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Evaluation of Post-operative Discomforts in Children After Extraction of Temporary Teeth

This prospective observational study aim to evaluate discomforts after extraction of temporary tooth under local anesthesia. The first objective is to describe the prevalence of the post-extraction pain (PEP), post-extraction bleeding (PEB), post-extraction biting injury (PEBI) in children, and the analgesic usage. The secondary objective is to define whether it is possible to determine a profile of patients or a type of extraction's procedure predictive to PEP and administrati...

Cytokine Levels in Conversion Disorder

The aim of this study is whether the proinflammatory cytokine levels in patients with conversion disorder is increased or not changed in the acute phase and subacute - chronic periode, compared with controls.

3D Radiographic Evaluation of a Novel Implant Site Development Technique

The present retrospective study aims at assessing the clinical effects of a novel implant site development (Extraction site development - XSD) technique after tooth extraction compared with extraction alone in patients requiring dental implant placement following healing of extraction sockets.

Trial of Vinflunine Versus Alkylating Agent in Metastatic Breast Cancer

In metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patients who have already received anthracyclines, taxanes, antimetabolites and vinca-alkaloids and have developed drug resistance to these drugs, therapeutic options are very limited. Alkylating agents showed a modest activity in pretreated metastatic breast cancer. This phase III trial will compare the effectiveness and the safety profile of vinflunine to an alkylating agent of physician choice in MBC patients who have exhausted anthracycline...

Periodontal Phenotype Study

The purpose of this trial is to determine the correlations between various tissue dimensions and the changes that occur following a single-tooth dental extraction in human adults. 65 adult subjects who are in need of dental extractions will be recruited. Clinical measurements will be gathered prior to and immediately following the single tooth extraction. There will be a 2-week post-operative visit to assess healing and a 14-week follow-up for photographic documentation and cl...

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Axiostat Hemostatic Dressing Material Versus Conventional Method of Hemostasis and Healing of Extraction Wounds in Patients on Oral Anti-Platelet Drugs - A Comparative Study

The rationale of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of Axiostat hemostatic dental dressing in achieving hemostasis post-extraction and determining its effect on pain and healing of the extraction wound, compared to control, i.e. conventional method of extraction in patients on oral anti-platelet therapy.

Obstetric Outcomes After Transvaginal Specimen Extraction in Gynecological Laparoscopy

One of the most important downsides of endoscopic surgery is the need to remove surgical specimens of different sizes through very small incisions. This step should ensure the complete retrieval of the surgical specimen with concomitant preservation of its integrity (if possible) in order to avoid intraabdominal contamination of potentially infected or malignant tissues. Possibilities for specimen extraction during laparoscopy include minilaparotomy, enlargement of an ancillary...

Global, Multicentre, Non Interventional Advagraf Conversion Registry in Kidney Transplant Patients

A study to evaluate changes over time in renal function from baseline (time of conversion) up until five years post conversion in kidney transplant patients converted from tacrolimus twice daily (BD) formulations to a once daily formulation as Advagraf.

An Assessment of Bone Augmentation in Post-Extraction Sockets

When a tooth is extracted the ridge of bone that held the tooth in place begins to heal and over time new bone grows to fill the empty space left by the missing tooth. Sometimes this process works very well and new bone grows to completely fill the socket, at other times new bone fails to fill in the space completely and patients are left with uneven bone-fill. Grafted extraction sockets may fill with bone faster and more evenly than those without grafts, allowing the dentist ...

Intra-operative Feed Back on Traction Force During Vacuum Extraction: Safe Vacuum Extraction Alliance

The objective of the clinical investigation is to test whether intra-operative traction force feed back during vacuum extraction leads to a significant decrease in incidence of brain damage in neonates. By randomization, half of the vacuum extraction patients will be assigned to delivery using a new intelligent handle for vacuum extractions, and half will be assigned to conventional method without traction force measurement.

Nurse Promotion of IV to PO Antimicrobial Conversion

This is a prospective, quasi-experimental, historically controlled study to evaluate if a behavioural change intervention informed by the COM-B model of behaviour change can improve nurses' self-perceived capability, opportunity, and motivation to engage in the assessment of patients who may be appropriate for IV to PO antimicrobial conversion. This study also seeks to determine if this translates into an increase in IV to PO antimicrobial conversion rates in the acute care set...

Tooth Extraction With Deep Sedation in Children: A Retrospective Study

In this study it's aimed to evaluated the patients in whom dental local anesthetic attempts were failed due to anxiety or fear and referred to our clinic for tooth extraction with deep sedation. All patients dates will evaluate from their patient file retrospectively from 2011 to 2014.

Conversion Surgery in Stage IV or Unresectable Gastric Cancer

This study aims to identify the safety and the survival benefit of the conversion surgery in stage IV or unresectable gastric cancer. The study designed single-arm phase II trial. All the patients would undergo curative-intent radical gastrectomy after palliative chemotherapy if the tumor responded to the chemotherapy. Primary endpoint was three-year overall survival. Secondary endpoints included short-term postoperative outcomes within 30 days, three-year relapse free survival...

