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Therapeutic Conflicts and Multimorbidity

Clinical practice guidelines do not take into account multimorbidity and various potential therapeutic conflicts. Identifying and quantifying therapeutic conflicts is crucial in multimorbid patients having more than two acute or chronic diseases. Guidance should be available for frequent encountered situations, e.g. gastrointestinal bleeding or exacerbation of diabetes mellitus.


The Effect of Different Financial Competing Interest Statements on Readers' Perceptions of Clinical Educational Articles

Financial ties with industry are common among doctors, academics and institutions. This trial aims to investigate the influence of different types of industry-linked activities on readers' perceptions of clinical reviews. Two clinical reviews have been selected on medical topics and study participants (practicing doctors) will be sent one review each. The reviews will be identical except for the inclusion of one of four different permutations of competing interest statements. P...

Genetic Counselors' Experiences of Moral Value Conflicts With Clients

This study will examine the experience of moral value conflicts among genetic counselors. Previous research has shown that value conflicts do exist among genetic counselors, but little is known about the nature or consequences of these conflicts. This is a sub-study of the "Manifestations and Consequences of Moral Distress Among Genetic Service Providers: An Exploratory Study," which includes genetic counselors, nurses and medical geneticists. Genetic counselors are recruited ...

A Study to Evaluate the Irritation Potential of ATx201 in Healthy Volunteers

This is a Phase I single-site study to evaluate the irritation potential of topically applied ATx201 GEL, 2% and 4%, along with positive and negative control and placebo control (ATx201 GEL Placebo), in healthy human subjects on intact and abraded skin. Approximately thirty-six (36) healthy adult subjects will receive all the test articles to provide for 30 subjects to complete the study. The test articles will be applied to the upper back of the subjects during the study, and ...

Comparison of Explicit, Implicit and no Values Clarification Decision Aids for Men Considering Prostate Cancer Screening

The investigators aim at comparing the perceived clarity of personal values in men considering PSA screening using decision aids with no VCM versus an implicit VCM versus an explicit VCM. This study will add to the body of evidence on the role of decision aids to support health preference-sensitive choices and provide further insight on the impact of different methods for eliciting people's values embedded within a decision aid.

Development and Evaluation of Hygie, a New Serious Game for Continuing Medical Education of General Practitioners

We produced a prototype video game called Hygie on the 5 most common reasons of consultation in general practice using 9 articles from independent journals based on evidence (reviews by Prescrire and Minerva). We then carried out a randomized trial comparing the learning provided by a week of access to the game versus source articles, in a population of clinical supervisors (CS) from 13 French departments of general practice.

Modified Reporting From Indwelling Catheters

Positive urine cultures collected from indwelling catheters from inpatients will be randomized to standard reporting or modified reporting. Physician antibiotic treatment decisions will be prospectively observed and determined to be appropriate or inappropriate. The hypothesis is that modified reporting will lead to an increase in the percentage of appropriate therapy without an increase in pyelonephritis or sepsis.

Evaluation of Values Clarification and Attitude Transformation Workshops on Abortion and Family Planning Service Provision and Client Experience

Stigma around abortion and other reproductive health care is pervasive in most contexts and has been documented to have implications for the quality of care. This study aims to assess how Values Clarification and Attitude Transformation (VCAT) workshops for providers of abortion and family planning services influences service provision of abortion and family planning services, including the quality and person-centeredness of care provided. A secondary aim is to measure how prov...

Can Training Increase Reporting Accuracy and Study Power in Human Pain Trials

In previous studies, results of both the Focused Analgesia Selection Test (FAST) procedure, a method to assess pain-reporting accuracy, and the Evoked Pain Training (EPT) procedure, aimed to improve pain-reporting accuracy, correlated with the placebo response. The objectives of the current project were to determine if EPT (1) increases pain reporting accuracy and (2) affect the placebo response in experimental pain study.

Experiences With HDR-brachytherapy in Norway

There are 3 articles that will be written about the experience with HDR-brachytherapy (HDR-BT) in patients with high-risk prostate cancer in Norway as part of a PhD-project. The project will focus on survival, side-effects and dosimetry variables as the main points of interest.

Web-based Tool to Improve the Assessment of Reporting (COBPeer)

The peer review process is a cornerstone of biomedical research publication. Despite being essential, the assessment of the completeness of the reporting and the identification of switched outcomes are not appropriately performed. Furthermore, these tasks do not suppose a high level of expertise and could be performed by junior researchers. To assess the completeness of reporting and identified switched outcome(s), junior peer reviewers could use a simple online tool (COBPeer)...

The Clinical Impact of Isolation of Two Different Bacteria in Urinary Cultures

The purpose of this study is to determine whether identification of two different bacteria in urine culture of patients with indwelling catheter has a clinical impact - change in antibiotic, duration of antibiotic, days to clinical resolution and length of stay in hospital. The microbiology laboratory will randomized urine cultures with two bacteria from indwelling catheter to either reporting identity and susceptibility of the bacteria or reporting "mixed growth".

Usefullness of Peri-operative Tranexamic Acid in Primary Breast Augmentation With Implants.

