy intervention designed to enhance readiness and motivation for change in individuals with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and eating disorder not otherwise specified. It is hypothesized that individuals randomly assigned to receive Readiness and Motivation Therapy (RMT) will have higher readiness and motivation scores and improved eating disorder and psychiatric symptomatology following the intervent...

Readiness for Discharge Following Lobectomy

This study aims to examine the relationship between the patient's perception of readiness for discharge after lobectomy and mobilization rates, frequency of visitation by family and friends, anxiety levels and pain levels. We will test the hypotheses that a) those patients who walk farther early after surgery and who have more visitors and decreased anxiety and pain levels will have a greater self-perceived readiness for discharge and b) that patients who receive daily ambulati...

Evaluation of Neurological Status and School Readiness in Preterm Preschoolers

Beginning school is an important milestone for children. Children's readiness for school involves cognitive, physical, and emotional development. While the majority of children born preterm are able to transition from preschool to kindergarten with little difficulty, some children experience challenges during this time. Factors that negatively influence children's success in kindergarten include their age, socioeconomic status, neurological status and their ability to interpret...

Prediction of Extubation Readiness in Extreme Preterm Infants by the Automated Analysis of CardioRespiratory Behavior

The investigators hypothesize that machine learning methods using a combination of novel, quantitative measures of cardio-respiratory variability can accurately predict the optimal time to extubate extreme preterm infants. In this multicenter prospective study, cardiorespiratory signals will be recorded from 150 extreme preterm infants who are eligible for extubation. Automated signal analysis algorithms will compute a variety of metrics for each infant describing the cardiores...

The Relationship Between School Readiness and Sensory Processing Disorder in Preterm Preschooler

The study aims investigate sensory processing disorders and school readiness in pre-school preterm children and the relationship between sensory impairment and school readiness

Maturational Changes in Newborn Infants

This study aims to extract and discriminate the signals of respiration, heart rate and swallowing from a standard ECG and EMG signal obtained using a special neonatal gastric tube. These signals will be compared with the standard monitoring signals in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Further, they will be used to search for objectively quantifiable maturational coordination processes of respiration, heart rate and swallowing. Lastly, this study aims to identify changes ...

Music Therapy During Pediatric Extubation Readiness Trials

This study seeks to research the effects of music therapy during pediatric extubation readiness trials. Amount of sedation, physiological measures, and parent/staff satisfaction surveys will be measured.

Diagnosis of Pulmonary Embolism by Doppler Signals

The LDS may contain information of significant diagnostic and physiological value regarding the pulmonary parenchyma and vasculature, as well as the cardio- vascular system in general. In pilot clinical studies of patients with acute decompensated heart failure (ADHF) as well as patients with Pulmonary Hypertension, LDS signals patterns unique to these conditions were identified. We believe that these newly discovered ultrasound signals might provide a non-invasive radiation-fr...

Comparison of Non-nutritive Suck (NNS) Measures to Clinical Estimates of Suck and Feeding Readiness in Preterm Infants

This is a research study to quantitatively assess the development of non-nutritive suck (NNS) and feeding readiness in preterm infants using a novel device, the NTrainer©, and to compare this with two clinical assessment tools, NOMAS and EFS.

Identification of Time-invariant EEG Signals for Brain-Computer Interface

This study aims to identify various time-variant and time-invariant components of EEG signals using advanced signal processing techniques, such as machine learning. Our ultimate goal is to develop universal or customised brain-computer interface that are stable across days or even years.

Multi-dose Acetaminophen for Patients Undergoing General Anesthesia

Study Objective The aim of the proposed study is to examine the effect of Q4 hour multidose IV acetaminophen on patients' readiness for discharge. In doing so the investigators will also investigate the various factors that could potentially contribute to a patient's readiness for discharge such as overall opioid consumption, time to rescue medication, incidence of postoperative nausea and vomiting, pain scores, and perioperative stress markers and their overall correlation wit...

Evaluation of Web-based Transition Education to Enhance Transition Readiness

The study looks to learn more about the helpfulness of web-based transition education and its effect on transition readiness and health service utilization in the adolescent and young adult congenital heart disease population.

A Study Of Oral CP-690,550 As A Maintenance Therapy For Ulcerative Colitis

The study proposes to assess whether compared to placebo, CP-690,550 is effective, safe, and tolerable maintenance therapy in subjects with Ulcerative Colitis (UC). The study proposes to assess whether compared to placebo, CP-690,550 maintenance therapy more effectively achieves mucosal healing and improves quality of life in subjects with UC.The study proposes to assess CP-690,550 pharmacokinetic exposure during maintenance therapy in subjects over the age of 18 years with UC.

