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The Treatment of Addictions in the Course of Care in Oncology: an Inventory of Fixtures Among Paramedical Professionals

Nowadays, guidance is given on the implementation of innovative approaches to promote autonomy and user participation through strategies designed to strengthen the patient's empowerment. [SNS 2018-2022, Ministère des Solidarités et de la Santé] The 2014-2019 Cancer Plan calls for the systematic support of smokers during smoking cessation. This means that health workers need to be trained to help with smoking cessation, as well as the motivational attitude that reinforces the...

Behavioral Addictions and Related NeuroCOgnitive Aspects

Improving knowledge about behavioural addictions is a real public health issue. The etiopathogenic model of behavioural addictions is multifactorial, with various risk and vulnerability factors, involved in the initiation and maintenance of the disorders. Among these factors, neurocognitive alterations associated with behavioural addictions has recently aroused interest among researchers. To our knowledge, there is no work wich compared several behavioural addictions with each...

Improving African American Glaucoma Patient Involvement in Visits and Outcomes

This is a research project about services provided to African American patients with glaucoma. The goal of the project is to improve communication between providers and African-American patients about glaucoma.

Exploring the Outcomes of System Supports for Youth With Mental Illness and/or Addictions and Their Families

This is a pilot study to assess the feasibility of a larger scale clinical trial of different methods of supporting families in finding mental health and/or addictions (MHA) services for youth.Youth with MHA issues and their families are particularly vulnerable in the MHA system, due to a lack of specialized support and complicated transitions between services. The potential impact of Navigation on youth MHA symptom reduction or functional improvement, family functioning, satis...

Educational Intervention on Weight Management in Chinese-American Children

A randomized study is proposed to determine effects of 8 weeks of an interactive multimedia educational program compared to waiting list control group on improving health and weight status in Chinese-American children, ages 8 and 10, over a 6 months period. A total of 60 Chinese-American children and their families will be randomized to either the intervention group or waiting list control group. The intervention is based on Social Cognitive Theory and principles of Chinese cu...

Tenecteplase in Stroke Patients Between 4 and 24 Hours

This study will evaluate the efficacy and safety of tenecteplase compared with placebo in patients with acute ischemic stroke (AIS). All patients will receive standard-of-care therapy according to American Heart Association / American Stroke Association clinical guidelines (2018). To determine eligibility for randomization, all patients will undergo multimodal CT or MRI at baseline. Only patients with a vessel occlusion (ICA or MCA) and penumbral tissue will be randomized. ...

Vulnerability Markers in Pathological Gambling

Addictions without substances are an emergent problem giving rise to a recent and increasing request of care. Among these new addictions, pathological gambling and pathological online video gaming which are up. The purpose of this study is to identify vulnerability factors (personality traits, decision making strategies...), which are common or specific to each type of game (on line poker, casino, MMORPG, and no-gamers).

Question Prompt List for Orthopaedic Conditions

The purpose of this study is to investigate whether providing patients with a question prompt list (QPL) prior to their orthopaedic surgery clinic appointment improves their perceived involvement in care (PICs) score compared to being given 3 questions from the AskShareKnow model

Effects of Cardiac Rehabilitation on Functional Capacity and Cardiovascular Risk Factors

The purpose of this trial are to pragmatically investigate whether participation in a comprehensive CR (i.e., exercise with education) program in a Latin American MIC results in better functional capacity, cardiovascular risk factor control, health behavior, disease-related knowledge, depressive symptoms and lower mortality when compared exercise only CR or wait list control.

Alternative Support for Rural and Isolated Women in an HMO

Evaluate the effects of a workbook/journal for helping isolated women to cope with breast cancer.

Study of an Intervention to Improve Problem List Accuracy and Use

The aim of this study is to identify patients with problem list gaps and intervene to correct these gaps by creating clinical decision support interventions that alert providers to likely problem list gaps and offer clinicians the opportunity to correct them. The investigators will randomize the clinics that will receive the intervention and formally evaluate the study after a period of 6 months for improved problem list completeness to determine the effectiveness of our interv...

Low-intensity Shockwave Therapy (LiST) for the Treatment of Mild and Mild-to-moderate Vasculogenic Erectile Dysfunction

This is a randomized, double-blind, 2 parallel arms clinical trial. All patients will be PDE5I users/responders. After 1 month wash-out period, ED patients will be screened, in order to randomize 50 men with vasculogenic ED with primary objective to examine the efficacy of LiST using Aries2 device.

Psychosocial Benefits of Gratitude Journals

This randomized controlled study will examine the effects of different interpersonal gratitude journals compared to a neutral control journal on psycho social outcomes.

Differences Between Essential Medicines Lists in 135 Countries and Model List of Essential Medicines

The World Health Organization (WHO) has developed a model list of more than 400 medicines and recommends that each country adapt the list to its own circumstances. More than 100 countries have developed essential medicines lists. Some countries have essential medicines lists that are very similar to the WHO's model list and other countries have lists that are very different from the WHO's model list. Differences between the WHO list and country lists could be explained by feat...

