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Tuesday 16th July 2019

Machine Learning Modeling of Intraoperative Hemodynamic Predictors of Postoperative Outcomes

With population aging and limited resources, strategies to improve outcomes after surgery are ever more important. There is a limited understanding of what ranges of hemodynamic variables under anesthesia are associated with better outcomes. This retrospective cohort study will analyze hemodynamic variables during surgeries for their links to mortality, morbidity, Intensive Care Unit admission, length of hospital stay, and hospital readmission. The use of machine learning in a ...

Innovative Biofeedback Interface for Enhancing Stroke Gait Rehabilitation

This study will conduct a preliminary evaluation of and obtain user data on a novel game-based visual interface for stroke gait training. Study participants will complete one session comprising exposure to gait biofeedback systems in an order determined by block randomization (3 blocks). Participants will be exposed to 3 types of biofeedback interfaces: - the anterior ground reaction forces (AGRF) biofeedback game (projector-display, non-augmented reality [AR]) ...

Exoskeleton-assisted Walking in SCI Inpatient Rehabilitation

To assess how safe the exoskeleton, EksoGT, is to use for acute inpatient rehabilitation, if it helps people to walk better than with traditional walking training methods, or if they have any other effects (better or worse) on recovery.

Acupuncture for Treatment of Patients With Poor Ovarian Response

This prospective randomized controlled trial is designed to investigate the effect of acupuncture on IVF/ICSI outcome in women with poor ovarian response. The study population consisted of all infertile women with a previous poor ovarian response who will undergo IVF/ICSI in Reproductive Biomedicine Research Center, Royan institute, Tehran Iran. To minimize the effect of ovarian stimulation protocol, a stratified randomization method according to ovarian stimulation protocols (...

The Effect of Electronic Cigarette Use on Smoking Behaviors Among Smokers Receiving Outpatient Psychiatric Treatment

This study will investigate the impact of e-cigarette use on combustible smoking behaviors and motivation/readiness to quit among adult current smokers with psychiatric disorders who are not yet ready to quit smoking. All participants will be instructed to start using e-cigarettes (provided by the study) as much as they like for the first 2 weeks, and then, to switch completely from combustible cigarettes to e-cigarettes for the next 4 weeks. They will be assessed at baseline, ...

Weight Loss in Postmenopausal Women With Obesity

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the impact of a high protein (HP) diet and resistance training (RT) on weight loss and loss of fat free mass (FFM) in post-menopausal women with obesity. All participants will receive dietary and physical activity guidance through a group-based weight loss program, State of Slim (SOS), as well as supervised flexibility or resistance training. Assessments after 8 weeks will designate participants as "responders" or "non-responders" to the...

Self-modulated Functional Electrical Stimulation in Chronic Stroke Patients With Severe and Moderate Upper Limb Paresis

The study aims at demonstrating the efficacy of self-modulated functional electrical stimulation (SM-FES) in promoting upper-limb (UL) motor recovery in chronic stroke patients with severe and severe-moderate paralysis. The effect of such experimental therapy will be compared to dose-matched, goal-oriented standard care (SC). SM-FES consists of intensive, goal-oriented, repetitive functional exercises assisted by electrical stimulation. The patient actively self-administers th...

Novel Single Wave Assessment in Measuring Cardiac Dysfunction and Metabolic Syndrome in Patients With Cancer

This clinical trial studies a novel single wave assessment in measuring cardiac dysfunction and metabolic syndrome in patients with cancer. The novel single wave assessment is a hand held device that can report left ventricular ejection fraction, which measures how well the heart is pumping blood (by giving a percentage) and measures how stiff the arteries are in the heart (pulse wave velocity). A novel single wave assessment may help identify patients at increased risk for typ...

Prevention of Female Cancers by Optimization of Selenium Levels in the Organism.

Hypothesis to be tested: Oral supplementation or diet modifications of selenium to a specified range will be effective in reducing the risk of developing cancer of any type in women with high risk of breast cancer, as compared to placebo.

Suprathel Versus Xeroform for the Management of Skin Graft Donor Sites

The investigators aim to study whether Suprathel, a synthetic temporary skin substitute developed by PolyMedics Innovations GmBH aids in the management of patient pain and wound healing when compared to the current standard dressing used of a primary Xeroform dressing.

GON-injection for a Sooner and Better Treatment of Cluster Headache

Cluster headache is a very severe primary headache disorder. In episodic cluster headache, attacks occur in 'bouts' (clusters) lasting weeks to months. Management of cluster headache entails a combination of attack and prophylactic treatment. Current first choice prophylactic treatment (verapamil) has considerable side effects which can be serious and include possibly fatal cardiac arrhythmias; and it can take weeks to titrate to an effective dose. Evidence has emerged that loc...

