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Anatomical and Functional Outcomes of Perigee and Apogee Mesh in Total Pelvic Floor Reconstruction Versus Gynecare Prolift

The investigators designed a prospective study in this article to evaluate the efficacy, the life quality and the complications of two different meshes of type I (one is Perigee/Apogee, the other is named Gynecare prolift) versus traditional surgery, and also studied the influence of some surgical procedures on the prognosis.

Comparative Study of Circular Stapling Instruments

After removing the rectum at surgery, bowel continuity can sometimes be restored by an anastomosis between the anus and the bowel. This anastomosis is most commonly created by the use of surgical circular stapling instruments. In a retrospective pilot study the risk of developing an acute leak in the anastomosis was increased with one of the most commonly used instruments in Sweden as compared to the other brand in use. In the current study the patient is randomized to either o...

Pelvic Floor Repair Systems for Prolapse Repair

1. This is a prospective, single arm, multi-center, post market study, which will be conducted under a common protocol. 2. The primary objective of the study is to evaluate long-term efficacy of the AMS Pelvic Floor Repair System devices for prolapse repair. 3. The study population is female subjects > 21 years of age who require surgical reconstruction of their pelvic floor due to prolapse. 4. The clinical data will be analyzed by comparing post-t...

Assessment of Novel Sound Changing Principles in Hearing Instruments to Determine Their Application - 2018_12

A methodical evaluation of novel sound changing principles in CE-labelled Sonova brand hearing instruments (e.g. Phonak hearing instruments) is intended to be conducted on hearing impaired participants. These sound changing principles are enabled by respective hearing instrument technologies and hearing instrument algorithms. The aim of the study is to investigate and asses strength and weaknesses of these novel sound changing principles in terms of hearing performance to deter...

Reliability of Point-of-Care INR Measurements in Patients With Antiphospholipid-Antibody Syndrome Treated With Warfarin

The antiphospholipid-antibody syndrome (APLA), which includes lupus anticoagulant, anticardiolipin, and anti-beta-2-glycoproteinI antibodies, is a thrombophilic disorder associated with arterial thrombosis, venous thrombosis or both. Patients diagnosed with APLA have a higher risk of recurrent thrombosis than do patients without known antibodies. Currently, warfarin is considered the anticoagulant of choice for prophylactic antithrombotic treatment for APLA patients after their...

Comparison of Prosthetic Assessment Tools and Factors Influencing the Outcome

Background and rational: A large number of instruments exists to assess upper limb prosthetic function. However, they differ substantially in terms of psychometric properties and content. Furthermore, there is no "gold standard" and nearly every single center uses a unique set of instruments. This fact prevents the linking of the commonly small (due to the limited number of patients in each center) data sets of different centers and makes comparisons between different fittings...

Developing an Atlas to Teach Nurses to Clean Micro-instruments Used in Cataract Surgery: Effect on Patient Safety

Aims and objectives The purpose of this study was to develop an atlas to explore the effect of micro-instrument cleaning on the safety of cataract surgery. Background Cataract surgery safety is affected by many factors, the most influential of which is the quality of instrument cleaning. Previous studies focused on the reaction in the eye after cataract surgery. None offered a solution for manually cleaning ophthalmic micro-instruments or response data for surgical instruments...

Validation and Field Test for Risk Appraisal Instruments

To field test the validity, reliability, cost, and cost-benefit of Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) instruments.

Evaluation and Optimization of Hearing Devices in 3-D Complex Audio Environments

A methodical evaluation of novel sound changing principles in CE-labelled Sonova brand hearing instruments (e.g. Phonak hearing instruments) is intended to be conducted on hearing impaired participants. These sound changing principles are enabled by respective hearing instrument technologies and hearing instrument algorithms. The aim of the study is to investigate and assess strengths and weaknesses of these novel sound changing principles in terms of hearing performance to det...

Observational Data Collection of Surgical Outcomes in the Treatment of Vaginal Prolapse With AMS Products

Observational (meaning that we are simply collecting whatever information the surgeon typically collects when they see their patients; there is no change to the care the patient receives as a result of being part of the registry) data collection on the surgical outcomes of AMS prolapse products; we predict that patients will be significantly improved as a result of the surgery.

Comparison of Energy Instruments and Stapling Device to Dissect Intersegmental Plane in Segmentectomy

According to published studies, there are two main approaches in the dissection of intersegmental plane: stapling devices and energy instrument separation. However, only a few retrospective studies focused on the perioperative outcomes of these two approaches, and there has been no definitive conclusion about which method is better. So the investigators want to conduct a prospective study, trying to figure out this problem.

Calorie Balance Monitoring and Analysis of Body Composition and Hydration Status

The investigators are developing two new medical instruments: 1. the Intelligent Sensor Belt (ISB), and 2. the Body Composition and Hydration Status Analyzer (BC-HS-A). ISB serves the purpose of measuring calorie/ energy consumption of the human body during physical activity. The BC-HS-A measures the body composition, i.e. the fat and lean body mass and the hydration status i.e the amount of water inside and outside of the body cells. The goal of this pilot study is to obtai...

