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Effect of TTFields in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Patients With 1-10 Brain Metastases Following Radiosurgery

The study is a prospective, randomized controlled phase III trial, to test the efficacy, safety and neurocognitive outcomes of advanced NSCLC patients, following stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) for 1-10 brain metastases, treated with NovoTTF-100M compared to supportive treatment alone. The device is an experimental, portable, battery operated device for chronic administration of alternating electric fields (termed TTFields or TTF) to the region of the malignant tumor, by means ...

Feru-guard for Behavioral Symptoms in Dementia

This is designed as a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial with a 12 week intervention period. Seventy participants with a diagnosis of AD, vascular, and mixed dementia with at least 3 behavioral symptoms present from the Neuropsychiatric Inventory Questionnaires (NPI-Q) will be randomized to the Feru-guard (ferulic acid and Angelica archangelica) or placebo group. Participants will be screened first by a telephone interview or briefly in-clinic and then ...

Pain and Discomfort During Maxillary Expansion: mRCT

The aim of the present study is to investigate and analyze the perception of pain and function impairment during the first week of activation with two different palatal expansion screw to identify an effective pain prevention protocol.

Study of Tissue Expansion Devices Complications

Reduce the common complications incidence about patients placed tissue expansion devices to around 5%.

Speckle-Tracking and Volume Expansion

Volume expansion is the cornerstone of hemodynamic management of patients suffering from circulatory failure. The main objective of volume expansion is to increase stroke volume. This increase in stroke volume is due to myocardial contractility improvement. Nowadays, this improvement cannot be assessed using classical monitoring used at the bedside. The main objective of this study is to evaluate left ventricular contractility using Speckle-Tracking before and after volume expa...

Sharp Versus Blunt Uterine Incision Expansion

comparison between blunt versus sharp expansion of uterine incision at lower segment cesarean section in primigravida as regards the intra-operative blood loss & postoperative pain

Patient Activated Controlled Expansion (PACE) Trial

The purpose of this study is to determine whether a patient controlled tissue expander can improve the results and patient experience in breast reconstruction. The study hypothesis is that patient controlled expansion will lead to rapid and more comfortable outcomes than historical precedents.

Ability of Changes in End Tidal Carbon Dioxide to Assess the Stroke Volume Effects of a Volume Expansion of 250ml of Crystalloid in the Operating Room

Volume expansion is the cornerstone of perioperative hemodynamic optimization. The main objective of volume expansion is to increase and to maximize stroke volume. Despite national and international recommendations, stroke volume monitoring is clearly not widely adopted. This is mostly due to the cost and the invasiveness of the devices allowing stroke volume monitoring. End tidal carbon dioxide is monitored in all patients undergoing general anaesthesia and is totally non-inva...

Time Course Evolution of Cardiac Output

Fluid expansion is the first therapeutic option in patients presenting acute circulatory failure but the duration of its hemodynamic effects (persistency and time of maximal increase in cardiac output) is unknown. This study is seeking to describe in critically ill patients, the time course evolution of cardiac output over a 2-hours period after a fluid expansion. The objectives are: 1. to identify patterns of fluid responsiveness 2. to determine the time wh...

Secondary Prophylaxis After CMV Disease in Kidney Transplant Patients Targeted by γδ T Cells Immunomonitoring.

In kidney transplant patients, CMV infection remains the leading infectious cause of morbidity and mortality. Clinical and virological relapses are common and are involved in chronic graft dysfunction. To date, it is not certain that secondary prophylaxis allows reducing these relapses, although this prophylaxis is part of the current recommendations. Our team has recently shown that the expansion of γδ T cells in peripheral blood during CMV infection was correlated with the ...

Low Dose Daily Erlotinib in Combination With High Dose Twice Weekly Erlotinib in Patients With EGFR-Mutant Lung Cancer

The purpose of this study is to test the safety of different ways of taking erlotinib. The investigators want to find out what effects, good and/or bad, combination daily low dose and twice weekly high dose erlotinib has on the patient and lung cancer. The investigators are also seeing whether different schedules of erlotinib are better at treating lung cancer that has spread to the central nervous system. CNS expansion phase: The pulse continuous regimen will be then a...

Spironolactone Versus Prednisolone in DMD

This is a randomized, open-label, pilot clinical trial of spironolactone suspension versus oral prednisolone for use in Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The goals are to determine the safety of 6 months of treatment with spironolactone treatment int he steroid-naive DMD population as well as to determine if either spironolactone or a standard clinical dose of corticosteroids results in equivalent improvement in time to complete the 100 meter timed test (100M).

Comparing the Effectiveness of Lung Expansion Therapy in Adult Human Subjects

The purpose of this study is to better understand how air is spread throughout your lungs after your abdominal surgery by comparing two lung inflation treatments: 1. Incentive Spirometry (I.S.) lung expansion therapy 2. EzPAP® lung expansion therapy. Lung expansion therapy is routinely used after your type of surgery. Taking deep breaths after surgery helps your lungs to stay inflated. At the University of Virginia, it is at the physician's discretion as to which ...

