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Climate Influence on Physiotherapy in Multiple Sclerosis

The aim of the study was to compare the effect of inpatient physiotherapy in a warm climate versus physiotherapy in a colder climate in multiple sclerosis (MS), in both short- and long term perspectives.

Climate Friendly and Ecological Food on Microbiota

The aim of this study is to investigate changes in nutrient intake, the human gut microbiota and pesticide excretion in urine when shifting from conventional food habits to sustainable food habits.

Climat Impact on Urinary Iodine Concentration

Urinary iodine concentration (UIC) is the recommended biomarker of iodine status in populations. Yet, the influence of climate on UIC remains unclear. Hot climate may reduce urine volume and consequently increase UIC independent of iodine status. This could lead to an overestimation of population iodine intake, thus masking iodine deficiency in vulnerable groups. In this longitudinal observational cohort study in women of reproductive age we will collect 24h and spot uri...

Skin Temperature Gradient Effects on the Variation of Metabolic Hormones in Adults

The Cyprus International Institute for Environmental and Public Health of the Cyprus University of Technology is planning a pilot study of health indicators in relation to spatially varying climatic conditions ranging from the city to the mountainous environment. The purpose of the project is to understand the effect of fluctuations in external climatic conditions on the human body temperature and metabolic biomarkers or stress hormones. Climate change phenomena such as protra...

GEOHealth Hub: Household Air Pollution and Cardio-pulmonary and Immune Function Outcomes

Background: The increasing effect of environmental, occupational and climate change poses serious global threat for public health. More than half of the world's population, including around 85% people in Bangladesh, are exposed to household air pollutants (HAP). Environmental consequences of climate change are among the highest. Little evidence is available on the effects HAP on cardiopulmonary outcomes in low-income populations. Same is true for occupational health and ...

Health Outcomes of Teens Participating in Summer Employment Immersion Programs

This study is a collaboration between investigators and two community partners: a youth employment program and an urban farm. The community partners hire 300+ adolescents for summer jobs at various organizations. Approximately 120 adolescents will be employed with the urban farm site. As one component of their program evaluation plan, investigators will evaluate change in BMI of participants. The investigators hypothesize that there will be a reduction in BMI of those participa...

A Prospective Analysis on the Expansion Rates of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) disease is an abnormal bulging of the main abdominal artery, which is the called the abdominal aorta. The purpose of this observational study is to identify whether a blood biomarker protein RhoA can predict which small AAA patients may need surgery in the future. Participating patients will receive an ultrasound and blood draw. The patients will be divided into expanding and stable aorta groups after determining each patient's aortic expa...

Infectious Agents Exposure : Archiving in Dental Plaque

We are studying the possibility of using dental calculus as a reservoir for the genes of an infectious agent that has infected the patient in previous months; as it is done to highlight climate change in ice samples.

Genomic Sequencing in Determining Treatment in Patients With Metastatic Cancer or Cancer That Cannot Be Removed by Surgery

This pilot clinical trial studies patients' genomic sequencing in determining specific treatments, also called Precision Medicine, in patients with cancer that has spread to other parts of the body (metastatic) and/or cannot be removed by surgery. Examining the genetic code of a patient's tumor, a mutation (a change in the deoxyribonucleic acid [DNA] sequence of a cell or gene) may be identified and matched with available treatment that targets the mutated gene or an alternativ...

Study to Test the Feasibility, Acceptability, and Weight Change of Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS) in a Safety Net Clinic

The purpose of this pilot proposal are the following: 1) to determine the feasibility and acceptability of integrating the TOPS weight loss program into underserved populations through an urban safety net clinic and 2) to gather preliminary data of weight change to inform the design of a future randomized, controlled trial to determine the efficacy of the TOPS program in safety net clinics. To achieve these goals, the investigators will pursue the following Specific Aims: ...

Pulmonary Effects of 100% Biodiesel Exhaust

Air pollution is a global environmental and health concern, contributing to onset and deterioration of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. As climate change and dependence on diminishing fossil fuel supplies have taken center stage in political and scientific debates, renewable carbon-neutral fuels like biodiesel receive increasing attention. The most common biodiesel within the European Union, rapeseed oil methyl ester (RME) is perceived to be a "green fuel", as it is sus...

Ability of Changes in End Tidal Carbon Dioxide to Assess the Stroke Volume Effects of a Volume Expansion of 250ml of Crystalloid in the Operating Room

Volume expansion is the cornerstone of perioperative hemodynamic optimization. The main objective of volume expansion is to increase and to maximize stroke volume. Despite national and international recommendations, stroke volume monitoring is clearly not widely adopted. This is mostly due to the cost and the invasiveness of the devices allowing stroke volume monitoring. End tidal carbon dioxide is monitored in all patients undergoing general anaesthesia and is totally non-inva...

