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Healthy Summer Learners

Summer vacation represents a "window of vulnerability" where dramatic declines in both health and academics occur for elementary age children. Currently, there are no summer programs that incorporate curriculum addressing both unhealthy weight gains and academic achievement simultaneously. This work represents an important step towards addressing important public health goals - obesity and learning - through a comprehensive program delivered during a timeframe - summer vacation...

Feasibility and Efficacy Study of Student Wellness Online Course for Medical Students

This study aims to investigate the feasibility and efficacy of online student wellness courses for improving medical student mental health and well-being.

Using Focus Groups to Assess the Impact of Environmental Health Science Programs for K-12 Educational Community

The MIDAS Project (Models of Implementation and Dissemination of Environmental Health and Science Across Subjects) Assessment Objectives: - Determine whether students are aware of the MIDAS Project. - Identify strengths and weaknesses of MIDAS Project components including: integrated environmental health and science (EHS) curricula, field experiences, seminars and student projects. - Assess career interests and intended courses of study at the colle...


Your Health in On Click

A health education program was provided to higher education students aged between 18 and 25 years. Students were recruited either by posters and leaflets on campus, or during their mandatory medical survey at the University Medical Department. The objectives are to assess health behavior risk among college student : e.g eating disorders, binge drinking, electronic cigarettes and also stress, burnout

Autism Spectrum Ambassador Program

The investigators are evaluating the implementation and the effectiveness of a medical student staffed support program (ASAP) for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder coming into Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital for a medical procedure. The ASAP program involves training and assigning a medical student as an Ambassador to help advocate for the special needs of a child with ASD. This study is designed to compare patient satisfaction of children and their famili...

Addressing Health Disparities in Childhood Obesity, One Summer at a Time

Almost 50% of Native American and Hispanic children are overweight or obese by the 5th grade. Research has demonstrated that the 'obesity gap' facing minority students is largely due to summer weight gain. However, very few summer programs have been tested among these populations. To encourage summer physical activity, the CDC developed a program that partners with local businesses to provide children with a 'scorecard' of subsidized or free local activities. The program has no...

Role of Structured Days on Weight Gain

Summer vacation is a 3-month window of vulnerability for children from low-income households when health behaviors and academic learning decay. The goal of this project is to collect information on where low-income children go during summer, what they do when they get there, and how their behaviors (physical activity, sedentary, sleep, and diet) differ between the summer (unstructured days) and school year (structured days). This study is 1) significant because it will provide ...

Student Outcomes of Integrative Mental Health Services

The study will compare the impact of Child STEPs (see Weisz et al., 2012) versus usual school-based therapy on students' mental health and school-related outcomes, and test whether changes in school outcomes are mediated by changes in student mental health.

Randomized Controlled Trial of Virtual Reality

Measure pain and anxiety during a putative painful medical procedure (i.e., botulinum toxin injections) when Virtual Reality is employed compared to standard of care only using a RCT study design.

Virtual Reality for Pain Management Study

The purpose of this study is to test the efficacy of computer generated imagery (CGI) 360° Video Virtual Reality (360° VVR) versus newly developed live-action 360° VVR film versions of Virtual Reality (VR) in reducing pain in hospital patients.

A Gardening Program to Assess Unhealthy Lifestyle Contributions to Summer Weight Gain in Children

The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of a summer gardening program on summer weight gain in overweight middle school children.

Virtual Reality Experience in First Trimester D&C

Virtual reality (VR) has been used in health care settings to decrease anxiety and pain. This project is a feasibility study to evaluate whether virtual reality can be used in the setting of a first trimester pregnancy termination by D&C and whether the use of virtual reality (VR) headsets can help decrease anxiety for patients during this procedure.

Summer Weight and Environmental Assessment Trial

The consequences of childhood obesity are devastating, affecting the physical and mental health of children. Disadvantaged school-age children are at risk for unhealthy gains in BMI during the summer months and there is a dearth of information regarding the causal health behaviors and environmental factors. The overall objective of this application is to provide an in depth examination of key dietary and physical activity behaviors as well as the food, physical activity, and so...

