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Monday 15th July 2019

Examining the Effectiveness of Transdiagnostic, Internet-Delivered Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in New Mothers Experiencing Anxiety and Depression

In the proposed study, the investigators will examine the efficacy of transdiagnostic, Internet-delivered cognitive behaviour therapy (ICBT) in the treatment of postpartum anxiety and depression. Half of participants will receive the treatment immediately, and half of the participants will be assigned to a treatment-as-usual control condition. Participants assigned to the control condition will be offered the treatment after a 12-week waiting period, although data from this por...

Village-based Intervention for Late-life Depression

Investigators aimed to examine the feasibility and effectiveness of a village-based multilevel intervention for late-life depression. Two small rural villages in rural South Korea were selected as the intervention group and active control. All older adults living in the two villages were included in the intervention program or received standard CMHS care, and the effectiveness of the program was examined using representative samples from both groups.

Identification of the Best Self-questionnaire to Diagnose Depression in Patients With Psoriasis (DePsoVal)

Prevalence of depression shows great heterogeneity in patients with psoriasis. This could be explained by the psychometric properties of the questionnaires assessing depressive symptoms: these tests have not been developed in a context of dermatosis. The complaints and symptoms associated with psoriasis can be misidentified by questionnaires as a manifestation of depressive symptomatology and may overestimate depressive symptoms. In other diseases such as asthma and rheumatoid...

Comparison of Treatment by IM Ketamine to IV Ketamine in Patients With Renal Colic

Patients who present to the emergency department (ED), with acute pain due to renal colic, are often treated with opioids. Treatment with opioids has many disadvantages - cardio-respiratory depression, nausea, vomiting and long term dependence. For these reasons, there is a constant search for a way to reduce the use of opioids. ketamine has been proven to augmented the analgesic effect of opioids, and thus reduce the use and adverse effects of opioids. Different studies about ...

Evaluation of Central Sensitization, Fear-Avoidance, and Pain-Pressure Threshold With Chronic Pain After Hysterectomy

Central Sensitization Inventory (CSI), Fear-Avoidance Components Scale (FACS), pain-pressure threshold are factors associated with chronic post-hysterectomy pain (CPHP), but a complete understanding on the development of CPHP is lacking. The study aims to identify clinically-relevant factors for CPHP that can be reliably assessed preoperatively.

Effectiveness of Virtual Reality in Patients With Chronic Neck Pain

Virtual reality application has been increasing in recent years for pain control, distraction in wound care, treatment of anxiety disorders and support for physical rehabilitation. For example, it has been found to be effective in reducing pain when used in addition to medical treatment during bandaging of severe burns. The studies related with chronic pain patients were stated that virtual reality application was found to be interactive and fun by patients. Therefore, The aim ...

Effectiveness of IPT-G in Major Depression

Although antidepressants are the primary treatment for major depression, response and remission rates are unsatisfactory. The primary objective of this study is to identify if adding interpersonal group therapy (IPT-G) to the usual psychopharmacological and clinical management treatment will improve depressive symptoms in major depression outpatients.

Pulsed Magnetic Stimulation - Managing Spasticity in Spinal Cord Injury

Spasticity (tightening, spasming and/or contractions of muscles) is a commonly encountered consequence of injuries to the central nervous system. Spasticity has an adverse effect on quality of life and function of patients with spinal cord injuries, stroke and cerebral palsy. Conventional management consists of medication, injections of botulinum toxin and occasionally extensive surgical interventions. Several studies have examined the use of repetitive magnetic stimulation of ...

Can Life's Wisdom Help Counter Depression? Evaluating the CBT Timeline Approach for Older Adults With Depression

This study aims to evaluate a specific psychological technique to help older adults with depression improve their mood and develop or utilise their 'wisdom' for managing their current difficulties. The United Kingdom (UK) population is ageing and effective psychological therapies for older adults need to be well evaluated and developed. This study aims to develop evidence for this technique, and links between gerontological theories of wisdom and clinical psychology. The...

Determining the Spiritual Well-Being and Needs of Latino Cancer Patients

The purpose of this study is to determine the extent to which spirituality, including meaning-making and faith, are associated with psychological adjustment (anxiety and depression), as well as the degree of hopelessness, and quality of life in Latinos diagnosed with advanced cancer.

Online Prenatal Trial in Mindfulness Sleep Management

The aim of this study is to assess an online mindfulness intervention for pregnant women (6 weeks) for the treatment of insomnia and prevention of depression relapse in pregnancy. This mindfulness intervention will also be compared with an online intervention (6 weeks) consisting only of education about insomnia in pregnancy. The principal hypothesis is that the mindfulness intervention will be more effective than the education-only intervention.

Imaging to Improve Brain Stimulation

This study investigates how brains change as a result of a treatment for depression called repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS). People who receive rTMS will have pictures of their brains and brain activity taken by a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner before and after their treatment, as well as up to three times during the six-week treatment course. These images will be examined to see if the rTMS is placed correctly to help treat their symptoms, and what...

