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In Vitro And Ex Vivo Anti-Inflammatory Activities Of Salmon Polar Lipids

The aim of this project is to study the effects of a new-developed food-supplement that contains bioactive polar lipids derived from organic farmed Irish salmon for the beneficial promotion of cardiovascular health. The health claims that will be formulated for this nutraceutical are based on EFSA guidelines "The scientific requirements for health claims related to antioxidants, oxidative damage and cardiovascular health" and in particular paragraph 5.4, "Claims on reduced plat...

Simplifying the World Health Organization (WHO) Protocol for Hand Hygiene: me18Tschudin-Sutter

Non-inferiority in terms of reduction of bacterial counts will be investigated when combining the simpler three-step hand hygiene technique for the use of hand rub with a shorter application time of 15 seconds compared to the technique consisting in six steps.

Benefits Counseling to Preserve Function Among Disability Applicants

This study will address the problem that claimants with psychiatric disabilities who apply for and receive disability benefits go on to work less than those whose claims are denied.

A Retrospective Cohort Study of Acute Pancreatitis in Relation to Use of Exenatide and Other Antidiabetic Agents

The purpose of this research is to assess the absolute and relative incidence of acute pancreatitis in persons initiating exenatide compared with persons initiating a different antidiabetic agent, and secondarily, persons without diabetes. This protocol summarizes a retrospective cohort study using eligibility, pharmacy claims, and medical claims data from a large US health plan affiliated with i3 Drug Safety.

Acceptability and Validity of Self Sampling for High Risk HPV Detection Among Women in Maharashtra

The study goals are, 1. To determine the test characteristics (sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value, false positivity rates, false negativity rates) of health personnel collected and self collected HPV samples for Hybrid capture explained by two different methods (pamphlets/ health education programme). 2. To evaluate the agreement between self collected HPV samples and health personnel collected HPV samp...

Detection of False Positives From First-trimester Preeclampsia Screening (StopPRE) at the Second-trimester of Pregnancy

Nowadays pregnant women are treated with acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) if they are diagnosed to high-risk of pre-eclampsia (PE) meaning a total of 10% of the total PE screened patient population. So, at this point, sFlt-1/placenta growth factor (PlGF) ratio could permit a differentiation within false positive group of patients, making an accurate resolution between real PE patients and false PE patients (95% of efficacy). For that reason, this clinical trial had as a main objecti...

A Novel E-Health Approach in Optimizing Treatment for Seniors (OPTIMUM Study)

Background: In women with hormone receptor positive (HR+) breast cancer, adjuvant endocrine therapy (AET) is associated with a significant survival advantage. Nonadherence is a particular challenge in older women, even though they stand to benefit the most from AET. Therefore, a novel e-health tool (OPTIMUM) that integrates real-time analysis of health administrative claims data was developed to provide point-of-care decision support for clinicians.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Dual Therapy Burden of Illness

The main purpose of the study is to assess the burden of illness for, COPD using both patient-reported symptom burden and claims-based economic burden, among the subjects treated with single-inhaler dual therapy treatments, Fluticasone/Salmeterol FLUT/SAL; Advair) or Umeclidinium/Vilanterol (UMEC/VI; Anoro) to support Global Initiative for Chronic Lung Disease (GOLD) category B recommendations. The study will use a health plan recruitment strategy and subject's will be recruite...

Safety Study of Atomoxetine and Cerebrovascular Outcomes

Using a proprietary insurance health claims database, Eli Lilly and Company has contracted with an external party to conduct a retrospective cohort study of health claims for the time period from 1 January 2003 through 31 December 2006 (with follow-up of patients through 30 June 2007). This study will evaluate the potential association between atomoxetine and cerebrovascular events. In this study, the incidence of selected cerebrovascular outcomes as represented in health cla...

Validation of Predictors of OAC Initiation Using EMR Data

The objectives of this study are, first, to identify select clinical covariates from electronic medical records (EMR) that might be associated with initiation of oral anticoagulant medications (dabigatran or warfarin) in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation (NVAF) at risk for stroke; second, to quantify the association between EMR-based clinical characteristics and patterns of insurance claims; third, to assess the potential for unmeasured confounding in dabigatran vs...

Comparison Trial of White Light, Autofluorescence and Narrow Band Imaging Bronchoscopy

The purpose of the study is to compare the three methods of bronchoscopic imaging to determine what combination is optimum to identify neoplastic mucosal abnormalities. The ability to decrease the rate of false-positive and false negative findings of bronchoscopy also will be studied for each spectroscopic technique separately and for their combination.

Evaluation of a Letter Intervention Promoting a Plant-based Diet

The researchers' mission is to promote healthier eating behavior and to reduce costs associated with healthcare. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects of mailing randomly selected participants a letter promoting a plant-based diet. Depending on the experimental condition, participants may additionally receive a free documentary, Forks Over Knives, and they may also get letters which use commitment- or prevention-focused messages to encourage watching the document...

ECG Monitoring During NRP: a False Sense of Security?