Impact of a Relation Training on Empathy of Medical Student

Empathy is an important skill to learn for medical student. However, learning empathy remain difficult. The investigators aim was to assess the efficacy of a specific training, Balint like, on the empathy abilities of medical students in the 4th year. The investigators planned a randomized controlled trial in 3 universities.

Improving STEM Outcomes for Young Children With Language Learning Disabilities

The sophisticated language of science can be a barrier to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) learning, especially for children who have specific language impairment (SLI). The purpose of this randomized controlled trial is to test vocabulary and grammar interventions embedded in a small-group inquiry-based science instruction for their potential to ameliorate language deficits that impede science learning. Participants will be 54 kindergartners with SLI. Proximal...

The Efficacy of Therapy Focused on Desire-satisfaction for Disordered Gamblers

We proposed a desire satisfaction-targeted intervention for disordered gamblers (DTIG) due to the limitations of the abstinence-targeted intervention, which is based on the weak self-control relative to growing desire to gamble. This intervention model perceives loss of gambling control as a failure of strategy in which gambling is anticipated to fulfill various desires (i.e., desires for fame, money, and escapism). Therefore, the alternative behaviors to fulfill original desir...

Survey on the Place of Community Pharmacists in the Detection of Cannabis Use: a Student's Point of View

The objective of this survey will be to evaluate the perception by the students (except for medical students, pharmacies) of community pharmacists concerning the management of cannabis consumption. We want to see if the student population perceives the pharmacist as the public health actor of choice, and if they would more easily turn to him or to another health professional (doctor, nurse) in case they need. Discussing possible problematic consumption or for a simple search fo...

Virtual Reality for Pain Management

The study is a randomized controlled trial (RCT) of VR non-opioid management vs. a control "sham" intervention for a broad and representative group of medical and surgical patients with pain. Hospitalized patients will receive specialized VR interventions, administered via portable VR headsets, to manage breakthrough pain. Control patients will view content on the in-room Health and Wellness television channel. We will follow patients throughout the course of their hospitalizat...

Study of Medical Student Use of Templates to Document Outpatient Asthma Care in Electronic Medical Record

The purpose of the study is to measure the effectiveness of a social marketing-based medical education intervention on student use of evidence-based templates for documenting outpatient asthma care within an electronic medical record.

Meditation and Student Empathy

Physician empathy and reducing stress are major factors in attaining positive clinical outcomes for patients. Fostering empathy in medical students is particularly important as they are the future of the healthcare workforce and a trend of declining empathy during medical education may lead to decreased health care quality outcomes. Meditation may be an avenue to promote positive student attitudes including empathy, though very few studies have examined this idea through empiri...

The Prevalence of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Using Rome IV Criteria in Medical Student and The Related Factors

A cross-sectional study of 350 medical student Universitas Indonesia from first grade until fifth grade was done during November-December 2016. This study used stratified randomized sampling. The Rome IV criteria was used for diagnosing IBS. Questionnaire-guided interview was applied to all subjects.

Development and Impact Assessment of Virtual Reality Simulator on the Education of the Endotracheal Intubation in the Medical Students

The medical school educates students on essential skills, which is an important task. Especially, endotracheal intubation is considered an important option in the management of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. To avoid technical and ethical concerns of training involving real patients, conventional teaching methods incorporate the use of a low-fidelity manikin in replacement. However, the manikin anatomy often lacks the realism of a live human. The addition of virtual rea...

FreeStyle Libre FGM During Summer Camp for Children With Type 1 Diabetes

A randomized, double-blinded, single center, parallel design pediatric study, on 45 subjects with type 1 diabetes (T1D), aged six to 15 (inclusive) years, measuring sensor time in glucose values within range 3.9 - 10 mmol/l (70 - 180 mg/dl) achieved using the FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System (FGM - intervention, Abbott Diabetes Care, California, USA) versus Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose (SMBG - control). Study duration will be two weeks per subject and two weeks...

Virtual Reality in Labor and Delivery for Reduction in Pain

The purpose of this study is to identify whether use of virtual reality devices can improve the pain management of women in labor and delivery. The investigators will perform a randomized controlled trial of patients in labor at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Traditional Versus Virtual Reality for Surgical Skills for ObGyn Residents

This study will verify if a comprehensive laparoscopic curriculum using virtual reality demonstrates skills transfer to the operating room, compared to the traditional teaching method.

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