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BEhavioral EConomics for Oral Health iNnovation Trial

This Phase II stratified randomized prevention trial will assess the efficacy of a behavioral economic theory-based financial incentive drawing program versus a control regimen to promote early childhood caries (ECC) preventive health behaviors (toothbrushing performance) for young children of predominantly Latino parents/caregivers in Early Head Start (EHS) and day care center programs.

Green Tea and Rhodiola for Acute Stress

The objective of this acute intervention study is to examine the potential of green tea and rhodiola to demonstrate unique and synergistic effects on oscillatory brain activity, cognitive performance, and stress reduction (endocrine, sympathetic, and subjective parameters) under conditions of acute stress in moderately stressed individuals

Green Tea Anticancer Mechanisms in Smokers

The purpose of this study is to determine whether green tea may lower the risk of certain cancers.

Green Sun Medical Dynamic Scoliosis Brace

This is a pilot study to collect preliminary short-term data concerning the safety and performance of the Green Sun Dynamic brace in a sample of subjects with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis who are currently being treated with a TLSO.

The Effect of Light Therapy on Post-Surgical Pain

Surgical pain may require significant amount of opioids. This is a serious medical problem, especially in the elderly. New methods are needed to help control surgical pain. This study investigates the pain-reducing effects of green light therapy on elderly patients. Our preclinical work illustrated that green light therapy relieved pain in rats. There were no side effects exhibited by the rats. Given the safety profile of the green light therapy, we propose a clinical trial to ...

The Effect of Decaffeinated Green Tea Polyphenol Intake on the Risk of Precocious Puberty Among Obese Girls

In this study, 7-10 years old obese girls will be recruited to test the preventive effect of decaffeinated green tea polyphenols on the risk of precocious puberty by the random, placebo-control and single blind design. The intervention group will be given decaffeinated green tea polyphenols capsule (400mg/d) and the control group will be given placebo. The oral treatment will be lasted for 12 weeks.Then all the subjects will be followed up every 3 months until three months afte...

Effect of an Extract of Green Tea on Adults With Type 2 Diabetes

The objective of this study was to determine if taking an extract of green tea for three months could improve glucose control in adults with diabetes.

Effects of Green Banana BIOmass Consumption in Patients With Pre-diabetes and Diabetes MELlitus (The BIOMEL Study)

Costa ES, Izar MC, Fonseca FAH, França C, Tria H. The benefits of green banana biomass consumption in patients with diabetes mellitus. Federal University of São Paulo, São Paulo, 2015. According to the Guidelines of the Brazilian Society of Diabetes, Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a heterogeneous group of metabolic disorders associated with microvascular complications, hyperglycemia, resulting in a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Currently, it is estimate...

BEhavioral EConomics for Oral Health iNnovation Pilot Trial

This Phase I randomized pilot trial will assess the efficacy of a fixed incentive payment program and drawing incentive payment program versus a control program to promote early childhood caries (ECC) preventive health behaviors (i.e., toothbrushing performance and dental visit attendance) for young children of predominantly Latino parents/caregivers enrolled in/waitlisted for Early Head Start (EHS) home visit programs.

Cardioprotective Effects of Green Tea Versus Maté Intake

The investigators aim to study the effects of green tea and maté consumption on lipid and inflammatory profiles in dyslipidemic and overweight subjects.

Dietary Green Tea Confection For Resolving Gut Permeability-Induced Metabolic Endotoxemia In Obese Adults

This study is focused on assessing gastrointestinal-level improvements by which green tea limits metabolic endotoxemia. It is expected that catechin-rich green tea will improve gut barrier function to prevent endotoxin translocation and associated low-grade inflammation. Outcomes will therefore support dietary recommendations for green tea to alleviate obesity-related inflammatory responses. Specifically, the study is expected to demonstrate that a green tea confection snack fo...

Determination of Parathyroid Function by Fluorescence With Indocyanine Green (ICG) After Total Thyroidectomy

The intensity of parathyroid fluorescence that occurs after intravenous injection of indocyanine green during the performance of a total thyroidectomy correlates with postoperative parathyroid function and could be used as a diagnostic marker of postoperative hypoparathyroidism and hypocalcemia.

Effect of Green Tea on Treatment of Lupus

This randomized double blind clinical trial performed on 68 patients (32 in intervention and 36 in control group) diagnosed with SLE. The patients in intervention group were given daily dose of 1000mg of aqueous green tea extract (of 6 gram of dried green tea leaf) in form of two capsules ( 500 mg). Also in control group, the patients were given daily dose of 1000mg of cellulose in form of two capsules ( 500 mg) Variables include SLE disease activity, some biomarkers of inflamm...

