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Atomic Magnetometer for Fetal Biomagnetism

The goal of this study is the evaluation of an atomic magnetometer that is practical for human biomagnetism studies. We have built a device that has the necessary sensitivity, and will be testing it on a small number of adults and approximately 30 healthy pregnant subjects, in preparation for beginning pre-clinical studies of high-risk pregnancies.


Ultrathin Bronchoscopy for Solitary Pulmonary Nodules

The evaluation of solitary pulmonary nodules (SPN) requires a balance between procedure-related morbidity and diagnostic yield, particularly in areas where tuberculosis is endemic. Data on ultrathin bronchoscopy (UB) for this purpose is limited. In this prospective randomised trial we compared diagnostic yield and adverse events of UB with standard-size bronchoscopy (SB) in a cohort of patients with SPN located beyond the visible range of SB.

Ultrathin Bronchoscope and Radial Endobronchial Ultrasound (R-EBUS) With Fluoroscopy Versus Standard Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy (FB) (P00029233 )

The purpose of this study is to compare the yield of two methods for obtaining a lung tissue sample: Procedure #1: standard fiberoptic bronchoscopy (FB) with fluoroscopy, and Procedure #2: ultrathin bronchoscope procedure with fluoroscopy and radial endobronchial ultrasound (R-EBUS). These two procedures are similar in that they both: (1) enable your doctor to look inside your lungs with a device called a bronchoscope, and (2) Use fluoroscopy, which is a technique that uses X-r...

Lifestyle Intervention to Treat Diabetes in the Marshall Islands

The Republic of the Marshall Islands has the highest prevalence of type 2 diabetes (T2D) in the world. This clinical trial tested whether a community-based, intensive, plant-rich lifestyle intervention with exercise is more effective for treating and managing T2D in the Republic of the Marshall Islands than the standard of diabetes care. The intensive lifestyle intervention consisted of a plant-rich diet and moderate exercise. It centered around a 12-week program of counseling ...

Endoscopy Quality Study

This study seeks to establish factors that influence the view at endoscopy. To achieve this patients, who have been already booked for endoscopy, will complete a questionnaire prior to their procedure. Demographic and endoscopist factors will also be ascertained. The view at endoscopy will then be reviewed and scored against a rating scale, which will be validated as a first phase of the study. Factors can then be sought that are associated with a good endoscopic view.

Study of Protein Translocation in Patients With Beta-Oxidation Disorders

OBJECTIVES: I. Characterize inheritance patterns of mutations in patients with beta-oxidation disorders.

Oxidation-reduction Homeostasis in Cognitive Impairment Patients After Stroke

Cognitive impairment after ischemic stroke can affect not only the social adaptation ability, but also affect the comprehensive rehabilitation of patients. The damage of cognitive impairment after ischemic stroke is not lower than the body function defect after stroke. Many studies have shown that oxidative stress is one of the pathophysiological mechanisms of ischemic cerebrovascular disease. Many studies have reported that the oxidative-reduction of cells plays an important r...

A Randomised Multi-Center Comparison of an Ultrathin Strut Biodegradable Polymer Sirolimus-Eluting Stent With a Durable Polymer Everolimus-Eluting Stent for Patients With Acute ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction Undergoing Primary Percutaneous Cor

PCI is considered as the reperfusion strategy of choice for patients with acute STEMI. Data from RCTs and meta-analyses demonstrate a consistent and strong signal towards a significant reduction in MACE among patients with STEMI undergoing primary PCI with newer generation stents with enhanced biocompatibility. The present trial aims at filling the current gap of evidence by providing randomized data to establish the superior clinical outcome with an ultrathin strut third-gene...

Sensor-equipped Ultrathin Pressure Microcatheter Versus Pressure Wire for FFR Measurement

TruePhysioTM Sensor-equipped Ultrathin Pressure Microcatheter (referred to as TruePhysioTM Microcatheter below) is a novel device for evaluating the functional significance of coronary stenosis. This study will compare the differences, if any, between the coronary fractional flow reserve (FFR) measured by the TruePhysioTM Microcatheter and the Pressure Wire.

Hepatic Glycogen and Fat Oxidation

Excessive fat in the liver is associated with impairments in metabolic health. Low levels of DNL and high levels of hepatic fat oxidation are considered to be protective. A decrease in glycogen stores has been causally linked to improved whole body fat oxidation. Also on an organ level, it is suggested that hepatic fat oxidation is stimulated by low hepatic glycogen stores. Next to hepatic fat oxidation, DNL may be influenced by hepatic glycogen stores. Some studies have shown...

Supported Education Pilot

The goal of this project is to gather data necessary for a full scale trial of a supported education service for OIF/OEF veterans with PTSD. Forty Veterans with PTSD will be randomly assigned to an intervention group (N=20) that receives a weekly supported education intervention and a control group that receives services as usual plus an hour of attentive intervention not focused on education. We will assess and compare the number of hours of participation in community educati...

School Activity for the Reduction of Distress, Pain and Negative Emotions in Children Experiencing Hospital School

Aim of present study is to evaluate the efficacy of hospital school experience in the reduction of distress, pain and negative emotion in children from 8 to 12 years old, hospitalized in oncology and pediatric wards. Investigators also want to explore the ideas and opinions of teachers and parents about hospital school service. Hypothesis: the investigators expect a reduction in pain, distress and negative emotions.