ECG monitoring is relatively new mode of monitoring in the delivery room. While its use has been positively received by many practitioners of NRP, concerns have been raised about delaying chest compressions for a pulseless baby who may have electrical cardiac activity. It is unknown whether ECG leads do indeed provide a false sense of security in the delivery room. The investigators will be investigating this further using simulation.

Evaluation of a Regional Electronic Health Information Exchange's Clinical Health Record

The Shared Health CHR™ (Clinical Health Record) offers point-of-care clinical reporting and decision support based primarily on patient claims data aggregated across various health care settings, and is one example of the types of health information data exchange efforts being implemented across the country. This study will evaluate how the CHR is used and its clinical and financial impact to better understand the CHR's value, and to identify opportunities to enhance the sys...

An Observational Study to Develop Algorithms for Identifying Opioid Abuse and Addiction Based on Admin Claims Data

The purpose of this study is to develop and validate a classification model based entirely on medical claims data that can be used to identify patients experiencing prescription opioid abuse/addiction among patients receiving extended-release (ER) and/or long-acting (LA) opioids

Feedback Reports and e-Learning in Primary Care Spirometry

Spirometry is a biomedical test to measure lung function in subject who (may) have a chronic respiratory condition. Performing the test requires a certain level of training and experience from the health care professional who conducts the test, and sufficient cooperation of the patient. Although the test is widely used in primary care in many countries, the quality of the test performance seems limited and needs improvement in order to avoid false-positive and false-negative te...

Influence of Chronic Vascular Diseases on Transcranial Doppler Profiles in Critically Ill Patients

The primary objective of this study is to show that cardiovascular risk factors associated with the chronic elevation of arterial resistance may be associated with "false" profiles of intracranial hypertension during transcranial doppler ultrasound of the middle cerebral arteries in intensive care unit patients. A "false" profile of intracranial hypertension is defined by a high pulsatility index without any intracranial pathology.

Tomosynthesis in Screening Mammography

Tomosynthesis is a new digital mammographic tool which can be performed at the same time as routine screening mammography. It creates CT-like slices through the breast, minimizing the tissue overlap. Tomosynthesis has the potential to improve screening mammography outcomes by increasing cancer detection rate, decreasing false negative rates and false positive rates. This trial will help determine if tomosynthesis is useful in a screening setting.

The Incidence and Incubation Period of False Positive Cultures in Shoulder Surgery

This study will describe the time point at which a positive culture from a patient who has undergone shoulder surgery should be treated as an infection versus a false positive result that should be disregarded. Intraoperative biopsies will be taken and cultured from 50 subjects who have undergone an "open" surgical procedure and 50 from subjects undergoing an arthroscopic procedure.

Non-interventional, Retrospective Cohort Study to Explore OAC Treatment in Korea

The primary purpose of this study is to evaluate comparative effectiveness and safety outcomes of therapies to prevent thromboembolic events in patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation by using Korean nationwide health claims database.

Validation of a Simple and Cost-Effective Nucleic Acid Test for HIV Detection

Validate a simple and cost-effective Nucleic Acid Test for HIV Detection in order to develop a rapid, highly sensitive and specific, one-stage test for the diagnosis of HIV infection. Blood samples collected will be assayed using the BioHelix Corporation helicase-dependent amplification. A false negative or false positive rate of >1.0% would make this test unacceptable as a screening test for HIV viremia.

Biologic Basis of Liver Cancer From Chronic Hepatitis B

The focus of the study is to identify viral factors and host immune responses that differentiate HBV-related HCC patients from HBV patients who have not progressed to HCC. To that end, the investigators will compare gene expression levels between HCC patients and non-HCC patients categorized into high and low risk profiles. The investigators will perform ANOVA to compare three groups (HCC, high risk, low risk). Multiple comparison corrections will be performed using Benjamini a...

Developing Enhanced Prediction Models

In this study, patients will be prospectively enrolled for data collection to design prediction models that integrate claims data (inpatient, outpatient, and pharmacy), electronic health record data (on clinical, social, and behavioral indicators), and patient-generated activity data. Patients will be randomized to use either a smartphone or a wearable activity tracking device to capture patient-generated health data.

High Deductible Health Plans and Bipolar Disorder

Using eleven years (2004-2014) of claims data from the largest US commercial health insurer, the investigators will assess the impact of switching into high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) on outcomes for patients with bipolar disorder. Patient subgroups will include patients with and without high medication cost-sharing and vulnerable populations (racial/ethnic minorities, poor, rural, major comorbidities). Interviews with patients and caregivers recruited through a major advo...

Diagnostic Imaging Study for the Melanoma Advanced Imaging Dermatoscope (mAID)

The purpose of this study is to calculate the sensitivity and specificity of a novel imaging device and associated software algorithm in detecting early stage melanoma versus nevi of the skin. The instrument, which was invented by the PI, for the purposes of this study, will be loaned to three external (to Rockefeller) institutions and used on patients who are scheduled for biopsy of pigmented lesions. The purpose of correlating the output screening result of the novel device...

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