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Thursday 18th July 2019

A Prospective Cohort Study About Health and Offspring Developmental &Behavioral Outcomes

This topic puts forward a hypothesis: genetic and environmental factors such as major depressive disorder during pregnancy, nutritional status of vitamin A, D, E, and folic acid, intestinal microecology, and bisphenol A exposure, may affect the cognitive development level of the offspring through the genetic correlation with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, developmental delay/intellectual disability, and major depressive disorder, allelic heterogeneity and pleiotropy ...

Interleukin-1 Blockade for Treatment of Cardiac Sarcoidosis

Sarcoidosis is a heterogeneous disorder of unknown etiology whose signature lesions are granulomatous inflammatory infiltrates in involved tissues. Tissue commonly affected are lungs, skin, eyes, lymph nodes and the heart. In this latter case, cardiac sarcoidosis (CS) can lead to atrioventricular (AV) blocks, ventricular arrhythmias, heart failure (HF) and sudden cardiac death. Similar to other involved organs, cardiac disease generally progresses from areas of focal inflammati...

The Revitalize Study

There is a great need for effective treatments and prevention therapies that can provide symptomatic and disease modifying benefits for those at risk for Alzheimer's disease. The proposed multi-site collaborative project brings together research teams at the University of Florida (UF) and University of Arizona (UA) to test a novel, relatively low cost, low risk, and potentially high impact therapeutic intervention in older adults who are at increased risk for Alzheimer's diseas...

Impact of Oral Glucose Tolerance Test on Extent of Hemoglobin Glycation

The glycation extent of human hemoglobin is under control of the Maillard reaction, a chemical interaction between an amino acide and a reducing sugar. About 5% ( 31.1 mmol/mol) of hemoglobin molecules secluded in a red blood cell are glycated; excessive values > 6.5% point to prediabetes or overt diabetes mellitus. To ascertain the diagnosis doctors prescribe oral glucose tolerance upon which glucose concentrations in blood increase - how much HbA1c reacts under these circumst...

Optimizing PrEP Utilization Among Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Using Women of Color

Nationally, the HIV case rate among black/ African American (AA) women is nearly 20 times higher than in white women; for Hispanic/Latino women it is 4.5 times higher. Moreover, according to findings in the HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN) Study 064 (The Women's HIV SeroIncidence Study), HIV incidence among women who live in communities with high HIV prevalence and poverty is about 6 times higher than for black/AA women. South Florida's new HIV diagnoses are now triple the ...

Project Arthritis Recovering Quality of Life Through Education - Hip

Introduction: One in four people are at risk of developing symptomatic hip OAH. Perhaps the greatest potential for improvement in OAH treatment is to approach the early stages of pathology, since total hip arthroplasty was considered 20th century surgery, with high cost-effectiveness in patients who are not responding to clinical treatment. Joint lavage with saline shows significant pain relief in patients with knee and hip OA. In addition, when the saline solution is injected...

Early Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) Matched Sibling Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

This study aims to enroll 58 pre-adolescent (

Hyperpolarized Carbon-13 (13C) Pyruvate Imaging in Patients With Glioblastoma

The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether new metabolic imaging will be useful to physicians and patients with glioblastoma for making treatment decisions and seeing how well various types of treatment work. The goal is to improve the way patient care is managed in the future. If you chose to be in this study, you will be receiving novel magnetic resonance (MR) metabolic imaging with standard MR imaging. The research component includes an injection of an investiga...

Prehospital Kcentra for Hemorrhagic Shock

This is a pilot trial being performed to evaluate the feasibility, to include the ability of EMS to identify patients in shock and the ability to package, store, and administer Kcentra in the field.

Neurophysiology of Prophylactic Treatment in Migraine

This study aims to improve the pathophysiological understanding of migraine in in a longitudinal observational study investigating changes of established neurophysiological and imaging parameters in line with changes of the clinical phenotype. The study's focus is the investigation of mechanisms that are directly related to the cyclic character of migraine and its core structures. In this context, the primary endpoint is a change in the nociceptive blink reflex, an established...

Effect of a Very Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet on Gut Microbiota and Fat Distribution

Short-term interventions that use very low-calorie ketogenic diets and meal replacements may be prescribed for selected overweight or obese patients with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes. Few, inconsistent data are available on protein intake from various sources on body weight, the composition of gut microbiota and metabolic outcomes in these patients. The aim of the present study is to compare efficacy, safety and effect on microbiota composition of short-term isocaloric VLCKDs...

A Clinical Study on Levosimendan Improvement of Prognosis of ARDS Patients by Optimizing Pulmonary Hemodynamics

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the curative effect of Levosimendan on ARDS patients through omni-directional and multi-angle objective quantitative indexes, and to study the responsiveness of ARDS with or without right ventricular insufficiency to the treatment of Levosimendan, and to indirectly confirm whether Levosimendan had lung protective mechanism other than calcium sensitization to ARDS patients, such as inhibiting inflammatory reaction to reduce pulmonary cap...

Global Registry for COL6-related Dystrophies

The Global Registry for COL6-related dystrophies ( is a database for individuals who have been diagnosed with Bethlem Myopathy, Ullrich Congenital Muscular Dystrophy (UCMD) or an intermediate form of these diseases. The registry team is based at the John Walton Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre at Newcastle University, UK and is part of the TREAT-NMD alliance global network of registries. The registry has been developed in partnership with a number of leading...

