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Personalized Quantum Sonotherapy in Regional Anesthesia

The objetive of the study is to evaluate the effect of personalized quantum sonotherapy on the level of anxiety and pain in outpatients schedule for orthopedic surgery under regional anesthesia in a second level center. The investigators believed that personalized quantum sonotherapy could reduce the levels of anxiety and pain before and after surgery evaluated through hemodynamic variables and scales for pain (analogous visual scale) and anxiety (STAI Spielberger anxious state...


Intramedullary Fixation of Humerus Fractures Without Intramedullary Reaming

The purpose of the study is to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the composite Nail - the Quantum interlocking intramedullary nailing system in the reduction of humeral fractures.

Evaluating the State of Microvessels by Minimum Rise Time

Photoplethysmography (PPG) is a simple uncalibrated optical method of monitoring variations in skin blood volume. The objective of the current study is to investigate a potential relationship between MRT (minimum rise time, in time units) a measure derived from PPG and the state of microvessels. This study includes a 1-2 hour single session per subject during which PPG and other microvascular and systemic variables will be monitored in response to non-invasive interventi...

Magnetic Therapy in Migraine Prophylaxis

Background: The therapy with pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEFs) has been used as a therapeutic modality for at least 40 years. However, their effect in the migraine prophylaxis is unclear. Objectives: Evaluate the prophylactic effectiveness of the therapy with PEFs in the handling of migraines. Methodology: Placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind, crossed clinical study.

Therapeutic Effects of Animal-assisted Therapy for Patients in a Minimally Consious State

The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of animal-assisted occupational therapy on patient's consciousness, measured via the achievement of predefined, patient-specific goals. 30 patients in a minimally conscious state will be included in this trial with randomized, controlled cross-over design. Patients will be randomized and allocated to either study arm 1 or 2 with an allocation ratio 1/1. In study arm 1, patients (N=15) receive three weeks of two AAT sess...

Validation Study of Physical Measurement of Tophi

The purpose of this study is to determine the inter- and intra-rater reproducibility of direct physical measurement of tophus nodules in subjects with gout.

tDCS on Precuneus in MCS: Repeated Stimulations

In this study researchers will apply transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) for 5 consecutive days in chronic patients in minimally conscious state (MCS).

Quality Project Malnutrition Intensive Care

Observational study to investigate nutrition state in all admitted patients in ICU. Measurement by BIVA and SNAQ score.

Closed-loop tDCS in Patients in Minimally Conscious State

This research will test a closed-loop system using EEG-arousal measures (spectral entropy) to define the best moment of the day for application of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) in patients in MCS This study aims at answering the following questions: 1. Is tDCS applied during high vigilance states more effective in increasing the level of conscious awareness than low vigilance states and/or sham stimulation in patients in minimally conscious ...

tDCS in MCS: Repeated Stimulations

In this study researchers will apply transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) for 5 consecutive days in chronic patients in minimally conscious state (MCS). 2 sessions of 5 days of stimulation will be realized, one anodal and one sham. After each stimulation, behavioral improvement will be assessed with the Coma Recovery Scale Revised (CRS-R). A final assessment will be done one week after the end of the sessions to assess the long term effect of the tDCS.

Topical Fluorescent Nanoparticles Conjugated Somatostatin Analog for Suppression and Bioimaging Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a communal malignant disease between Saudi females, with a popularity of 21.8%. Since binding to somatostatin receptors (SSTR) induces no immunogenicity in vivo, somatostatin analog (veldoreotide) (VELD) may be suitable for delivering anti-cancer drugs to target and bioimaging the cancer cells. This work aimed to deliver CdS/ZnS core-shell type quantum dots with carboxylic acid-functionalized (QDs-COOH) which is bioimaging and anticancer nanoparticles decorated...

Study to Investigate the Pharmacokinetic Interaction Between 2 Direct Acting Antiviral Agents Odalasvir and AL-335 and Between 3 Direct Acting Antiviral Agents Simeprevir, Odalasvir and AL-335 at Steady State in Healthy Japanese Participants

The purpose of this study is to investigate the steady-state pharmacokinetics (PK) of simeprevir (SMV), odalasvir (ODV) and AL-335 (and its metabolites ALS-022399 and ALS 022227), when these drugs are co-administered in healthy Japanese participants.

Safety and Efficacy of Direct Blood Volume Measurement in the Treatment of Heart Failure

Heart failure is a common cardiac condition affecting nearly 6 million Americans. Silent blood volume overload is common in patients with heart failure and is associated with increased risk of death. This study is designed to determine if adjustment of therapy based on direct measurement of blood volume will reduce risk of hospitalization and death when compared with therapy based on clinical assessment of blood volume in patients with chronic heart failure.

A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Investigation of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation

This study evaluates the effect of frontal cortex transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on the neural correlates of threat processing in healthy volunteers with a high level of trait anxiety. All participants received both active and sham tDCS and underwent a functional imaging scan whilst carrying out an attentional control task with fearful distractors.