Taking Action: a Care for Type 2 Diabetes Intervention for Couples

Communal coping consists of the appraisal of a problem as shared and collaboration to manage the problem. Among individuals with type 2 diabetes, self-report, daily diary, and observational measures of communal coping have been linked to better relationship and health outcomes. While communal coping has been linked to positive adjustment outcomes, there are no interventions that incorporate both components of communal coping theory; interventions often focus on collaborative st...

Measurement Of NT-proBNP to Predict Outcomes in Surgery

The team is investigating whether N-terminal pro B-type natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP) and other cardiac markers are useful for predicting outcomes for patients undergoing vascular surgery. By measuring NT-proBNP before and after surgery, the investigators may be able to determine which patients are at risk of an adverse outcome, such as a heart attack or death.

12 Weeks of Resistance Band Exercise Impacts on Metabolic Syndrome Progression in Postmenopausal Women

The purpose of this study was to examine the impacts of a 12-week resistance band exercise program on insulin resistance, blood lipid profiles, body composition, and blood pressure in postmenopausal women with obesity. Thirty-six postmenopausal women participated in this study. Participants were randomly allocated into the resistance band training group (EX, n = 18) or the control group (CON, n = 18). The EX group performed a resistance band exercise training program 60 minute...

Non-invasive Ventilation Following Extubation (Prophylactic) to Prevent Extubation Failure in Critically Obese Patients

Mechanical ventilation is the first artificial support used in intensive care. After a period of invasive mechanical ventilation, patients should be separated from the ventilator (weaning period of mechanical ventilation). If weaning and extubation (removal of the tracheal tube) are successful in approximately 80 to 90% of resuscitation patients, 10 to 20% will develop acute respiratory failure (ARF) in the days following extubation. Obesity concerns 20 to 30% of resuscitation ...

During-exercise Physiological Effects of Nasal High-flow in Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a major cause of disability and mortality worldwide. This disease progressively leads to dyspnea and exercise capacity impairment. Pulmonary rehabilitation teaches chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients to cope effectively with the systemic effects of the disease and improves exercise capacity, dyspnea and quality of life in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. However, the best training modality remains unknown. ...

RapidShock Post-Approval Study

Compare the performance of the Reconfirmation Analysis Mode algorithm to the performance goals recommended by the American Heart Association.

Effectiveness of Virtual Reality in Patients With Chronic Neck Pain

Virtual reality application has been increasing in recent years for pain control, distraction in wound care, treatment of anxiety disorders and support for physical rehabilitation. For example, it has been found to be effective in reducing pain when used in addition to medical treatment during bandaging of severe burns. The studies related with chronic pain patients were stated that virtual reality application was found to be interactive and fun by patients. Therefore, The aim ...

Efficacy and Safety of Skin Care Product in Aging Facial Skin

The purpose of this study is to assess the efficacy and safety of P29429-01 as a skin care product to manage skin aging in women subjects 40-65 years of age.

The Effect of Non-hormonal Gel Application in Women in the Menacme With Sexual Dysfunction

The aim of the present randomized, double-blind study is to evaluate the effects of a vulvar, moisturizing, non-hormonal gel containing visnadine, ethil ximeninate, Coleus barbatus and Panicum miliaceum (TROFIS (R)), in women in the menacme, regarding the sexual response measured by the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) when compared to placebo.

Intraoperative Pain and Quality of Surgical Block During Shoulder Surgery Assessed by NOL Index

Postoperative analgesia for shoulder surgery is typically achieved by providing an interscalene brachial plexus block. However, a very common side effect of this block is hemi-diaphragmatic paralysis, a state which may not be tolerated in patients with pulmonary conditions such as COPD. Recently, clinicians have explored new ways to provide satisfactory analgesia while minimizing the pulmonary side effects of the interscalene nerve block. One of these solutions might be to offe...

Youth Opioid Recovery Support: Improving Care Systems

Opioid addiction, also referred to as opioid use disorder, among young people is a growing health concern for patients and their families. Overdose deaths related to opioids have been steadily increasing in number and are at an all-time high. Opioid addiction has serious consequences such as getting HIV, legal problems, relationship problems, and unemployment. Currently, there are two standard of care office-based medications available to treat opioid use disorder, buprenorphi...

The Efficacy of Interferential Current Treatment on Knee Osteoarthritis

The effects of different carrier frequencies of interferential current on pain and function in patients with knee arthrosis will be compared

Can Life's Wisdom Help Counter Depression? Evaluating the CBT Timeline Approach for Older Adults With Depression

This study aims to evaluate a specific psychological technique to help older adults with depression improve their mood and develop or utilise their 'wisdom' for managing their current difficulties. The United Kingdom (UK) population is ageing and effective psychological therapies for older adults need to be well evaluated and developed. This study aims to develop evidence for this technique, and links between gerontological theories of wisdom and clinical psychology. The...

Peanut Protein Supplementation to Augment Muscle Growth and Improve Markers of Muscle Quality and Health in Older Adults

This study will evaluate the adaptations in skeletal muscle that occur in response to 10 weeks of weight training with or without peanut protein supplementation in older adult men and women.

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