INTERCEPT Safety Evaluation on Whole Blood

The pathogen reduction system for whole blood using amustaline (S-303) and glutathione (GSH) hast a potential to decrease transfusion-transmitted infection. There is a scientific basis to hypothesize, that cells containing DNA and RNA such as bacteria, viruses and parasites that could be present in blood collected from asymptomatic infected donors are inactivated in the treated whole blood and therefore reduce the risk of transfusion-transmitted infections. The aim of the stud...

Infant Feeding Practices in Transition: Breast Milk Intake, Complementary Feeding and Body Composition During Infancy

Research Aim: We assessed human milk intakes of Thai infants during the first 6 months comparing exclusive (EBF), predominant (PBF) and partial (PartBF) breastfeeding. Methods: One-hundred and ten apparently healthy Thai lactating mother-infant pairs were followed from birth. Human milk intakes were determined at 6 weeks, 3 and 6 months, using the DTM method. Daily energy and protein intakes were assessed using 3-day non-consecutive 24-hour recalls. Socio-demographic character...

Timing of Sodium Intake and Nocturnal Sodium Excretion and Blood Pressure in Obese African Americans

Experimental data have shown that timing of sodium intake impacts diurnal patterns of sodium excretion. The purpose of this study is to test the hypothesis that the time of day for salt intake impacts (1) blood pressure rhythms and urinary sodium excretion and (2) circadian timing of factors responsible for blood pressure regulation and cardiometabolic health in obese individuals. These studies will address two aims. The first aim will test the hypothesis that limiting high sal...

Decellularised Dermis Allograft for the Treatment of Chronic Venous Leg Ulceration

Does the use of decellularised dermis allograft in addition to compression therapy promote healing in chronic venous leg ulceration compared to compression therapy alone

Regimen Switch to Dolutegravir/Lamivudine Fixed Dose Combination From Current Antiretroviral Regimen in HIV-1 Infected and Virologically Suppressed Adults (SALSA)

The aim of this study is to determine if virologically suppressed Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Type 1 infected adults on a current antiretroviral regimen (CAR) (including 2 nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors [NRTIs] plus a third agent) remain suppressed upon switching to dolutegravir/lamivudine (DTG/3TC) fixed dose combination (FDC). The main objective of the study is to demonstrate the non-inferior antiviral activity of switching to DTG/3TC FDC once daily compar...

Citrate Salts for Stone-free Result After Flexible Ureterorenoscopy for Inferior Calyx Calculi

The prevalence of urolithiasis is around 10 % in the French population. It is thus a major public health issue. When the stone is not spontaneously removed, interventions such as extracorporeal lithotripsy or flexible ureteroscopy (F-URS) are performed. F-URS is usually preferred in inferior calyx stones > 7 mm in comparison with lithotripsy, with better results. Efficacy of ureteroscopy is based on the "stone-free rate" (SFR) at 3 months. A SFR index is assessed according to t...

SEL120 in Patients With Acute Myeloid Leukemia or High-risk Myelodysplastic Syndrome

This first-in-human study will evaluate SEL120, a novel small molecule CDK8/19 inhibitor, in patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) or High-risk Myelodysplastic Syndrome (HR-MDS), in terms of selection of the recommended dose for further clinical development and assessment of safety, tolerability, preliminary anti-leukemic activity, as well as pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic profiles.

Effects of Exercise on Metabolic Parameters in Classical Homocystinuria

The aim of this research project is to compare the effect of an aerobic exercise session in two different populations. Sampling biological material and collecting health-related personal data entails minimal risks and burdens. Participants will be asked to perform 30 minutes of an aerobic exercise on an ergocycle at a fixed power output to correspond to a moderate intensity for a sedentary population.

OnTrackNY's Learning Healthcare System

This application proposes OnTrackNY as a regional scientific hub for the Early Psychosis Intervention Network (EPINET) program as part of NIMH's creation of a national learning health care system (LHS) for early psychosis care. OnTrackNY has grown into a 22-site network, under the leadership of Lisa Dixon, MD, MPH. Created and supported by the New York State's Office of Mental Health (OMH), OnTrackNY is a nationally recognized model providing coordinated specialty care (CSC) f...

Protective Monocytes and Macrophages to Limit Decompensation and Heart Damaging

The working hypothesis is that cardiac macrophages specific for the compensated cardiac hypertrophic phase limit the progression toward the decompensated state of heart failure by promoting an inflammatory environment favouring cardiomyocyte survival and preservation of the pump function. We will perform studies in human plasma and monos, cardiac tissues and macrophages to validate this hypothesis.

Comparative Study for the Degree of Biological Changes After Short-term 2 Weeks and 4 Weeks Preoperative Endocrine Therapy in Luminal Breast Cancer

RATIONALE: Estrogen can promote proliferation of tumor cells in hormone receptors (HR)-positive breast cancer. The standard therapy of Luminal subtypes is endocrine therapy, which can influence proliferation of tumor cells by blocking the use of estrogen by cancer cells or lowering the amount of estrogen the body makes. Thus, markers of proliferation are candidate markers of efficacy after short-term (e.g., 2 weeks or 4 weeks) preoperative hormone therapy. Ki-67 is most commonl...

Efficacy of Interleukin-2 Gargle in the Treatment of Oral Mucosa Lesion in Pemphigus Vulgaris

This clinical study will test the short-term efficacy of interleukin-2 gargle combined with systemic use of glucocorticoids in the treatment of oral mucosal lesions in mucosal-dominant pemphigus vulgaris and moderate mucocutaneous pemphigus vulgaris.

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