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Effect of Cigarette Pack Warnings and Packaging Among Young Adult Smokers

The objective of this study is to examine whether cigarette packaging regulations including graphic health warning labels on cigarette packs and requiring plain, unbranded packaging reduce the appeal of cigarettes and prompt young adult smokers to quit.

Videoscope Guided Flexible LMA Insertion

Laryngeal Mask Airway Flexible (LMA Flexible) is useful in various surgery because of its unique design. The flexometallic tube allows it could be used in head and neck related surgery but also make insertion more difficult. The ideal position of LMA Flexible is important because in most case, the surgery requiring LMA Flexible allows movements of the stem or patient's head during operation without dislodgement of LMA Flexible. Several studies have examined different techniques...

Blister Packaging Medication to Increase Treatment Adherence and Clinical Response

This quantitative, interview-based study will determine if increased prescription medication adherence via blister pack administration will reduce suicide related behavior among the high risk population of patients discharged from a psychiatric inpatient unit. The aims of the project are to determine whether blister packaging medication significantly increases treatment adherence and if blister packaging significantly decreases intentional self-poisoning behavior (i.e., suicide...

Studying the Relationship Between Contact Lens Packaging Solutions and Bacterial Binding to Surface Eye Cells

The goal of this study is to investigate the overall theory that the use of chemically preserved solutions associated with contact lenses promotes an increase in bacterial infection.

Effects of Advertising on Young Children's Perception of Taste

To test whether young children’s actual taste preferences are influenced by the natural marketing environment in which they live. To do so, we tested whether preschool children would like the taste of a food more if they thought it was from a heavily marketed source. We asked preschool children to taste identical foods in packaging from this heavily marketed source and plain packaging, and to tell us if they tasted the same or if one tasted better. We hypothesized that, even...

Evaluation of the Single Use Flexible Optical Scope Versus Multiple Use Flexible Optical Scopes for Intubation

The study is in two parts Part one of the study describes the use of the new single-use flexible video-scope for intubation of patients with predicted normal airways. Part two compares the performance of the single-use flexible video-scope with that of a conventional flexible video-scope for awake intubation of patients with predicted difficult airways. The hypothesis is that the new single-use flexible video-scope for intubation performs as well as the tradition...

Power of Testing in Directed Self-regulated Flexible Cystoscopy Simulation Training

Simulation training in surgical education in Urology specialist training in flexible cystoscopy has been demonstrated a valid and efficient learning instrument. The classical setup with a medical expert introducing the novices to the theoretical background and technics of the procedure is time-consuming and expensive. Directed self-regulated simulation training (DSR) is a validated method in simulation training. The power of testing in DSR and flexible cystoscopy is to our know...

Clinical Study of Autologous Erythrocytes Derived MPs Packaging MTX Peritoneal Perfusion to Treat Malignant Ascites

This study makes an observation over the objective response rate of autologous erythrocytes derived microparticles packaging methotrexate peritoneal perfusion and systemic therapy combination in the treatment of malignant ascites. All the participants will randomly receive the treatment of autologous erythrocytes derived microparticles packaging methotrexate peritoneal perfusion and systemic therapy combination or convention drugs peritoneal perfusion and systemic therapy combi...

Flexible Catheter for Insulin in Diabetes

Use of a flexible subcutaneous catheter improves comfort in patients with DKA compared to the usual treatment with a metal needle.

Rigid Versus Flexible Cystoscopy in Women

The study will help define the best tolerated approach to cystoscopy in women by randomly comparing flexible to rigid cystoscopy. Previous randomized studies evaluated rigid cystoscopy under general anesthesia versus flexible cystoscopy under local anesthesia. As a result of these studies, flexible cystoscopy is performed in the clinic setting generally in males. However, many women have rigid cystoscopy performed in the clinic while the men have flexible cystoscopy. No stud...

Performance of Bausch & Lomb ReNu MultiPlus Multi-Purpose Solution in a New Packaging Configuration

The objective of the study is to evaluate the product performance of Bausch & Lomb ReNu MultiPlus Multi-Purpose Solution in a new packaging configuration

Tip-flexible Semi-rigid Ureterorenoscope Versus Flexible Ureteroscopy in Renal Calculi

This study evaluates the safety and efficacy of the novel tip-flexible semi-rigid ureterorenoscope for the treatment of renal calculi using a prospective, randomized multicentre trial design. Half of participants will receive retrograde intrarenal surgery using the tip-flexible semi-rigid ureterorenoscope, while the other half participants will receive retrograde intrarenal surgery using the classic flexible ureteroscope.