Study of the Efficacy of N-acetylcysteine (NAC) on Impulse Control Disorders (TCI) Induced by Dopaminergic Treatments in Parkinson's Disease

Impulse control disorders encountered in Parkinson's disease (PD) are induced by dopaminergic medications and their frequency is estimated to be nearly 20%, mainly under dopaminergic agonists (AD). They constitute a major public health issue due to their sometimes dramatic socio-occupational and judicial consequences. Most often the therapeutic strategy is to reduce or even stop AD, which can lead to withdrawal symptoms, apathy or aggravation of motor signs. N-acetylcyst...

Question Prompt List for Common Hand Conditions

Patients with common hand conditions will be randomized to one of two groups- one will receive a question prompt list, the other will receive a list of 3 questions

Evaluation of Pharmacy Students' Perception of Opioid / Opiate Dependence

The pharmacist in his professional activity may have to manage opioid dependent patients. This professional activity will result in the provision of opioid substitution treatment (OST), single-use syringes, harm reduction kits and a prevention advice for the reduction of toxicity and infection risks. Since the 1990s, the consumption of OST has been steadily increasing. According to the OFDT (French Observatory of Drugs and Drug Addiction), the number of patients under OST is a...

Asthma and Obesity Diet Versus Exercise

Obesity is recognized as a pro-inflammatory condition associated with multiple chronic diseases, including asthma. The specific mechanisms linking asthma and obesity remain hypothetical. Our primary hypothesis is that inflammatory SNPs may regulate the degree of the inflammatory response, with obesity modifying the severity of the disease. In this instance, asthma that develops in the context of obesity demonstrates the potential deleterious relationship between a specific proi...

Operating Check List During Consultation for Dental Implant

Various studies showed how extent elements not directly linked to the state of the patient were involved in the failures in particular in surgery. That's why it's common to use check list system to avoid human mistakes or any other situation which could impact on the surgery. Here the study 's aim is to assess a tool set up by the Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation ; it's a check list which cover all the treatment phases concerning dental implant surgery.

Effect of rTMS in Pathological Gamblers

The gambling problem is characterized by a loss of control and an excessive focus on the gaming practice. Currently, the treatment of pathological gamblers is often complex and multidimensional, it notably includes psychological techniques including cognitive behavioral therapy and the use of psychotropic drugs. In pathological gambling and addictions, craving (or urge to play) and loss of control are two essential clinical elements. The neurobiological level, they are associa...

Ductal Lavage Versus Corticosteroids Therapy for Idiopathic Granulomatous Mastitis

A single-arm, proof-of-concept trial has shown the safety and efficacy of ductal lavage as a treatment for idiopathic granulomatous mastitis patients (Manuscript accepted in Journal of Surgical Research 2018). In this multicenter, randomized, open-labeled, non-inferior trial, the investigators are going to enroll eligible granulomatous mastitis patients and randomized them into ductal lavage versus. corticosteroids therapy group. The primary endpoint of this study is the comple...

Testing for the Presence of Authorship Bias in Peer Review

No consensus exists among biomedical journals on the subject of blinding during the peer review process. Some journals attempt to remove all identifiers of authorship from potential manuscripts before delivering to referees for peer review while others prefer to leave the authorship transparent. Although peer review remains the gold standard for manuscript evaluation, the lack of a standardized blinding process between editorial offices may be a source of publication bias and m...

Make a Journal Feel as if it Was Mailed Back From the Future

Optimal patient care hinges on physicians remaining up to date with developing medical knowledge. With ever increasing clinical demands however, the ability of physicians to do this is compromised. While the structure of journal based reports requires the devotion of significant time to glean emerging medical findings, social media can grab an individual's attention and then direct them to external media sites, so as to obtain more specific and detailed information of emergin...

Yoga for Persistent Pain Related to Oncology Surgery

This randomized controlled trial will evaluate a yoga intervention for individuals who experience persistent pain following oncology surgery. The integrated yoga program will involve postures, breathing exercises, and concentration practices. Data will be collected at several time points (pre-, mid-, and post-intervention) for both the intervention and wait-list control conditions. The data will be analysed using linear mixed effects growth models. Results will be written up in...

Radiographic and Clinical Comparison of Post-reduction Splinting Constructs in the Treatment of Acute Displaced Distal Radius Fractures

Subjects with acute, displaced distal radius fractures will be randomized at the time of emergency room evaluation to one of two commonly accepted splinting methods for displaced distal radius fractures: sugar tong splints or volar/dorsal clam shell splints. Reduction will be performed in the usual, standard fashion and the selected splint applied. Standard radiographic measurements of alignment, including radial height, volar tilt and inclination will be measured on pre- and p...

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