Tranexamic acid (TXA), as an antifibrinolytic agent, has shown a tremendous interest in surgery by reducing blood loss ; but only few articles have been reported in the plastic surgery scope. The aim of this study was to investigate whether oral administration of TXA reduces surgical drainage in primary breast augmentation using implants.

Using Decision Aids to Reducing Decision Conflict in Angiography Patients for Choosing Hemostasis: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Vascular closure device, hemostatic bandage and manual compression can achieve hemostasis after angiographic examination. These three methods of hemostasis changed the rate of hemostasis, early ambulation, hematoma , hemostasis failure rate, and expense. Therefore, shared decision making (SDM) is necessary to aid patients to choose hemostasis. We have developed a decision aids (DA) and planned a randomized controlled trial (RCT) to evaluate its impact on angiographic patients. ...

Evaluation of the Survival of Inflamed Mature Single Rooted Teeth

The majority of articles present in literature concerning the enrollment of tissue engineering in the field of root canal treatment is concerned with the treatment of affected teeth with immature apex, after proper systematic search online, only 4 articles where found that are dealing with the treatment of teeth with mature apex. These 4 studies are case reports. None of these studies has been a randomized clinical trial, the gold standard of interventional trials resulting in ...

A Study of a Values-Based Intervention to Promote Weight Loss

More than 160 million American adults are overweight or obese. Existing weight loss interventions from self-help to gold standard behavioral treatments, while often effective, do not sufficiently maintain motivation to adhere to dietary goals in the face of powerful biological and environmental influences to consume highly palatable foods. Clarification and awareness of values, a staple of acceptance-based treatments drawn from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, are thought to ...

Electronic Patient Reporting of Side Effects to Chemotherapy: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial

The aim of this study is to determine whether the use of breast cancer patients' own electronic reporting of side effects to chemotherapy in a treatment setting has an impact on the handling of side effects and on the number of hospitalizations, febrile neutropenia and dose adjustments. We are using the Patient-Reported Outcomes version of the Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (PRO-CTCAE) for the patients' reporting of side effects.

Outpatient Prescription Errors: Detection, Analysis, and Impact on Safety

The purpose of this study is to better understand outpatient prescribing errors through clinic and pharmacy-based error reporting systems.

Selective Reporting of Antibiotic Susceptibility Test Results in Urinary Tract Infections in the Outpatient Setting

Antibiotic resistance is a serious and increasing worldwide threat to global public health. One of antibiotic stewardship programmes' objectives is to reduce inappropriate broad-spectrum antibiotics' prescription. Selective reporting of antibiotic susceptibility test (AST) results, which consists of reporting to prescribers only few (n=5-6) antibiotics, preferring first-line and narrow-spectrum agents, is one possible strategy advised in recommendations. However, selective repo...

HE4 as a Relapse Biomarker in Ovarian Cancers

HE4 is a more sensitive marker than CA-125 in patients with ovarian cancers. The interest of serum HE4 before surgery has been demonstrated to predict overall survival and its interest has also been shown in combination with CA-125 (ROMA algorithm) to identify high risk patients. To date, no study shows clearly the predictive potential of serum HE4 as an early relapse biomarker in ovarian cancers.

Research Interest Antiphospholipid in Predicting Embolic Risk During Infective Endocarditis

EMBOL-EI (Research Interest antiphospholipid antibody for embolic risk prediction in infective endocarditis) is a prospective cohort study with a biological collection. The main objective is: to re-evaluate the potential value of antiphospholipid (aPL) antibodies as predictors of embolic events in IE in the light of the improved current knowledge on these aPL. The seconds objectives are: Other plasma biomarkers of hemostasis (coagulation activation markers: D-dimer frag...

Knowledge and Practices of ADR Reporting in LMICs

The reported literature suggests that knowledge about pharmacovigilance is on a lower side and ADR reporting is not common in developing countries. This survey may help us to identify the common gaps in knowledge and practices about pharmacovigilance so that we can devise the strategy on the basis of outcome.

Evaluating the Impact of Assessing During Peer Review the CONSORT Checklist Submitted by Authors

Randomised trials are considered the gold standard in medical research. The CONSORT (Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials) Statement aims to improve the quality of reporting of randomised trials. Without transparent reporting, readers cannot judge the reliability and validity of trial findings, and therefore these findings cannot inform clinical practice. Different stakeholders, including biomedical journals, have taken different actions to try to improve author adherence...

Make a Journal Feel as if it Was Mailed Back From the Future

Optimal patient care hinges on physicians remaining up to date with developing medical knowledge. With ever increasing clinical demands however, the ability of physicians to do this is compromised. While the structure of journal based reports requires the devotion of significant time to glean emerging medical findings, social media can grab an individual's attention and then direct them to external media sites, so as to obtain more specific and detailed information of emergin...

Comparison of Active vs. Passive Surveillance to Collect Adverse Events

This cluster randomized trial will be the first to specifically evaluate passive versus active surveillance methods collection of adverse events (AEs). The evaluation of these methods will be performed within the chiropractic healthcare profession, specifically among those who treat children. To date there is no mandatory reporting and learning as part of their profession. In Europe, a passive (voluntary) reporting and learning online system (CPiRLS) has been created and will b...

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