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Monday 22nd July 2019

Laser and Electrical Stimulation on Chronic Neck Pain Patients

This study evaluates the efficacy isolated and combinaded of photobiomodulation therapy with low level laser therapy and the transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

Building Collaborations to Address Drug Problems in the United States and China

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the impact of a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) intervention on the distribution and variability of pain level before and after intervention receipt among people with co-occurring chronic pain and Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) over a three-month follow-up period.

Drinking Water Chlorination and Child Survival in Rural Kenya

The purpose of the study is to estimate the effect of community-wide provision of water treatment (chlorine) solution on all-cause child mortality and on infectious disease related child mortality. We will also examine effects on the following secondary outcomes: 7-day diarrhea prevalence, all-cause under-2 mortality, diarrheal disease related child mortality, school attendance, and school enrollment. In addition, and for a subsample of children, we will examine effects on moto...

Skeletal Muscle Effects of GH in Boys

The purpose of the study is to measure the functional effects of recombinant GH in skeletal muscle, in addition to growth promotion, in short prepubertal boys with either growth hormone deficiency or idiopathic short stature. Patients will be similarly short. The investigators will also compare these values in the short stature cohort to those obtained in testing performed in normally growing age-matched healthy control boys not on GH. The group on GH will be studied before and...

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Post-Stroke Visual Field Defects

Visual field defects (VFD) usually do not show improvement beyond 12 weeks from onset. Plasticity occurs in areas of residual vision (ARV) at the visual field which are the functional counterpart of partially damaged brain regions at the areas around brain lesion. Few treatment options are currently available for post-stroke VFD. In this pilot study, the effect of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) applied to these areas on VFD in patients with cortical infarct...

The Effects of Allogeneic SLET

To investigate the effect of allogeneic SLET and re-epithelialization after allogeneic SLET.

Decellularised Dermis Allograft for the Treatment of Chronic Venous Leg Ulceration

Does the use of decellularised dermis allograft in addition to compression therapy promote healing in chronic venous leg ulceration compared to compression therapy alone

The Impact of an Epidural Anesthetic on the Consumption of Sevoflurane in Major Abdominal Surgery

Major abdominal surgery - like non-laparoscopic bowel resection, liver, gastric, or pancreas surgery - is performed under general anesthesia. Pain control for after the surgery can be achieved purely with intravenous and oral pain medication or in combination with freezing of the nerves. Nerve freezing (nerve block) placed before surgery has the potential to substantially reduce the amount of inhaled anesthetic given to the patient during surgery. This can benefit the patient w...

A Supervised Clinic-to-Community Exercise Intervention to Improve Cardiometabolic Health in Survivors of AYA Cancer

The main goal of this clinical trial is to use a novel exercise intervention to improve cardiometabolic and biopsychosocial health outcomes in overweight/obese sedentary survivors of AYA cancers at risk for chronic comorbid conditions. The investigator's hypothesis is that an exercise intervention will improve: cardiometabolic health; body composition; physical fitness and biopsychosocial outcomes when compared to the attention control group.

Evaluate Health Coaching Support in Technology-based Interventions for Meeting Health Goals

In this trial, the investigators will examine whether text messages sent to Veterans will help support in meeting nutrition or physical activity health goals. One group will get the text messages only and a second group will receive the text messages combined with two calls from a Veteran peer health coach who will support participants in meeting goals. The investigators will therefore examine whether or not the addition of a health coach promotes goal-related health outcomes.

Chemotherapy w/wo WeiLeShu in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

A total of 50 patients with metastatic colorectal cancer will be enrolled in the study. The patients were randomly divided into the WLS-intervention group and the control group. The two groups of patients were given the most appropriate medication according to the specific conditions of the disease. Patients in the intervention group received additional oral administration of Weileshu, a probiotics product (Tongchuang Biotechnology).

Fitness- and Health-related Effects of a Sports Injury Prevention Program in Competitive Alpine Skiers

Overall Goal: Elaboration of an evidence-based, national prevention strategy to protect the health of competitive alpine skiers, with a particular focus on youth athletes. Background: Competitive alpine skiing has a relatively high injury risk. 60% of all athletes suffer from a severe knee injury in the early stages of their career, and 20% struggle with recurrent overuse problems of the knee and lower back. Research Aims: (1) to investigate the effects of a 12-month sports i...

Non-invasive Nerve Stimulation and Sleep

People often have difficulty sleeping. Reasons are many. But, difficulty falling and staying asleep are common issues. Sleep difficulties are common in disorders such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Current treatments for sleep difficulties are not effective for everyone. Better treatments are needed. In this study, the investigators are testing two nerve stimulation locations that may impact brain function in such a way that sleep is improved.

