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Safety and Performance of Miami InnFocus Drainage Implant (MIDI Arrow) Glaucoma Drainage Implant

To assess the safety and performance of the MIDI Arrow in patients suffering from glaucoma that is inadequately controlled on maximum tolerated medical therapy with intraocular pressure ≥ 18 mm Hg and ≤ 40 mm Hg

Personalized Quantum Sonotherapy in Regional Anesthesia

The objetive of the study is to evaluate the effect of personalized quantum sonotherapy on the level of anxiety and pain in outpatients schedule for orthopedic surgery under regional anesthesia in a second level center. The investigators believed that personalized quantum sonotherapy could reduce the levels of anxiety and pain before and after surgery evaluated through hemodynamic variables and scales for pain (analogous visual scale) and anxiety (STAI Spielberger anxious state...

Arrow Chloragard Peripherally-Inserted Central Catheters (PICC) Study

A prospective study evaluating the timing, incidence and relationship of commonly occurring complications related to the use of peripherally-inserted central catheters. All subjects will receive PICC access using the Arrow PICC with Chloragard Technology.

Intramedullary Fixation of Humerus Fractures Without Intramedullary Reaming

The purpose of the study is to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the composite Nail - the Quantum interlocking intramedullary nailing system in the reduction of humeral fractures.

Postoperative Rehabilitation After Knee Arthroplasty: Anti-Gravity Treadmill

The aim of this study is to clarify the effectiveness and the usefulness of the anti-gravity treadmill in postoperative rehabilitation after knee arthroplasty. The investigators will compare anti-gravity treadmill rehabilitation and the traditional postoperative rehabilitation with instructions. The investigators will assume that anti-gravity treadmill exercise after hospitalization will lead to the faster rehabilitation, better walking quality and balance management compared ...

Postoperatively Treated Patients With Lower Limb Fracture With or Without an Anti-gravity Treadmill

The presented study is designed to prove efficacy of the anti-gravity treadmill (alter G®) compared to a standard rehabilitation protocol in patients with tibial plateau or ankle fractures with six weeks of partial weight bearing.

Gravity- Versus Suction-driven Large Volume Thoracentesis

Thoracentesis is a very common procedure, rarely associated with severe complications. One relatively common complication is chest discomfort, which is most of the time felt to be secondary to negative pleural pressures generated during the procedure. While most proceduralists use suction to drain the pleural fluid, some drain effusions by gravity only. The investigators propose to evaluate whether gravity-driven thoracentesis results in less discomfort for patients than suctio...

Effects on Shoulder Pain of Simulated Hyper-gravity During Rehabilitation Exercises

Determine if adding "extra-gravity" (sustained increase in vertical loading) during standard rehabilitation exercises has a beneficial effect on pain reduction in subjects suffering from shoulder pain of different origin.

Gravity Flow Technique to Validate Proper Location of Epidural Needle Tip

Epidural analgesia for childbirth may fail to provide adequate pain relief. At NYULMC, to maximize the likelihood that epidural analgesia will work well, the gravity flow technique is used when performing epidural procedures. The gravity flow technique is not well known, and is therefore used in only a few hospitals. The purpose of this study is to quantify the reliability of the gravity flow technique to accurately validate the position of the epidural needle tip when perform...

Magnetic Therapy in Migraine Prophylaxis

Background: The therapy with pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEFs) has been used as a therapeutic modality for at least 40 years. However, their effect in the migraine prophylaxis is unclear. Objectives: Evaluate the prophylactic effectiveness of the therapy with PEFs in the handling of migraines. Methodology: Placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind, crossed clinical study.

Gravity Versus Vacuum Based Indwelling Tunneled Pleural Drainage System

Malignant pleural effusion remains a debilitating complication of end stage cancer, which can be greatly improved by the introduction of the indwelling tunneled pleural catheter (IPC). However, there is no standard of care regarding drainage and limited data on the utility of different drainage techniques. In addition, many patients develop discomfort and chest pain during drainage. The investigators propose to evaluate gravity drainage and suction drainage on quality of life m...

Assessment of the Clinical Performance of the ARROW-FLU System

The ARROW-FLU Influenza A&B Test is an in vitro diagnostic immuno-chromatographic assay intended for the qualitative detection of influenza A and influenza B viral nucleoprotein antigens from nasal or nasopharyngeal swab specimens in symptomatic patients. It is intended to aid in the rapid differential diagnosis of influenza A and/or B viral infections. This test is not intended for the detection of influenza C viruses. A negative test is presumptive and it is recommended these...

Suspended Personal Protection System Versus Conventional Protection (Aka Zero-Gravity vs Shield and Apron)

This trial investigates operator radiation doses when performing standardized procedures using two different means of radiation protection, namely conventional lead shield and apron versus suspended protection system (Zero-Gravity, ZG). The performed procedure is standard endovascular aortic repair (EVAR). The hypothesis is that ZG offers superior protection for the operator.

