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Tuesday 23rd July 2019

To Study the Role of Liquid Based Cytology (LBC) for Diagnosis and Characterization of Biliopancreatic Tumor s Compared With Standard Cytology and On-site Evaluation.

Liquid Based Cytology is a method of preparing samples for examination in cytopathology.Liquid-based cytology (LBC), enables cells to be suspended in a monolayer. LBC makes better cytological assessment possible with improved sensitivity and specificity, since fixation is better and nuclear details are well preserved in the technique. Conventional cytology is gold standard for biliopancreatic malignancy examination. This method is operator depended and have high inter observer ...

Cross-sectional Study on a Given Day Within the Paris Saint-Joseph Hospital Group

Sleep apnea syndrome has an estimated incidence of 2 to 4% in the adult population and more so in men and with aging. It is an independent risk factor for mortality. Cardiovascular pathologies, diabetes, and stroke are known comorbidities with a high rate of association. There is no recommendation to screen these patients although the interest is assumed and sleep apnea syndrome is largely underdiagnosed. Interrogation and clinical examination guide but they are neither sensiti...

Impact of High-level Oxygen Therapy on the Reconditioning of Type I Hypoxemic Respiratory Insufficiency Patients in Intensive Care

High-throughput oxygen therapy is known as an alternative to non-invasive ventilation, with a benefit in terms of survival in non-hypercapnic respiratory failure patients. The use of high-throughput oxygen therapy is well studied in stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients and has as known effects the decrease of transcutaneous CO2 and respiratory rate, and the increase in the inspiratory/expiratory time report, in the tidal volume and in the forced expirat...

Dupilumab for Severe Asthma in a Real Life Setting

Dupilumab is a monoclonal anti-IL-4/13Rα antibody developed for severe asthma (SA). In France, mepolizumab was commercialized in February 2018. Before this date, many SA patients had reached a therapeutic dead end, with uncontrolled disease despite maximal available treatment. Upon the request of lung specialists involved in SA, French health authorities approved an early access program (temporary Use Authorization) allowing early access to dupilumab (before EMA's decision) fr...

Predictors of Mortality in Patients With Autoimmune Diseases Admitted to the Intensive Care Unit

Autoimmune diseases, such as systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, myositis, or anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (ANCA)-associated vasculitis, may affect multiple organ systems. Occasionally, patients deteriorate acutely requiring advanced care in an intensive care unit (ICU). In an ICU setting, mortality is estimated with scoring systems, such as APACHE or SAPSII. Since there are limited data available on their use in autoimmune diseases, with the current stu...

Effects of HIIT Integrated in PE Classes, on Physical Condition, Physical Activity and Motivation for Exercise

Levels of activity and physical condition among adolescents are low, increasing the risk of chronic diseases. The most recent literature suggests that physical activity and physical condition are correlated with improved biopsychosocial variables of the young. The School and, concretely, the Physical Education classes are privileged spaces, promoters of positive changes for the rest of the life. HIIT is an efficient alternative to the invested time compared to aerobic training,...

Priming Attachment Security Within an IAPT Setting

There is growing evidence that priming attachment security is associated with improved attitudes towards therapy, increased engagement and decreased levels of depression and anxiety. Within the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme a consistent problem has been identified of high dropout rates at step 2 services (i.e. where mild to moderate anxious and depressed patients receive guided self-help interventions). The current study incorporates a feasibility...

High Speed Circuit Training and Cognition

The purpose of this research study is to see if a weight training program can make a positive change in participant fitness as measured by the ability to use oxygen and help the participant remember things.

Clinical Assessment of Lithium Disilicate (E-max) and BioHPP Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) Endocrowns

Patients need Endocrowns for their teeth usually use Emax as an etchable ceramic. Yet they have disadvantages that may influence the outcome of the endocrowns, among which is the high stiffness and rigidity owing to the higher modulus of elasticity (67.2 GPa)( compared to natural dentin (18.6 GPa) which may affect the marginal a less rigid material is needed. PEEKs (polyetheretherketones) are presented as alternative materials to metal and glass ceramics, Their el...

67Cu-SARTATE™ Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy Administered to Pediatric Patients With High-Risk Neuroblastoma

The aim of this study is to evaluate the safety and efficacy of 67Cu-SARTATE in pediatric patients with high-risk neuroblastoma.

The BMI Project (Body, Mind, Inflammation)

Obesity and chronic inflammation influence the development and progression of many types of cancer. These conditions share several of the same causes, including physical inactivity, poor nutrition, stress, and insufficient sleep. Emerging adulthood (ages 18-25) represents an important developmental period in which to address behaviors and psychological variables that affect both weight status and inflammation. At least 40% of emerging adults have overweight/obesity, and this tr...

A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of Intravenous N-acetyl Cysteine in STEMI

The PANACEA trial is an investigator-initiated prospective, single-center, two-arm, non-blinded pilot randomized controlled trial of high-dose IV N-Acetylcysteine therapy used as an adjunct to pharmaco-invasive reperfusion in patients presenting early after a large STEMI.