Green Tea Attenuates Pressure Reduction Induced by a Session of Physical Exercise

The objective is to investigate whether the ingestion of green tea prior to physical exercise improvement post-exercise hypotension (PEH). Double-blind, randomized, placebo study. Fifteen hypertensive (53±4.5 years) performed three procedures: green tea+exercise (GT+Ex), placebo+exercise (PL+Ex), green tea without exercise (GT). Thirty minutes after ingesting 2g of green tea or placebo, they performed treadmill walking (60 minutes), 60 to 85% of maximum heart rate intensity in...

Gut-level Antiinflammatory Activities of Green Tea in Metabolic Syndrome

This study evaluates dietary green tea extract to improve gut health and inflammation in persons with metabolic syndrome and healthy adults. Participants will complete two phases of intervention in random order in which they will consume green tea extract or placebo for one month and then switch to the opposite treatment for an additional month.

Effect of Hibiscus Tea and Green Tea Supplements on Athletic Performance, Blood Pressure, Muscle Damage Indices and Oxidative Stress in Male Athletes 18-35 Years Old and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Approach

This study evaluated effect of Hibiscus tea and green tea supplements on athletic performance, blood pressure, muscle damage indices and oxidative stress in male athletes 18-35 years old and cardiovascular disease prevention approach.

Effects of Green Tea on Body Weight Reduction and Gut Microbiota

The investigators randomly assigned green tea extract, fermented green tea extract, or placebo in adult subjects whose BMI was 25-35 kg/m2. Participants were 40 in each group, and treatment duration was 12 weeks. Primary outcomes were body weight change and fat mass change from baseline to 12 weeks, and secondary outcomes were metabolic parameteres and gut microbiota.

Efficacy and Safety of Green Tea Polyphenol in De Novo Parkinson’s Disease Patients

The purpose of this study is to determine whether Green Tea Polyphenol, an extraction from Green Tea is effective and safe in the treatment of De Novo Parkinson’s disease Patients without taking any antiparkinsonism drug

Fluorescence for Sentinel Lymph Node Identification in Cancer Surgery

This is a single-center prospective clinical trial to evaluate non-inferiority of indocyanine green guided sentinel lymph node biopsy compared with the gold standard Technecium99 guided sentinel lymph node biopsy in patients with cancers and subjected to surgery. The diagnostic performance and the tolerance of indocyanine green (ICG) to the radio-isotope (Techniciun99) in the detection of sentinel lymph nodes will be assess using an "Optonuclear" probe (EURORAD S.A.).

Flavonoid Effect on Activation and Stimulation of Thrombocytes, hsCRP and Lipid Profile

The purpose of this study is to compare the effect of dark chocolate with green tea in healthy subjects on clot formation (platelet activity) cholesterol profile and markers of inflammation in two groups. The first group will be on a regimen of dark chocolate, and the second group will be on a regimen of green tea. Clinical outcomes will be determined after seven days of each treatment and both groups will undergo both treatments subsequently and serve as their own contr...

Clinical Study of Indocyanine Green - Mediated Photodynamic Therapy for Diabetic Lower Limb Ulcer

The investigators designed this prospective, randomized control study to confirm the efficacy and safety of indocyanine green - mediated photodynamic therapy for diabetic lower limb ulcer and to explore its mechanism.

Prevention of Weight Gain and Dyslipidemia by Green Tea in Patients Initiating Therapy With Olanzapine

The purpose of this study is to determine if taking green tea capsules can help prevent weight gain in patients that start therapy with Zyprexa® (olanzapine).

Childhood Obesity Prevention Trough Education Innovation in Primary School: A Quasi-experimental Trial

This study evaluates the effect of the education innovation program"chiquichefs" on anthropometric variables, quality of life and nutritional habits in an elementary school children. Compared with a control group of the same age but in another school.

RCT on Effect of Lymph Node Mapping by Indocyanine Green Via Submucosal or Subserosal Injection

The purpose of this study was to evaluate whether submucosal or subserous injection of indocyanine green during laparoscopic lymph node dissection of gastric cancer was different in tracing lymph nodes of gastric cancer. The patients with gastric adenocarcinoma (cT1-4a, Nmuramel +, M0) were studied.

Green Tea Extract (Polyphenon E) in Preventing Cancer in Healthy Participants

RATIONALE: Green tea extract (Polyphenon E) contains ingredients that may prevent the development of cancer. PURPOSE: This phase I trial is studying how well green tea extract works in preventing cancer in healthy participants.

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