Metabolic Syndrome Diagnosis and Education Trial

This study is being done to gain knowledge on how effective different approaches of providing a diagnosis and varying educational tools that include DVDs and multimedia or printed instruction sheets on your readiness to increase the subject's level of exercise, lose more weight, eat a healthier diet; and to assess the subject's awareness of their risk of heart disease and their readiness to participate in a comprehensive lifestyle modification program.

HIV Treatment-Readiness Measure (HTRM) Validation

The goal of this study is to assess the reliability of the HIV Treatment Readiness Measure (HTRM) to assist clinicians in: (1) determining whether or not youth living with HIV are ready to initiate HAART and (2) identifying youth who may be in need of additional support services to facilitate their adherence to HAART. The current study will examine the psychometric properties of the HTRM and establish its test-retest reliability over a two week period. If the HTRM is found to...

CASH (Cavernous Angiomas With Symptomatic Hemorrhage) Trial Readiness

Brain Cavernous Angiomas with Symptomatic Hemorrhage (CASH) are rare, but they exact a heavy burden of neurologic disability from recurrent bleeding, for which there is no proven therapy. This trial readiness project aims to address current critical obstacles in identifying cases at multiple sites, characterizing their relevant features, and measuring their outcome. The timing cannot be more opportune, with therapeutic targets already identified, exceptional collaboration among...

Psychosocial Outcomes and Transition Readiness in Uveitis

It is widely acknowledged that the transition from paediatric to adult health services should be a multidimensional and multidisciplinary process that addresses the medical, psychosocial, and educational needs of adolescents and young adults (AYA). Despite this, there is currently a scarcity of research examining the relationships between psychosocial factors (e.g., anxiety, social support) and transition readiness in AYA with uveitis. This study therefore aims to examine the r...

Clinical Trial Readiness for SCA1 and SCA3

The investigators plan to fill the gap between the current state of clinical trial readiness and the optimal one for SCA1 and SCA3, which are fatal rare diseases with no treatments. Through US-European collaborations, the investigators will establish the world's largest cohorts of subjects at the earliest disease stages, who will benefit most from treatments, validate an ability to detect disease onset and early progression by imaging markers, even prior to ataxia onset, and id...

Analysis of Surface EKG Signals to Identify Myocardial Dysfunction in Patients at Risk for Coronary Artery Disease

1. The MyoVista device is capable of detecting surface electrocardiogram signals and sensitive in detecting coronary artery disease compared to traditional computed tomography angiography (CTA) 2. Electrophysiological signals at the cellular level of myocardium are related to specific patterns on the MyoVista device 3. Changes in MyoVista device output and can indicative of future CAD outcomes and need for revascularization

Multi-Channel Esophageal ECG Signal Classification

This study is designed to prove new methods to enable the automated analysis of esophageal electrocardiography (eECG) signals in long-term measurements as well as the detection of atrial fibrillation. The investigators hypothesis is that eECG signals allow the reliable atrial and ventricular ECG signal distinction and the detection of atrial fibrillation. Therefore 14 patients with arrhythmias and 6 cardiac healthy subjects are asked to take part in this study. On each subject ...

Readiness to Disclose Mother's HIV Diagnosis to Their Children in Beijing, China

Specific aims of the 1-year project are to pilot test the disclosure support intervention by (a) evaluating acceptability and feasibility with a preliminary randomized trial among 10 HIV+ mothers (5 in the intervention group and 5 in the treatment as usual (TAU) group) and (b) assessing outcomes in mothers (quality of life and mental health indicators, adherence, social support, and disclosure stress, efficacy, readiness, and completion). The intervention will be compared to tr...

Testing the Effectiveness of Integrating Relationship Education Into an Existing Workforce Readiness Program

The project will test the strategy of integrating 25 hours of relationship education into an existing employment program for low-income individuals ages 18-30. It will use a 2-arm randomized controlled trial to test the effect of this full package of services on participants' employment outcomes and relationship outcomes.

Implementing "Explore Transplant"- A Pilot Study

Patients with End Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD) require Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT) in order to survive, be it dialysis or kidney transplantation (KT). Of the two modalities, KT has been associated with better quality of life (QOL) [1-3], reduced morbidity and mortality[4, 5], and reduced healthcare costs[6]. Studies in the US have shown that patients receiving tailored transplant education were more likely to complete the transplant evaluation [9, 14, 15]. For instance, pati...

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