Effects of Everolimus in Left Ventricular Hypertrophy After Conversion From Azathioprine: A Pilot Study

This is a prospective, open label, single-center study, in kidney transplant recipients with stable renal function for 12 and 120 months after transplantation, that are in use use of calcineurin inhibitors, azathioprine, and prednisone. The prevalence of left ventricular hypertrophy will be investigated before and after conversion of azathioprine to everolimus. This study will evaluate as primary objectives: the prevalence of left ventricular mass hypertrophy in renal transpla...

Influence of Platelet-Rich Fibrin on Post-extraction Alveolar Ridge Healing/Preservation as a Stand-alone or Adjunct to Particulate Graft

The goal of this project is to evaluate the influence of platelet rich fibrin (PRF) in extraction socket healing with or without particulate bone graft. The hypothesis of this study is that PRF will enhance the extraction socket healing and new bone formation when compared to extraction sockets grafted without PRF.

Anesthetic Efficacy Of 4% ArtpharmaDent Versus 2% Mepecaine-L in Extraction of Lower Primary Molars

the investigator will do extraction for split mouth technique ,where the intervention will be injected and the control, one at the first visit and after one week the other one then measuring the intraoperative pain during the extraction at both sides and decet the effeciency.

Evaluation of Healing at Molar Extraction Sites With and Without Ridge Preservation

Following tooth extraction ridge preservation procedure have been suggested to limit bone resorptive dimensional changes to facilitate prospective implant placement. While this is particularly true for anterior teeth, no evidence is available to establish clinical guidelines in posterior sites, i.e. following molar extraction. This research project will answer the following question: What are the dimensional changes of the hard and soft tissues encountered following molar ...

Reversibility of Dysmotility After Gastric Banding

In the current study we plan to evaluate the effects of the conversion from gastric banding to gastric bypass on esophageal function using combined monitoring. The primary aim of the current study is to evaluate esophageal function before and 3-months after the conversion from gastric banding to gastric bypass. A second objective is to evaluate the severity of symptoms, esophageal dysmotilities, endoscopic abnormalities and bolus retention found in patients referred for convers...

Clinical Efficacy of a New Piezoelectric Technique for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

the aim of this randomized controlled clinical study is to evaluate the efficacy of a new piezoelectric technique for wisdom teeth extraction without using manual tools versus the conventional one.Patients referred to the hospital of Bolzano for wisdom tooth extraction will be randomly divided in two groups. In the test group all the procedure will be performed using piezoelectric instruments, while in the control one conventional manual instruments will be used. Main outcome m...

Assessment of Extraction of Primary Canines in Treating Mesioangular Displaced Permanent Canines

This research project is important because there is no gold standard to rely on regarding the effect of the extraction of primary canines as an interceptive treatment for children with mesioangular displaced canines. Further investigations are needed to assess the impact of extractions of primary canines approach on the eruption rate or change in position of mesioangular displaced canines by comparing to non-extraction control group in an attempt to overcome the deficiencies i...

Transvenous Lead Removal Post-Market Clinical Study

This prospective, multicenter, post-market clinical study was designed to evaluate the outcomes of lead extraction of cardiovascular implantable electronic devices (CIED) using Cook catheter and lead extraction devices for any indication it is used in the commercial setting within the United States and Europe. The purpose of this clinical study is to collect data on the performance of the Cook lead extraction devices for the purpose of supporting publications and presentations

Changes in Resistome After Dental Extraction and Amoxicillin.

The aim of this study is to evaluate the nature of the change in oral and gut bacterial resistance profiles after antibiotic therapy for a surgical procedure in two groups. The intervention group will receive a course of amoxicillin and analgesics after surgical extraction and have bacterial samples taken from saliva, tongue coatings and stool samples at four appointments over a period of six months. This will be compared to the control group which receive only analgesics after...

Improving Safety of Lead Extraction Procedures by Traction Force Sensing

Death and vascular tears occur in up to 1% of the patients undergoing lead extraction procedures. These complications are due to abnormal force vectors during the procedure. The investigators postulate that use of bidirectional traction (superior and inferior directions) and feedback from a digital force gauge is associated with minimal lead displacement compared to conventional lead extraction. Lead displacement is an indirect risk factor for potentially fatal lead extraction ...

Virtual Reality Therapy for Functional Neurological Symptom/ Conversion Disorder

The purpose of this study is to design and test the safety and feasibility of virtual reality technologies and experiences of egocentric avatar embodiment in the application of physical and cognitive behavior therapy in functional neurological symptom/conversion disorder. Investigators hypothesize that patients will safely use and accept this modality of treatment and will experience a decrease in symptom frequency.

A Clinical Investigation to Evaluate the Healing of Tooth Extraction Sites Filled With BioRestore™

The aim of this study was to evaluate by histology and MSCT scans during a 7-month period, the efficacy of a bioactive glass (Inion BioRestore™) placed in human extraction sockets in the maintenance of alveolar ridge.

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