Durability of Flexible Ureteroscopes and Causes of Infection During Flexible Ureterorenoscopy

This is an observational study in which data on consecutive patients who undergo ureterorenoscopy with the use of a flexible ureterorenoscope are collected. In total 4 new ureteroscopes are used (2 from Olympus and 2 from Storz) to study the durability of the ureteroscopes and the possible microbiological load.

Bronchoscopy Registry

This monocentric, non-interventional observational registry study was designed in order to obtain data of patients with the indication for a flexible bronchoscopy to control and optimize a guideline conform therapy of these patients.

A Multicenter Prospective Research on the Treatment of Low Pole Renal Calculus by Flexible Ureteroscope

This study centers on the treatment of low pole renal stones by flexible ureteroscope and intends to find the key anatomical parameters using a prospective, randomized multi-center trial design and to make a more appropriate standard for flexible ureteroscopy of low pole renal stones.

Evaluation of the Performance of a Robotic Flexible Ureteroscopy (ILY) in Laser Treatment of Nephrolithiasis

In this pilot study, we wish to evaluate the performance of a robotic flexible ureteorscopy (ILY) in the treatment of nephrolithiasis in the superior excretory system

Smart Touch Non-dispensing Handling Study

This study is a randomized, contralateral, investigator-masked non-dispensing study, to investigate the microbial contamination rates on the back surface of soft contact lenses extracted from Smart Touch Technology blister packs versus conventional lens packaging after short-term placement on the eye, and to compare the microbial contamination rates of the worn contact lenses to those on the participants' hands/fingers used to conduct lens insertion.

Flexible Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy Versus Flexible Intubation Video Endoscope (FIVE) in Obese Patients

Tracheal intubation is one of the most common medical procedures performed in hospitals. On one hand, it is highly successful and easy to perform using a rigid laryngoscope. On the other hand, hypoxic brain damage and death may result rapidly if it is unsuccessful. This disastrous outcome happens when the airway cannot be secured by intubation and face mask ventilation becomes difficult. Careful preoperative evaluation to identify patients in whom tracheal intubation and mask ...

Yield of Cryoprobe vs Flexible Forceps Pleural Biopsy

This is a prospective study to assess the yield of pleural biopsy obtained with the routine flexible thoracoscopic biopsy forceps versus that obtained with a flexible cryoprobe during semirigid thoracoscopy

Xylometazoline During Nasal Flexible Bronchoscopy: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Flexible bronchoscopy is a commonly performed procedure and is usually performed transnasally. The optimal topical anesthesia regimen for bronchoscopy is investigational. Topical Vasoconstrictors like xylometazoline produce decongestion of nasal mucosa and may make insertion of bronchoscope easier. The addition of topical vasoconstrictor to lignocaine may have advantage in terms of patient comfort and for reducing local complications. Although evaluated in the settings of nasal...

Flexible, Intensive Insulin Therapy in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes

To prospectively evaluate the long term metabolic and psychological effects of flexible intensive insulin therapy (FIT) courses in an unselected population of type 1 diabetic patients at the University of Basel Hospital. We hypothesize that both metabolic control and psychological parameters will improve.

Effect of Packaging on Smoking Perceptions and Behavior

The investigators are addressing two critical areas identified by the FDA: the impact of cigarette packaging and labeling on consumer perceptions and on smoking behavior; and the effectiveness of graphic warning labels on communicating risk of tobacco products. In a randomized controlled trial (RCT), investigators will enroll committed smokers who have no intention of quitting in the next 6-months. The three study arms will be: a) a plain pack with all marketing materials remov...

Using Flexible Resin in Maxillary Obturators

Ten patients who had had maxillectomy will be assigned to two groups employing two types of 'temporary obturators. The obturators in the first group will be made from heat cure acrylic resin, whereas those in the second group from flexible resin. A comparison will be made between the two materials in terms of oral-nasal seal using the drinking water test as well as the mirror test.

Effectiveness of Subtalar Arthroereisis With Endorthesis for Pediatric Flexible Flat Foot

Pediatric flexible flatfoot is sometimes asymptomatic but it can also cause physical impairment, pain, and difficulty walking. We evaluate the radiographic effectiveness of intervention of subtalar arthroereisis with endorthesis for pediatric flexible flatfoot with final follow-up at skeletal maturity.

Finding the Optimal Location for Saturation Measurement During Flexible Bronchoscopy

An observational comparison of different locations of saturation measurements during Flexible Bronchoscopy

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