Influence of an Anti-gravity Treadmill on Functional Outcome in Non-operatively Treated Pelvic Fractures - a Pilot Study

Non-operative treatment of pelvic fractures is possible. Immobilisation implies different adjustment processes. Patients with pelvic ring fractures and partial weight bearing have to obtain theses. The aim of this pilot study was to prove the additional effect of the anti-gravity treadmill in patients with non-operatively treated pelvic fractures.

Attention Control Training for PTSD in Children

Participants will complete a pre and post training psychological assessment. Participants will be assigned to attention control training or the comparison stimuli computer task in a double-blind randomized control trial design. Both computerized dot probe tasks display two faces on a computer screen, one above the other, followed by a small right or left arrow appearing in the location vacated by one of the faces. Participants are required to respond as quickly as they can by p...

Attention Control Training for PTSD Related to Combat or Interpersonal Violence

Participants will complete a pre and post training psychological assessment. Participants will be assigned to attention control training or the comparison stimuli computer task in a double-blind randomized control trial design. Both computerized dot probe tasks display two stimuli on a computer screen, one above the other, followed by a small right or left arrow appearing in the location vacated by one of the stimuli. Participants are required to respond as quickly as they can ...

Anti-gravity Treadmill Exercise in Stress Myocardial Perfusion Imaging

This study will test the hypothesis that the anti-gravity treadmill can be safely used in stress nuclear myocardial perfusion imaging in patients unable to perform conventional treadmill exercise. This will be foundational evidence on which to consider a larger clinical trial to show that the anti-gravity treadmill improves diagnostic specificity across all cardiovascular stress testing modalities including treadmill-alone, exercise stress echocardiogram, exercise SPECT ...

The Sense of Agency

The ability to recognize of being the actors of the behaviour and its consequences, the so-called "Sense of Agency" (SoA), is a crucial component of self-awareness. One key aspect is the distinction from a mere inference about the causality between an act and its consequences and the sense of being the agent of it. Despite a large number of behavioural studies, there is unsatisfactory evidence on the functional anatomical underpinnings of the SoA and the distinction between cau...

Topical Fluorescent Nanoparticles Conjugated Somatostatin Analog for Suppression and Bioimaging Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a communal malignant disease between Saudi females, with a popularity of 21.8%. Since binding to somatostatin receptors (SSTR) induces no immunogenicity in vivo, somatostatin analog (veldoreotide) (VELD) may be suitable for delivering anti-cancer drugs to target and bioimaging the cancer cells. This work aimed to deliver CdS/ZnS core-shell type quantum dots with carboxylic acid-functionalized (QDs-COOH) which is bioimaging and anticancer nanoparticles decorated...

Links Between Perception of Temporal Order Judgment and Causality in Schizophrenia

People with schizophrenia show disturbances in the perception of time. Among these alterations are the perturbations of the temporal order judgment. They are characterized by the fact that, as opposed to the general population, people with schizophrenia require a longer time interval between two successive stimuli to estimate which of the two events appeared first. If these alterations are now well documented, their consequences remain little explored. Among these consequences ...

Impact of Lower Body Weight Support Using an AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill on Cardiopulmonary Exercise Capacity and Trainability

The AlterG®-anti-gravity treadmill provides lower body weight support which enables individuals to exercise without feeling their full body weight. How this body weight support influences cardiovascular, respiratory, vascular and metabolic parameters is currently unclear. Further, whether body weight support influences the trainability in response to moderate continuous exercise is unknown. This investigation has two main goals. First, we explore the direct influence of lower ...

Evaluation of a Wearable Exoskeleton for Functional Arm Training

The purpose of this study is to investigate how the cable-driven arm exoskeleton (CAREX) can assist task performance during 3D arm movement tasks under various experimental conditions in healthy individuals and patients with stroke. This study is designed to test motor learning with the robotic rehabilitative device CAREX under three conditions in healthy subjects and subjects with post-stroke hemiparesis.

The Incidence of IV Fluid Over-administration in Pediatric Dental Surgeries When Infusion Pumps Are Employed

A prospective, analyst-blinded, randomized control trial to assess the incidence of intravenous (IV) fluid over-administration in the setting of pediatric dental surgeries. Anesthetists will be randomized to either administer their IV fluid through an infusion pump or a gravity drip device.

Adherence to Walking on an Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Several barriers to exercise are present that need to be addressed. Morbidly obese individuals experience more skin friction, urinary stress incontinence, knee pain, low back pain, and hip arthritis than the lean population, which may significantly impair their ability to adhere to an exercise regimen (6). Obesity and overweight also contribute to greater perceived effort, oxygen uptake, and less pleasure during treadmill exercise sessions (7). Recent theories suggest that a ne...

Gravity Flow Technique to Validate Proper Location of Epidural Needle Tip on Obese Parturients

Pregnant women, with a Body Mass Index (BMI) greater than 30 kg/m2, who receive epidural analgesia/anesthesia for childbirth will have epidural catheter placement per our standard procedure, which includes using the gravity flow technique to confirm that the tip (aperture) of the epidural needle is indeed located within the epidural space. The study procedure will be to use a cold stimulus (ice) to assess the subjects for hypesthesia the dermatomes of the lower abdomen between ...

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