Noninvasive Measurement of Blood Coagulation

We have developed an optical system that measures the coagulation status of patients in vivo in a non-invasive manner. The system is based on a small optical sensor that emits coherent light into the skin and collects the reflected light from the red blood cells in the blood vessels in the skin under the sensor. The sensor is placed on the fingertip, and during a brief period of occlusion of blood flow by a small pneumatic cuff, red cell movement becomes Brownian in nature and ...

Laser Tongue Debridement for Oral Malodor

Malodor is a multifactorial condition with oral pathology representing the main culprit and the tongue being the first to second contributor to the malodor. Bacterial load can represent a quantifiable measure regardless of the original pathology. It is hypothesized that reduction in malodor can be represented by tongue changes both in appearance, bacterial and biofilm load reduction (measured by CFU and volatile gases measurement), organoleptic measurement and subjective improv...

A Trial of tPCS on Parkinson's Disease OFF State

A significant number of patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) face motor fluctuations even after repeated titration of the dosing of Levodopa. Dealing with OFF state really becomes problematic for them. Aggravation of bradykinesia, rigidity, tremor and gait difficulty are the common problems in OFF state. Studies are going on drugs like Apomorphine as rescue therapy in OFF state. Recently there are studies with Noninvasive brain stimulation, as an evolving therapeutic option i...

Evaluation of Consciousness by Brain-computer Interface in Severely Brain Damaged Patients

The objective of this study is to show that the measurement of auditory and vibro-tactile evoked potentials, or the recording of the EEG signal during a motor imaging task, can be used in routine clinical situations to explore the state of consciousness of subjects in Non-responsive Awakening (or Chronic Vegetative State) or in Minimal Consciousness (or relational state) after a severe brain injury. Assumptions : - Correlation between patient response rates obtained ...

Arm and Finger Measurement for Blood Pressure Surveillance

Accurate blood pressure (BP) measurement is critical in peripartum care. The cuff and bladder sizes affects the accuracy of BP measurement. Current international BP measurement recommendations are based on mid-arm circumference (MAC). However, evidence have shown the discrepancies between these sizes, leading to inaccuracy of BP measurement. This study will measure arm and finger size of 300 parturients in third trimester to determine whether the MAC, finger measurement or body...

Haemoglobin Measurement for Babies

In this prospective study different methods of haemoglobin measurement in term and preterm neonates are compared with the gold standard. Non-invasive haemoglobin measurement with the Radical-7® (SpHb, Masimo®), point-of-care haemoglobin-measurement (HcHb, HemoCue@, Radiometer), blood-gas-analysis (BGAHb,ABL800®, Radiometer) are compared with haemoglobin measurement by an automated hematology analyzer (labHb, Siemens Advia®).

Insufficient Oxygenation in Septic Patients

This study will describe the change of mitochondrial oxygen tension (mitoPO2) compared to traditional parameters of oxygenation and oxygen balance in the first 24 hours of septic patients admitted to the intensive care unit of an academic hospital. The mitoPO2 will be measured on prespecified measurement moments in the ICU. With each measurement moment, arterial and central venous blood gasses will be taken too.

Assessment of Novel Measurement and Fitting Methods to Determine Their Reliability, Validity and Application - Sonova2018_34

A methodical evaluation of novel measurement and fitting methods for individualizing CE-labelled Sonova brand hearing instruments (e.g. Phonak hearing instruments) is intended to be conducted on hearing impaired participants. The aim of the study is to investigate and asses strength and weaknesses of these novel measurement and fitting methods in terms of optimizing hearing performance and experience and/or usability of the hearing aids and accessories. Both laboratory measurem...

Direct Anterior Approach Versus Direct Lateral Approach in Total Hip Arthroplasty

The purpose of this study is to compare the direct anterior approach and the direct lateral approach in primary total hip arthroplasty, regarding the postoperative function and pain, complications, radiological finds (X-ray), postoperative hemorrhage, markers for muscle damage (i.e creatine kinase (CK), lactate dehydrogenase(LDH/LD) , aspartate aminotransferase(AST), C-reactive protein (CRP),Troponin and Myoglobin) or other clinical outcomes.

Direct Measurement of Proinsulin Clearance in Humans

Researchers are trying to determine how quickly proinsulin is cleared from the circulation.

Multimodal Neuroimaging Approach in DOC

Recently introduced hybrid PET/MR scanners provide the opportunity to measure simultaneously, and in direct spatial correspondence, both metabolic demand and functional activity of the brain, hence capturing complementary information on the brain's physiological state. Here we exploited PET/MR simultaneous imaging to explore the relationship between the metabolic information provided by resting-state fluorodeoxyglucose-PET (FDG-PET) and fMRI (rs-fMRI) in patients with disorders...

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