Depression Prevention in Older Spousally-bereaved Adults

Using an indicated prevention approach, investigators propose to enroll 150 spousally-bereaved adults aged 60 years and older in the first 6 months after spousal death who are at high risk for major depression disorder because of subthreshold symptoms of depression. A confirmatory efficacy trial will be conducted in which participants will be randomly assigned to (a) self-monitor sleep, meals, and physical activity for 12 weeks using digital monitoring plus motivational health ...

The Effect of Combined Aerobic Exercise and Calorie Restriction on Mood, Cognition, and Motor Behavior in Overweight and Obese Women

The benefits of weight-loss programs on mood state and cognitive and motor behavior remain unclear and are largely limited to those of calorie restriction (CR) or physical exercise alone. Our aim was to investigate the effect of a combined CR and aerobic exercise program on mood state, cognition-related brain activity, and cognitive and motor behavior in overweight and obese women. Twenty-six overweight or obese women were randomized to either a control group (no intervention) ...

Detection of Postoperative Respiratory Depression in High Risk Patients Utilizing Minute Ventilation Monitoring

Respiratory volume monitor (RVM) (ExSpiron) is superior to continuous pulse oximetry in detection of postoperative respiratory depression in high risk patients.

Barreiras Scale for Cardiac Rehabilitation in a Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Programs

This is an observational cross-sectional study designed to investigate the barriers encountered by patients after admission to a public and private PRC and to correlate the barriers with the population profile. To participate in this study, patients were recruited for convenience of two CRPs offered in the city of Presidente Prudente - SP, one linked to the private service offered by the Heart Institute (INCOR) and another public in the Cardiology Sector of the Center for Stud...

Task Shifting to Treat Depression and HIV Medication Nonadherence in Low Resource Settings

A hybrid effectiveness-efficacy trial to evaluate a stepped care task shifted intervention to treat depression and HIV medication nonadherence in low resource settings in rural Zimbabwe.

Friday 12th July 2019

Theta Burst Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of Fronto-parietal Networks: Modulation by Mental State

The purpose of this study is to improve understanding of the way transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), a form of non-invasive brain stimulation, affects the brain. The study hypothesis that when theta burst stimulation (TBS) is applied during a controlled mental state, network changes will be facilitated, compared to stimulation when mental state is uncontrolled. This study will focus on the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (dlPFC) and the associated frontoparietal network (FP...

Clinical and Economic Evaluation of Neurocognitively-Enhanced Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

To evaluate the clinical efficacy of online cognitive behavioural therapy supplemented with online neurocognitive remediation therapy to improve mood and cognition, decrease relapse rates and optimise work and occupational functioning.

Development and Evaluation of Culturally Adapted CBT for South Asian Canadians

As CBT was developed for persons from North America and European background it needs to be adapted for persons from non western cultures.There is evidence that This mixed methods study proposes a culturally adapted Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CA-CBT) model for an East Asian demographic in Toronto and Canada. Since the majority of the East Asian population in Toronto is of Chinese origin, the study will focus on this group. The client population of East Asian youth who have b...

Treatment of Patients With Optic Nerve Damage Patients Using Electrostimulation

The aim of the present study is to investigate the possibilities of visual field enhancement with electrical stimulation (ES) as a home stimulation method, in a total of 50 patients with optical neuropathy, who have already been treated with ES in the past. Furthermore, factors responsible for response variability and treatment effectiveness are also explored: (i) the role of mental stress (or stress resilience), (ii) the status of biomarkers, such as the systemic stress hormo...

Efficacy And Tolerability Of Sub-Anesthetic Ketamine In Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is a non-psychotic major or minor depressive episode that occurs during pregnancy or within 12 months of post-partum period. The nature of symptoms is same as depressive episode characterized by depressed mood, anxiety, sleep difficulties, suicidal thoughts, tiredness and diminished interest in pleasurable activities. Severe maternal depression affects children by increasing the risk of emotional and behavioral and physical health problems and cognitive di...

Thursday 11th July 2019

The Internet Therapy for Depression Trial

The objective of this trial is to collect data on the feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary effectiveness of internet delivered Cognitive Beaviour Therapy (iCBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (iACT) interventions tailored towards the treatment of depression and chronic pain using a doubly-randomized, attention-controlled, non-blinded, patient-preference design.

Re-Rehabilitation in Chronic Obstrctive Pulmonary Disease

Patients with COPD who participated in the second rehabilitation program in the Pulmonary Rehabilitation unit will be included in the study. Pulmonary function tests, arterial blood gases, mMRC dyspnea perception, 6-minute walking distance, disease-specific (SGRQ) quality of life and hospital anxiety depression scale values will be compared.

Deep Brain Stimulation of the Medial Forebrain Bundle for Treatment Resistant Depression

Treatment resistant depression (TRD) is a major global health concern, and there is a crucial need to develop novel effective treatments. The medial forebrain bundle (MFB) is a recently described DBS target, with reported rapid onset of antidepressant effects. A recent small randomized trial reported a 100% response rate. Herein, we will conduct a sham-controlled randomized trial of DBS to the MFB for TRD.

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