Dietary Protein and Resistance Exercise in Elderly

The aim of this randomized, observer-blind, controlled intervention study with parallel groups is to study the effect of resistance training (2x/week for 8 weeks) with and without different goals of protein intake on muscle strength, function and mass, oxidative stress parameters and the immune system in community dwelling persons. Participants (n = 137) will be community-dwelling older adults. After a pre-participation screening participants will be distributed randomly but s...

The Effect of Different Reconstruction Methods on Anterior Resection Syndrome

The incidence of prerectal resection syndrome (LARS) after middle and low rectal cancer surgery is as high as 70%, which seriously affects the quality of life of patients. Studies have shown that colon pouch can reduce and alleviate LARS symptoms. However, most previous studies focused on open surgery, and the evaluation index lacked objectivity. Therefore, in the context of minimally invasive rectal cancer surgery, it is necessary to re-evaluate the value of improved surgical ...

Oxford Pre-cancerous Lymphoproliferative Disorders Study

OxPLoreD is an observational cohort study to identify clinical, genomic and immunological predictive markers of progression to malignant disease. Open to individuals diagnosed in the last 2 years with high count MBL, Binet Stage A CLL, Immunoglobulin G/A/M (IgG, IgA, IgM) MGUS, asymptomatic WM not requiring treatment and smouldering myeloma not requiring treatment.

Parafricta Bootees vs UK Standard Care to Prevent Heel Pressure Ulcers

This randomised study will assess whether Parafricta bootees, when used in addition to normal standard care, can reduce the incidence of heel PUs in patients at very high risk of skin breakdown. The participant group will be hospital inpatients at high risk of PUs (Waterlow score of 20 or more) who are bedbound and do not have existing heel PUs. The participants will be randomised to an intervention arm using Parafricta plus standard care, or a control arm of standard care only...

Sources of COmplement in Meningococcal and Pertussis Serum Bactericidal Antibody Assays

This study is designed to allow cord blood sample collection from the cords of babies born in three gestational age windows: ≥37 gestational weeks, 32-36+6 gestational weeks and less than 32 gestational weeks to investigate whether the result obtained using a standard hSBA assay is comparable to that achieved using complement from a gestation matched population for meningococcal B and pertussis.

Medium Dose of Cytarabine and Mitoxantrone

By observation of the inpatients in shenzhen people's hospital,research the curative effect of the two chemotherapy schemes on AML-High dose of cytarabine and HAM.

Eurythmy Therapy (ERYT) as a Treatment Option for Fatigue in Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients

Cancer related fatigue (CRF) is the most burdening symptom in breast cancer patients, and prevalence exceeds 75% in patients with metastatic disease. CRF is described as the symptom that has the largest impact on quality of life, with negative effects on work, social activities, and daily activities, and may lead to treatment discontinuation. Currently, there is no gold standard for the treatment of CRF. Drug therapies are not satisfactory. Since physical activity is associated...

Study to Assess the Immune Response and the Safety Profile of a High-Dose Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine (QIV-HD) Compared to a Standard-Dose Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine (QIV-SD) in Europeans Adults 60 Years of Age and Older

Primary Objective: To demonstrate that QIV-HD induces an immune response that is superior to the responses induced by QIV-SD for all 4 virus strains 28 days post-vaccination in subjects 60 to 64 years of age and in subjects 65 years of age and older. Secondary Objective: - To further describe the immune response induced by QIV-HD and QIV-SD in all subjects by age group, in pooled age groups, and by vaccine group (QIV-HD; QIV-SD). - To describe the saf...

The Emotional Impact of Surveillance for Pancreatic Cancer

Due to its rarity a population screening program for pancreatic cancer is not possible. For this reason, considering background data on genetic predisposition and familiarity for this lethal tumor, efforts have been pushed to build up surveillance programs for subjects at high-risk of pancreatic cancer, due to familiarity and/or genetic predisposition. These programs are based on radiological examinations (such as MRI or endoultrasonography) and laboratory tests. However, littl...

Ultrasound-guided Genicular Nerve Block for Total Knee Arthroplasty (GenTKR)

Knee Osteoarthritis affects one third of the population over 65 years old. Total knee arthroplasty (TKA) has become one of the most frequent surgical procedures in the world. During the last years it went from being a long hospital stay surgery to a fast track procedure. Currently models employ high volume local infiltration techniques (LIA). The genicular nerve block (GNB) appears as alternative in this patients. The objective of this study is to evaluate the analgesic result...

A Genetic Family Cohort Study of Bipolar Disorder in Chinese Han Population

This study intends to find out the pathogenic genes of bipolar disorder by collecting the two-phase family of Chinese Han population with the large sample using a family cohort study design, combined with the new generation of high-throughput sequencing technology and Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS), Proteomics, bioinformatics analysis, etc., which is expected to be clarified at the genetic level. The pathogenesis of bipolar disorder. At the same time, the investigators ...

The Impact of Arts-Based Interventions on Patient Hospital Experience

nuts and bolts

Phenotyping Genetic Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

This study tests the hypothesis that non-diabetic individuals with a high genetic risk score for type 2 diabetes have impaired glucose tolerance and insulin resistance compared to those with a low genetic risk score for type 2 diabetes.

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