Neurobiological Analyses Within the FORESEE III Study

In this observational, non-invasive clinical study different neurobiological analyses will be performed in a group of patients with severe treatment resistant major depression participating in an efficacy study of deep brain stimulation of the superolateral branch of the medial forebrain bundle (slMFB) - FORESEE III.

A Study of Balloon Dilatation for the Treatment of Benign Ureteral Stricture

This study is designed to treat benign ureteral stricture with balloon dilatation through prospective multicenter studies. It aims to indications, procedure standards, and therapeutic effects of balloon dilation, and provide further guidance for endoscopic treatment of benign ureteral stricture.

The Effects of Autologous SLET

This study aims to prospectively evaluate the therapeutic effects of autologous simple limbal epithelial transplantation for patients with limbal stem cell deficiency. The change of visual acuity, quality of life and so on will be monitored before and after surgery.

Autonomic Mechanisms of Sleep-dependent Memory Consolidation

The goal of the proposed project is to identify the impact vagal activity during sleep for memory formation. Nearly 100 years of research contends that sleep plays a critical role in memory consolidation (i.e. the transformation of recent experiences into stable, long-term memories), yet much of this literature has focused on the central nervous system and technologies like electroencephalography (EEG) to unpack neural correlates involved in memory processing. Sleep is also a u...

Peer to Peer Programs for Military Suicide Prevention

In the present project the investigators propose to test the efficacy of a peer to peer program entitled Airman's Edge. The Airman's Edge program plans to utilize peer mentors that will be trained in specialized skills designed to impact suicide risk at multiple levels of the military community without creating "extra duties" that increase workload and interfere with mission demands. Peer mentors will introduce primary prevention strategies to their units that target broad-base...

Effects of Exercise on Metabolic Parameters in Classical Homocystinuria

The aim of this research project is to compare the effect of an aerobic exercise session in two different populations. Sampling biological material and collecting health-related personal data entails minimal risks and burdens. Participants will be asked to perform 30 minutes of an aerobic exercise on an ergocycle at a fixed power output to correspond to a moderate intensity for a sedentary population.

Study on Adaptive Radiotherapy and Multimodal Information of Cervical Cancer Assisted by Artificial Intelligence

The standard treatment for non-operative cervical cancer is concurrent external radiation therapy and chemotherapy followed by brachytherapy. During the period of radiotherapy, organ movement and tumor shrinkage may lead to insufficient or excessive radiation dose for the tumor and organs at risk. Adaptive radiotherapy can use images information acquired during treatment as feedback to reduce errors. Total 122 cases of cervical cancer with stage IB2-IVA will be randomly enroll...

Effectiveness of Enteral Nutrition for Dose Reduction of Low Dose PEG

This clinical trial is being conducted to assess whether dietary restriction with enteral nutrition prescribed could prevent nonadherence to dietary restrictions, enable additional reduction of the required volume of PEG-ELS.

The Impact of a Preoperative Nerve Block in Foot and Ankle Surgery on the Consumption of Sevoflurane

Reconstructive foot and ankle surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Included in this spectrum of surgery are ankle arthroplasties, various fusions, corrective arthrodesis, and more. Pain control for after the surgery can be achieved purely with intravenous and oral pain medication or in combination with freezing of the nerves. Nerve freezing (nerve block) placed before surgery has the potential to substantially reduce the amount of inhaled anesthetic given to the patie...

Impact of Socio Economic Limitations on Health Outcomes in Patients With Recent Admission for Heart Failure

To assess the impact of the socio-economic level on the effectiveness of a comprehensive multidisciplinary program of transitional care for crhonic heart failure patients (primary objective); to analyze this specifically in the various chronic management profiles of CHF patients and to study the associations between socio-economic level and other psychosocial aspects (secondary objective).

Effects of Prolonged Delivery of Nitric Oxide Gas on Plasma Reduction-Oxidation Reactions in Cardiac Surgical Patients

This study is an ancillary (add-on) study to the clinical trial entitled "Effect of Nitric Oxide in Cardiac Surgery Patients With Endothelial Dysfunction", which has Clinical identifier NCT02836899. NCT02836899 trial randomizes cardiac surgical patients to receive either Nitric Oxide (NO) or a placebo during and after cardiac surgery. This ancillary study aims to assess the effects of Nitric Oxide on plasma reduction-oxidation reactions of patients undergoing cardia...

Investigation of the Photobiomodulation Applications

Increasing the speed of orthodontic treatment is an emerging clinical problem and therefore the evaluation of the effects of photobiomodulation applications and methods on orthodontic tooth movement is considered as an important factor. When literature studies are examined, different studies have been performed on Laser and LED applications, however, the lack of a study that evaluates and compares the effectiveness of these methods in terms of clinical and biochemical paramete...

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