Developing Rectal USPE Measures

The purpose of this study is to: (a) adapt existing vaginal USPE items/instruments for evaluation of similar elements of rectal compartment use; (b) develop these scales using 3 distinct semi-solid formulations that represent a range of physicochemical and rheological properties of microbicides that are currently being designed for dual compartment use; and (c) develop novel USPE instruments to capture the experience of product use in the context of receptive anal intercourse ...

EXD-959 Orthodontic Brackets and EXD-961 Related Instruments Trial

The purpose of this study is to assess the performance of the EXD-959 self-ligating ceramic bracket system using EXD 961 instruments in the treatment of orthodontic malocclusion. The information gained in this study and other studies will be used to evaluate the clinical performance of the bracket system during orthodontic treatment and to substantiate marketing claims for the bracket system, open/close instrument and de-bonding instrument.

Conventional Versus Patient-specific Instruments in Total Knee Arthroplasty

Total knee arthroplasty (TKA) has a high success rate for addressing pain and improving function. However, in instances where incorrect positioning and malignment of the TKA components are observed, patients can experience a range of negative postoperative outcomes such as loss of thickness of polyethylene tibial bearings, eccentric loading, implant loosening, and eventual early revision. To avoid these complications, achieving a postoperative alignment within the range of 0°...

Random Comparison of LigaSure and Disposable Staples for Laparoscopic Surgery

The purpose of this research is to compare two different standard of care surgical methods for the following large bowel (colon) procedures: laparoscopic right colectomy, total colectomy, and left colectomy. The study will compare electrocautery, used with surgical clips and/or surgical staplers, and the Ligasure vessel sealer. The investigators will be looking at which procedure is faster and more cost efficient and the investigators will calculate hospital expenses for the t...

The Feasibility and Safety of Instruments in Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision (TaTME) for Rectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is one of the leading deadly diseases in the world. Due to the TME (total mesorectal excision) for the last decades, the survival and relapse rate of rectal cancer patients have been considerably improved. However, anatomical limitations in pelvic space hinder the further optimization of surgical treatment Thus, the natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery (NOTES) emerges as an alternative surgical strategy. Of note, transanal total mesorectal excision ...

ClinicaI Observation of Induced Abortion With Disposable Tissue Suction Tube

The purpose of this study is to explore the clinical effect of disposable tissue suction tube set for induced abortion and make comparison with traditional metal instruments.

Probably Relevant

Mesenteric Vessel Sealing by Three Instruments

Ultrasonic cutting-coagulation devices (UCCD) are surgical instruments which use ultrasonic energy to cut through and coagulate tissue. An Ethicon version (trademarked "Harmonic Scalpel" and "Ultracision") is used in a variety of surgical procedures. Its surgical performance has been directly compared with that of electrically powered diathermy instruments in animal and clinical trials. LOTUS is a company based in Ashburton, Devon, which has developed a UCCD that works in a sli...

Evaluate the Effect of Osteo Introducer System in Total Hip Arthroplasty

Osteo introducer system is the instruments used in minimal invasive THA. This study will compare the minimal invasive THA using the osteo introducer system and THA using common instruments, to show the non-inferiority of osteo introducer system in safety and efficacy of THA surgery.

Single Incision Laparoscopic Appendectomy in the Community Utilizing Conventional Instruments

There is a move to "scarless surgery" and this achieved by doing laparoscopic abdominal surgery though a single small umbilical incision. A technique for laparoscopic appendectomy done through a single incision utilizing conventional instruments has been developed. The operative risk of the single incision approach is no different that the standard three incision laparoscopic appendectomy. The goal is to study the operative time, length of hospital stay, and complications fr...

Split-Thickness Skin Graft Donor Site Wound Healing Study

The purpose of this research study is to discover whether instruments widely used in skin research can be used to measure wound healing in split thickness skin graft donor sites and whether these instruments can detect differences in healing when two different dressing products are used.

Prospective Evaluation of the QoL of Patients With PTS Who Receive Compression Therapy and Sulodexide

This study aims to evaluate whether, in a standardised cohort of patients with mild to moderate PTS, monitored for a sufficiently long follow-up period, quality of life measured by generic instruments and disease-specific instruments evolves favourably in this patient profile. Study objective: to evaluate the evolution of quality of life in general and in the specific context of the disease of patients who have experienced an episode of deep-vein thrombosis (DVT), are af...

Medication Misuse and Dependence Among Elderly

The project focuses on investigating problematic medication use, especially overuse of potentially addictive drugs among the elderly. The investigators aim firstly to develop and validate instruments for detecting and describing behavioral aspects and consequences of dependence on, and misuse of, prescription medication among elderly. In addition to evaluating diagnostic utility of screening instruments, the investigators aim to identify and report characteristics, risk...

Clinical Efficacy of a New Piezoelectric Technique for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

the aim of this randomized controlled clinical study is to evaluate the efficacy of a new piezoelectric technique for wisdom teeth extraction without using manual tools versus the conventional one.Patients referred to the hospital of Bolzano for wisdom tooth extraction will be randomly divided in two groups. In the test group all the procedure will be performed using piezoelectric instruments, while in the control one conventional manual instruments will be used. Main outcome m...

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