Tailored Asthma Management for Urban Teens

The purpose of this project is to refine and further evaluate an online asthma management and education program for urban teenagers. This project is a continuation of Puff City I, a project piloting and evaluating a tailored, school-based, computerized asthma education program for urban teenagers. In this second phase of research, a new version of software (Puff City II) will be created that will target resistance to change and relapse, and using a tested, theory-based approac...

ADXS31-142 Alone and in Combination With Pembrolizumab (MK-3475) in Patients With Prostate Cancer - KEYNOTE-046

A Phase 1/2 multicenter, dose determining, open-label study of ADXS31-142 monotherapy and a combination of ADXS31-142 with Pembrolizumab (MK-3475) in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. Part A will be dose-determining of ADXS31-142 monotherapy. Part B will be dose-determining of ADXS31-142 and Pembrolizumad (MK-3475) in combination. Part B expansion will treat additional patients with the recommended dose from Part B.

Measuring Head Impacts in Sports

Head impacts in sports can lead to brain injury even when the participant is wearing a helmet. The forces that contribute to brain injury from sports-related head impacts are not well understood. This study will test a new device to measure the speed of head impacts among football players.

Patients and Their Caregivers Require More Leave From Work Than Anticipated Following Outpatient Orthopedic Surgery

As the healthcare climate in the United States continues to change, there is a trend towards providing effective care in a fiscally conservative manner. Central to this strategy is the shift towards increasing ambulatory surgical procedures from surgeries requiring post-operative admission for patients. While savings to hospitals and third-party payers are implied, there may be an unrecognized increase in financial, physical, and psychosocial post-operative costs to patients ...

Phase I/II Study of Lenalidomide Plus Pembrolizumab in Patients With Solid Tumors With Expansion in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

For the phase I component of the trial a classic 3 + 3 dose escalation design will be utilized, with a fixed dose of pembrolizumab and an escalating dose of the lenalidomide. The patient population will all have histologically confirmed advanced solid tumor malignancy. The primary endpoint for the phase I component of this protocol will be determining the maximum tolerated dose (MTD) of lenalidomide in combination with pembrolizumab. The phase II component of this trial will u...

Integrated Approaches to Health and Safety in a Dynamic Construction Work Environment

"All the Right Moves for Subcontractors" aims to improve safety, health and well-being, through the development of a communication infrastructure with supplemental tools where construction workers and company mangers (project, operations and safety) work together to collaboratively identify problems and strategies to improve their conditions of work. The intervention is grounded in the key characteristics of integrated organizational interventions to improve workers' health saf...

Impact of Medicaid Expansion on Healthcare Utilization

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) came into law in 2010. Originally, according to the Act, a state would lose its federal Medicaid funding if it did not expand its Medicaid eligibility to include all persons earning below 138% of the federal poverty level on January 1, 2014. However, in a Supreme Court Case in 2012 this was ruled as unconstitutional and Medicaid expansion in 2014 was made optional. Twenty four states and the District of Columbia opted to ex...

Preventing Cigarette Use Among Urban Youth Via an M-Health Primary Care Preventive Intervention

The study aims to develop tobacco modules to be included in an innovative mobile-health (mHealth) intervention (hereon referred to as S4E) and to determine the feasibility and preliminary efficacy of the updated version of S4E in an urban youth-centered community health clinic in Southeast Michigan.

Pain and Discomfort During Maxillary Expansion: mRCT

The aim of the present study is to investigate and analyze the perception of pain and function impairment during the first week of activation with two different palatal expansion screw to identify an effective pain prevention protocol.

Study of Tissue Expansion Devices Complications

Reduce the common complications incidence about patients placed tissue expansion devices to around 5%.

Epidemiological Study on the Relationship Between Respiratory Health and Air Pollution From Industrial Sources

The ELISABET STUDY is across sectional Survey on a representative sample of two urban area conduct on a representative sample. The main objective of the project is to compare the prevalence of the obstructive ventilatory disorders (OVD) in the Urban Community of Dunkirk touched by the industrial pollution in relation to the one recovered in the Urban Community of Lille (CUDL) less industrialized.

Understanding Fitness' Function in Determining Activity

The purpose of the study is to determine how measuring strength (by squeezing a tool called a hand grip dynamometer) and cardiorespiratory fitness (by climbing stairs) and sharing the results with subjects impacts exercise.

Promoting Asthma Guidelines and Management Through Technology-Based Intervention and Care Coordination

The overall goal of this research study is to test the effectiveness of a multifaceted and multi-level prompting intervention in a real world urban primary care office setting on improving provider-delivered guideline-based asthma care and reducing asthma morbidity among urban children with persistent or uncontrolled asthma.

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