Determinants and Within-subject Variability of Maximal Fat Oxidation During Exercise in Adults

The ability to upregulate fat oxidation at appropriate times such as during fasting, low to moderate intensity exercise and after a high fat meal, is an important marker of health and a determinant of optimal endurance performance. Maximal fat oxidation reportedly occurs at an exercise intensity between 45 - 65% of maximal oxygen capacity with large between-subject variability apparent. Numerous factors have been associated with maximal fat oxidation, but a large amount of var...

Timing For Single View Bedside Cardiac Ultrasound

The goal of this study is to measure the hypothetical minimal amount of time it takes to perform a single view bedside trans-thoracic echo (TTE) comparing sub-xyphoid view and the parasternal long view. Physicians will be timed from initiation of imaging to completion of the recording of a single view of the heart. Images will be rated for quality.

Community Supported Risk Reduction for Syringe Exchange Participants

Efforts to help syringe exchange registrants employ additional HIV risk reduction strategies are often thwarted by strong social networks that reinforce substance use and other risky injection use and sexual behaviors. The proposed study addresses this important problem by evaluating the feasibility and efficacy of a novel Community Supported Risk Reduction group. This structured intervention works with injection drug users and at least one drug-free family or friend to mobiliz...

Fatty Acid Oxidation Defects and Insulin Sensitivity

The purpose of this study is to learn more about what causes insulin resistance. It has been suggested that proper breakdown of fat into energy (oxidation) in the body is important to allow insulin to keep blood sugar in the normal range. The investigators want to know if having one of the fatty acid oxidation disorders could have an influence on insulin action. Fatty acid oxidation disorders are genetic disorders that inhibit one of the enzymes that converts fat into energy....

Trial of Supported Employment Versus USES Supported Employment

The purpose of this study is to test the effectiveness of USES, a strengths-based enhancement to supported employment (SE), as compared to supported employment alone.

Impact of Exercise Combined With Inulin Propionate Ester on Fat Oxidation

There is evidence to suggest that responsiveness to exercise training programmes can be expected to be influenced by changes in resting fat oxidation, an important factor in the aetiology of obesity. Our previous work has shown that oral supplementation with inulin propionate ester (IPE) reduces intra-abdominal fat and prevents weight gain and that oral propionate intake enhances resting fat oxidation. The effects of IPE combined with exercise training on resting fat oxidation ...

High Altitude and Exogenous Carbohydrate Oxidation

Recent studies have reported that oxidation of exogenous carbohydrate is reduced under acute hypobaric hypoxic (high altitude; HA) conditions compared to normoxia (sea level; SL) in native lowlanders. However, the mechanisms by which HA suppresses exogenous carbohydrate oxidation are not known. This study will seek to confirm that acute HA exposure decreases exogenous carbohydrate oxidation during steady-state aerobic exercise compared to SL, and explore if the mechanism inhibi...

Effects of Prolonged Delivery of Nitric Oxide Gas on Plasma Reduction-Oxidation Reactions in Cardiac Surgical Patients

This study is an ancillary (add-on) study to the clinical trial entitled "Effect of Nitric Oxide in Cardiac Surgery Patients With Endothelial Dysfunction", which has Clinical identifier NCT02836899. NCT02836899 trial randomizes cardiac surgical patients to receive either Nitric Oxide (NO) or a placebo during and after cardiac surgery. This ancillary study aims to assess the effects of Nitric Oxide on plasma reduction-oxidation reactions of patients undergoing cardia...

Experiment 2: Understanding Liver Fat Metabolism

There is a largely unsubstantiated thought in the literature that dietary unsaturated enter oxidation pathways preferentially compared to saturated fatty acids. This study is undertaking a direct comparison of the oxidation of dietary saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.

Costs of the Patient's Stay Under ExtraCorporeal Membrane Oxygenation From the Hospital Point of View: a Pilot Study at the Rennes University Hospital Center

The objective of this study is to determine the average cost of stay of a patient supported by ExtraCorporeal Membrane Oxygenation from the point of view of the hospital facility, during the hospitalization in which the ECMO was implanted.

Investigation of Fat Oxidation During Moderate Versus Vigorous Intensity Exercise

Exercise is widely suggested as an important lifestyle change for weight loss, however, the optimal level of intensity moderate versus vigorous remains unclear. It is known that in athletes, during very high-intensity exercise, fat oxidation is decreased and energy is gained mainly from carbohydrate utilization. The aim of this study is to find an optimal workload based on fat oxidation rate during exercise in volunteers with a sedentary lifestyle.

Effect of Cherry Juice on Fat Oxidation and Cardio-metabolic Markers

The present study examined the effect of Montmorency tart cherry juice and FATMAX (intensity eliciting maximal fat oxidation) exercise on fat oxidation rates, body composition and blood-based cardio-metabolic markers. Participants received both Montmorency tart cherry juice and placebo in a random counterbalanced order for 20 days. Outcome variables were measured immediately pre- and post-supplementation and 10 days after the onset of supplementation. It was hypothesised that M...

Measuring Fatty Acid Oxidation in Gliomas Using 18F-FPIA PET/MRI

Glioma is the most common primary malignant brain tumour in adults and has an extremely poor prognosis. The aim of this study is to quantify the degree of early step fatty acid oxidation in gliomas as imaged by 18F-FPIA PET/MRI in 10 evaluable patients. The Investigators hypothesise that FPIA uptake will be higher in high-grade gliomas compared to lower grade gliomas, in keeping with a higher propensity of high grade tumours to generate ATP and NADPH via fatty acid oxidation u...

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