An Open-Label, Dose-Escalation/Dose-Expansion Safety Study of INCB059872 in Subjects With Advanced Malignancies

This is an open-label, dose-escalation/dose-expansion study of INCB059872 in subjects with advanced malignancies. The study will be conducted in 2 parts. Part 1 (dose escalation) will determine the starting dose(s) of INCB059872 for dose expansion, based on maximum tolerated dose and/or a tolerated pharmacologically active dose. Part 2 (dose expansion) will further determine the safety, tolerability, efficacy, PK, and PD of the selected dose(s).

Evaluation Of Different Rapid Orthodontic Expansion Devices

Evaluating and comparing the short term effects of different palatal expanders on the amount of palatal expansion and buccal tipping of posterior teeth. Hypothesis: H0: There is no difference in the short term effects between the different palatal expanders. H1: There is a significant difference in the short term effects between the different palatal expanders.

Aripiprazole for Schizophrenia Outpatients Completing BMS Clinical Trials

The purpose of this study is to provide aripiprazole to schizophrenic outpatients and Community Treated Patients who are currently receiving aripiprazole therapy on another BMS sponsored clinical trial.

Pilot Evaluation Comparing Regional Distribution of Ventilation During Lung Expansion Therapy

The primary purpose of this study is to determine if there is a significant difference in regional distribution of ventilation when comparing eupneic tidal ventilation with Incentive Spirometry (I.S.) and EzPAP® lung expansion therapy in healthy adult human subjects. Electrical impedance tomography (EIT) will be used to measure regional distribution of ventilation during resting tidal ventilation and during lung expansion therapy.

Phase IIa Dose-Expansion and Biomarker Study of OPB-111077

This is a phase IIa open-label, non-randomized dose-expansion study of OPB-111077 in patients with advanced, treatment refractory cancers who have biopsy-amenable lesions at study entry.

Impact Evaluation of Agribusiness Support and Nutrition Services Projects in Upper Egypt

This project seeks to evaluate the impact of two USAID-funded projects that are implemented in rural Upper Egypt. The first project is the Feed the Future Egypt, Food-Security and Agribusiness Support (FAS) project; the second project is the Improving Maternal, Child Health, and Nutrition Services (IMCHN) project. The specific study objectives are (1) to estimate the impact of FAS interventions on project outcome indicators—especially on household income (measured by total h...

A Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of BIIB093 in Participants With Brain Contusion

The primary objective is to determine if BIIB093 reduces brain contusion expansion by Hour 96 when compared to placebo. The secondary objectives are to evaluate the effects of BIIB093 on acute neurologic status, functional outcomes, and treatment requirements, to further differentiate the mechanism of action of BIIB093 on contusion expansion by examining differential effects on hematoma and edema expansion, and to determine if BIIB093 improves survival at Day 90 when compared ...

Dose Escalation and Expansion Study of FLX475 Monotherapy and in Combination With Pembrolizumab

This clinical trial is a Phase 1/2, open-label, sequential-group, dose-escalation and cohort expansion study to determine the safety and preliminary anti-tumor activity of FLX475 as monotherapy and in combination with pembrolizumab. The study will be conducted in 2 parts, a dose-escalation phase (Part 1) and a cohort expansion phase (Part 2). In Part 1 of the study, subjects will be enrolled in sequential cohorts treated with successively higher doses of FLX475 as monotherapy ...

Effect of Injury Prevention Program on Cricketers

The main aim of the study is to prevent the injuries during cricket.Total 60 players were included in the study. 20 players were in warm up group,20 players were in cool down group and 20 players in control group.Base line assessment was by 100m sprint, Illinios agility test, 3 minute burpee test, SEBT and plank. After intervention of 6 weeks assessment will be done again by using the same tests.

Open-Label, Multicenter Extension Study for Patients Completing Treatment Phase of a Rigel-Sponsored R935788 Studies

The purpose of this new research study is to gain additional information about how safe and effective R935788 is over a longer period of time.

A Prospective Analysis on the Expansion Rates of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) disease is an abnormal bulging of the main abdominal artery, which is the called the abdominal aorta. The purpose of this observational study is to identify whether a blood biomarker protein RhoA can predict which small AAA patients may need surgery in the future. Participating patients will receive an ultrasound and blood draw. The patients will be divided into expanding and stable aorta groups after determining each patient's aortic expa...

Parkinson's Disease Registry of the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center

The purpose of the Parkinson’s disease Registry is to develop a national and international database of persons with Parkinson’s disease (PD). The Registry will be used to facilitate the development of new therapies and healthcare services to improve the quality of life for people with PD. It will also be a means for investigators in the field of PD to quickly identify and notify subjects about other research studies for which they are eligible. Objectives include: ...

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